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My Bad Bad Angel: The Beginning

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Summary: While in England taking care of some business, Angelus happens upon a young child and decides to take him back to Sunnydale. Established Angel/Dru/Spike. Minor Spike/Xander.

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Wayward Child

Harry curled in a ball on the couch in the snake’s study trying not to cry. It had been nearly a month, and his vampires hadn’t come to fetch him. The only thing he could guess was that Dumbledore had set up some kind of magic to keep them from being able to find him. But that meant it was going to be a long time before he would see them again. Maybe they would forget him. After all, they had each other, they wouldn’t be so lonely. It wasn’t like they needed him the way he needed them.


Spike threw himself into this fight like no other, trying to subdue his new pet without really hurting him, but also without letting Willow know that he was trying to protect him. It was a delicate balance. It would be easier on him, hell, on the both of them, if he hadn’t come to care about Xander so much over the months that they’d been together. Hell, this would be a lot easier if Xander wasn’t here. He was only after the witch anyway.

Xander had told him of the highly embarrassing (to Xander anyway, Spike thought it was hilarious) magnetism between them ever since the failed love spell in an attempt to distract him from the continued lack of success as they searched for Harry. Angel was furious, tearing through the library and any other possible source of information in his quest to get Harry back and kill the ones responsible for taking his boy from him, and Spike was nearly beside himself as he watched his family drive itself into the ground in worry over its missing member. Well, maybe worry wasn’t really the right word –hello, vampires here- but they were all furious that someone had dared steal their child, and afraid that he would be hurt, killed, or turned against them while he was in the custody of whoever had captured him.

Drusilla had retreated to a room full of her dolls and mirrors, and rarely remembered to even eat without Spike’s coaxing, trying over and over to contact their wandering ward. If they could just establish contact it would be so much easier to find him, not to mention how much it would ease all of their minds to see that he wasn’t harmed. But someone had warded his location well, and even with the power of the hellmouth behind her she couldn’t get through to him.

Even the baby vamps that Harry had brought home –and boy had that revelation given Xander the wiggins- had been affected by his absence. They had gone from being the almost normal, cheerful children that had followed the young mage everywhere the sun didn’t touch, into either limp, lethargic shadows that were easily dusted by the Slayer, or raging bloodthirsty maniacs that the Scooby gang targeted in the name of risking life and limb to protect the town. The only one left was the initial child vampire, Jason, whose fury burned as coldly as Spike’s own. He’d also latched onto Xander, despite how much he creeped Xander out, and the sight of the two of them together always gave Spike’s spirits a lift. Watching Xander try not to act like he was afraid of a seven-year-old was always entertaining.

Finally, Spike saw an opening to give Xander a carefully calculated rap upside the skull, pulling Xander up against his body as he fell. Willow was much easier to take out, even with the distraction of needing to find somewhere outside the line of fire to put Xander, and he quickly slung them both over his shoulder and carried them away, leaving the wrecked lab behind. It wasn’t like he cared what anyone else thought about it.


Xander came to briefly as he was laying him next to Willow on the bed that he’d put in the basement of the old factory that he’d put a bed into so that he’d have an escape when Angel and Dru got to be too much for him. Plus, it made a good place to have his pet to himself for a while. Sometimes the lack of privacy was a bit irritating.

“Spike?” he slurred, only partly conscious. Spike patted his cheek reassuringly.

“Need Red to do somethin’ for me. Not gonna hurt either of ya.” Xander nodded, relaxing. “I’ll likely have to threaten her, though. You know the drill.” Xander sighed, but didn’t argue. Spike stretched out next to him, kissing him lazily until he lapsed back into unconsciousness. He thought about continuing anyway, as he had nothing better to do until Willow woke up, but it seemed a bit creepy, even for him. He did note, however, that Xander had a lot less issues with kissing him when his conscious mind wasn’t properly connected, but he’d already suspected that the reason Xander had issues with it was that he was over thinking things, so the observation didn’t really gain him anything.

Spike went to check on his sire and grandsire while they were out, knowing that Willow wasn’t likely to wake soon, nor would Xander now that he’d reassured himself –and the bond- that he hadn’t done anything to upset his master.


The spell turned out to be a bust –other than the opportunity it gave him to give some pointed criticism to his grandsire in a setting where he wouldn’t be punished for it- although once Willow understood what he wanted and why –namely a foolproof method to track down their wayward child- she had been as eager to help as he could have wished. She’d been almost in tears when it had turned out that neither she nor Giles could come up with anything that could bring the boy that had quickly become the darling of both groups back to them.

Of course, only his promise to Xander had kept Spike from killing them all in a fit of pique when it became obvious that nothing they had could trace the boy. It was narrowed down to Europe, but that was as close as they could get before the spells went haywire. And after an unpredicted surge nearly killed Cordelia from the backlash, Giles had forbidden any more attempts. And the steel in the older man’s eyes had promised Spike that he would be dust if he so much as protested, and Spike hadn’t wanted to try the infamous Ripper without his sire and grandsire behind him to pick up the pieces if he fell. So the impasse became stalemate, and Dru headed off to Europe to see if they could better track down their missing boy. None of them wanted him to spend his rapidly approaching ninth birthday with his kidnappers. Spike stuck around Sunnydale, hoping against hope that the child would find his way back on his own, and looking after Xander in his own way.


A/N: And that's it! Esta final! For this one at least. The next one will be coming fairly soon I hope. I've just finished finals week and I'll have three weeks to get caught up on my non-scholastic endeavors, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to get it working.

And, really sorry for the late update, but the internet's off at the house, and the wi-fi at school was on the blink, so I had to wait until I could get to the library to post.

The End

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