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Eliminating Impossibilities

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Summary: On a 'slow' solo patrol, Buffy encounters an unsual hunter. Stranger yet is how Sunnydale seems to notice this 'vigilante'. The Scoobies have quite the mystery to solve.

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Games > Sci-FisouldrivenFR151519148666 May 126 May 12No
Author’s note: so cloudleonsgurl, awesome art manip maker, and I talked each other’s ears off about our various fandoms. I made a request for an apparently challenging manip based off an idea of mine. This little teaser is the beginning of it. Concerning readers of The Leading Man, still writing, just bogged down by rewriting next chapter and RL. This is just a break.

!!NOTICE!! If readers could be so kind to review and vote on whether this fic should be in the fantasy or sci-fi sub-category of the games genre I'd appreciate it. I'll change it to fantasy if enough people vote so. !!END NOTICE!!

timeline notes: Some time after Dead Man's Party but before Faith, Hope, and Trick.

disclaimer: Don't own Buffy or Assassin's Creed.

An Unusual Encounter

It was a normal night for Buffy in Sunnydale. In other words she encountered a few vampires on patrol but nothing that deserved monster of the week status. She appreciated the ‘down time’ after the drama caused by her return and party-crashing zombies. So of course her ‘slow’ night had to be interrupted by shouts and sounds of fighting. Buffy rushed to the scene assuming some vampires chose a meal that was putting up more of a fight than expected. What she found instead was… shocking.

Three vampires were fighting and losing against a human. Two large piles of dust indicated that the odds were even more imbalanced before Buffy’s arrival. Her first instinct was to move in and help save the guy but something made her pause. Still unnoticed by the combatants Buffy decided to take the time to observe and interfere if only necessary.

The guy was no simple civilian, which was obvious once Buffy focused on him instead of the vampires. He was using a sword for starters and armor plated gloves by the brief glimpses of metal she noted. The guy obviously knew what he was doing when he used his sword to block an attack as he shoved at another vampire’s sternum to puch him away. Except the vampire did not just get shoved away but turned to dust as well. Now that the odds were more even the hunter, he had to be one, showed off his true skill. No longer bogged down by too many opponents his attacks, dodges, and counterattacks started to flow. It was like the hooded hunter dressed in white was part-water; there was something so smooth and liquid about his style. Another two piles of dust joined the ones already on the asphalt.

The hunter stood for a moment before praying quietly, “Mai Dieu a la pitié sur vos âmes.”(1)

Buffy frowned at the unexpected use of French as her memories from Halloween raced to the fore of her mind to translate the phrase. She must have moved or made some noise because the hunter detected her. For a moment they stared each other down. Well Buffy thought they stared each other down since his hood hid his features too well.

Suddenly he smiled and bowed formally to her. “La dame de Morte.” (2) Then, without warning, he was suddenly scaling the wall of a building. In seconds he was on the roof and by the sounds of things making really good time running away.

Buffy was too confused to follow. “Giles so needs to hear about this.”


French translations (I got these from a translator so trust these translations cautiously. Though the phrases were generic):
1) May God have mercy on your souls.
2) Lady of Death

The End?

You have reached the end of "Eliminating Impossibilities" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 May 12.

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