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Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem

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Summary: After driving Voldemort from his mind in the Department of Mysteries, Harry discovers that the connection between the two of them is gone. This is a good thing, right? Except that now Harry has another problem. A crossover with Characters from the Series

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Chapter 10

Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem The Rewrite (10/?)

by Red Jacobson

See Chapter One for all disclaimers and warnings

Headmaster's Office
The next morning

Dumbledore was sitting at his desk, drinking a cup of tea, trying to wake up, when one of the elves dropped off his copy of the Daily Prophet. He saw the headline and, aware the portraits were watching, made his face show shock and dismay. He read the article, and was pleased that they seem to be focusing on the other side as the likely killers, perhaps as a settling of scores for being 'Dumbledore's Man'.

Hogwarts Professor Murdered!!!
Potions Professor Snape found dead of a knife wound on Knockturn Alley

Setting the paper aside, he began dressing, well aware that he would soon be having visitors and he wanted to be presentable. As he dressed, he started considering who would take over as Potions Professor as he already had an idea about the DADA position. It was fairly unorthodox, but he thought he could convince the others.

Madame Eloise's
Harry's Room
Same Time

Harry woke to the familiar feeling of an arm across his chest, smiling sleepily, he looked down to see Susan cuddled up next to him with a smile on her lips as she slept. Harry considered going back to sleep, but the sudden pressure in his bladder changed his mind. Slipping out of the bed, being careful not to wake the sleeping redhead, he headed into the bathroom and took care of business. Deciding to shower and brush his teeth while he was there, it was 20 minutes later that he slipped back into his room, and saw that Susan had woken up. She was blinking at him, sleepily, before yawning and stretching, which Harry enjoyed because of the way it made her already impressive breasts stand out. Susan noticed where his eyes were, and, coming fully awake, grinned at him before lifting one of her breasts and bending her neck so she could suck on the nipple.

Harry groaned, “Damn it Susan! I'm starving, and if you keep doing that I'm going to have to jump you right now. Then we'll miss breakfast and we need the energy!”

Laughing merrily, Susan released her breast and climbed out of bed, moving past him into the bathroom. He heard the shower start and started dressing, before calling Dobby to get Susan some clean clothes from her room. When Susan came out of the bathroom, with a towel around her hair, she smiled as she saw the outfit laid out for her on the bed. Grabbing the underwear, she slid the stockings on and the garter belt, before turning her back to Harry and wriggling her arse at him.

With a warning tone, he said, “Susan, if you are trying to tease me into buggering you again, it's working, but we really need to eat. We used up a lot of energy last night! But if it's what you want, I promise that you'll be bent over the desk within five minutes of us finishing!”

Flashing him a smile over her shoulder, she purred, “Is that a promise? I never thought it would feel as good as it did last night. Of course, the fact that Padma and Luna were yelling encouragement to me in the bond as they played with themselves just made it better.”

Finishing getting dressed, the two of them made their way downstairs to breakfast, to find that Remus was there with Rebecca, which wasn't a surprise, but what did surprise them was Narcissa Malfoy sitting between Remus and Rebecca, and cuddling into both of them. Susan didn't know who the woman was, but Harry remembered her from the Quidditch World Cup, but she looked very different. Thinking about it briefly, he realized that she looked a lot more relaxed and happier than she had been before. Setting it aside as not really his business, he greeted the three of them politely, but raising his eyebrow to Moony. The werewolf just smirked at him.

The five of them ate in a companionable silence for several minutes before Rebecca put down her fork and wiped off her mouth, saying curiously, “So Harry, is it true? Did you really go arse to mouth on Eloise without cleaning off first?” She had timed it perfectly as Susan had just taken a drink and spit it across the table, before turning to glare at Harry. Seeing the sheepish grin on his face, she said, “Harry James Potter, you better not try that with me without making sure it's clean first, or you'll discover that Badgers bite!”

Harry winced, and both he and Remus unconsciously crossed their legs at the mental image. “No problem, I wouldn't do that to you. It's just that I had learned something that had me a bit irritated at her, and I knew, while unpleasant, it wouldn't hurt her.”

Remus laughed, “Yeah, I'd imagine that got the point across quite well. But, what is it with you and women's arses? Every girl you've been with has bragged about how good you are at buggering them, and you even had the stones to do Eloise like that? I don't think even your father or Sirius had the never to even approach her, let alone try something like that!”

Narcissa spoke up for the first time, with a dreamy smile, “I don't know Moony, you certainly aren't one to talk, considering that you just took my arse in the shower this morning as Rebecca was doing just a wonderful job licking me.”

Harry's eyes glazed over as he pictured the scene, and he heard Susan breathe softly, “Shite that sounds hot! Maybe we should go see what Fleur is doing?”

Harry grinned, “Eat first, shower fun later, Susan!”

“Yes, dear,” she replied, smirking at him as she picked up a sausage from her plate and started running her tongue around it, causing Harry to grumble and Remus and the others to laugh.

As they were finishing up their meals, the Daily Prophet was delivered, and Harry froze as his eyes fell on the headline about Snape being killed. He read the article quickly, and sat back in his chair, staring quietly into the distance.

Remus read over the article and said, “Harry? Are you okay?”

Harry shook his head, coming back from wherever he had been, and said, “I'm not sure, Moony, to be honest. I'm not going to lie, I hated the bastard, but I didn't want him dead. I guess I just wanted to show him I wasn't my father, and that he was wrong for the way he had treated me for the last 5 years!” Quietly he continued, “I'll never get the change to make him apologize now.” Quirking a smile, he added, “It's just as well, he could never stand to see me happy about anything, so I'm sure he would have taken every chance to make my life miserable next term. I just hope that Dumbledore gets somebody who can actually teach this time.” Shaking off the mood, he turned to Susan with a smile, “Shall we go and visit Fleur?”

Nodding eagerly Susan put down her napkin and the two of them left, leaving the other three to finish their tea.

A few minutes later, the door opened, and Cho dragged in, looking like she hadn't slept much. Reaching for a cup of coffee, she winced at the noise as a breakfast plate appeared in front of her. Remus watched her closely, and, seeing her bloodshot eyes and catching the smell of alcohol, he turned to Rebecca and spoke quietly. Rebecca left the table, and returned a moment later with a potions vial. Setting it in front of Cho, she said, “It's a hangover potion, it will help you feel better.”

Cho started. She hadn't really noticed that anybody else was in the room, but took the potion gratefully. Putting the potion down, she started eating, slowly becoming more alert. Seeing Remus sitting across the table, she blinked, “Professor Lupin? Wha – What are you doing here?”

Stilling Rebecca's comment, he said quietly, “You can call me Remus, Cho, I'm not your professor now, and haven't been for 2 years. And I'm here because I'm watching out for somebody who is spending the summer here.”

She looked over at him hopefully, “Harry?”

Remus looked at her sharply, “What makes you think it's Harry?”

Cho flinched at the harshness, but said, “My first day here, I got visited by a ghost, who claimed to be Sirius Black. He said that Harry still cares for me, and would watch out for me! I thought I saw him that night, but I haven't seen him since, and, I need to see him! The last time I was alive was when I was with him, and, and..” She couldn't continue and broke down, sobbing.

Rebecca was moving around the table as Cho started to cry, and she wrapped her arms around the younger girl, holding her as she cried. A short while later Cho fell asleep in her chair, exhausted from the last several weeks of not sleeping.

Looking over at Remus and Narcissa, Rebecca said, “I'm going to put her to bed. I'd really rather not give her a Dreamless Sleep potion, so I need you to find out where Harry is, and let him know that he needs to come see me as soon as possible! I was afraid that Cho was on the verge of breaking, but, if a girl is old enough and wants to work here, we can't turn them away.”

Narcissa got up and said, “Let me help you with her while Remus figures out how to get Harry's attention. I know he was polite this morning, but I have a feeling that if I interrupted him right now I'd get hexed.”

Remus silently agreed on the likelihood of being hexed, and, being quite fond of where his bits were, decided to delegate the task. Conjuring a piece of parchment and a quill, he wrote a quick note to his cub and called for Dobby.

Somewhere in Sweden,
roughly the same time

Xeno Lovegood looked over at his daughters tent, and smirked at the sounds coming out. Casting a silencing charm on the tent, he went back to preparing their breakfast. The simple tasks relaxed him, and he mused about different his daughter was this summer, compared to how she had been in previous years. He was stunned when he learned just what she and her friends had gone through at the end of the school year, and even more so when Luna told him of the brief meeting with her mother. While he was extremely upset about the danger she was in, he was even prouder of how she had handled herself in a very bad situation. He couldn't imagine how he would have done in placed in a similar situation at that age, but a lot of good had come from her joining her friends. Her friends, that was another thing. Before this year, he doubted that Luna had anyone she could call a friend, except for Ginny Weasley, and, although she didn't say much, he had the feeling that the others in her dorm weren't that nice to her.

He was glad that she was happier now, although he still had a hard time believing that she was effectively married, but it seemed to be working. He just wished that Selene had lived to see their daughter find love, even if it wasn't what he had expected when he told her to follow her heart last September. 'But I really need to remind her to use her silencing spells!'

Harry's Room
Thirty Minutes Later

Harry was relaxing, with Fleur and Susan cuddling into his chest, when he heard a throat being cleared. Looking around, he saw a wildly blushing Dobby holding a piece of parchment in his outstretched hand, while covering his eyes with the other hand. “What do you have for me, Dobby?”

“It's a note from Mister Wolfy Lupin, Master Harry Potter Sir! Mister Wolfy says its important, but to wait until youse were finished. Dobby has been waiting and here is the notes Sir!” Rushing over to hand Harry the note, the mortified Elf popped out of the room.

Harry smiled at the elf's antics, but the smile dropped as he read over Moony's note.

“Damn it! I knew the girl was hurting, but I could never seem to find her. I've been keeping an eye open ever since I got here, but whenever I tried to see her, she was either with a guest or her privacy light was on! Cedric fucking told me that she needed my help, but I was too busy with my own life and I forgot about her. Well, no more!” Grabbing his pants, he dressed and left the room.

When Harry got there, the door was locked, but he opened it with a wave of his hand. Cho was sleeping on the bed, with Rebecca sitting beside her, with what looked like Dreamless Sleep potion in her hand.

When Rebecca saw Harry, she gave a relieved smile. “Good, you got the message. I didn't give Cho the potion yet, but, can you stay with her until she wakes up? She's been looking for you since she got here, but never told anyone what she was doing or we could have got a hold of you. I think seeing you when she wakes up will help her more than any potion.”

Harry nodded, “Of course. I've been trying to see her myself, we must have just been missing each other. I'll stay with her and help her however I can.” Turning to Fleur and Susan, he smiled apologetically. “I'm sorry about this, I promise I'll do my best to make it up to you.”

Fleur just shook her head with an amused smile, “Non, Harry, don't worry about it. Your friend needs you, we understand.”

Susan laughed quietly, “I told you yesterday, Harry, you are such a Hufflepuff! Go ahead, and take care of Cho, and make sure she enjoys the bonding.”

At Harry's surprised look, she said, “Harry, I may not know you as well as Hermione or Luna, but it's obvious you still have feelings for Cho, and would do anything to help her. From what I heard during the last few weeks of school, Cho was adrift, and needed somewhere to belong. I think she'll fit in with the family quite well, don't you, Fleur?”

The blonde looked between Harry and Cho, and smiled, “Yes I do. They already have a connection, and bonding will only increase the connection.” Turning toward the door, Fleur grinned back over her shoulder and said, “I echo my sister's words, Harry. Make her bonding something special.”

Turning back to Susan, Fleur pulled her into an embrace and gave her a passionate kiss, breaking to say, “Come, Susan, let's see if we can find something to keep us occupied while Harry is busy.”

Giggling, Susan followed Fleur from the room and down the hall. Harry grinned at their antics, before turning to Rebecca, who was watching him with a gobsmacked expression. “I know you told me about your magic issue, and Moony confirmed it, but I'm still having a hard time believing it. Fleur was extremely popular here, but very aloof, and you've got her smiling like she just discovered teeth! If I wasn't devoted to Moony and Cissy, I'd want to try you out myself!”

Harry raised an eyebrow at her words, but said, “Cissy? Somehow I have a hard time picturing the Narcissa Malfoy I met letting anybody call her 'Cissy'”

Rebecca nodded, “That's because you didn't know her before she got forced into that bloody contract with Lucius Malfoy. When she was in school, she was completely different. She was very adventurous, and went against her family and spent the summer between her fifth and sixth years here. That's when Moony and I got involved with her. I won't say any more, because it's not my story to tell, but, I will say we are both extremely happy to have our Cissy back. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to them.” At Harry's nod, she left, closing the door behind her.

Knowing that he would probably be in here a while, Harry decided to get comfortable and slipped off his shoes before climbing on the bed, and putting his arms around the sleeping girl. He lowered his head to the pillow, and was soon asleep.

He woke up sometime later to see Cho looking up at him in confusion.

“Harry? Is it really you? I thought I was dreaming! You're here! You're really here!” She wrapped her arms around him, and started crying. Harry just held her as she let it all out, hoping that being there for her would help her start to heal.

Eventually Cho stopped crying and fell back to sleep, and Harry turned on the privacy light so they wouldn't be disturbed, then he stretched out beside her and held her in his arms while she slept the rest of the morning. He eventually fell asleep as well.

Rupert Giles Office
Reformed Watchers Council
Import/Export Ltd Building

Giles looked over the packet of information that a courier had just delivered from Amelia Bones and nodded. This information is certainly something that a Slayer could handle. He had emphasized that the Slayers could not, in almost any circumstance, kill a human being deliberately. The Slayer, at their core, was meant to protect human life. However, a lycanthrope who was deliberately stalking people, that was something completely different, and this Fenrir Greyback seemed to be the worst of the worst, having fully embraced the animal within. And, like all animals who harm people, needed to be put down.

Gathering the information, he locked his office door behind him and walked down the hall to Xander's office. He breathed a slight sigh of relief that he had convinced Xander to take over the leadership after the destruction caused by Spike's treachery. The young man had taken the reins quickly and restored the shattered confidence of the survivors and, less than 3 years later, the Council was on much stronger footing than he could have ever imagined in those first, dark days. The fact that it was still running smoothly almost 15 years later was a testament to Xander's skills.

Smiling at Kim, who appeared to be filling in for Xander's secretary, she waved him through the door into Xander's office. Xander looked up from the report he was reading and smiled, gesturing for him to take a seat. “Morning, Giles, what'cha got for me?”

“I've gotten the first request for assistance from Amelia, Xander, and it looks like something we can handle.” Taking out the documents he leafed through them, giving a history of Fenrir's attacks, as well as the information available about where his lair was suspected to be.

Xander was nodding as the older man spoke, “I've heard the name before, and I agree, this is one wolf who needs to be put down, now! He's destroyed far too many lives, including one that the Harris Family owes a debt to.” At Giles questioning look, Xander continued, “You remember her talking about the instructor her third year who taught Harry how to cast the Patronus? That was Remus Lupin, who was bitten by Greyback when Remus was only 6 years old.”

Grabbing a notepad, Xander asked, “Do you have any thoughts about how we should handle this? You are more familiar with the Wizarding World and their 'laws' and I want to make sure we don't cross a line that could cause us problems.”

Leaning back in his chair, Giles started to talk.

Madame Eloise's
Cho's Room
Early Afternoon

Cho woke up first that afternoon, opening her eyes, looking up into the face of her rescuer, she smiled and snuggled back into his arms, feeling safe again. A few hours later, both of them woke up, and Cho grabbed her wand and cleaned the two of them up. Taking Harry's hand, she led him down to the dining area for dinner. Remus, Cissy and Rebecca were in their usual spots, a girl on either side of Remus, feeding him a bite at a time. It was all so cute it almost made him sick, except that he knew he was just as bad with his girls. Speaking of which, Fleur and Susan were sitting next to each other, looking at he and Cho and smirking. When they sat down, Cho climbed onto Harry's lap, and proceeded to eat from his plate, feeding him as well as herself. It took longer than usual, but eventually they both got enough to eat. Cho had to interrupt her eating on a regular basis to cuddle into Harry's arms, almost like she needed to re-assure herself that he was really there.

Once they were done eating, Cho leaned up to whisper in Harry's ear. “Love me please, Harry? I've been alone for so long, and I really need to be with somebody, at least one time, who sees Cho Chang, not just a cute Chinese Whore!”

“Cho, if you want, you never have to be alone again. I'll explain when we get upstairs, but I've got an offer for you.”

When they were in Cho's room, she looked at him and said, “Okay, I'm interested, what do you mean by never being alone again?”

After he explained the other wives and the bond, she smiled, “Well, that would certainly qualify as not being alone. Are you sure you want me? We didn't do too well the last time we went out, and, to be honest, there is still some bad blood between Hermione and I over Marietta.

“What? You expected me to be turned off by the idea of a Harem? Harry, one of these days I'm going to sit down with you and go over the different cultures in the Wizarding world. In China, the only reasons that a man would only have one wife is either he is too poor to support more than one wife, or one of his wives has died recently and the man is waiting for the proper amount of time to elapse before finding a replacement. My mother was 6th wife to my father, so I have no problem with not being first wife. Even as messed up as I was on Valentine's Day, I still recognized that Hermione had the stronger claim on your heart.”

“To answer your questions, yes, I'm sure that I want you, and the others are ready to welcome you with open arms, and, if you are interested, in a couple of cases with open legs. As for an residual bad blood between you and Hermione, the bond takes care of that. There's nothing to worry about in that area.”

“Okay then, if we bond, that's wonderful, if not, at least I know that somebody here sees me as Cho, and that's a start.”

Harry leaned down and pulled the smaller girl into a kiss, and Cho eagerly opened her mouth for his tongue. 'It's a nice change to kiss her when she isn't crying,' Harry mused, before focusing all of his attention on the girl in his arms. After kissing her for a few minutes, Harry pulled back, and, smiling down at Cho, he picked her up and carried her to the bed.After laying her on the bed, Harry tugged at the belt holding her robe closed, and took in her naked body with his eyes. Cho looked up at him, and smiled brightly when he said, “You are just as beautiful as I'd imagined Cho. Now, just lay back and relax, let me make love to you,” Harry continued, as he started removing his own clothing. Cho's eyes widened when she saw how much he had changed, and it made her want him even more than she did before.

Climbing on the bed with her, Harry wrapped his arms around her and kissed her again. Cho shuddered as he gently kissed her on the forehead, and placed a kiss on each of her closed eyes. She sighed in pleasure as he moved down, kissing her along the jawline, and teasing her earlobes with gentle nips. Her sighs turned to moans as he kissed her throat and nipped gently at the skin there. Cho was losing herself in the sensation, and knowing that, for once in her life, the man with her was seeing Cho, not the Chinese Whore or the other horrible names they called her in the Snake Den back at school. She gasped as Harry moved down and started using his mouth on her nipples. She sighed as she felt herself getting aroused at his touch, and it was a wonderful feeling!

She let her body enjoy the wonderful sensations, while her mind, clear for the first time in months, started thinking about how her life was about to change. She knew that she would be accepted into the bond. She could feel her magic reacting to Harry's and it was a warm, comforting feeling; a feeling of love, and acceptance. She reached out for the feeling, still eager to belong, and found herself hearing other women's voices in her head.

'Hello, Cho, welcome to the family,' she heard, and it sounded like Luna! The voice chuckled, and said, 'that's right, Cho, welcome to the bond! Padma is here, and Hermione, as well as Fleur and Susan. Harry's here as well, but he's busy, and we'll talk later, it's time for you to really enjoy what our husband is doing to you!' With that, the voices faded, but she could still feel their presence in her mind.

Taking Luna's advice, she focused on what was happening around her, and was surprised to hear her voice moaning in ecstasy! She immediately realized why when she felt Harry's lips and tongue on her very core. Focusing on what Harry was doing to her, she felt her climax rapidly approaching, and when he started sucking on her button, lightning flashed behind her eyes as she came from another person's touch for the first time in over a year! She gripped the bedspread with all her strength as she screamed out her pleasure.

“Harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy!” she cried, as she started coming back to herself. She looked down her body, and could see Harry smiling happily. When she reached for him, he moved up so he was on top of her, and she wrapped her arms around him, pulling his face down and kissing him. She grinned as she tasted herself on his face, and opened her mouth to his tongue once again. After the kiss, Cho said, “Thank you, Harry! That made me feel so wonderful, and, considering that I seem to have a few other girls in my head, I'd say that we bonded, and it's a wonderful feeling, but, right now, I really want to feel you inside of me. So, please, make love me?”

Harry nodded, and she opened her legs to him and reached down to guide him inside her. She smiled as the head slipped inside and she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him closer. She sighed happily as he started slowly pumping her, and she found herself looking into Harry's eyes. She lost herself in the love she saw there, and started moving back against Harry, feeling him fill her up, and the pleasure soon caused her to climax again. As she clenched around Harry, she heard him moan as well, and she felt him cum inside of her. Crying tears of happiness, she rolled over so she was on top of Harry, and, with him still inside her, cuddled against him. As he put his arms around her, she felt his hand stroking her hair, and she fell into a light doze.

Ministry of Magic,
Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Earlier that Morning

“Director Bones, you have a visitor.” Her secretary voice called.

Amelia looked up, annoyed, 'My plate is too bloody full to be bothered by this person or that maneuvering to be the next minister of magic.' “Who is it?”

The last voice she was expecting to hear called through the door. “It's just me, Aunt Amelia. I thought you might like to get something to eat.”

A huge smile spread across her face as Amelia rushed out from behind her desk and hugged Susan tightly, before pulling back and looking her over. She was relieved to see her looking better than she had in years.

“Susan, I would love to get something to eat with you, where shall we go?”

“I'm in the mood for Italian, how about Carrabas?”

“Suzy, you only want to eat there when you have something to celebrate, what's going on?”

Susan just smiled, “You wouldn't believe me if I told you. I need to give you some background, and another reason I like Carrabas is because you can get a secured private room. Let's go, I'm starving!”

After they had eaten, Susan impressed her Aunt by demonstrating a wandless, silent Privacy Charm. “Okay, Suzy, spill it! There is something really strange going on here, and I'm not happy about it.”

Susan looked at her surrogate mother and said, “You might as well relax, this is going to be a long story. It all starts with the battle in the Department of Mysteries, where Fudge finally had to admit that Snake Lips was back. It turns out that there was more going on there than anybody realized at the time.....”

Twenty-five minutes later, when Susan finally finished her story. Amelia just shook her head. “Bonded to Lord Black, soon to be Potter-Black if I'm not mistaken; I have to say you're right, I would never have believed it if you hadn't given me the background. I just have to ask, are you happy? I know that marriages like yours exist, but I haven't actually seen one in a while, so I can't imagine what it must be like, knowing that you are only one of five wives, and, from what you say, there may be more to come? At least Harry seems to be a gentleman; I was impressed with his demeanor during that farce of a hearing that Cornelius and Dolores put together last year.”

“So, now that Harry paid off your debt, where are you staying? I'll be happy to open up your room at the house, if you like.”

“Actually, I'm staying where I was, the only difference, I'm not working there. Harry is paying for my board and I'm helping one of his other wives research some family spell books that Harry inherited. We're determined to find a way to put Snake Lips into the ground as quickly as possible. He has hurt too many people over the years. We've decided that we are going to wait to have children until we either graduate, or, if we've already graduated, Snake Lips is dead. So don't worry, I won't be asking you to babysit anytime soon,” she finished with a grin.

“So, what's been going on at work? I saw something about Snivelus getting knifed in Knockturn Alley. Have you narrowed the list of suspects to under a thousand yet?”

Amelia raised an eyebrow, “Snivelus, Susan?” I thought you were taught to respect your professors.”

“I do respect my professors, however, he isn't my professor anymore, is he? And besides, after what he did to Harry and Hermione over the years, he doesn't deserve my respect!” She paused, a slight smile on her face, Although it's going to be interesting seeing Draco this year, with his two biggest protectors dead, I wonder if he's going to learn to keep his head down?” Seeing the look on her Aunt's face, Susan said, “Okay, you know something, what's going on?”

“Well, the news hasn't been widely released yet, because of their ages, but Draco and three of his friends won't be back at Hogwarts. It seems there was an anonymous tip called in right after school ended, and Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle and Ted Nott were found with the Dark Mark on their arms, and a cache of dark items. Each of them is spending 20 years in Azkaban.”

Susan's eyes widened, and her jaw dropped, “Oh that's perfect! I always knew he'd end up there, but I figured it would be after he graduated.” Taking a deep breath, she remembered her original question and said, “I guess, since you avoided answering, that you don't know who killed him yet, do you?”

“No, not really, it's like you said, there are too many possible suspects, all of them had good reason to hate Snape. We just have to keep digging, eventually something will turn up. At least, we'll try to keep digging, if we can find the time in between the morons politicking for Minister. Why the hell anybody would want that job, I'll never know!”

“Maybe because you can make changes from the office that a Department Head couldn't do, things like increase the Auror force, conduct the war against Snake Lips better, just for two, and, if somebody you trust is in the office, they can shield the department from the politics that seems to be rampant in other departments.”

“It sounds like you want me to make a run for it, Susan, am I right?”

“We could do a hell of a lot worse, so, yes, I would love to see you as Minister for Magic. In fact, if you become an open candidate, I can guarantee you a public endorsement of at least one of the noble houses, if not two, depending on the timing of the announcement.”

“Are you sure Lord Black would support my candidacy?”

“Considering he's the one who asked me to raise the subject, I'd say the chances are better than good.”

“Humph! He's actually not the first person to suggest I make a run for the office, I'll admit. That gives me something to think about. Do you suppose that Harry would be able to join me for dinner sometime soon? You and the others are invited as well, but I believe that your young man and I have a lot to talk about.”

“I'll pass along the invitation and let you know. Anyway, it's been a couple of hours, I need to get some shopping done and head back. I'll talk to you in a couple of days, okay?”

Before leaving, Susan pulled the older woman into a hug, “love you, Mum!”

Before Amelia could react to the unexpected endearment, Susan was out of the room. “She called me Mum? She has never done that before, even though I used to wish she would! I really want to speak to Mr Potter, he has made quite a change in Suzy, and it might be interesting to see how we can get me from my office to the executive floor.”

'She called me Mum!'

The smile never completely faded from Amelia's face for the rest of the afternoon.

Madam Eloise's
Fleur's Room
Same Time

Fleur paused in her reading, making sure she had the translation of the Russian battle spell correct, before taking a sip from the class of wine that Dobby had provided. Confirming that the translation was correct, she smiled and made some notes on the pad on her desk. 'This will be very useful. A spell to create multiple duplicates capable of independent action? Especially if we use it with the anti apparition and portkey spell to keep Tom and his minions from leaving.' She set the wine down, and placed a bookmark at the page with the spell and reached out for Hermione and the others in the bond. She caught the feeling of happiness and excitement from Susan, and smiled at the bubbly redhead's exuberant approach to life. She felt the contentment coming from Cho, and was pleased that Harry was able to help the girl, and she was looking forward to getting to know her newest sister. Concentrating she found Padma and Hermione, but Luna seemed distracted, saying that she was very busy and would talk to her later.

Pulling back slightly, Fleur focused on Hermione and Padma, and told them excitedly about the spells she had found. Hermione quickly joined in the excitement, but Padma seemed oddly subdued. The others noticed and Hermione asked what was bothering her?

'I'm sorry, it's just, we are talking about spells that kill people! And, don't get me wrong, I know it needs to be done, but, I'm not sure I can kill anybody. I've been taught, since I was a little girl, that all forms of life are sacred, and it's hard getting past that.'

Hermione instantly understood what Padma was saying, and sent reassuring feelings through the bond to her sister and said, 'We understand, Padma, and none of us think any less of you and won't reject you. To be honest, until I was in the middle the fight recently, I didn't know if I could kill either, but after experiencing battle, and knowing they were determined to rape and kill me, I discovered that I was quite capable of killing I'm just sorry I wasn't able to actually hit one of those monsters before the curse hit me and knocked me out.'

Fleur added, 'It was the same for me, Padma, until I had to fight to defend myself and Gabrielle from some men who wanted to kidnap us because we were Veela. I was only 14 years old, and I was fighting for our lives, and ended up killing all the men who attacked us. I hate that I had to do it, but it was better that they die than Gabrielle and I die at their hands. So, it's hard to say what you can or cannot do until the situation arises. But I'm certain that none of us, including Harry, would put you in a position where you have to make that decision if it's possible to avoid it. And don't forget, there are many things you can do to help us without actually fighting.'

'Such as?' Padma sent back skeptically.

Hermione jumped in immediately, 'Healing spells, for one thing. Also, if you can find any reference to how Tom survived when he was disembodied when he attacked Harry and his parents, it could help us preventing him from doing it again.'

'I can do that,' Padma said, a bit more confidently. Then, getting a different tone, sent, 'So, tell me, Fleur, just what did you and Susan get up to with Harry this morning that made me soak my knickers?'

Laughing, Fleur started telling her sisters about her adventure that morning.

Luna's Campsite,

Mister Lovegood had just finished clearing the lunch dishes when he heard his daughter call quietly, “Daddy, very quietly and carefully hand me the camera. Don't make any sudden moves whatever you do.”

Having grown used to Luna's directions when she saw something interesting, he did as directed, although he almost gasped when he saw the small cat like creature sitting in front of his daughter. He couldn't believe that after so many years of searching, a Crumple Horned Snorkack just wandered into their campsite.

Luna managed to get several very clear pictures, including some shots of the horn before the creature turned and ran back off into the bushes.

She smiled as she put the camera away, 'I'm so glad Daddy finally got his proof that the Snorkack exists, it's been the only thing he could hold onto ever since Mummy died. I just wish he were open minded enough to let me tell him what happened.'

Cho's Room
After Supper

Harry was leaning against the shower wall, Cho's thighs on his shoulders as he used his tongue to drive her wild. Cho moaned around the cock in her mouth as she wrapped her arms around his thighs, her hair hanging down and touching the shower floor. As soon as Harry had mentioned doing that with Katie, Cho was eager to try it, and Harry wasn't about to turn her down. He was deeply, passionately in love with Hermione and was finding out that the others were becoming just as important to him. A part of him still had feelings for Cho and regretted that things had gone badly on Valentine's Day. He wanted to make sure that Cho enjoyed what he was doing, and, sliding his tongue inside her, gathered his magic and sent a small burst through his tongue into her. She shuddered in surprise, and pulled her face away from his cock, crying out her pleasure. He kept up the treatment, enjoying the pleased sounds coming from the girl, until she suddenly tensed and shouted his name as she sprayed his face with her juices before going limp against him. Concerned, he reached for her in the bond, and found that she was passed out from the force of her orgasm and was floating on waves of pleasure.

Stepping out of the shower, he used a quick drying charm on both of them and carried her to the bed, grinning at the wide smile on Cho's face. Laying her down, he cursed as he realized that she hadn't finished him off and, sitting in a chair by the bed, started stroking himself. He moaned as he felt himself getting closer and the sound brought Cho back to reality.

Seeing Harry's condition, she gasped, “Oh Harry! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to leave you hanging like that!” Climbing off the bed, she said, “Let me take care of that for you.”

Kneeling between his legs, Cho removed his hands from his cock and took him in her mouth. Wrapping her hands around his shaft, she stroked him as she sucked the head, and soon felt him pulsing in her hands. Pulling her face back, she opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue, allowing his seed to land in her mouth. Looking up at Harry, she almost giggled at the awestruck look on his face, as though he still couldn't believe this was happening to him. As soon as he started cumming, she started swallowing as fast as she could, but some of it landed on her face and ran down her chin. She was surprised that the feeling excited her, instead of the usual disgust she felt when one of her customers did that to her. She didn't waste time trying to figure out why it was, she just concentrated on taking as much of him as she could.

Harry leaned back in the chair, panting from the force of his climax, when he looked down and saw she had a surprised look on her face. Wiping her mouth distractedly, she said, “Harry? What do Padma and the others mean that I should remind you to use the stretching charm?”

Harry laughed, “They think they're being cute and trying to embarrass me, but that won't work. What Padma was referring to is that I have discovered I really enjoy anal sex. All of your sisters enjoy it, but Padma and Susan are the most enthusiastic about it. That was their way of teasing me about it, and giving me the opening to suggest it, if I was so inclined.”

Cho grinned, “So I take it you'd like to bury that monster in my tight little arse, Master?” Seeing him come erect in an instant made her giggle, “I guess that answers that! But what got you so hot and bothered? Me calling you Master, or the anticipation?”

“Both!” Harry managed to say as Cho turned away from him and knelt next to the bed, her upper body laying on the mattress and her hands holding herself open submissively.

Turning her head so she could see him, she said quietly, “I'm glad, because I'd love to keep calling you that.”

“Calling me Master?” Harry said, wanting to make sure he understood her.

“Yes, Master, I discovered a few years ago that I have a strong desire to submit to a strong man and you have proven your strength to me so many times over the years! Would you let me call you that? Especially now that you are going to fuck my arse, my pussy is drenched just thinking about taking you that way!”

Harry was well aware that Cho had a long way to go before she was well again, but he wasn't about to turn down her offer. Saying, “If it truly is what you want to do, then yes, you can call me Master in private, or when it's just the family, but you get to explain this to Hermione! But we can talk about that later, I've kept you waiting, and that was rude of me.”

Reaching for his wand, he did the stretching and cleaning charm before putting the head of his cock at her rosebud. Playing with his magic, he pushed it into his fingers, and, as he slipped inside her arse, pausing to let her adjust, he slipped two fingers into her pussy, and started rubbing her inner walls. Cho sighed happily, clenching around his fingers as she pushed backward, taking him deeper inside her. Reaching into the bond, he felt the others watching in various degrees of arousal and amusement, until he focused on Cho, and found that she really did enjoy the submissive role to him and she was reveling in giving herself to him this way! Knowing that he needed to have a serious discussion with her, but now wasn't the time, he put the thought aside as he concentrated on giving his newest bond-mate pleasure.

He wondered just how deeply her submissiveness ran, and, as a test, smacked her bum as he pulled out, hearing her gasp out “Thank you, Master!” he smacked the other cheek as he pushed in, drawing another gasp of pleasure from the girl. 'I guess that answers that question.' He thought, as he alternated cheeks while pounding her arse. He was surprised at how much he enjoyed the dominant role, both with Katie the other night, and now with Cho, but decided not to worry about it, since they both had obviously enjoyed it just as much as he did.

It wasn't long before Cho started keening in pleasure, until she cried out, “Master! I'm cuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmming!” and fell forward against the bed, her climax causing him to erupt as well. He was just pulling out when she cried out again, and a burst of light came from her body, blinding him!

Blinking his eyes to clear them, he watched as the light faded, until all that remained was a slight glow around Cho's throat. Within seconds, even that faded, leaving behind a white silk ribbon around her neck.

“What the bloody hell?” he breathed, looking closer to confirm what he saw. Looking at Cho's face, he saw that she was sleeping, a beatific smile on her face. “Just when I thought my life couldn't get any weirder,” he muttered, as he cleaned them off and lifted her into the bed and lay down beside her.

End Chapter 10
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