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Heroes and Villians

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Fan Art

Summary: Art that crosses various BtVS characters with Marvel/DC characters, plus some non-BtVS crosses. First up: Nightwing!Xander, Red Lantern!Willow, Wolverine/TWD, Faith/Iron Man, and Buffy/Captain America.

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(Past Donor)akatFR135631104,04624 Apr 1224 Apr 12Yes

With Blood and Rage

Disclaimer: All images from Google. Willow, BtVS, and the Red Lantern Corp are not mine. Big surprise, right?
Summary: Osiris will regret the day he turned his back on her -- sooner than he thinks.

A/N: All these pics were made for a challenge over at The Rooftop in celebration of the Avengers. Also, for those not familiar, the Red Lantern Corp (as opposed to the Green Lantern Corps) has rings that feed off of emotions, particularly rage.

With Blood and Rage
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