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Pokemon and Buffy and Snowboarding

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Summary: A fun story about life.

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Anime > PokemonMJravensgatesfianceFR711920432530 Apr 1230 Apr 12Yes
Disclaimer:Pokemon and Buffy do not belong to me.

Ash Ketchum totally triple-quadruple backflipped into the fight scene followed by a short, hairy figure. Buffy was totally all like “Who dat?” and she looked HARD only to find out that it was Sean Black, the snowboarder!! “Dude!” she exclaimed in surprise.

The two twobular dudes took her by her arms and dragged her to the maximum security vampire prison to lock her up forever when they accidentallt made eye contact with some dude on the street. He froze the two dudes and Buffy and ran straight towards them to battle! Pokemon trainer chooses Slowbro!!! Ash Ketchum stepped in front of the others to handle this. Ash chooses Magikarp!!!

The battle was tense, Slowbro using Mirror and Magikarp using Flop! Both Pokemon flopping wildly decreasing the others defense rating. All of a sudden Slowbro used Tail Slap knocking Magikarp out!!!
Ash Ketchum was totally surprised by this and decided to use PIKACHU so Pikachu just totally zapped the poop out of Slowbro and won the fight!

They finished escorting Buffy to maximum security vampire prison and locked her up for her crimes against vampirity, forever to cry and stuff. The end.

The End

You have reached the end of "Pokemon and Buffy and Snowboarding". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking