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Where the Wild things are

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This story is No. 21 in the series "Waifs and strays". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Arlene Ellis is introduced to the SGC

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Chapter One

Author’s Note:

Thanks very much to my Beta’s, Letomo and EllandrahSylver.

The following ways of notation may be found in this story. This is excluding whatever I need to represent chatting, texting and stuff like that. And you can thank Twilightwanderer for the Abbott and Costello.

Speech: “Who’s on first.”

Thought: *What’s on second.*

Vision: #I-don’t-know’s on third.#

Reviews are appreciated; very much so even.

I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate or The Mummy. This story is set just after chapter 72 of Lonely Souls

Where the Wild things are

Chapter 1

Cheyenne Mountain, Wednesday December 5th 1995, dusk

SG-1 was gathered in the briefing room, watching the General give a briefing, with SG-3, one of the Marine SG teams, present as well. The mixed Air Force-Civilian team occasionally and furtively eyed the Marines with slight suspicion as the General spoke. “Now as you know when we completed interviews of all the refugees you brought back from Chu'lak, ten of them identified the final four symbols the Goa'ulds used to escape through the Chu'lak Stargate. When we disregard the last one as point of origin that leaves three to work with. It took some time to compile the program to extrapolate if any of the damaged gate addresses from the Abydos Cartouches contained these symbols while we concentrated on others. This one, though the cartouche was undamaged, was pushed back for various reasons,” Hammond looked around the room. “But in one hour you'll be heading out to P3X-797.”

“Didn't we go to P3X-797 already? It sounds familiar?” Jack quipped.

General Hammond frowned slightly. “I can assure you, Colonel that you haven't visited this planet before. Had the MALP readings been safer this might have been the earliest planet you visited, but as it is we dared risk none of the teams due to the uncertainty of the situation.”

“Oh yeah, we went to the planet with the trees,” Jack recalled.

Daniel sighed. “No Jack, the first planet we went to was P8Y-874, Jack. The planet that you said would have great fishing if there were fish, or water? Remember now?”

Jack scowled. “No trees?”

“No, sir, no trees. Not much of anything but sand. Much like Abydos, really,” Sam noted.

“Except Abydos has people and P8Y-874 doesn't have any vertebrate life left. Though the ruins were interesting. I really should take Dr. Ellis there and show her, and an analysis of the extinction pattern might be helpful,” Daniel started making notes and muttering to himself.

“I still think that there has to be an easier way to name these things,” Jack muttered. Daniel grunted in agreement.

Carter sighed. “I did explain to you the naming system is based on a Binary code the program uses for extrapolation and modelling?”

“Still doesn't make it easier,” Daniel muttered.

Jack flashed a grin. “Okay, we went to the planet with all the sand first. What about this one, what do we know?”

“Not much. The MALP ceased functioning minutes through the gate. We think however, that there are trees,” Hammond noted dryly.

Sam smirked and T'ealc lifted an eyebrow. Jack merely cast a disbelieving look at his superior officer.

“You said the information on this one was unclear sir, what do we know?” Jack asked.

“ Like a said before, not much. Which is the reason that the mission was held back in the first place. We sent a second MALP probe through thirty minutes ago. Atmosphere is breathable, no detectable radiation and temperature approximately forty degrees Fahrenheit,” Hammond noted.

O'Neill nodded. “Can we see the video playback sir?”

Hammond paused and frowned slightly. “There is no playback.”

Jack looked surprised and mildly annoyed. “Why no playback?”

Hammond gave Jack a look. “It appears to be very dark where the Gate resides on this planet.”

“Well, the MALP probe has lights on it, doesn't it?” Carter asked, quickly, trying to forestall another smart-aleck remark by O’Neill.

Hammond nodded. “We think they were broken during transport through the Gate.

Daniel frowned. “This is crazy. We don't know what could be there waiting for us when we come through.”

Makepeace, the SG-3 commander chuckled. “Don't you worry boys. That's why the SG-3 Marines are coming with. You can count on us to watch your backsides.”

Daniel gave the man a look. “Actually, it's more my front side I was worried about.”

Jack smirked at the look Makepeace gave Daniel and turned back to Hammond.

“So sir, what do we know?”

Hammond shrugged. “What I just told you. However, as noted, we do think there might be the possibility of some good fishing,” he finished dryly.

Jack blinked. “Oh, goody.”

Sam smirked and T'ealc lifted an eyebrow. Daniel merely cast a disbelieving look at the base commander.

Hammond ignored the byplay he had caused. “Hopefully you should be back in time to meet with Dr. Ellis when she comes by. They arrived safely?” He directed the last question at Jack.

“Yeah, they're looking at schools today. I think it's gonna be Colorado Springs School, it's got the sort of support Evy will need,” Jack looked at his hands, folded on the table in front of him.

“And it will be easier to protect her there, too,” Hammond assured him. “We'll keep her safe.”

“Yeah. Nothing is gonna happen to Evy,” Jack very quietly replied.

Teal'c nodded. “Indeed.”


Thursday December 6th 1995, outside the CheyenneMountain Base

Arlene Ellis looked at the heavy chain link gates that were the outer defences of the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force base and sighed. Then she drove her car up to it and extended her ID. “Major A.B. Ellis.”

The young guard checked the ID, looked up her name on the list of visitors, noted her arrival time and waved her through with a salute. Arlene parked and moved to the inner gates, her face calm, but inwardly worried. Today was a test case, to see if Evy and Jon could handle things on their own. She trusted Jon, but he was old and something might happen to him while she was away. Arlene sighed. When she'd left the house she'd felt like she'd abandoned Evy all over again.

Once again she was waved through. She arrived at the elevators and showed her ID to the guard there. It was checked thoroughly and then she was accompanied down to the secret levels that housed the command she was going to serve with.

The elevator halted and Arlene let her self be guided down the blank, staring walls to an office where a sergeant sat. The man rose, saluted and then knocked at the inner door. “Major Ellis to see you, sir,” he reported to the occupant of the office and a resonant voice rang out.

“Show her in, thank you Prescott.”

Arlene took a deep breath, walked in and saluted. The man behind the desk smiled grimly and rose, his face grave and his eyes hard. “Major Ellis.... Or should I say... Bomber Ellis...”

Arlene gulped. Today was going to be a long day.  


Thursday December 6th, P3X-797, on the move

“Well that was a bust,” Jack groused as they made their way from the Minoan inspired city. “Welcome to the Land of the Light indeed.”

Daniel sighed. “A fascinating culture. There's so much about Minoan culture that we could learn merely by observing them...”

Jack glared at the dark edge of the forest. “I'd like to know why this place is light and that place is dark. If it were all due to foliage I doubt there would be any sort of vegetation at all beneath the canopy.”

Sam blinked and then looked at Jack with some surprise. “Oh. You're right. That does bear investigating, sir.”

Jack gestured at SG-3 to precede them and Makepeace took point. “Yeah. But not today.”


CheyenneMountain, General Hammond’s office

Arlene Ellis stood at rigid attention in front of the General's desk. Hammond eyed her like she'd seen Jack inspect a particularly nasty specimen of rotting fish.

“Tell me, Major, has your aim improved since the Incident?” Hammond asked mildly.

“Yes Sir, considerably,” Arlene replied, outwardly calm, inwardly quailing.

“That's good to hear. And you still fly helicopters?”

“Yes sir, both cargo and attack,” Arlene answered.

“Models with folding rotors? Such as might fit through this?” Hammond pressed a button and one of the walls rose into the ceiling, revealing the Gate room.

Arlene swallowed. “Y-yes sir, I could easily do that, I’ve flown Pave Hawks. They will take time to deploy on the other side of course, sir.”

Hammond saw her expression. “Are you afraid of going through the Gate, Major?”

Arlene looked at the great metal ring and then at the General. “I am sir. I'll do so if ordered of course.”

“I see. I understand that you don't want to go through the Gate?” Hammond sat down and studied the file in front of him.

“I-I'd much prefer that, Sir.” Arlene admitted.

“Very well. You’ll be in charge of the Biology Department and be in dual command of the Archaeology department, which will be Doctor Jackson's primary responsibility,” Hammond made a note on the file. “However, by order of the Commander-in-Chief your primary responsibility will be to your daughter.”

“S-sir?” Arlene asked surprised.

“Her father, Colonel O'Neill told me some things about her and you, and him,” The General explained. “Children are important, Major, and Evy is important for other reasons. I assume you will be able to work with the Colonel?”

“Yes sir, I will,” Arlene assured him.

“Good. I won't ask you to go through the Gate except in dire emergencies or when we need to set up a lab somewhere, that won't be a frequent occurrence,” Hammond assured her.

Arlene nodded. “Thank you, sir.”

Hammond nodded in reply. “Very well, Major. Walter will show you the base and you will be let into the Gateroom to see the return of SG-1. Dismissed,” 


Thursday December 6th 1995, Section C (The Gateroom) CheyenneMountain

The Gate's opening was quite spectacular Arlene had to admit. The team coming through looked a little roughed up, but that was not unexpected. Daniel beamed at her before a guilty expression passed over his face, then came back and camped there. Jack nodded and Carter saluted. The huge, tattooed man had to be the alien called Teal'c. Arlene studied him carefully.

Jack approached. “Major, I trust you had a good journey here?”

“Very good, thank you, Sir,” Arlene assured him.

Jack cleared his throat. “I hope you liked the food?”

“We did, thank you, it was thoughtful of you to buy it,” Arlene nodded.

“Evy’s alright?” Jack came to the crux of the matter.

Arlene gave him a wicked grin., “She's found the photo albums. You really looked very cute in a bunny suit.”

Jack groaned. “Oh fer Crying out loud... Granddad showed you those?”

“Hmmm, just a glance. Currently she's working through your mother's and Great Aunt Evy's volumes,” the grin widened. “I think she wants you there...for maximum embarrassment.”

At Jack's expression of horror Sam snorted and Daniel laughed.

“Well sir, I'll let you get ready for your debriefing. Dr. Jackson, I'll talk to you later,” Arlene told him severely and then left.

Daniel winced. “Yes, Professor Ellis.”

Jack blinked at the meek answer. “Wow, Daniel. What was that?”

Daniel shrugged. “I was a TA under her. She had very little patience for my 'Boy Genius' attitude.”

“Scared you, did she?” Jack teased.

“She doesn't scare you then Jack?” Daniel asked.

Jack snorted. “Scare? Danny, she terrifies me.”


Janet stood looking at the growling shape of Judson, the marine who had attacked Teal'c in the debriefing room. The man was tied to the bed and struggling. Janet winced as a particularly hard tug strained the straps and the bed creaked.

“Well, that's certainly novel,” Arlene noted from where she stood watching. “Not the sort of symptoms I'm familiar with.”

“I don't know them either,” Janet admitted. “It might be rabies, but he wasn't bitten. It's not like any disease I know, off-hand. And I did study some pretty weird ones.”

Arlene nodded. “Hallucinations?”

Janet shrugged. “Possibly. He's not really coherent enough to ask him.”

“I must admit I'm more familiar with descriptions of diseases than the actual diseases and of their molecular and bacterial composition than I am at observing the symptoms, but-” Arlene's words were cut of by a siren and the voice of Captain Carter coming over the intercom.

“We need medics, section C stat, two men down.!”

Janet looked at the struggling Judson, grabbed her emergency bag and summoned her orderlies.

Arlene studied the writhing man, pulled on a pair of gloves and a mask and then wiped off his spit and sweat with care.   


December 6th 1995, Control Room

“Sir, I think it might be wise to initiate the Biological or chemical containment protocols,” Arlene told the General as she stood outside the Infirmary operation room where Janet was operating upon the two members of SG-3 who had fallen through the observation window onto the Gateroom floor.

Hammond looked at her. “What makes you think that, Major?”

Arlene led him to the still struggling Judson. “He's received some very strong sedatives and yet he's fighting them. His behaviour and that of his team mates is abnormal. Now if one member of the team is so affected, that would be a reason for worry. With three, it is a great risk. With all four acting in an abnormal manner, I think it is far too great a risk. This isn't Star Trek sir; we don't have Transporters to filter out the pathogens. And even on Star Trek it doesn't always work.”

Hammond gave her a sharp look but the one she returned was guileless. It was hardly likely that she had been informed of the 'Captain Picard' joke already... Hammond inwardly snorted. *Of course she knows. Army or Air Force, the only thing faster than gossip is the speed of light.*

“I know we have the isolations cells on the DefCon 1 level, sir. Dr. Fraiser showed me. But we really can't take the risk of contagion,” Arlene urged.

“Very well Major, I'll take it under consideration,” Hammond answered.

Arlene looked at Judson, who was whimpering, a heavy sheen of sweat on his now beetling brow and then glared at the General. “Yes sir.  But with all due respect sir, don't consider too long,” then she saluted and left.

General Hammond looked after her, his eyes narrowing and then turning to the man on the bed.


Jack stood in the locker room, having showered. SG-3 was down and he was worried about his own team and the command. He shut his locker door, revealing Carter.

Jack started slightly and hastily pulled on the T-shirt he'd just taken from the locker. “Carter. Sorry, didn't know you were in here.”

With a throaty growl Carter grabbed Jack and kissed him, full on the mouth, pressing her breasts into his chest, only the thin, slightly damp cloth of her top and his t-shirt between them. Jack could feel her hard nipples rubbing against him, her hands pushing under his t-shirt, her nails scratching his skin and pulled himself out off the sensation with difficulty.

“Mmmph!” Jack put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her away. “Carter! Wait! What the hell is going on?”

Sam's voice came out in a husky purr. “Can't you see? I want you.” Lunging she grabbed him again, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissed him again.

O'Neill growled and then blinked, before muttering, his voice muffled against her lips. “Why? I mean no!” He unwrapped her clinging arms and pushed her away, looking at her as she stood with her chest heaving. “Carter, this is a little out of line, don't you think?”

Sam growled and a shiver ran down Jack's back. She jumped him and the force made him stagger allowing her to slam him onto a bench in the locker room. She hung over him, her dog tags dangling, his face almost between her breasts and murmured huskily. “Want me?”

Just as she leaned in to kiss him again a hand grabbed Sam by the hair and a dispassionate grip on her throat made her turn. Then as the pressure on her carotid artery increased Sam faded out off consciousness.

Jack looked straight into the deceptively mild green eyes of Arlene Ellis. “Arlene! This-this is not what it looks like!”

“Hmm? And what does it look like to you, Colonel?” Arlene gently rolled Sam onto her back and off Jack.

“She just jumped me! I swear!” Jack eyed the Major with some trepidation.

Arlene smiled. “Well then, it looks to me that she's infected with the same thing that Judson and the rest of SG-3 has. Let's get her to the infirmary. Come on.”

 Jack helped Arlene lift Sam and slung one of the captain’s arms around his shoulders. “It's about time you saw a doctor, Doctor,” he quipped.

Arlene gave him a glare. “Some things never change. You still make lousy jokes.”

It was at that time that Sam regained consciousness and bit Arlene’s jaw.


Jack dabbed at the scratches on his back ineffectually as he stood looking at his second in command as she lay strapped to the bed in the Infirmary and then at the next bed over where one of Janet’s nurses was carefully cleaning the bite on Arlene's jaw. Carter's teeth had cut through Arlene's skin in her rage at being kept from him and he felt guilt gnaw at his insides. *Evy is gonna kill me for getting her Mom hurt,* he stepped over to the bed that held Sam.

Janet joined him at Sam’s bedside and gave a soft-voiced instruction to the two male nurses who were tending the blonde captain. “Keep her from hurting herself until the sedatives take effect.”

Jack took in the struggling, raving woman. “This pretty much what Judson has?”

Janet nodded. “Oh, I'd say so, and the other members of the team. This is the strangest thing I've ever seen. C'mon, take a look.”

Leading the Colonel away to an adjacent corridor she gestured at the heavy steel doors, each with a small, heavy hatch at eye height. “We've converted DEFCON 1 living compartments from when this place was a missile silo into isolations chambers. You never know what you're going to bring back through the Stargate.”

Fraiser pushed open one of observations panel in a cell door and indicated for Jack to join her.

“Notice the swelling of the brow ridge? Some are even developing new follicle growth,” Janet pointed out, professional excitement in her voice.

Jack looked at the big marine and then at the CMO. “I’d call it a cure for baldness, but I think that not many people are willing to go quite this far to get some new hair. So, any idea what's causing it?”

Janet shrugged. “Wish I knew. I've got calls in to every specialist in the service, but I've got one hand tied behind my back because of the need to know classification of the Stargate Project. Major Ellis is of some help, with her knowledge of biology but there’s no other doctor on staff yet with knowledge op epidemiology.” She closed the observation panel and walked to another door.  “And it's spreading. We got two more within the hour. That gives us some indication of incubation time, but not a reassuring one.”

Hearing a noise from behind another door Jack opened its observation panel and saw Makepeace beating his hands bloody against the back wall.

Janet shook her head at the scene. “I've never seen a behavioral disorder like this. All the victims are acting like animals.”

Jack looked towards the Infirmary.  “You think Carter has the same thing?”

Janet nodded, her face grim. “Mm hmm, behavior fits. All the victims are behaving like primitives. Most female, low level primates tend to choose their sexual partners according to who would give them the strongest offspring,” the smile she gave the colonel was not one of amusement. “The leaders of a pack or tribe are usually the prime choice, you should be flattered.”

Jack rolled his eyes. “Oh yeah…I'm honored.” He scratched his neck as Janet led the way back to the Infirmary. 

Arlene was looking at a junior doctor with some dislike, rubbing her arm. Jack smiled as he realised she’d just received a tetanus shot. He hastily suppressed the smile, not willing to risk the wrath of his ex. Jack asked the question though he knew the answer. “So what do we do now, Doc?”

Janet studied the bite, nodded her approval and got out some sterile gauze and bandages. “We seal off the base, Quarantine, until we know what caused this,” Janet replied as she put a small bandage on the now clean bite.

“Implement the Infectious disease plan, or the Chemical and Biological containment protocols,” Arlene added.

“Ah. How long will those remain in force?” Jack rubbed one sweaty palm over his trousers.

“Long enough for Evy to be very upset with us,” Arlene told him with a grim smile.

“Me more than you, I'd think. I was the one who press-ganged you after all,” Jack sighed. “Wonderful. My daughter is going to hate my guts.”

“She's not going to be very happy with me either Jack. Trust me on this,” Arlene looked at Janet. “Done?”

Janet nodded unhappily. “Done, you can go. I'll go and see to Captain Carter.” 

The door opened and the General came in. Arlene jumped off the bed and saluted. “General Hammond.”

Hammond greeted her with a nod. “I understand you and Major Ellis both recommend Quarantine?” he asked the CMO.

Janet turned away from Sam. “Yes sir. We don't know what this is, how contagious it is, or what the incubation time is; even if I do think it's quite short.”

“Any other measures you suggest?” Hammond's voice was soft as his eyes too were fastened on the ranting Captain.

“Firebombs and napalm, sir. Containment cages over the elevators shoot on sight orders for anyone who leaves the quarantined area without permission,” Janet replied stony-faced. “We can’t take risks with the fate of the world.”

Hammond nodded. “I’ll call the President. The Base went on lockdown as soon as you called, the additional measures will be added.” 

Jack cleared his throat. “Did anyone assign you a bunk, Major?”

Arlene shook her head. “No sir, it’s never been the intention for me to stay the night here except on very rare occasions.”

Jack nodded in understanding. “Come on, I’ll show you one.”


Arlene felt the mattress of the bed in the officer’s quarters she’d been assigned. As a Major and a department head she rated quite a good billet. She sighed and looked at the man standing leaning against the doorjamb. “I don’t know about the protocol. Can I call Evy?”

Jack nodded. “There’s a phone you can use in your office. You’ve been shown that?”

Arlene nodded. “Yes, I have,” she walked past him, smiled up and put a hand on his arm. “Thanks, Jack,” she whispered throatily.

Jack growled and grabbed hold of her. She did not stop him when he leaned in to kiss her. He did not stop her when she hauled him inside and started tearing at his shirt, pushing the door closed with her foot.


Daniel was jittery. He realised that there was a crisis situation, but he’d sort of expected Arlene to contact him and discuss the division of their tasks. And she would probably tell him to reorganize his filing and not to maltreat his books. And tell him to get more sleep and drink less coffee. Daniel winced as he realised that some of the less salubrious details of his time as a TA and researcher might become fairly public knowledge among his friends. *It wasn’t like I intended to show up to study group in my pyjama bottoms and slippers. I‘d been translating all day.* 

He sighed and decided to go and look for her. It was always easier to go to Arlene rather than to wait for her to find him. Things usually went a lot better if he got his grovelling in earlier. And having suggested her for duty at the SGC, drafted and getting her stranded in quarantine for a week or so while her daughter panicked was going to take a lot of grovelling to make up for, the importance of the Stargate project notwithstanding.

*I’d also better get Evy something. Not that just anything will really make up for taking her mom away.* He sighed and consulted the phone list in his desk drawer, called Supply and asked for the room that had been assigned to Major Ellis. Then he slouched out of his office and made his way over to the living quarters, noting in passing that a small sign had been mounted outside the biology department stating that the head was Major A.B. Ellis.

The living area of the base was usually fairly quiet, few people wanted to stay there without need. It was not a very inviting place, the stark, cold walls of concrete did not make for a homey feel and not even the VIP quarters could shake the feel of utilitarian, military construction, building intended to defend and protect, not to be comfortable and pleasant.

The door to Arlene’s room was closed and Daniel knocked. There was no answer and he tried the handle. It swung open. A ripped shirt lay on the floor, and a shoe and a sock. Grunts and moans came from the room and Daniel looked on, shocked, as Jack and Arlene, their faces twisted by lust and disease, rutted on the floor like animals.


Daniel patted his cheek with the tissue in his hand. Jack, on seeing him, had attacked. Janet had told him that Jack had merely tried to protect his mate, but the look of sheer deranged hatred on Jack’s face still made Daniel shiver. Jack and Arlene had been locked in separate cells, howling and growling and wrapped in hospital gowns to cover their nakedness, both too far gone to allow themselves to be properly clothed, both beating on the doors to get to the other. Daniel shuddered. To see the degradation of the minds of his friends, brilliant Sam, quirky Arlene and the snarky Jack... He barely noticed when Janet slipped in the needle and drew his blood. He pressed the dab of cotton wool she gave him against the puncture wound without thinking about it.

He did notice the solicitous hand General Hammond placed on Airman Weterings’ arm when Janet turned to the young woman. Her large dark blue eyes were wide and fastened on the approaching needle.

“Easy Airman. Everything will be fine. You trust Dr. Fraiser, don’t you?” Hammond soothed the young woman.

Carol bit her lip. “I-it won’t be the same sir? Things won’t...change?” she asked the General, pleadingly.

To Daniel’s surprise the General put an arm around the girl and nodded at Janet to proceed. “I swear they won’t Carol. Don’t worry.”

Carol whimpered and buried her head in Hammond’s shoulder. Daniel exchanged looks with Teal’c, who looked on impassively. Once the blood was drawn Janet turned to Hammond, who was still comforting Carol.

Janet cleared her throat. “We've managed to isolate an organism in the victims' bloodstreams.”

Hammond’s arm tightened slightly around Carol’s shoulders. “Organism? Like a parasite or something?”

Janet tilted her head, studying the vial of blood she had just drawn. “More like a, a parasitical virus and from what I can tell it seems to feed on alines and colines; chemical transmitters in the body. That includes neurotransmitters. As they're depleted, all but the most primitive parts of the brain seem to just shut down.”

Hammond nodded thoughtfully. “That why they act like animals? Their higher brain functions are shut down?”

Janet waved the vial that Carol was eyeing anxiously. “Yes and no, sir. Besides the brain function shut-down the organism seems to release a hormone that stimulates the primitive regions of the brain that are normally dormant. I-I have never seen anything like this on Earth.”

Daniel groaned. “Exactly. On Earth. That would explain the Touched.”

Hammond looked at him. “Beg your pardon?”

“That's what the primitives were called on P3X-797. The Touched,” Teal’c reminded him.

Daniel stood looking at Carter, who was still restrained on the bed. “But I think, given recent events… I think it's safe to say they aren't born primitive, they must have this very contagious disease, and we came in contact with them. Isn't that special?” he added bitterly.

Janet nodded. “So, the question is: Why haven't you, Carol and Mr. Teal'c come down with the symptoms? It seems everybody else on base is showing at least some symptoms.”

Daniel blinked. “Um, Mr. Teal'c's—Teal'c's symbiote probably protects him.”

Teal’c nodded slightly. “That would be likely.”

“So that leaves us to find a reason as to why you, Dr. Jackson and Airman Weterings are unaffected. Any ideas? Your stay on Abydos?” Janet pressed.

Daniel looked stumped. “Well, that beats me. You're the doctor, Doctor. Uh, maybe I have a natural immunity.”

“Perhaps you will develop symptoms later,” Teal’c supplied helpfully.

Daniel gave the big man a glare. “Thank you, for the moral support.”

Janet nodded decisively. “I am checking both of your, and Airman Weterings’ blood for the presence of the organism, and I would bet that you all have it. This appears to be highly contagious.”

Hammond sighed. “So our fears are correct? We’ve brought a new plague to this planet?”

Janet looked at the General and nodded. “Yes sir, that's exactly what I'm thinking too.”

Hammond sighed. “Well, it’s a good thing I ordered sealed off. As you all realize, no one comes in or goes out until we get this under control. I shall go call the President. Airman Weterings, you’re with me. I may need someone with a clear head soon enough.”

Carol nodded faintly and Janet looked about ready to object but a harsh, guttural scream distracted her and the General led the young airman out of the Infirmary on the way to his office. With a sigh Janet hastened after Daniel and Teal’c, who had headed off towards the sound immediately.


Thursday December 6th 1995, late afternoon

Jon smiled as his great-granddaughter leafed through the photo albums. It would have to be repeated of course, when Jack was present, but currently she was looking through the older albums, the ones Jon had brought here when he'd wanted to move to Colorado Springs to be near Jack, Sara and Charlie. His smile grew sad, but then brightened again at Evy's giggle.

“A llama, Granpa Jon? Really?” She looked at him with dancing eyes.

Jon groaned. “Ah, yes. I can explain that-” he was cut off by the ringing telephone. He picked up. “Carnahan.”

“Colonel Carnahan? This is Sergeant Prescott at Cheyenne Mountain. I'm afraid that the base has been placed under quarantine and Major Ellis will not be able to come home tonight. It’s unclear how long the quarantine will last.”

Jon swore very softly and looked at Evy, who was still giggling. *This is not an auspicious beginning. Not good at all.*


Thursday December 6th, Imperial California, Ellis Farm

They had just unpacked their bags when the phone rang. Cecilia sighed. “If that is Joyce to tell us she's taking in another waif I'll scream.”

James smiled. “Oh, stop it. You know you love it, love them. Even Kendra.”

Cecilia grinned. “Especially Kendra. That girl at least is polite.”

“She takes politeness to a whole new level, you mean,” James countered.

“Cecilia Ellis,” Cecilia answered the ringing phone. With a mock glare at her husband to shush him.

“Cecilia, this is Jon. I've called Simon already; I need you and James to come here. Simon's sending a plane,” Jon sounded hurried and worried and Cecilia blinked in surprise.

“Jon? What’s wrong? Is it Evy? Or Arlene?”

“A Quarantine's been called at Cheyenne Mountain. And Arlene was there when they closed it off,” Jon replied heavily.

'Oh God... Evy?” Cecilia asked, anxiously.

“She went into hysterics. I called a doctor, she's sleeping, sedated.”

Cecilia sighed and ran a hand over her face. “We’ll be there as soon as we can. When will Simon’s plane be there? And where will it be?”

“Imperial County Airport. Get there as soon as you can, he’s hiring one of the ones that is currently there,” Jon urged.

Cecilia looked at where James was throwing clothes into their suitcases. “We’ll be there as fast as we can, Jon. As fast as we possibly can.”


Carol trailed after the General rather diffidently. Since her near kidnapping by Marigold the General, who'd already been solicitous of her health and general wellbeing since her kidnapping by Apophis, had become almost like a surrogate father. Yet the way he now ordered her around and the slightly possessive way he touched her worried her.

The General went into his office and sat down, looking at the red phone and his folded hands. Carol stood at ease until the General gestured for her to sit.

Hammond looked at her with considering eyes. “Airman, this phone is going to ring in a few minutes. The President is going to ask why I used my mandate to order a number of fairly extreme measures. Once I've explained myself, I'll make certain recommendations. One of those will be to place Doctor Frasier in charge of the base. Another will be to make you her second in command.”

Carol blinked. “Sir?”

Hammond smiled at her incredulous tone. “I'm not insane, Airman. I'm not immune to this disease. Doctor Fraiser thinks increasing irritability and possessiveness, irrational behaviour are the early symptoms of the affliction,” he smiled rather bitterly. “I've come to the conclusion that I am myself infected. That means that command devolves to my second in command, then third, and so on. This base is too important for it to suffer through devolving command upon devolving command. So I'll give orders that command will devolve immediately upon some who are not showing even the lightest symptoms. That means you and Doctor Fraiser. Understood?”

“B-but Dr. Jackson-” Carol began.

“Dr. Jackson is not Air Force, not even military,” Hammond explained. “Now, I'll explain some of your duties to you.”

Carol nodded. “Yes, Sir.”

The red phone rang and Hammond picked it up. “Good afternoon, Mr. President. Mr. President, with your permission I'll put you on speaker so as neither you, nor I will have to repeat ourselves.”

Owen Lassiter's voice came in over the speaker that Hammond apparently had been given permission to turn on. “You ordered some rather extensive quarantine measures, George.”

“Yes, Sir. An organism, the exact nature of which is still unknown, has infected the base. It is extraterrestrial in origin,” Hammond reported.

“I see. I assume that the details have been sent out to the CDC?” Lassiter asked.

“No sir. Current protocol precludes us informing them,” Hammond reminded the President. “We can not risk the secret of the Stargate being revealed.”

“Yes, yes, I remember. Damn. Are there any recommendations you’d care to make beyond your current precautions?” President Lassiter inquired.

“The CDC might have a protocol, sir. But I would suggest at the very least an armoured division and a wing of attack helicopters, both with orders to shoot on sight anyone leaving or entering the mountain.” Hammond respectfully answered.

“That bad?” Lassiter sounded worried.

“The complement of this base is changing into cavemen, sir. I doubt civilization as we know it would survive if this plague escaped.” Hammond replied dryly.

Lassiter barked out a cynical laugh. “I don't know, maybe a do-over wouldn't be that bad. Well, I'll order the Chiefs of Staff to deploy then. How about the arrangements within the base?”

“Sir, Major Fraiser, the base CMO seems to be unaffected or less affected than most. All others show minor reactions to the disease. Only three others are  apparently immune: Dr. Jackson, Mr. Teal'c and Airman Weterings,” Hammond reported. “As the only Air Force or military personnel I submit that Dr. Fraiser be given the command with Airman Weterings as her second.”

“Agreed. Colonel O'Neill is infected then?” Lassiter sounded resigned.

“Yes, sir,” Hammond took a deep breath. “Before she was infected Major Ellis and Dr. Fraiser posited that most of the base will be infected within a period of at most a day. That will only exclude those who are immune.”

There was a short, pregnant silence. “Major Ellis was infected?”

“Yes, sir.” Hammond confirmed.

“Paisley is going to kill me,” Lassiter muttered. “Airman Weterings?”

“Sir?” Carol squeaked.

“You are a capable and intelligent young woman. I have the utmost faith in you. I'm sure that during your stint as second in command you will be a credit to your command and this nation,” the President's tone was firm.

Carol looked at Hammond who nodded in agreement and then spoke. “Sir, with your permission I'd like to give Airman Weterings a brevet field promotion to Lieutenant and the order to remove me from command once I become irrational.”

“Agreed. Lieutenant Weterings, get some rank patches from somewhere,” the President ordered. “And try and keep Geo- General Hammond safe, alright.”

Carol cleared her throat. “Yes, sir!”    

“Good. I hope to speak to both of you later,” Lassiter ran off.

Hammond looked at the shocked young woman with a wry smile. “Sorry to throw you into the deep end, Lieutenant. Come on, I'll show you some of the duties you'll have to perform. I doubt Dr. Fraiser will have time for them.”

Carol nodded. “Yes, Sir.”


Hammond and Carol were on their way to the Infirmary when the young marine charged, roaring. He pushed the General to the side where the older man landed against the wall, scraping his cheek. Then he jumped at Carol, ripping at her clothes with raw, brutish strength, trying to tear her uniform off her. Carol, surprised by the attack, did not fend off the initial moves. When the first button pinged on the concrete floor, she emerged from her stupor and kicked the Marine in his unprotected groin, her fist slamming against the man's Adam’s apple.

The man roared again, his face manic in his primitive lust. He lunged and she could not avoid him in the corridor, so she struck him again and kicked against his knee. Despite her firm hits the man was too far gone in his madness and his attack continued, his hands now around Carol's neck as he tried to subdue her.

Carol clawed at his hands and saw the black spots appear in front of her eyes that meant that unconsciousness was overtaking her.

Then there was a meaty ‘thunk’ as a fire extinguisher struck the marine on the back of the head and he collapsed, revealing the scratched face of General Hammond, blood running down his cheeks onto the collar of his shirt.

“Lieutenant? Are you alright?” Hammond asked with concern in his tone.

Carol nodded and drew together the tattered remnants of her uniform top. “Y-yes, sir.” Her eyes were wide and her breath was fast.

Hammond's eyes narrowed. “Come with me, Lieutenant. Give me a hand with this man.”

Carol nodded and helped Hammond haul the man to his feet. He was unconscious and seemingly unresponsive. A group of MP's came up seconds later and carried him away.

Hammond looked at the shivering young woman and then put a hand on her shoulder. “We both need to go to the Infirmary. Come on.”

Carol nodded and whispered. “Yes, Sir.”

They reached the Infirmary minutes later and Janet immediately turned to General Hammond, gesturing at a male orderly to tend to Carol, but Hammond quickly moved to the man and motioned with his eyes at Janet to take care of the young woman. A single look was enough to make Janet comply without discussion.

The wounds were minor, if bloody and easily treated.

“Well, Doctor. You asked me to come here?” Hammond asked as he felt the light bandage on his face with his fingers.

“Yes sir, we did a very quick blood analysis,” Janet gestured at Teal'c and  Daniel. “As I expected, sir, neither Dr. Jackson nor Mr. Teal'c has the organism in their blood. Airman Weterings is clean as well,” Janet explained.

Hammond nodded. “And yourself?”

“I didn't test myself at the same time, sir. Sorry.” Janet rather sheepishly apologized.

“Very well. Gentlemen, do either of you know how to draw blood?” Hammond asked Teal'c and Daniel.

Daniel shook his head after exchanging a look with Teal'c, “No, Sir.”

“You have half an hour to learn. Then you go through the Gate to see why the Untouched are immune to the disease.” Hammond commanded.

“Sir? Just the two of us?” Daniel asked, his eyes on Carol who was putting on a new shirt behind a portable screen.

Hammond shook his head. “Lieutenant Weterings’ only experience on another world was being kidnapped, nearly raped and killed and escaping. Besides which I want at least one line officer here who will not be affected.”

Daniel looked at the torn shirt that hung over the screen and took a step closer to the General. “You think that it might not be the first time she was sexually assaulted, don’t you?” He asked softly.

Hammond glared at the archaeologist. “What I think about my people is not for public discussion, Dr. Jackson. Your mission is to collect blood for Dr. Fraiser to analyse. Is that clear?”

Daniel nodded and answered softly. “Very clear, sir. I meant no disrespect. I was merely worried about Airma- Lieutenant Weterings.”

Hammond blinked and nodded. “I may be starting to show symptoms. I shall warn Dr. Fraiser and Lieutenant Weterings.”  

Daniel looked at the split second of anxiety that crossed the older man's face and then nodded. “I'm sure everything will be fine, sir.”

End Note:

I heavily used a transcript of the episode ‘The Broca divide’. I am unaware who provided the transcription, but I downloaded it from Stargatewiki. I am most grateful.
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