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Cyrodiil's Housing Guide

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Summary: Elder Scrolls-Oblivion. AU, altered timeline - YAHF - aftermath story! Xander finds the housing guide to several strange homes that have differing conditions for acquisition, all of which costs a little be of gold.

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Games > FantasyLilNezumiFR1536,367012,69130 Apr 1230 Apr 12Yes


Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike

CH 3

Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike

The two displaced people from Earth were now stuck in an adventure that they hadn’t been look for. It was still a good thing that these two were the basically the types of people that could roll with the punches so-to-speak.

Xander sighed and said, “Five more pounds and then I’ll be over-loaded, what about you?”

“Hm,” Spike paused during their hike to think about the weight he carried. “About twenty more pounds. I’m carrying over a hundred fifty pounds more than my standard equipment, so we should be thinking of selling off most of this kit soon.”

“Yeah,” Xander said. “Or else convert some ingredients into potions to lighten our load.”

“So will we have enough now to buy that house in Anvil,” Spike asked with an eager whiny tone. He’d wanted it ever since he learned that it might be haunted.

“We just might,” Xander said.

“I’ll never understand why you wanted to buy that Imperial Hovel right off the bat,” Spike said with a shake of his head. “It’s not like we stay there.”

“I know, but it was the best place to store the stuff we wanted to keep,” Xander said. “Nothing could’ve been stolen from that place. Besides we needed to build up our skills and levels in order to take on the larger more annoying dungeons.”

“I know, I know,” Spike said. “But the house...”

“Yes, yes,” Xander said. “I’m sure we can buy the house, but you do know that we had to be able to take on ghosts before we even thought about buying it. That’s why we did all of the Mage’s Guild recommendations and gained the access to the Arcane University.”

“Alright, you win,” Spike said. He had no choice, but to accept. This was because he loved the magical jewelry that they’d created together. Sure they were limited by their levels, but now leveling up would be a lot easier, as long as they studied to increase their ‘Major Skills’ and not just their ‘Minor Skills’.

“After that we’ll have to work on the Main Quest too,” Xander said.

“Whot for,” Spike asked, wondering what the other man might have been keeping from him.

“There’s still a quest tab on the maps we were given, it lists the Daedra Sword and Daedra Heart,” Xander said. “You might not have noticed because it’s under all the other quests that we keep finding and accepting.”

“No shit,” Spike said. He pulled out his map and scrolled to the quests and there it was under all the others. “Well Hell, looks we might have to do something about that. How’re they going to get the stuff from us? Good thing none of the quests we accept have timelines.”

“The dimension sack that we found will see to it that the items are sent to the right place,” Xander said. “It’s in the chest at the foot of the bed in our shack.”

“Wonderful,” Spike snorted. He’d been slowly enjoying his adventure so far, but now it looked like they’d have to follow some of the story line from the game. “We still haven’t turned over the Amulet of Kings to Jauffre at Weynon Priory.”

It was true that they still had that item in their inventory. It didn’t weigh anything and it couldn’t be sold despite the value assigned to it. They couldn’t even leave it anywhere, so Xander carried it with his stuff.

“Afraid of the Priory,” Xander asked.

“It’s a church related place,” Spike said with a shudder. He didn’t mind blessings from the roadside wayshrines they came across, but he still shivered whenever he had to enter one of the Temples of the Nine. He needed to do this a few times in order to receive cures for any diseased status he received whenever he fought mudcrabs and other swamp creatures.

Xander chuckled and then asked, “Did you want to do some other major side quests?”

“Which ones,” Spike asked as they trekked close to the gates of the town called ‘Skingrad’. It was a town after the ex-vampire’s own heart, since the ruler there seems to have lived a long life.

“Dark Brotherhood, Thieves’ Guild, or Fighters’ Guild,” Xander mentioned.

“I suppose you’d like to do the Mages one, the Main and the Knight of the Nine one,” Spike said.

“Well I don’t see you having the patience with mojo, other than what you currently got. I can’t see you having much to do with the ‘Pilgrimage’ aspect for the Knight’s quest,” Xander said. “The Main Quest has to be done, but I figure that that’s one we should do together.”

“Agreed,” Spike said. “We’ll do the Fighters’ Guild one together too. It’s more fun that way, but you sure you are interested in the other two?”

“A little too much on the Dark Side of things for me,” Xander said. “I’ve done them on the gaming platforms and that was enough for me. I’m not comfortable with assassinations or stealing to tell you the truth. What about you?”

“Same, except I did the Light quests in the game,” Spike said. “Don’t care much about being confined to a goody-goody life.” The two men walked through the gates of city and went their separate ways to sell items in their packs, agreeing to meet up later at the West Weald Inn.

Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike

That night Xander was re-reading the Housing Guide that they’d received. He chuckled at some of their descriptions and knew that whatever place they chose to buy had to be up to the blond’s exacting standards. Only one house in the whole guide had even sparked that man’s interests.

Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike

Introduction -

Everyone needs a home and how best to find the one for you, you may be asking yourself. Well let us answer that question for you... you go on an adventure, of course! This guide will highlight the rooms, cost and some local quirks related to the buildings available to the discerning home buyer.

Come leaf through our pages and your sure to find the home that’s just right for you and your spouse.

Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike

“Spouse,” Xander muttered into his empty bottle of Ale. He shook his head and ordered another one, as he waited for Spike to return to the Inn. ‘Wouldn’t call him a spouse,’ he thought. ‘Yet, this world is something else. No one cares about who’s with whom because the game’s relationships here are set. It’s not like the new one that came out a year ago called ‘Skyrim’ because in that one you can actually get someone to marry you, no matter their gender. I think that was a programming thing, because I played both genders in that for fun and pick up lines were handed to all characters I played by both genders too.

He looked over the description of the Imperial City house that they’d bought and chuckled. Not a single word was a lie in there, but there was still something to be said about flowery language. He’d known that it might have resembled the basement of doom more than any other building in the book, but the blond man still swore a streak when he’d seen what two thousand gold had actually paid for.

“We could have gotten better armour, weapons or something for this piece of crap,” Spike had complained at the time.

“True,” Xander said and then explained. “But this isn’t like the game Elder Scrolls - Morrowind because we’d lose our stuff here, if we stole a house. In Morrowind it was expected that we’d claim a house, if we killed the owner, spoils and what not to the victor. Here we’d be fined, possibly thrown in jail and worse, develop a bad reputation.”

“Priorities mate,” Spike had told him. “Set your priorities...skills will take care ‘o the reps.”

The dark haired man had nodded back then. Now he just continued to read the original booklet while waiting.

Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike

Come to the Imperial City of Cyrodiil and live where the Emperor lives. Well we’re obviously not talking about living in his Palace, of course, but available just for you, there’s a quaint little abode on the waterfront in a secluded area of the city right by a fresh market.

Xander laughed when he realized that Spike hadn’t played the game in a while. The ‘fresh market’ was dockside on the other side of the city’s walls, so at least they hadn’t been subjected to the fishy aroma of the place. It was still kind of off putting though.

This quaint abode features a spacious room with a fireplace and hardwood flooring is standard for all of these models. All housing upgrades can be taken care of locally with the aid of our friendly brothers at the ‘Three Brothers’ Trade Goods’ in the Market District of the city.”

“Spacious room my arse,” Spike said looking inside their currently new home. “There’s only one bloody room for everything. This is like a bachelor apartment, not a house and there’s something fishy about those three brothers, I’m tellin’ you.”

“Come on Spike,” Xander wheedled. “We only needed one of their furnishings offering, not all because we need a ‘Storage Area’. The only reason you didn’t like them, is because they kept hitting on you and one of them actually looked like Angel. We can’t keep carrying these Welkynd stones, even if they are useful to recharge our magical gear, we need obtain magical gear first.”

So he’d won the need to buy the first house located in the Imperial City. However, Spike still wanted the Anvil house and it was his turn to wheedle Xander until the other man gave in.

Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike

They’d traveled to Anvil during a couple of the easier Fighters’ Guild quests because sometimes it was easier to just get the first two or three of all guild quests over with the only exception being the Mage’s guild ones related to their ‘Recommendations’ in order to gain access to the Arcane University.

Doing these primary quests allowed the men access to all the Guild Houses in each City which in turn meant that they could gather the sellable items from those Halls and gain some spending cash. Of course they kind of liked dungeon finding and crawling, so they did do that too, while learning some of their ‘Minor Skills’ in order to help their overall abilities like Strength and Agility, etc...

But was the house in Anvil that Spike fell in love with. The outside was nothing much, but he’d remembered that it had three levels and had many cubby holes. It was one that wouldn’t need any new furnishings.

“Just think of the Soul Gems we could fill with them ghosts,” Spike had added to his argument. That was nearly the selling point because they’d needed filled Soul Gems in order to create spells, enchant magic items or just plain re-charge them.

Ghosts had a higher rating than plain old goblins and wolves, but they were nothing compared to Ogres. But thanks to Spike they had a lot of ‘stolen’ Soul Gems that would lose their ‘stolen’ status as soon as they were filled.

It was kind of like when food was stolen. They lost that stolen status as soon as they were used in Alchemy and then any new potion could be sold.

In the end Xander agreed that perhaps a house near the sea might be just the ticket to finding a way home. He said, “Perhaps we’ll get lost at sea in this world and then find ourselves heading home.”

“Perhaps,” Spike said. “I’m kinda enjoying this adventure though.”

“Honestly,” Xander said with a grin. “Me too!”

The day vampire laughed and then asked, “So did you get a quest for that house.”

Xander shook his head and pulled out his map to see if any of the rumours he picked up in Anvil, included the one for the mansion. “Here it is,” he said. “Velwyn Benirus wants to sell his house, cheap and can be found at the ‘Count’s Arms’ in Anvil.”

“Well what are we waiting for,” Spike said gulping down his ale.

Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike

Days later they were sleeping in the same bed, as there was only one double bed in the house that they’d just bought in Anvil. The two men didn’t care, since they’d done this quite often ever since they’d arrived in Cyrodiil. Both had had game characters sleep next to them, if they’d selected a vacant double bed to sleep in when they were in a Guild building and both had found the experience to be creepy.

However this was to be their main house. The Hovel didn’t count, but was an excellent stop over location for resting and accessing the Imperial City’s different districts.

Before going to sleep they equipped the weapon that they each felt comfortable using. Having recalled that ghosts launched frost spells at you, they figured that the counter to any attack should be fire or even shock.

Spike had his enchanted silver sword, which he’d named “Petty Fyr”, since it used a ‘Petty Soul Gem’ to enchant. The Soul Gem gave the sword about 15 fire charges before it returned to its base form, good for hack and slash.

Xander had an enchanted steel longbow with a primary fire spell for damage and a secondary spell called ‘Soul Trap’ attached to it. He has three steel longbows with a different Destruction spell and the Soul Trap spell in order to attack different creatures that have different weaknesses. All bows were limited to 10 charges, but that was the way things balanced.

They both had created spells with mixed effects and that change much of the outcome of the fight that occurred when they were woken up around midnight to deal with the sudden drop in temperature inside their room.

Two ghosts were in the room, Spike struck one and then the other, while Xander hit the first one after Spike and sucking the soul into one of their many gems. They repeated it for the other ghost, when they heard something crash down the stairs.

“Oh for a baseball bat and boxers,” Xander said, as he crept to the bedroom door.

“Whot do you mean,” Spike said.

“Standard uniform for investigating suspicious noises,” Xander said quoting his favourite ‘blue collar comedian’, Jeff Foxworthy. The vampire just snorted, but cautious followed along behind the other man.

There were no more ghosts, but there was a broken vase or urn on the ground with a book and a skeletal hand protruding. “Looks like we need to find the kid again,” Spike said, picking up the book and the hand, while Xander made ‘eww’ faces at it. “Think he’s back at the Inn?”

“Nope,” Xander said. “But we have to go there to find that out for sure.”

Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike

Dusty days of travel to the Imperial City had both men irritated. There was no ‘fast travel’ for them. They had to do everything the long way. They didn’t have enough money to buy a horse, let alone two of them at this point in time.

They tracked down the kid and then had to hoof it back to Anvil where the kid was waiting for them, cool as you please back at the Count’s Arms. “I’ll kill’im,” Spike said. “He fast travels and we’re stuck running for three days.”

“At least we’re doing better than we used to,” Xander said with a slight huff in his tone. “Who knows maybe we’ll be able to afford horses, what do you think?”

“Not me,” Spike said. “I’ll be earning one for one of me future quests, just you wait and see.”

“Oh right,” Xander said. “I forgot about that pony.”

As soon as they returned to Anvil, they found the grandson in the Count’s Arms Inn, and they all set out to the mansion. The two men followed the young man down the stairs to the basement, after they’d killed any of the remaining ghosts floating about the house.

Weirdly there were different symbols on the far wall and only Velwyn had been able to decipher them. Once his task was done was out of there as though chased by the ghosts of his ancestors.

“Figures the kid is a coward,” Spike said, pulling out the skeletal hand.

Xander walked up to the Alter and pushing on a small stone he ‘activated’ it. The two men listened with barely an ear at the speech that the old geezer was pouring out, seeking peace in death. They exchanged a look knowing that they were in for a fight, once they fulfilled the beast’s request to get his hand back.

The Lich rose from the coffin and attacked, but the boys were prepared. Well aimed spells, sword and arrow took the creature down quickly and finally they were able to fully claim the house as their own. The old bastard had placed a curse on the place when he died and since he died again, the curse was lifted.

A final word to the grandson and all loose ends were tied...well except for the Daedra Sword and Heart, but that’s a story for another time.

Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike - Xander - Spike


The End

You have reached the end of "Cyrodiil's Housing Guide". This story is complete.

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