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The Hitter and Translator

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Council International". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Not the best of an introduction, but it leads to a solid friendship between Dawn Summers and Eliot Spencer; translator and hitter.

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Television > LeverageIndraLeighFR13126,04652323,43229 Apr 1229 Apr 12Yes

First Meetings

Summary: A hitter and translator encounter each other and end up as friends.
Crossover: Leverage
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or Leverage
Timeline: Post season seven for Buffy and preseries for Leverage.
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Leverage

Getting the old book was simple, delivering it was easy, sticking around sucked but they were paying him to stay close in case his services were needed further. Also there were no other jobs waiting right now.

"Mr. Spencer, please make your self comfortable. I apologize for the delay. There was some difficulty in our translator getting here, but their driver called and they should be arriving now."

Eliot quietly snarled as his employer left the small room Eliot had been shown to and instructed to stay in. After getting burned on his previous job by having a real hard painful time retrieving the whatchamacallit and then the client didn’t show with the payment hanging around with the possibility of some easy retrieves to make up for the lost pay didn't sound bad but the endless boredom and the creepy boss was making Eliot itchy to leave or crack skulls in.

Watching the lesser fuzzy of the two channels the old TV got Eliot saw two thugs walking past his room. One had an unconscious person over his shoulder.

"Where are we supposed to put her?"

"The boss said the room with the book in the old prison cells."

Unconscious people carried like that are very distinctive and Eliot quietly followed the thugs until he heard his soon to be former boss's voice. "She's no good to me like that. I'll have to wait until she wakes up and hopefully she wont get sick on the book from you two overdosing her. Leave her on the bed and get out of my sight."

Sliding behind an open door Eliot hid as the thugs walked by and he watched the boss leave the book he had retrieved in the locked room with the translator who was not there voluntarily, not what he first thought.

A couple hours later after sneaking around to get a layout of the place Eliot persuaded the door of the translators room to open. A girl about twenty, slightly green tinged face, was curled around a trashcan.

"Hey, wanna escape?"

"Who are you?" The girl asked over the trashcan.

"I was hired to bring that old book here and I decided I want it back and do you want to leave with me?" Eliot asked.

"Yes. Got a plan to get out of here?" She asked setting down the trashcan and suddenly looking healthy and ready to run.

"You carry the book and I'll lead the way. Were you faking sick?"

"Yeah. I got pretty good at it when I was in middle school." Tucking the book under an arm she followed Eliot as he stomped down the hallway.

Heading to the entrance of the ancient former military base in Europe Eliot swiftly punched, kicked, and fought every thug or goon that tried to get in their way or stop them. Near the exit the boss stepped in front of them with a pistol pointed at Dawn's head.

"You were hired to bring me that book. Not show it to me and take it away and take my translator with you." The boss snarled.

Grabbing the pistol Eliot allowed the magazine to drop before disassembling the gun. Pulling him close Eliot quietly whispered, "We quit." before breaking the guys jaw knocking him out.

Flying down the gravel road in the hot wired car Eliot introduced his self. "I'm Eliot Spencer."

"Dawn Summers. Thanks for helping me get out of there." Dawn said holding the book tight to her chest.

"Welcome. Do you happen to speak any Italian?"

"Fluent. Why do you ask?"

"I could use your help with some research." Eliot explained crossing the border back into Italy.
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