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Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem

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Summary: After driving Voldemort from his mind in the Department of Mysteries, Harry discovers that the connection between the two of them is gone. This is a good thing, right? Except that now Harry has another problem. A crossover with Characters from the Series

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Chapter 11

Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem The Rewrite (11/?)

by Red Jacobson

See Chapter One for all disclaimers and warnings

Cho's Room

The Next Morning

Harry woke to the feeling of a mouth on his cock and smiled as he opened his eyes. Looking down, he was surprised that it wasn't Cho's silky black hair that he saw, but rather, Eloise's auburn locks. Blinking in surprise, he croaked out, “Eloise? What's going on?” The woman didn't answer him, just continued sucking him. Looking wildly around the room, he saw that Cho was sitting in the chair by the bed, giggling softly as she watched. He started to ask again, but Eloise did something, and he felt his cock going into her throat, and lost the ability for conscious thought for quite some time. After he unloaded in her throat and she finished swallowing, she pulled her face off of his cock and gave him a cheeky grin.

“Good Morning Harry, that was just my way of saying thank you for what you've done for Cho. I knew she was hurting, and tried to help her, but you were the only one who could help her, it seems. Of course, Rebecca is annoyed that she isn't the one to give you the thank you, but Remus would have objected, and decided to avoid the complication.”

Climbing off the bed, she said, “Now that you are awake, I've got work to do and you two better hurry if you want breakfast.” Pausing to allow them a good look at her nude body, she smirked and reached for her robe and wrapped it around herself before leaving the room.

Shaking his head once again at the weirdness that was his life, Harry grabbed his clothes, and was pleased to see that Dobby had brought him something clean to wear. He quickly dressed before looking over at Cho, who was still naked.

“Are you going down to breakfast like that? Not that I would mind, but I think you'd make the others jealous,” He asked with a grin, and got an answering grin in return as she pulled a robe around her body and pushed her hair back over her shoulders, displaying her collar for all to see. Deciding that if it made her happy, he wasn't going to worry about it. He took Cho by the hand and led her down the stairs to breakfast.

He was a little relieved that Moony and his ladies weren't at breakfast because he knew that the Marauder would have something to say about Cho. He was feeling oddly protective of her and didn't want Cho to be subject to Moony's teasing yet. Fleur and Susan were already at the table when they arrived, and Fleur just raised an elegant eyebrow at the sight of Cho's collar, while Susan shook her head and laughed quietly, before asking,

“Harry, how in the world did you convince the Hat to Sort you into Gryffindor? You prove your Hufflepuff status every day!”

Harry just grinned and shook his head, concentrating on eating his breakfast. He was surprised, but also pleased that Cho took the chair next to his instead of sitting on his lap this time, and fed herself eagerly. He smiled at how alive she looked; a far cry from the broken girl from the last few months of school, and especially from the broken girl he saw yesterday. This Cho was closer to the Cho of his 3rd year, when she danced on her broom during the Quidditch games. Thinking about how she seemed to love flying as much as he did, he wondered if she would enjoy taking her broom to Hogwarts and going flying? He was about to ask her when he heard the rumble of thunder and glancing out the window, saw the skies open up and rain start pouring down. 'Well, so much for that idea,' he grinned, glad he wasn't out in the mess.

Finishing his breakfast, he was surprised that Susan and Fleur had surrounded Cho and were leading her out of the room for a 'bonding session' as he heard Susan call it, and Cho was laughing as the three of them left the room.

He was about to say something when he heard Susan's voice over the bond, “Don't worry, Harry, she's still a little nervous about how she will fit in. We'll spend the day making her comfortable, and most likely spend the afternoon researching things to put Snake Lips in the ground for good! You can find yourself another playmate or two for the day, can't you?”

“Yes, Dear,” he sent back to her with the sigh of a long suffering husband, causing her to laugh merrily in the bond and blow him a raspberry as she pulled back from the bond.

Looking around the dining area, he was surprised to see that he was the last one there, and, wiping his face with a napkin, he asked the serving elf for a can of Coke. Getting it, he left the room and headed toward the greeting lounge. He chuckled when he realized that, in the four days he'd been here, he had been with multiple girls, but never actually met one of them in the lounge.

Walking down the hall, he heard women's voices coming from an open door, and, sticking his head in, saw about a dozen girls and young women sitting on couches, all of them dressed in the silk robes the employees wore. 'This must be the place,' he realized, and stepped into the room.

The talking died instantly as all of the women turned to look at him, several with friendly smiles on their faces. He recognized several of them from school, but his attention was drawn to the grinning blonde who was relaxing on one of the couches, her robe opened wide enough to show a great deal of her impressive cleavage. With a matching smile he walked over and sat down next to her, saying, “Hi, Lavender, I didn't know you were working here.”

“Hi yourself, Harry. I just got here this morning, my folks wanted me to spend a few days at home before starting work. I must say, I've heard some very interesting stories about you since I've been here though! Something about you having the biggest balls this side of an elephant for something you did to Eloise?”

Harry groaned, “Am I ever going to live that down?”

“Not a chance!” several of the women said.

Lavender added, “Nobody had ever done that to her before, and then she comes back for more? I don't know what you've got, Harry, but I really hope to find out.”

“Well, I did come in to find some company, and who better on a rainy Saturday morning than a housemate?” Standing, he took her hand and pulled her from the couch, and giggling, she followed him from the lounge.

Lavender's Room

Five Minutes Later

Lavender's giggles stopped and she lost her smile as she walked into her room and sat down. Frowning, Harry moved over and sat beside her, “What's wrong, Lavender, are you having second thoughts? We can wait a while if you'd like, we don't have to do this now.”

She shook her head, “No, I want to do this, I'm just afraid you'll be disappointed in me. I'm sure you've realized I'm no virgin and I don't want you thinking I'm some kind of slag because I'm working here.”

Harry reached out and took her hand, “Lavender, do you know why I'm here this Summer?” She shook her head, and he briefly explained. “So, if I need to have sex several times a day to release the magical energy and keep me from turning into a squib, do you think I'd be hypocritical enough to look down on someone who is helping me with that? Come on, Lav, you've known me for five years, does that

sound like me?” She grinned slightly, shaking her head, “Now, If you think you need me to forgive you for having human needs and wanting to enjoy life, then, fine, you are forgiven. I'll keep telling you until you believe me. I am not worried about your prior lovers, and I'm certainly not jealous of whoever he might be. Hell,” he chuckled, “if one of them had a trick you really enjoyed, and I don't do it, or something similar, tell me about it. I'm always happy to learn a new skill.”

She laughed slightly as his comment, but asked, “But, why me? You've got all these other girls to chose from, why would you want me?”

He looked at her seriously for a few seconds, before speaking, “There's actually two different answers to that question, Lavender. Do you want the answer that the teenager in me would give you, or the answer the man I'm trying to become would give you?”

He was pleased to see a smile cross her face at his response, and she said,

“I'm pretty sure I know what the teenager would say, but you might surprise me,”

“Probably not!” he muttered, causing her to grin.

“But, I think I'd like to hear both answers, the teenager's first.”

“'kay, but you asked for it! 'Are you crazy? Have you looked at yourself? Those baps of yours would give a poof a stiffy! I've wanked myself several times, imagining them wrapped around me. And that's not even mentioning the rest of you. You're gorgeous, and your arse is cracking!”

Harry was pleased that his over the top answer had her laughing again, and he dropped the smile from his face and looked at her seriously. “As for why the man I'm trying to become would chose you? Even without considering your obvious physical beauty, and you are beautiful, never doubt that, you are a genuinely good, generous person. Someone who, when their friend was hurting from loss, did all she could to comfort her, and someone who took their own time to help another girl, who, although they were roommates, wasn't really a close friend, to help her get ready for a ball, which, up to a certain point was the best night of her life. Those are two of the reasons I chose you, Lavender, do you

understand now?” He finishing softly, still holding her hands.

Lavender nodded, a happy smile on her face. “Yes I do, Harry. I'm sorry, I guess I was being silly, wasn't I?”

“Not silly, Lavender, just human, just human.”

With a sly smile, she withdrew her hands from his and said, “So, you like my breasts, do you?”

He gave her an 'are you kidding?' look and she giggled, “So I guess you'd like to shag them, then?”

With a phony leer, he said, “I think I could be convinced!” Then, growing serious, he leaned forward to press his lips against hers. Lavender leaned forward, moving into the kiss, parting her lips slightly. Harry ran his tongue along her lips, pulling the top one between his teeth where he very lightly nibbled them, causing her to moan. Pulling back slightly, Lavender smiled at him, her eyes smoky with desire, and reached for his hands, bringing them up to her breasts.

“Touch them Harry, I want you to!”

He cupped them with his hands, rubbing his thumbs across her nipples, causing them to stiffen and Lavender to gasp in pleasure, her legs parting slightly as she felt herself getting wet. Dropping her hand, she wrapped it around his erection, stroking him as he moved back into the kiss. They kissed for

several minutes, and Lavender was getting more and more turned on by the way Harry was touching her, and, pleased that he was letting her set the pace.

She shifted slightly on the bed and, breaking the kiss, said, “Slide back and spread your legs Harry, we'll have plenty of time to kiss later, but I want to be yours completely!”

Harry shook his head, “I've got a better idea.” He moved back on the bed and stretched out, and, sticking out his tongue, he waggled it at her.

She smiled widely, “Such a gentleman! Is it any wonder a girl could fall in love with you Harry?” she murmured to herself, as she positioned herself above him.

She had given a couple of boys blow-jobs over the past year, but, other than her roommates, and one other, Harry was the first person who returned the favor. And the fact that she knew he saw Lavender as a person, and not just a set of tits with a body attached to them made her determined to give Harry her very best!

Wetting her lips, she leaned forward and gently kissed the head of his cock. Seeing a drop of fluid coming from the tip, she stuck out her tongue and licked it up, letting it rest on her tongue. She was surprised that it was actually slightly sweet. 'Oh, nice, he must be eating right, I'm going to enjoy this!' she thought as she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head, sucking slightly.

She smiled to herself as she felt him buck under her, and continued to use her tongue on the head, running it along the underside of the head, before opening wider and taking more of him into herself. She hummed happily as she felt his tongue move inside her, enjoying the feelings he gave her. She paused in her humming as the feelings inside her kitty changed, and the tongue started to vibrate, seeming to touch all of her at once! When she felt his tongue pressing against her nub, she

pulled her head up and off of him and shrieked in pleasure and surprise as she hit her first peak for the morning.

She was barely aware that she was sitting straight up and Harry was supporting her with his hands on her bum until she felt his tongue start moving again, and felt his thumb, 'had to be his thumb, too thick to be his finger' she thought numbly as it pressed into her arse, before she felt another climax wash over her. Recovering, she redoubled her efforts to please him, to make him feel as good as he made her feel, and, deciding to try something she had rarely done before, rolled them over so he was on top of her. Releasing his cock from her mouth, she was glad that she was close to her nightstand, and she grabbed her wand off the top of it, and cast a charm she saw in the back of Witch Weekly, and grinned as she felt herself breathing through her skin! “it works!” she shouted, only to blink in surprise when no

sound came from her mouth. It wasn't until she remembered the article saying that she wouldn't be able to talk, because no air would be passing her throat for the duration of the spell that she realized what had happened. Shrugging mentally, 'it'll be worth it if I can do this, he's a lot bigger than Oliver!'

Positioning herself, Lavender gripped Harry's cock and tilted her head back, opening her mouth as wide as she could, she felt him slide all the way into her throat! Mentally shouting in triumph, she closed her lips around him and started humming. Reaching up to fondle his sack, she felt him tightening, and knew that he was about to explode, so she started swallowing, and the movement in her throat caused Harry to raise his face away from her and shout “Bloody Hell, Lav!” as he let loose! She was very glad she had cast that spell to let her breathe, because he kept cumming forever it seemed like, her throat was slightly sore from swallowing by the time he tapered off and she pulled him from her mouth.

Picking up her wand again, she tapped her throat and canceled the spell. Taking a deep breath, she turned so she was lying beside Harry and snuggled into him as he wrapped his arm around her. She grinned up at his and said, “Merlin that felt weird! But it was so worth it to make you lose it like that!”

“That was amazing. Lavender, thank you!” Grabbing his own wand he cast a mouth freshening spell on Lavender, and one on himself, before he leaned over and kissed her softly.

“Ready for another round, luv?” he asked, and she nodded eagerly “Got a preferred position?”

“How about doggie style? That way you can play with my 'baps' as you called them so charmingly,” she sniggered, “and we won't have to change positions when you slide that monster up my arse!” Dropping the smile, she asked, “Please take it easy on me when you do, though, I've never done it that way before, okay?”

“I promise you it won't hurt, I'll make sure of that,” he said softly, looking directly into her eyes.

She stared back for a moment before the smile returned, and she rolled away from him and got on her knees, her hands gripping the headboard of her bed.

As Harry moved into position behind her, she looked over her shoulder at him and wriggled her arse invitingly. He grinned and moved forward, rubbing the head over her swollen lips. Feeling that she was already wet enough for him, he gripped her hips to hold her steady, and slid forward until he was fully sheathed within her. He moaned as her warmth and tightness surrounded him.

Lavender gasped as he filled her, “Oh! So big!” which didn't hurt his feelings at all, strangely enough. Once she had adjusted to him, she looked back at him again, and said, “Okay, I'm ready, that took some getting used to. Let 'er rip!”

With a laugh he pulled back until he was almost out and slid back inside, his hips slapping against the globes of her arse with each thrust. She was quickly moving against him, and it didn't take long for them to fall into a comfortable rhythm. Leaning forward, he rested on hand on the bed, and used the other to play with her breasts, enjoying the pleased murmurings she made as he tweaked her nipples.

He was tempted to pinch them, but he knew from the apprehensive way she spoke about anal

that she didn't like even the slightest bit of pain, so he restrained himself, wanting Lavender to feel nothing but pleasure, and to look back on her time with him as a fond memory for years to come. Releasing her breasts, he ran his hand across her belly, rubbing gently as he went, knowing that she enjoyed it, before running his fingers along her lower lips. Sending a bit of magic to his fingertips he slid two of his fingers inside her, rubbing the walls near the entrance, and let the magic stimulate her even more. He was rewarded by the feeling of her shuddering in pleasure as the muscles clenched around him. Lavender lifted her head and growled her pleasure and she took one of her hands from the headboard and reached down, grabbing his hand and moving it where she wanted him to touch her.

With her guiding his fingers she quickly hit another peak, and then another and another, until she was moaning incoherently and pushing herself back against his thrusts and shaking her head frantically. Seeing that she was almost overloaded with sensation, he let his own release hit and wrapped both his arms around her as he flooded her core. As Lavender felt him cumming within her, her only coherent thought was that she was glad she was on the potion, before she released her death grip on the headboard and fell forward onto the mattress, taking him with her.

The two of them lay on the bed, Harry's arms wrapped around Lavender as they tried to catch their breath. When Lavender could talk again, she gave a tired chuckle, “Wow! That was... that was...., no , I think Wow about covers it!” Looking down at herself, she grimaced, “Ugh! I'm all sticky and sweaty, I hate that feeling! And I hope the elves will change the bedding today I really don't want to sleep on those sheets.”

“Okay, now that I can breathe again, and feel like I can move without falling over, I need to take a shower so we can continue the fun.” Turning toward the en-suite, she gave a wriggle of her rear, and said, “Care to join me?”

Harry said, “Get the shower started, I'll be right there!” And, as she moved through the doorway, Harry called, “Dobby!” The elf appeared instantly, and Harry asked him to make sure the bedding was changed before Lavender went to sleep. Dobby nodded, “I'se already given the instructions for all the beddings to be changed, Master Harry Potter Sir!” And the hyperactive elf popped out of the room, leaving an amused Harry to follow Lavender in the shower.

Showering with Lavender was soapy and fun, Harry decided, a lot more fun than showering by himself anyway. Especially after he told her about his conversation with Dobby, which earned him an extremely enthusiastic snogging session as the water beat down on them. As they were finishing up, Lavender noticed her bottle of lubricating lotion, and smirked.

Holding it out to Harry, she said, “Ever shag in the shower?” When he shook his head, she said, “Me neither, want to make it a morning for firsts? You can use the lotion, it's safe if it gets inside me, I use it when the weather gets warmer, and I shave myself.”

Harry grinned in anticipation as he lifted the lid on the bottle. “Okay, turn and brace yourself against the wall, and spread your legs!”

When she had her arms against the wall under the shower nozzle, she felt Harry pouring some of the lotion between the cheeks of her arse, and then she felt a slick finger sliding through her ring. She wasn't sure exactly what else he did, but she felt a pulse of magic and suddenly felt a warm breeze in her most private area.

She was about to ask him what happened when he said, “I just used a spell I learned to me to clean you out, and stretch you out. I promised I wouldn't hurt you, and I do try to keep my promises!”

She nodded, and then moaned as she felt a second finger work its way inside her, twisting around to loosen her even more. Eventually she felt four fingers stretching her, and started to enjoy feeling of fullness back there. She moaned in disappointment as the fingers were removed, until she felt his hands holding her apart, and head of his cock easing its way into her rosebud. Closing her eyes, she marveled at the fullness, and how good it felt back there!

Pushing back against him, she felt him sliding into her, and she moaned, “Ooooooooooh! Feels so good, shag my arse like you own it, Harry!” she commanded, and Harry had no problem going along with the idea as he started pumping into her tightness.

Washing his hands in the water pouring over them, he started fingering her quim as he pumped her, making her move against him and make little sounds of pleasure as he stroked her. Nuzzling Lavender's neck, he used his free hand to move her long blonde hair away from her neck and started licking along her jawline, and using his lips to tug gently on her earlobe. He knew that she was very sensitive there, and wasn't surprised that, with all the sensations that were bombarding her that Lavender suddenly clenched around him in her arse and his fingers inside her as she was hit by another orgasm, and trembled as the waves of pleasure ran through her. It was almost too much for her, and she gasped,

“No more! No more! I can't take another one, need to rest!”

Taking pity on her, and knowing that her stamina would be increasing with experience, he slipped out of her arse, and said with harsh urgency, “Turn and face me, get down on your knees and hold your breasts up, I'm about to cum!”

Following his instructions, Lavender got on her knees in the shower and cupped her breasts with both hands. Opening her eyes, she watched as Harry stroked himself several times and then moaned as he started spurting. She noticed sleepily that he was careful to aim so he wouldn't hit her face, but she really wouldn't have minded, as good as he made her feel, but she enjoyed the sight of him splashing on her chest and she started rubbing him into her skin, pausing to lick him off her fingers as he finally finished. Once he was finished, he helped her to stand again and rinsed the rest of his seed from her body before supporting her as they stepped out of the shower. Grabbing a large towel, he helped her dry herself, and then led her to the bench by the Make-up Mirror and, grabbing a brush, started brushing her hair dry. Lavender leaned back, purring in contentment as he pampered her until he finished and her hair was completely dry. What he did next earned her everlasting gratitude, as he picked her up, and carried her into the bedroom, where they were pleased to see the bed had been made up, and the dirty sheets were gone. Laying her on the bed, he lay down beside her and put his arms around her again, and they were soon snuggling drowsily.

Harry's eyes shot open as he realized that his magic hadn't even tried to bond with Lavender's! He had been deliberately holding it back with Katie, since she had said she didn't want to bond with him, but had lost himself in the moment with Lavender, and didn't even think about it. He guessed that they really weren't compatible for anything more than a fun romp, and he couldn't say he was unhappy about that, he liked Lavender fine as a person, but she wasn't like his other ladies, and she wouldn't fit in.

He stayed with Lavender while she drowsed, holding her against him and softly stroking her hair, enjoying the murmurs of enjoyment she was making, until an alarm went off by her bed. “Well, as enjoyable as that was, Harry, and I certainly wouldn't object to a repeat performance some time, I need to get back to work.”

With a smile, he kissed her on the lips and climbed out of bed. Reaching into his trouser pocket, he pulled out his Gringotts money back and counted out 500 Galleons, leaving them on her nightstand. Lavender's eyes widened when she saw how much he had tipped her, and she jumped out of bed and pulled him into a snog!

Pulling away, she breathed, “Harry, if you don't leave now, I'm going to throw you back down on the bed and have my wicked way with you! And I don't want you spoiling me for anybody else.” With a wicked grin she said, “But, if you want to see me do a show with another girl, let me know who and I'll get it set up! You definitely have a spot on the VIP list!”

Laughing, he finished dressing and followed her out the door as she tied her robe loosely around her.

Harris Residence

Same Time

Hermione stood quietly with her adopted parents as well as Aunt Faith and Aunt Kim, as they watched Tara and Dawn cast a locator spell to track down the rogue werewolf Fenrir Greyback. She had to admit that she was fascinated at the entirely different type of magic being used and planned on asking Tara a whole lot of questions about it. She wasn't sure it was something she could do because it seemed to have a large religious component, which her logical mind had a problem with, but she was still

very interested.

After they cast the spell, and stared fixedly into the pool of water between them for several minutes, Tara shook her head, “He's traveling through a wooded area, and he's not alone. That's really all I could tell. We can try again tomorrow and see if there are any recognizable landmarks to help us pin down the location. Sorry Xander, I was hoping we could get closer than that.”

“Don't sweat it, Tar. I know it's not 100 percent, but you still were able to get a fix on him, and I'm sure you could narrow it down more next time.”

Tara nodded, but was obviously not happy about her failure. Dawn hadn't said anything but the grimace on her face said everything she was feeling.

Hermione was thinking about what Tara had seen, and said, “Aunt Tara? Did you recognize what kind of trees were in the forest he was moving through? That might give us something to narrow it down.”

Tara looked up in surprise, and Dawn grinned, “That's our Hermione! I saw a lot of trees that looked like Wayfaring Trees, you know, the one we saw the special on? Does that help?”

Hermione nodded, and turned to leave the room, but she was stopped by her dad's hand on her shoulder. “Good Work, Hermione, that was good thinking!”

She looked up and saw her mum and Aunt Faith were both smiling proudly at her. With a grin, and a warm feeling in her chest, Hermione sat down at her computer desk and started typing.

About five minutes later she called out, “Dad? Mum? Can you all come up here?”

When they arrived, Hermione had a map pulled up on the screen. “This is the Tiddesley Wood Nature Reserve, it's in Worcestershire, the West Midlands, and it's where the largest grouping of the Wayfaring Trees are found here in England. And,” she said, pulling up another screen, “There was a report of several sheep being torn apart and eaten just outside the Reserve two nights ago.”

“Damn, HJ, you put Red to shame on that thing!” Faith grinned, and Xander gave her a one armed hug as he picked up the phone.

“Giles, thanks to Tara and Dawn and your brilliant granddaughter, we've got a pretty good idea of where the mutt is. The problem is, he's not by himself, so we're going to need some backup. Can you get Buffy and,” he paused, thinking, “Vi has the most experience with lycanthropes of the newer generation, so give her a call as well, and get them over here? Let them know what we're going after so they know what to bring.”

Xander listened for a few minutes, and then nodded, “Great, when they get here, can you bring them to the house? We'll have the Land Rover packed and ready to roll. I think you'll agree we need to get this taken care of before the full moon.” He paused again, and a quick smile crossed his face, “Will do, and thanks Giles, see you when you get here.” Hanging up the phone, he turned to Hermione and said,

“Giles said to tell you 'Wonderful work, and he was proud of you.'”

Hermione just smiled for a minute, before she swore under her breath and rushed out of the room. Faith snickered while Cordelia and the other women looked sympathetic.

Xander just looked confused. “Oookay, who wants to tell me what that was all about?”

It was Cordelia who answered him, “You're aware of what's going on in Hermione's personal life, aren't you?”

“Of course. I'm not thrilled about it, but Harry's a good kid, and he seems to have just as much luck with weird crap as I did at his age. So?”

“Well, the bond between them carries more than just conversation, whenever one member of the bond is feeling aroused, it's broadcast to the others in the bond, and Hermione is, to use Faith's charming term, so keyed up she's ready to pop, but can't do anything about it until she's fully healed!”

Xander nodded, “Alright, while that was way more than I really wanted to know about my daughter's sex life, I can understand the situation, and, considering our household, it's a bit too much to expect her to settle into a white picket fence and 2.5 kids sort of relationship, isn't it?”

A few minutes later, Hermione came back into the room, still flushed and catching her breath. None of the adults were cruel enough to say anything and they just started making plans for the wolf hunt that night. Hermione didn't argue when they said she wasn't going, knowing that she still wasn't fully healed, and she didn't want to risk injuring herself again.

Giles Residence

A Short Time Later

When Giles hung up the phone from talking to Buffy, he went back to the dining room table where Jenny had several of the same ledgers and scrolls they had been working on for days spread out before her. She shook her head in disgust.

“Rupe, I've noticed something else in these records.” When he was sitting down, she pulled out her notebook and said, “It was right around 1942 when Dumbledore came up with this bull about girls needing regular sex to sync up their magic, right?”

Giles nodded, and she continued, “Interestingly enough, about the same time, several brothels opened up, not only in London, but in Edinburgh and Belfast as well. Granted it's not a huge surprise, it was wartime, and people need distraction, but these brothels catered to Wizards and about a year or so after they opened, they started getting girls who had just finished their fifth year of school showing up to work as prostitutes for the Summer; but just from Hogwarts, not any of the other schools.”

She shook her head, “I know that the Wizarding World is very different from the way I grew up, but is it normal that families would let their daughters do that?”

“I wouldn't believe so. In fact, from what I can recall reading, there used to be a very strong stigma against girls engaging in sexual activities before being hand fasted, but again that started changing in the early 40's.” Taking off his glasses and polishing them as he thought, he said, “Is there any record who owns these brothels?”

Jenny quirked a smile at him, “Follow the Money, Rupe? Actually, if there is, it's buried deeper than I can find it in the records I have available to me. But, considering what we've learned about your old Headmaster, it could be argued that circumstantial evidence would point to him.”

“Agreed, but why would he do something like that - alter the minds and attitudes of generations of students? What possible benefit would he get?”

“Well, considering what we discovered about the absence of women in positions of authority since this started, it's possible that he's just extremely misogynistic and doesn't believe women have any purpose in life beyond, to use a vulgar phrase, 'being a life support system for a pussy.' We don't have enough information to really reach a conclusion, or even to be sure he's the one behind it.”

“Good point. The next time I speak to Amelia, I'll see if I can find out what makes her so different from the other women of her generation.”

“Sounds like a plan. Now, I don't know about you, but I think we've worked hard enough for the day. Whatever is causing this, it doesn't all have to be solved today. Let's put the books away and go out for awhile.”

Giles looked out the window, “While I have no objections to spending time together, Jenny, have you looked outside?”

Seeing the rain pouring down, Jenny said, “Damn! How'd I miss that?” Then she grinned, “Why don't you give Olivia a call and see what she's doing this afternoon? It's been a while since we made a new video.”

Giles groaned, “Jenny, I love you, but I swear you're going to be the death of me yet,” he groused as he picked up the phone.



Harry wasn't surprised that Fleur, Susan or Cho weren't at lunch. He had reached into the bond and found the three of them extremely occupied earlier. But he was surprised at not seeing Moony or his ladies at the table. Shrugging, he took an open seat which was next to an attractive brunette that he recognized from school but had never spoken to before.

She looked up at him with a smile, and he said, “Hi, Daphne,” turning to the girl next to her, he added, “And Hello, Tracy, how are you lovely ladies this afternoon?”

Tracy just shrugged, continuing to eat, but Daphne said, “I'm rather curious actually, Harry.”

“About what?”

“Well, I've heard all these stories about how you are some kind of God in the kip, and I was wondering if they were true?”

He grinned at her, looking forward to seeing what the girl looked like cumming her brains out, and said, “Well, if you don't mind waiting until I finish eating, I'll be happy to prove that the stories are true.”

Daphne snorted, holding back her laughter, while he saw Tracy looking disgusted at the teasing. Turning to look at her directly, he said softly “What's wrong, Tracy? Does the talk of sex make you uncomfortable? I was just teasing your friend, although I do want to spend time with her.”

She shook her head, “No, it's not that, it's just there's more to life than a good shag, and I've got things I wanted to do this summer that I'm not getting done because my family expects me to be here!” She saw his face cloud over, and was surprised. 'The Gryffindor Golden Boy is concerned about a slimy snake? That's interesting.' but she said, “Don't get me wrong, they didn't force me here at wand point, but 'Family' expectations can be annoying, and sometimes it's just not worth going against them. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against a good shag against the wall, or getting bent over a desk once in a while, but it's not all I want to do! I've got research for my NEWTs project on Ancient Runes that I need to start, and I can't do that from my knees!”

Harry nodded, “I can understand that, I've got things I should be doing as well, but, until my magic is under control, I'm not doing them either. However, I've got an idea if you are interested.”

“What's the idea? I won't know if I'm interested until I know what it is.”

“Well, I've got a few of the girls working on researching some things for me while we are here, and, if you'd be willing to join them when you aren't working, I know they have quite a few books on Runes that aren't in the Hogwarts Library and I'll let you use them for your research.”

He saw Tracy's eyes light up before they looked at him suspiciously, “And what would you want in return for access to those books, Harry? Am I expected to put on a show for you with the other girls? Or are you one of those guys who wants to tie a girl up and whip them?”

He shook his head, “Nothing like that! The girls are quite capable of keeping themselves entertained, and, if you were interested, they probably wouldn't object, but you won't be required to, and while I did have one partner here who enjoyed being restrained, it was her idea, and there was no whipping involved! I'm not interested in hurting anyone, or forcing them to do something they truly don't want to do. My name is not Malfoy!”

He paused and chuckled, “Of course, Draco may not even remember his name anymore, considering he and his goons have been in Azkaban for the past several days!”

At the shocked gasps from Daphne and Tracy he said, “You hadn't heard? They got caught at Malfoy Manor the day after school let out, the Dark Mark on their arms, and a huge stash of Dark artifacts in a hidden room. All four of them ended up getting 20 years in Azkaban, keeping the Dementors company.”

Tracy smiled, “That's going to make the rest of our time in school a lot more pleasant, that's for sure. Especially now that Snape is dead.”

“Okay, now I'm curious, why do you say that about Snape? I know that Gryffindors hate him for the way he treats us, but he was always showing favoritism toward your house.”

“That was outside the dungeons, inside was a very different story. Let's just say that life for a girl, or a non-pure blood boy was not easy inside the house.”

“He didn't force you, did he?”

“No, nothing like that! At worst, he ignored what Malfoy and the others were doing.” She lied, somethings are not to be shared with outsiders, at least not on first meeting them.

“Good, because I'd hate to have to study necromancy just to bring him back to life so I could kill him again!”

The girls looked at him in shock, “Why would you do that for us? We're nothing but Slimy Snakes after all. Death Eaters in training if you believe your friend Weasley.” Tracy asked bitterly.

“Well, first of all, contrary to popular opinion, I don't have any particular problem with Slytherins. In fact, the Hat wanted to put me in your house, but I'd met Malfoy already, and he reminded me too much of my bully of a cousin, so I begged the Hat to put me anywhere else. If I hadn't met Malfoy before I got on the Hogwarts Express, there's a good chance I could have been your housemate.”

Tracy nodded, “While the history lesson is interesting, Harry, it still doesn't tell me what you expect from me to get access to those books.”

“A couple of things, and I doubt you'll find them distasteful. One, I mentioned that my girls are researching spells and other information to use against Voldemort, and another mind

wouldn't hurt.”

“That's something I can do. I don't have any great wish to see him get any more powerful, but what else?”

“You know why I'm here, right?”

Tracy rolled her eyes, “I figured this would be the other thing. How often do you want me?”

“Not often, a couple of times a week, and it will be during your shift, so I won't interfere with your personal time, or research time.”

She looked at him, considering, “Alright, you've got a deal. Do you want me first, or how are we going to do this?”

Daphne had been quiet during the serious part of the conversation, but spoke up now, “Actually, Trace, before we got distracted with wheeling and dealing and life in the dungeons, Harry had asked me to spend time with him.” With a wink at Harry, the brunette continued, “Of course, you could join us if you like?”

“Ugh! No thanks, I'll see you later.” Tracy said, getting up from the table.

“You don't know what you're missing, Trace!” Daphne smirked, watching her friend leave the room.

“Um, do you mind telling me what that was all about?” Harry asked.

Daphne giggled, which made her chest move in interesting directions, “Trace is the only girl above 3rd year who doesn't play with other girls in the house. She prefers to take care of things herself, she says.”

“Well, it's her choice, obviously, so who am I to judge. But I'm curious, I really don't know you, and I'd like to. What does Daphne want to do in the future? What's your grand ambition? What got you sorted into the house of the cunning and ambitious?”

He was surprised when Daphne had to stop and think for a moment, as if trying to remember what it was. She finally answered that she used to want to be the Youngest Minister For Magic, but now she'd rather be the power behind the throne.

Harry nodded, and they continued the conversation while Harry finished his lunch. When he was finished, Daphne took him by the hand and led him up to her room.

End Chapter Eleven
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