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Hellsing Halloween (Genuka Remix)

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Summary: Continuing on from Race's Hellsing Halloween(using the blanket permission left at the end of the first chapter) Giles, Xander, and Buffy all dressed up as members of the Hellsing orginization when Ethan Rayne came to town but it didn't stop there...

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Hellsing Haloween by race

A/n: As a point of note to avoid the story going the way of the dodo if Race decides to leave TTH I'm reposting his chappy 1! and will do my best to update both stories simultaneously unless I get fed up with one and give it an early ending so that I don't get so frustrated. Enjoy!

Oh! And as a blanket disclaimer for the entire story: I don't own anything recognizable including the Hellsing Manga, BtVS, Greek/Roman Mythology, or any superheroes which may or may not appear in this story, no idea what Race will claim though....

1. Hellsing Haloween by race
This is a Halloween fic I don’t think I can do well but if anyone wants to pick up the ball and run. Please do just tell me.

Chapter 1

“Xander I can’t believe I let you talk me out of buying that dress for this!!”

Buffy Summers glared and her friend she wore a gray suite with a green tie and round wire rimmed glasses and a long platinum blond wig.

Xander Harris just smiled and replied “You like the character Buff that’s why you let me talk you out of the dress. And you did it so you could see Giles in a costume to.”

The young man was wearing a charcoal gray suit with a blood red tie around his neck, a red trench coat and wide brim hat. He was looking at the slayer over yellow tinted glasses.

Giles said nothing and just glared “I can not believe I agreed to this.”

“Hey least your comfortable you don’t look that different G-man” Xander called.

Giles was dressed normally but with out the coat and no glasses.

“ Sigh I know I’m going to regret this” Giles said as he left to grab a group of kids.

Later that night


Integra Wingates Hellsing yelled calling the red-coated vampire.

Shadows appeared and formed into the no life king.

“Yes master?”

“Were the hell are we?”

“I have no idea master.”

The two saw the red head willow approach them Yelling “Xander! Buffy! I’m glad I found you something weird is happening”

Integra raised and eye brow “I have no idea who you are or why you think we are some one else.”

Willow paled “oh no your dressed as characters from a cartoon now your them!”

Alucard looked at the girl and laughed, “I wondered why we stank of chaos magic!” He disappeared into shadows.
Willow looked around and asked "Um were's Giles?"

Alucard appeared behind Ethan and saw of all people Walter standing befor the chaos mage. Staying in the shadows he watched as Walter beat the information from the other man “I never thought Walter could be so violent.” Alucard heard the instructions to destroy the bust and grined he added a little spell before the bust was shattered.
For three residents of Sunny Dale life changed forever as they merged with their costume personas.

(Im done with it now feel free to use this for other fics!)

A/n: That's all that race wrote, everything else from here onward is mine so to speak but as a point of reference I've added Race as a co-author and if you look just above this note you'll see the blanket permission for use of this story/chapter. Thanks! And have a good day!
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