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On Doctors Named Allison And Witches Named Sarah

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The "On" Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: On her way to a new job in California, Allison Cameron makes a stop in Cleveland to visit an old friend. Meanwhile, a coven of witches in Seattle is found murdered and the Council sends a witch named Sarah Bailey and a slayer named Vi to investigate.

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On Unexpected Slayage, and the People Who See It

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or worlds used in this story, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, House M.D., Private Practice, Scott Pilgrim, South Park, and The Craft. No harm is intended toward any of the copyright owners. This story is intended for entertainment purposes only.


PREVIOUSLY: Sarah investigated the murder scene in Seattle and discovered it was done by a witch. Allison and Chris met up and went to dinner. Willow had a bad night, which led Dawn to seek out Xander and confide in him that she's afraid Willow's not going to recover from losing Kennedy (which happened six months ago).



Hot Tub Time Machine,” Allison said. “Who knew?”

“Told you you’d like it.”

Allison had been pleasantly surprised by Chris’s choice of movies. The film had been out for a month, and there hadn’t been too many annoying teenagers in the theater. The movie itself had reminded her of those 80s teen-sexploitation films that had been such a guilty pleasure among their group back in college, and she’d always had a thing for John Cusack.

“You want to get a coffee or something?” she asked. “Before we head back?”

“Sounds good.”

Arm-in-arm, they started along the sidewalk. The movie theater was at the end of one of those trendy old-style village shopping plazas, the ones that were supposed to look like a little country town but had only been built a few years prior. Paving stones, curio shops, and small restaurants lived amid storefronts for FedEx Office, a dry-cleaner, and a jewelry store. The only thing really spoiling the effect, other than the occasional young guy driving by with his bass bumping loud enough to rattle the windows of the stores, was the Super Wal-Mart that loomed behind the plaza like a sleeping behemoth.

As they passed an alleyway, Chris slowed, and then stopped. He cocked his head and listened.

“What is it?”

He let go of her. “Stay here.”

“Why? What’s going on?”

“Just... just stay here, all right?” Chris pulled out his phone and quickly sent a text. “I’ll be right back.”

“But what--”


She frowned at him, at the snap of command in his voice, but did as he asked, hanging back by the streetlamp. At least, until he was around the corner and down the alley. There were very few people in this part of the plaza, and no one within three streetlights in any direction -- which meant no one to see her sneak forward until she could just see into the mouth of the alley.

Chris had a piece of wood in his hand, and was creeping up on what looked like a couple of people necking.

No. They weren’t necking. One of them -- the woman -- was struggling. The man had a hand over her mouth and his face buried in the crook of her shoulder.

Allison took out her phone and dialed 911, but didn’t press send. She didn’t want to cause a scene if Chris was just going to interrupt someone role-playing as vampire and victim. She’d seen a lot of weird stuff in her time in New York, including the day those LARPers came into the ER covered in fake blood.

The guy suddenly stiffened, standing up, and he shoved the woman against a dumpster. She fell to the ground, clutching her neck and sobbing. He turned to Chris and said something -- Allison caught the words “not a slayer” -- but Chris didn’t reply. He just jabbed forward with his piece of wood. The guy caught his hand and yanked hard, but Chris had apparently been learning some sort of martial arts; he allowed the guy to alter his momentum. Chris got behind him, and before the guy could react, put him into a choke-hold.

And still the guy fought back! Allison put back her phone and grabbed a tube of mace from her purse. She ran into the alley, saw Chris’s eyes go wide, and then sprayed the guy right in the face. He roared in pain and threw Chris off his back, then started clawing at himself.

It was enough of a distraction for Chris to find his piece of wood and jam it into the guy’s chest. “Chris, what the hell--”

The guy went from angry-looking-man-with-weird-facial-features to a pillar of dust and ash, which then poofed and fell to the ground in a small pile.

Allison stared at Chris; Chris stared at Allison.

“Dr. Frost!”

Allison turned to the end of the alley and saw two women rushing toward them. One was dark-skinned, tall and rangy, with a long ponytail. The other was short and pale, with red hair that was clearly out of a bottle. Both held pieces of wood similar to the one Chris still clutched.

Chris, to Allison’s surprise, waved them down. “It’s okay. I got him.”

The short woman put her... well, Allison supposed it was a stake... into her purse and nudged the tall one. “Careful, Kelly, or the doc’s gonna put us out of a job.”

“It wasn’t intentional,” Chris said. “But I couldn’t just let him... you know...”

The two women stared at Allison. “I’m Amber,” said the short one. “That’s Kelly. Who are you?”

“Allison Cameron,” Chris said, when it became clear Allison wasn’t going to be able to speak. “Old friend of mine.”

Kelly glowered at Chris, but didn’t say whatever was on her mind.

“What?” he said. “Would you have let him--”

“No.” Kelly’s voice was surprisingly melodic; Allison detected a hint of an accent, possibly Caribbean, in her tone. “But if she’s a civilian--”

“A civilian what?” Allison asked, finally finding her voice. She stepped a little closer to Chris. “What the hell is going on?”

A long pause. Then Kelly took out her phone. “I think I’m going to have to call Giles.”

Chris nodded, but he didn’t look reassured. “Vi’s going to be pissed, too.”

“Chris,” Allison said, her voice low -- and, she hoped, somewhat menacing, “what in the world just happened?”

Amber gave Allison a grin that was just this side of a sneer. “Congratulations, girlfriend. You just saw a vampire slaying.”

Allison took a step back -- Amber was kind of scary -- and inadvertently saw what was on the screen of Chris’s phone. He’d texted Vi: She saw me kill a vamp. Kelly and Amber are here now. Calling Giles. Think we’re going to have to tell her.

And in return: well thats just great go play w ur friend we hv work to do here

Well. That didn’t look good. Allison put her hand on Chris’s arm and he started. “Sorry about this,” he said, slipping the phone into his pocket. “Looks like you’re going to see the school tonight after all.”


Vi threw her phone across the Seattle house’s guest room, and it was only luck that it hit the bed instead of the wall.

“What’s wrong?” Sarah asked. She was sitting at the desk by the window, doing research on her laptop. “Phone possessed by a demon?”

Vi didn’t laugh. “Chris’s friend.”

“What about her?”

She plopped down on her bed and folded her arms. “She saw him slay a vampire.”

“What? What was he doing slaying a vampire?”

“Man on the scene, I guess.” Vi stood back up and started to pace. “I just... I mean, I can’t believe this! The last thing I had that she didn’t was that I was a part of his world and she wasn’t.” Sarah tried to puzzle that out. Vi kept talking. “Now she’s going to meet Giles, and probably Buffy and everyone else, and then I’ll have to share slaying with her too!”


“I just cannot believe him!”



Sarah pointed at Vi’s hand, which was bleeding; she’d made a fist so tight that her nails had cut into her skin. “Come here. Let me do something about that.”

Vi shook her head and left the guest room. Sarah followed -- a slayer in this condition shouldn’t be left to her own devices. And Sarah also hoped she could talk some sense into the younger woman. Vi and the doctor -- Chris -- well, their relationship was the stuff of legend. After years of frustration on many levels, when the two of them had finally gotten together a couple of years ago, there’d been a marked change in Vi’s behavior. Oh, she was still a hothead, but she suddenly became more pleasant to patrol with and less likely to fly off the handle for no reason. Plus, there were rumors that Chris and Vi were rather... unconventional... behind closed doors. Sarah didn’t like to listen to stories like that -- “an’ it harm none, do what thou wilt” had been her motto for more than a decade -- but it seemed to be satisfying to Vi, and that’s what mattered.

Maybe the slayer just needed to get laid?

Vi was fast enough to be out of sight by the time Sarah got to the main floor, but one of the slayers pointed to the basement door. “Thanks,” Sarah said, and went down.

She found Vi rampaging her way through the interns -- that’s what the school called slayers-in-training who were assigned places other than Cleveland -- and junior slayers until she got to the main fighting area. She shouldered aside the intern that was mirroring Monica’s moves and stepped into a fighting position. “My turn,” she said.

Monica looked past Vi and met Sarah’s eyes. Sarah gave a small shrug.

“Vi,” Monica said, “maybe we shouldn’t do this now. You’re not very calm, and--”

“I don’t care.” Vi shuffled forward a bit; Sarah didn’t recognize the style, but then, she only did the bare minimum of hand-to-hand training. Some of the witches really got into it, but Sarah was not one of them. “I need to spar with someone. You’re it.”

Monica sighed. “If you say so.” She pulled off the long-sleeved shirt she was wearing, leaving her in a tank-top and yoga pants. Sarah guessed she wanted the extra freedom of movement, and it would be an advantage since Vi was wearing jeans. “But at least take your shoes off my mat.”

Vi growled, but did as she was told. Sarah recognized it as a technique to try and mollify the other slayer, get her to back down. Monica took it further by using her status as Head of House to force Vi to bow -- first they bowed to each other, and then to the little shrine on the wall, and finally each other again.

“Can we fight now?” Vi bounced on the balls of her feet, no longer in fighting position. “Please?”

The interns and slayers had all turned to watch their Head face off against one of the Cleveland slayers. While it wasn’t about prestige, per se, Vi had been doing this since before she was Called, and that lent an air of mystery to her. Vi wasn’t tall, wasn’t heavily-muscled, but somehow she’d stood up to supernatural creatures as well as her own fear. That counted for a lot. And now, of course, she was known among the slayers as an excellent fighter.

But she wasn’t showing it. She practically leapt at Monica, who simply stepped aside and have her a shove, sending her careening across the mat. Vi rolled through it, turned, and moved more cautiously toward Monica, until she was close enough to hop and windmill-kick at her.

Monica caught the move, which had been heavily telegraphed -- even Sarah had recognized it -- and shoved again, this time sending Vi to her back. Vi bounced up, whirled into a spinning back-fist kind of thing; Monica ducked and struck, her fist crashing into Vi’s ribs. She followed up with a sweep kick, dropping Vi again, and as Vi tried to spring back to her feet, Monica stamped again on her chest.

Even from the back of the training room, Sarah heard Vi’s ribs crack.

But the slayer still got to her feet. Monica watched her warily, eyes wide. Vi threw a combination punch, which Monica blocked easily, and then tried to kick, but there was no real power behind it.

“Vi, enough,” Monica said. “Yield.”

“Fuck you,” Vi growled.

Sarah felt her eyebrows raise. She held out a hand and spoke a few words under her breath, trying to soothe Vi, to calm her down, but the magic fed back on itself and did nothing but make her fingers tingle.

And piss Vi off even more. Oops.

Monica easily dodged or blocked all of Vi’s attacks for the next minute or so. Then, when Vi straightened up -- her slayer healing must have kicked in -- Monica went on the offensive. Quick, sharp blows, attacks that Vi was too tired or too sloppy to fight off, and then, when Vi grabbed Monica, it was over. Sarah didn’t even see what Monica did, but there was a massive thump and Vi was on her stomach, on the mat, Monica’s arm across her throat. “Don’t make me do this, Vi,” Monica warned.

Vi’s face was quickly growing bright-red, but she didn’t submit.

“Vi, damn it!” Sarah stepped through the watching slayers and knelt on the mat. She put her hand on Vi’s forehead and, an instant later, Vi was unconscious. Monica immediately released her, rolled her over, and checked her pulse. “She’ll be fine,” Sarah said. “Embarrassed as hell when she wakes up, but fine.”

Monica nodded and got to her feet. “Tell me what Vi did wrong,” she said -- Sarah realized she was making a lesson out of this. There was, after all, a reason why Monica was in charge.

One of the interns raised a hand. “She didn’t scout you out. She didn’t know ahead of time what your strengths were as a fighter.”

Monica nodded again. “That’s true, but that’s not what I meant. Anyone else?”

“She didn’t submit.”


Sarah stood behind Monica and touched her shoulder. Monica gave the floor to her. “She was angry,” Sarah said. “I may be just a witch, and I sure as hell couldn’t go toe-to-toe with even the newest of you, but even I know that you don’t fight when you’re angry.”

“I tried to make her calm down,” Monica added. “The bowing, the shoes; I hoped it would get her to realize what she was doing.” She inclined her head at the intern she’d been training with. “Plus, it was unfair to Rosa, what Vi did.”

Rosa, a small, Latina-looking girl, ducked her head and blushed.

“Never fight angry,” Monica said. “I’d hate to have to break your ribs just to make you stop.” She smiled. “Here endeth the lesson.” As the girls headed toward the stairs, she called back two of them to help get Vi back to her room. “How long will she be out?”

“Maybe half an hour,” Sarah said, watching the two slayers carry Vi out of the basement. “I’m really sorry about that. She’s got some personal stuff going on--”

“Forget it,” Monica said. She pulled her overshirt back on and motioned to the steps. Sarah followed her. “They needed to see it. I’m just glad it wasn’t one of them.” At the top of the stairs, Monica waved toward the kitchen. “Can I get you anything?”

“No, thanks. I’m going to make a phone call and then go wait for Vi to wake up.”

“You want one of us to wait with you?”

Sarah shook her head. “I can handle one angry slayer. But thank you.”


Faith and Ramona were walking toward the administration building when Faith’s phone started playing “Don’t Fear the Reaper”. She chuckled and answered it. “Hey, Little Red.”

“Hey yourself.”

Faith motioned to Ramona to come closer -- not that Ramona’s slayer hearing couldn’t pick it up regardless, but both of them were Vi’s friends, and they both knew how Vi felt about Dr. Frost’s old school friend coming to visit. “What’s the matter?”

“Got my ass kicked.”

“What?” Faith felt her heart jump. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Faith could hear the shame in Vi’s voice. “It was Monica.”

“Monica? What’d she do that for?” To Ramona, she mouthed, “house momma.” Ramona nodded.

“It was my fault.” Vi took a couple of deep breaths. “I got pissed because Chris told me he had to slay a vamp tonight, and Allison saw it.”

“Yeah. I know.” Faith had been on her way to a meeting with the woman; Ramona was tagging along because the two of them had been watching a movie in her apartment when the call came in. “But how’d that lead to--”

“She got to be part of something in our world, and she shouldn’t have. I got mad.”


A pause. “I feel like an idiot,” Vi said. “I’m jealous, and I’m angry, and I shouldn’t be either. Chris would never cheat on me.”

“‘Course he wouldn’t,” Faith said. “He’s a great guy, and he’s all honorable ‘n stuff. But you can’t stop him havin’ girl friends from his past.”

“I know.” Vi sighed. “But when you see her, maybe you’ll understand why I’m so... you know...”

“Well, don’t be.” Vi was one of Faith’s best friends, but sometimes the girl had serious Issues. “You’re cute, an’ smart, an’ you kick ass almost as good as me. You got nothin’ to be jealous of her for.” She grinned. “Plus, if she acts wrong, you know you can totally kick her ass. She’s definitely not a slayer.”

“Small comfort.” One more sigh. “Thanks, Faith. I mean it.”

“Ain’t no thing, Little Red. You gonna be okay? How long you gonna be out there?”

“We’re not sure. Sarah’s still investigating, but whoever did the murders covered their tracks really well. She can get the magic, but not the person who did it.” A pause. “Not yet, she says.”

“Well, keep in touch,” Faith said. “And, my advice? Even though you didn’t ask?”


“Trust the man you love. He ain’t gonna hurt you. If he does... well, I’m gonna hurt him right back.”

“You’ll have to get in line.” Vi laughed. “‘Night, Faith.”

“‘Night.” She clicked off the phone and slipped it into her pocket. She and Ramona started walking again. “Little Red got some issues.”

Ramona nodded. Vi was one of the first slayers she’d met when she’d joined the team, and even now the three of them still patrolled and hung out together. “I think they’ll be okay. Dr. Frost wouldn’t do something stupid; he loves her like crazy.”

“Yeah he does.” Faith smirked. “Hey, you hear what they were doin’ last time someone walked in on ‘em?”

“Faith, I don’t think I want to--”

“Two words, Punky: naughty schoolgirl.”

Ramona covered her face with her hands. “God, Faith, there’s not enough brain bleach in the world to get that image out of my head.”

Faith stuck out her tongue. “Prude.” They were at the admin building now; Faith pulled the door open. “Should I come back when we’re done? Or you wanna go to bed?”

“Bed, I think. But if I dream about Vi in a compromising position, I’m throwing you off the roof.”

“Just try it, Punky.” Faith held out a fist and Ramona bumped it. “‘Night.”

“Good night, Faith.”

Ramona started back toward the apartment building. Faith squared up her shoulders and made her way down the hall. She had to put her Dean of Students face on now. She just hoped that this Allison chick wasn’t too freaked out.


Your feedback (reviews and/or e-mails) are, as always, very welcome and greatly appreciated.

Next time: Allison meets the gang, Faith makes spanking jokes, and Dawn goes exploring.

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