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My Bad Bad Angel: The Beginning

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Summary: While in England taking care of some business, Angelus happens upon a young child and decides to take him back to Sunnydale. Established Angel/Dru/Spike. Minor Spike/Xander.

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Harry Potter > Angel-CenteredTheologyDiscographyFR181432,48768218,97226 Apr 1227 Jul 12Yes

New Beginnings

Disclaimer: Just your basic Harry Potter/BtVS crossover, which obviously does not belong to be, because I am neither a rich British woman nor a man. (And therefore am not J.K. Rowling nor Joss Whedon.)

Story title was inspired by a song from Dr. Who, from the episode Daleks in Manhatten, called 'My Angel Put the Devil in Me'.
My bad, bad Angel, you put the Devil in me!
Oh, you put the Devil in me!
You put the Devil in ME!
You put the Devil in me...
You put the Devil in me...
My bad, bad Angel, you put the Devil in me!!!!!!
It just struck me as appropriate, because everyone Angel turned, he's put the 'devil' (ok, demon, but same thing really) into.

Angelus smiled as he stepped off of the plane onto the shores of his homeland. Or close enough. He’d lived in England almost longer than he’d lived in Eire when he’d been turned, living at court, trying to be better than his father. He didn’t know who had come up with the idea of overnight flights, but he thought they were pure genius. He would be here for tonight and possibly tomorrow night if his business ran long or he decided to have some fun, and then it would be off home again. He was sure that Spike and Dru would be glad to have him back. He smirked. Well, Dru would. Dru knew how tortured he’d been by that goody-goody soul, and welcomed him back with open arms. Spike was more problematic, pushing him away so far and so often that their usual form of conversation anymore was an argument. Not that he had a problem with a good argument, but it was obvious that Spike was still bitter towards him, and it irked him that his grandchilde didn’t want him around anymore.

He took a deep breath, unneeded though it was, and set out to find a pub, and a drunk who would be ‘volunteering’ to be his dinner tonight. It wasn’t the same as drinking it himself, but it was better than the stomachache that anything but blood brought him anymore. Though if he got his hands on a bottle of whiskey while he was here, he’d risk the stomachache.

His task for tonight was to find and kill the current descendents of the gypsy who’d cursed him. If anyone would know how to do it again, it would be them. This sounded harder than it was due to the fact that the family had lived in the same place for nearly the last five hundred years. The houses changed, but the family never moved; spouses moved in with them rather than the other way around, and you could always be sure that there was someone home to watch the kids.

He jumped on a cargo train headed in the right direction and set to searching the cars. Bums were always jumping trains to travel, and he could do with a snack during his trip. He wasn’t going to be here long, so he didn’t need to worry about being caught like he would if he was planning to stay. Most of the oldest and most powerful vampires lived in Europe.

It was about an hour until dawn when he reached the dingy little town, and he decided to find safety today and do his hunting tomorrow. He finally broke into the local highschool, heading down to the basement. ‘Why do highschools always seem to have a basement?’ he wondered absently, then snorted in amusement at his whimsy. He really didn’t care, so long as it had somewhere he could hide. Turns out, the school not only had a basement, there was a tunnel underneath the building that let out not far from his target. Pleased with his discovery, Angelus settled down to wait out the day. And maybe get a few students, if they were anything like the Sunnydale High students, who snuck down to the basement far more often than was safe.

One good thing about where he was, the mysterious tunnel let out in the alley that ran behind the house he was looking for, which meant that as soon as the sun had set, he was in front of the house. To his surprise, an old woman stepped out the door just as he got there. Not being one to question his luck, he grabbed her by the throat, pressing her body tightly against his.

“Invite me in,” he growled, “or I’ll have your throat out right here.” She stuttered out a simple ‘come in’ and he was amazed that it was that easy. He’d thought that it would be near impossible to get invited into the family’s refuge. He looked around as he guided her back inside, but besides his captive, the only living things he saw were the many cats. “Where are they?”

“They- they died, when I was a little girl. They died in the war.” He couldn’t smell any lie on her. He smiled coldly.

“Good. That makes things easier then.” He shoved her head to the left and sank his fangs into her throat before she could respond, draining the blood out of her before letting her fall to the floor, to be surrounded by her beloved cats. He was laughing as he walked back out the door.

“Excuse me, sir.” Angelus almost ignored the portly man calling to him as he wandered the neighborhood, but he figured that if nothing else he could kill the man and vent some of the frustrated anticipation that the disappointing encounter with the gypsy had left him with. “Easiest way in the world to make twenty pounds,” the man continued in what he thought was a cajoling voice. Angelus frowned.

“Pardon? I was lost in my thoughts.” The man’s face darkened slightly in anger, but it didn’t show in his voice when he repeated himself.

“I was wondering if you would mind looking after my nephew while the missus and I go out to dinner, since his sitter didn’t show. He won’t be any trouble, and there’s twenty pounds in it for you.” Angelus tilted his head. Sitting with a kid most of the night wasn’t his idea of a good time, but they would invite him into their house, and the man looked the sort to have dinner parties that he could… crash. He smirked slightly. Yes, that would work.

“Of course, sir.” Angelus smiled winningly and followed the man back to his house, which was nearby.

“Jolly good. Do come in then.” Angelus’ smirk widened as the man invited him in. There was a thin, messy-haired child sitting on the floor against the wall, who looked slightly hopeful as he walked in. “He’s already had his supper,” the child’s face fell, not enough for the uncle to notice, but Angelus did. “He won’t give you any problems.” Angelus just nodded.

“Have a good evening,” he said in his most pleasant voice as the man and his wife walked out of the house. He stood and looked the kid over, breathing deeply. The kid smelled sharply of hunger. “Go in the kitchen and find something to cook.” The kid obediently stood and moved to the kitchen, quickly pulling heavy pans out with the ease of long practice. “How old are you?”

“Seven, sir,” the child said softly, shocking Angelus, who hadn’t thought he was more than five. “My name’s Harry, sir.”

“Angel. Quit calling me ‘sir’.”

“Yes, Angel.” Harry pulled a chair over to the stove and climbed on top of it so he could reach the top. He felt somewhat odd making a child that small cook, but at least he wasn’t making him cook for his dining as it was obvious that his relatives did. It took about twenty minutes before the child was laying out a plate.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Angel asked, gesturing towards the table. “Eat.” The kid’s eyes widened, but he obediently climbed up to the table and fell hungrily on the food.

“Don’t you want some, Angel?” he asked after a moment, looking anxiously up at him. Angel shook his head with a slight smile. Dammit all, he was starting to like this kid.

“I can’t have it.”

“Why not?” Harry asked in concern. “Did I do something wrong?” Angelus just shook his head.

“I can’t eat it. It’s nothing you did; I’ve been this way for a long time.” He considered telling the kid, but he wanted him to eat, not run in fear. Harry ate quickly, but neatly, and washed the dishes. Without a word, Angel turned and walked back to the living room, pleased when the child followed him without question. He sat down on the couch in front of the TV, but didn’t turn it on. Harry got a book from the bookshelf and after a moment of hesitation climbed into Angel’s lap. He turned to curl against Angel’s chest, his book resting on his legs. “Do you want to know what I am?” Angel asked after a moment.

“If you want to tell me,” Harry replied cautiously.

“Look at me.” Harry shifted so he could see Angel’s face as Angel shifted to his game face. Slowly, one hand came up to stroke the ridges. “I’m a vampire.”

“Are you going to feed on me?” Harry asked tentatively. Angel hesitated. “It wouldn’t matter if you did; my family wouldn’t care.” Angel’s face hardened at the resignation in his voice. He didn’t know why this child affected him so, but Dru had been the same way when he found her, though she hadn’t been nearly as accepting of him. It was why he’d driven her mad; he’d been trying to drive her into accepting him. He’d turned her when she finally had.

“Maybe I’ll feed on them and take you home with me.” Harry looked shocked.

“Why would you do that?” Angel shrugged.

“I don’t know. I like you. You’re quiet and obedient. You didn’t freak out and try to run or try to kill me. And it would piss Buffy off.”

“Who’s Buffy?” Harry asked innocently. Angel glanced at him.

“She’s the vampire Slayer, and I’m a vampire. You can guess we don’t get along.” That wasn’t the entire story, not even a little bit of it, but he didn’t feel like explaining himself to the kid.

“Oh. And I can help?” Angel laughed at his eagerness.

“Of course, child. Do you know when they’re going to come back?” Harry shrugged.

“About midnight, I suppose.” Angelus nodded slowly. “They’ll get Dudley in the morning, and they should all be here tomorrow night.” Angelus smiled and patted the boy on the head.

“Good boy.” Harry grinned at him and basked in the praise.


A/N: (09June2012) I've fixed the spelling error that several of you pointed out. I appreciate the imput, especially as I can't recollect ever seeing the word spelled, only hearing it. If you see any other errors, don't hesitate to point them out!
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