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Wheels within wheels

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Summary: Angel gets a wake up call from someone he never would have suspected

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DramaOlBearFR1811,201041,3943 May 123 May 12No
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel are owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. I only do this for fun not for profit.


‘The Temple of the Mother’ Los Angeles 2003

The balance demon known as Whistler phased into reality just in front of the altar. Outside he could hear the humans who, less than a hour ago, had been fanatic followers of the reborn Power Jasmine, wandering around in stunned disbelief. Ignoring them for the moment he regarded the white robed young woman who lay on the altar, as though asleep.

“Jeez girl,” he murmured. “You really caught the shitty end of the stick this time didn’t ya?” Stepping closer he sighed, lately it seemed that all he was doing was cleaning up the mess left by the Powers and their Champions. Laying a gentle hand on the forehead of the woman he quickly chanted in a language that no human, no matter how skilled a linguist they were, would have been able to repeat and a soft white glow surrounded the body of Cordelia Chase.

The glow quickly brightened and Whistler turned his head to shield his eyes. Finally the glow faded, leaving the balance demon alone in the room. Looking around to make sure that no one had seen his little light show he stepped back into the shadows and faded from sight.

Seconds after Whistler had disappeared with Cordelia the doors slammed open to reveal a tactical team from Wolfram & Hart, weapons at the ready.

“Secure this room!” The leader barked, his M4 carbine at the ready. Seconds later his team gave the all clear and he approached the now empty altar. Frowning he reached into a pouch he removed a cell phone and pressed a button. “Ma’am! The target is gone. I repeat the target is gone!” He said as soon as the connection was made. The team leader, who had had a distinguished career with the American Special Forces till his extra-curricular activities had come to light, listened to his newest orders.

“Understood, we’ll be gone in ten.” He said before closing the phone and keying his tactical radio. “Bring in the package.”

The doors opened again to admit several black clad operatives wheeling a gurney holding a translucent cylinder. Coming to a halt near the altar a technician punched a code into the keypad and the cylinder opened to reveal the body of a young woman with dark hair, wearing a white robe. They quickly transferred the body to the altar and one of them pressed a stethoscope to the body’s chest.

“Strong heartbeat and she’s breathing normally.” He reported. The leader nodded and ordered everyone out. The SUV carrying the team had just turned the corner when a convertible pulled up in front of the building. The driver, a dark haired man wearing a leather coat jumped out of the car.

Angel, the only vampire with a soul looked at his companions. “Is this the place?” He asked.

Wesley Whyndam-Price nodded. “Yes this is where they took Cordy’s body after she gave birth to Jasmine. They have her displayed as if she’s a holy icon.”

“Let’s do this.” Gunn said, hefting his axe. Beside him Fred Burkle nodded agreement. The only member of Angel’s group who was missing was his son, Connor. Angel hoped that the result of a night of passion between him and his reborn Sire, Darla, was alright. But for now he was focused on finding Cordy and making sure she was safe.

The group of demon hunters entered the building and quickly made their way to the room. Angel let out a sigh of relief when he saw Cordy lying there. Even from across the room he could hear her heartbeat and see the gentle rise and fall of her chest as she breathed.

Crossing the room he laid a gentle hand on her cheek. “Cordy. It’s me, it’s time to wake up.” He said but got no response. “Cordy!” he said a bit louder and gave her shoulder a shake.

He turned to his friends. “We need to get her to hospital!” He barked.

“I’ll call 911.” Fred said, digging in her pocket for her cell phone.

“Don’t bother. With everything going on tonight it’ll be ages before an ambulance gets here.” Gunn replied.

Angel reached out and picked up Cordy. “We’ll take her ourselves.” He stated and started walking back to his car. The rest of the gang followed, all of them wondering if their friend, Cordelia Chase would ever recover.

With a squealing of tyres the convertible peeled away from the curb and raced off towards the nearest hospital

Two weeks later

Angel silently entered his new office to find ‘Eve’, the young woman who was the liaison to ‘The Senior Partners’, waiting for him.

“Well, is everything to your satisfaction?” She asked.

The vampire with a soul nodded. He had just returned from seeing his ‘son’ Connor living his new life. A life where he didn’t fight vampires and demons, had never been abducted by Daniel Holtz and forced to grow up in a demon realm and never been raised to hate Angel with every fibre of his being.

“Yes I’m satisfied. Now what about Cordy?”

“Miss Chase has been moved to the medical facility here in the building. The firm will do everything in its power to speed her recovery and of course, you’ll be able to visit her whenever you want.” Eve replied before drawing a single sheet of parchment from her briefcase and laying it on the desk. “It’s time!” She said, offering him a pen.

Nodding Angel accepted the pen and quickly scrawled his signature on the contract that made him CEO of Wolfram & Hart’s LA office.

“Thank you Angel. I’m sure that we’ll have a long and profitable relationship together.” Eve smiled as she carefully put the contract away. She then produced a thick stack of files. “Now that you are in charge here there are a number of matters that you need to be aware of as head of this branch.” She began briefing Angel on the many and varied ‘Projects’ that were now under his control

Unknown to him he was being watched from another building.

“You really are an idiot aren’t you Ratbreath?” Whistler swore. Up until the Balance Demon had felt the physic tremor that meant that one of the ‘Good Guys’ had signed on willingly with the ‘Opposition’ he thought he knew Angel’s plan. Maneuver the Senior Partner’s liaison into a position where he could destroy her then go on to leave the new branch office of Hell Inc a broken, burning ruin.

Instead the vampire had signed away his ‘Sanshu’ and was now working for the very ‘people’ who had been trying to kill him.

With a snort of disgust Whistler left the building. He needed to talk to his bosses about what to do with the Chase girl, he couldn’t keep her on ice forever. And who was he supposed to leave her with? There was no way he was going to babysit the spoiled socialite for the next millennium.


Authors note: this is a story that has been kicking around in my mind for awhile. I’m hoping it will kick my muse into gear so I can work on my other stories. Olbear.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Wheels within wheels" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 May 12.

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