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Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem

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Summary: After driving Voldemort from his mind in the Department of Mysteries, Harry discovers that the connection between the two of them is gone. This is a good thing, right? Except that now Harry has another problem. A crossover with Characters from the Series

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Chapter 12

Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem The Rewrite (12/?)
by Red Jacobson

See Chapter One for all disclaimers and warnings

Daphne's Room
Just after previous section

Harry blinked in surprise as Daphne drew her wand as soon as the door closed behind them, casting a series of privacy spells along the doors, windows, walls and even the floor and ceiling, before turning back to him with a smile.

“Don't worry, Harry, I'm still going to shag you stupid, but if you want to know what that was all about, I'm going to need a magical oath that you won't disclose what I'm about to tell you to anybody without my permission. I can tell you that I'm not out to hurt anyone and certainly do not follow either of the Dark Lords that are currently active.”

Intrigued by the way she cast spells he hadn't even heard of before, as well as the way she referred to more than one Dark Lord, he said, “I'm willing to swear, but, I'm bound to six women at the moment and have a mental connection with them, so they would know even without me telling them.”

“Thanks for telling me that. Do you know how the bond got formed?”

This led to Harry telling about the library in the Room of Requirement and Hermione finding the “First Wives Charge” to bond all of them together and allow them to live in harmony.

Daphne grinned, “Excellent! That bond, in case you weren't aware of it, has the added benefit of preventing most forms of Legilimency, so you can be sure that if somebody outside the bond tried to read your minds, you would be aware of it, and could prevent it. Now, if you would contact your ladies, so that they can hear what I'm saying, I'd appreciate it!”

Curious about the change in Daphne after they got into her room, Harry reached into the bond and got all the girls attention. Although he had to wait, while Cho recovered from the climax she was enjoying. As soon as all his ladies were paying attention, Daphne looked him in the eyes, and he saw her eyes glaze over, and suddenly he was elsewhere!

Immediately Afterward

Looking around, he saw that he was in a room that looked like the Room of Requirement, and, hearing surprised voices, looked around and saw all his ladies were in the room with him. Part of him was pleased to see that they were all naked. He glanced down and saw that he was as well.

Hearing a door open, they all turned to see Daphne Greengrass walking toward them, just as nude as they were, and Harry couldn't help himself, he was erect in an instant. Looking around at his ladies, he was relieved to see that they were watching the brunette Slytherin with lustful expressions on their faces as well.

“Good, you're all here, I wasn't sure this would work!” Daphne said, as she walked toward the couches in the center of the room, and took a seat. Looking at the rest of them, she said, “Please, take a seat, this will go a lot quicker if we can be comfortable.” Everyone eventually took their seats, with Hermione sitting next to Harry, and Cho curled up on the carpet at his feet.

Daphne spoke again, “I apologize for pulling you into my mindscape like I did, but it was the easiest way to make sure we aren't disturbed. I'm willing to swear an oath that I mean you no harm, and you will all be returned back to your bodies a split-second after leaving them.”

Harry said, “That would probably be appreciated, because right now, it feels like you kidnapped us.” He wondered why he sounded so calm, and the others seemed just as accepting of the situation. Keeping his eyes open, he waited for Daphne to give her oath.

After the glow from the oath being made faded, Daphne spoke again. “First off, the reason I brought you here, is that there are things that I need to tell you, but, because of the bond between you, a secrecy oath wouldn't be practical. This section of my mind scape is set up along the lines of a personal Fidelus charm, in that, the information you learn here, will stay here. You will remember everything, but won't be able to discuss it outside of the bond. And, because of the bond, anybody trying to use Legilimency won't be able to find the information.”

Seeing that she had their attention, although Hermione looked like she was bursting with questions, Daphne continued, with a smile, “Relax, Hermione, all your questions will be answered, I promise.”

Turning to the others, she said, “I know you think you know me from school, being a Slytherin in most of your year, right?” At their nods, she said, “You're partially right, however, I'm also a trained Unspeakable. I was recruited at the beginning of my second year at Hogwarts. I've spent a great deal of time under time compression undergoing extreme amounts of training. Academically, I am beyond NEWT levels in all the core subjects, and have Masteries in Charms, Transfiguration and Arithmancy, and working on my Mastery in Defense Against the Dark Arts.” Looking over at Hermione, she grinned, “Does that answer your question about how I did this?”

When Hermione nodded, looking disgruntled, Daphne said, “I wouldn't tell you that if you weren't going to be offered the chance to learn for yourselves.”

Harry laughed, pulling her into a hug, as Hermione's eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned in pleasure at what Daphne was offering.

Chuckling herself, the brunette continued, “Moving along, I was assigned to work at Eloise's this summer because one of our Seers predicted that you would be here, Harry, and I was chosen because we were closest in age, and, based on our observations of your actions in the last week of school, I was also the most sexually compatible girl available.”

“Wait a minute, what do you mean, your observations of me? Did you watch us having sex?” Harry said, as angrily as he could, but he really didn't feel that angry. “And why am I so calm about this? We should be furious at you invading our privacy like that.”

“You are calm because you are not in your body right now, and the physical reactions causing anger have been left behind. It's necessary for us to be able to talk about what we need to talk about that none of us lose our tempers. And, yes, I was made aware of your activities with Luna, Padma and Hermione in the Room of Requirement, but I didn't watch them, I was just told of your enjoyment in watching girls make love, and that you have a talent for anal sex, which is something I greatly enjoy, and have for several years.”

“So, if you knew what we did in the Room, why did you ask about the Bond?” Harry demanded.

“Because, if I had let you know the extent of my knowledge before I could bring all of you here, you wouldn't have listened to me, of course.”

“Why do you think the bond would accept you, Daphne? Harry has shagged girls who were very compatible with him, but their magic didn't react to his, and they weren't invited into the bond.” Luna said, more focused than any of the others could remember seeing her.

“Well, to answer that, I need to show you a memory.” Gesturing, a pensieve rose from the floor of the room, and Daphne pulled a memory from her temple, putting it in the bowl, and tapping a series of Runes on the side, an image appeared above the bowl.

Gathering around, they saw a memory of a drawing, and all of them were recognizable in the picture, although there were five other women in the group, but their features were obscured. “If you'll take a look at the lower right corner of the drawing, you'll see why it attracted attention when it was discovered last year.”

Luna moaned when she saw what Daphne was referring to, clearly written at the bottom of the page was the name 'Selene Ollivander' and the date 14/9/1992. “Momma!” Luna gasped, and she started to collapse. Padma was right beside her, and caught her as she started to fall, helping her back to her seat.

Turning on Daphne, Padma glared, “You couldn't give us a little warning? If you know as much about us as you claim to, you'd have known how this would affect Luna!”

Daphne shook her head, shocked, “I'm sorry, I wasn't told there was any connection between the two of them! If I'd known, I certainly would have warned you.” Rushing over to where Luna was sitting on the couch, Daphne climbed on beside her and pulled her into a hug, stroking her hair and whispering soothingly into the younger girls ear. Eventually Luna calmed down and hugged Daphne back before releasing her and pulling Padma into a hug as well.

“Again, I apologize, I wasn't told of the connection when I was shown this drawing. Before you ask, I don't know who the other five figures are, their features were already obscured when it was shown to me. I only know about those of you that are here, because all of you bonded before I became involved.”

Susan spoke up, “Okay, let's say you've convinced us that there is a strong possibility that you will be joining us, you still haven't answered the question, why?”

“Isn't it obvious, Susan, we want you to join us.” Daphne smirked, and waited for the explosion.

For once she was disappointed, as the only response was Harry saying, “Explain that, please.”

“All of you have skills and attitudes that we look for in our organization. Also, Harry, you have the prophecy hanging over you, and we are, have no doubt, dedicated to sending Voldemort and his minions to whatever Hell awaits them. We will train all of you, and by the end of Summer we should be able to see Voldemort's head on a pike in the center of Diagon Alley. And then we will go after the real blight on the Wizarding World.”

“That's the second time you mentioned a second Dark Lord, Daphne. I'm still not sure who you mean,” Harry said, confused.

“Really? I thought you would have figured it out by now, considering how miserable you're life has been until recently. I'm talking about Dumbledore!”

This time she wasn't disappointed, as several voices were raised in protest, although Harry and Luna were noticeable in their silence. Drawing a wand, Daphne shot off a canon blast spell that quieted them all down, and said, “If you would let me explain?”

“Now, as for why we consider him the true blight on our society, let me ask you a question Hermione, in the muggle world, what's the normal percentage of female bisexuals in a group of 100?”

Hermione thought, “The last research I saw, the percentage was something like 14%, but that was several years old, 2007 I think,” she said.

“That's about what we've observed, so why do you think things are so different in the Wizarding World, and not just the Wizarding World, specifically, in the British Wizarding World?”

“Well, we've been told about the need to sync our magic...” Hermione said, a little uncertainly.

“That is what we've been told, that's true. Do you know who supposedly discovered this need on the part of witches? Albus Dumbledore announced his discovery back in the 1940's, and everybody believed him, after all, he killed Grindelwald, he must know what he's talking about, right?”

“Would you believe that the best minds in the Department of Mysteries have been trying to duplicate his findings for the past 70 years, and haven't been able to! As near as we can figure, he has done something to the last several generations of witches, causing them to become bisexual, and also, to eliminate most, if not all, of their inhibitions, and increasing their libido's. Now, if that was all he had done, it wouldn't be that big an issue, because sexuality is all part of the human experience, and, let's face it, sex is meant to be enjoyable.” She took a deep breath, knowing that the next part was going to cause some upset, but they had to know. Daphne continued,

“Unfortunately, he's also conditioned the witches of the past several generations that their highest purpose in life should be nothing more than a sexual plaything for men. If you check the records, and family histories, prior to the 1940's, families placed a great premium on purity in their daughters. It wasn't until Dumbledore became Headmaster that stories of Dark Wizards sacrificing virgins in Dark Rituals began to be heard. It wasn't long after the stories started to spread, and people started believing them, that the first group of Hogwarts girls started spending their summers in places like Eloise's.”

“Now, before you get even more upset than you already are, and start to wonder about your own situation, I can state with certainty, having seen the test results, that Harry really is in the situation he was told about regarding his magic. It's actually a documented syndrome, extremely rare, I'll grant you, but it does happen, and sexual release on a regular basis is a recognized treatment to stabilize the core.”

Harry spoke up at this point, “That's something I don't really understand, why is sexual activity a treatment for problems with excess magic?”

“You haven't studied Arithmancy have you, Harry?” When he shook his head, she continued, “I don't have the time to go into the whole theory, but several of you can back me up on this. Magic is, at the root of it, a force for life. It creates more easily than it destroys. For example, is it easier to conjure a flower, or to cut that flower with a spell?”

“Conjuring the flower,” Harry responded. “So, since sexual activity, in general, is also about life, either creating it, or celebrating it, the magic responds to the sexual activity?”

Hermione and the Ravenclaws all beamed at Harry, happy that he understood something that was NEWT Level Theory.

“Exactly!” Daphne said, “and choosing to bond with Harry was also your own decision. Despite the fact that Dumbledore is damaging to our society as a whole, he really does want Harry to survive his encounter with Voldemort and have a happy life afterward. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if the old man starts to groom you to take over his positions when he dies. If he does, I hope that you agree to it, Harry, because that way we can figure out how he did whatever it was, and start to undo it after we take him down.”

Harry sat quietly for a moment, looking at his ladies, and he saw the same determination that he was sure was on his face, and he nodded, sharply, “Alright, we're in! When will we start training?”

“On August First. Hermione will be fully healed by then, and able to participate in the training. I'll need all of you to be here, because we are going to be taking a portkey to our training area, which will be under time compression, and you are all going to hate me at some point during the training because it is brutal, but you will be ready to face Voldemort and have a better than 95 percent chance of winning with the training you will receive.”

“That's over a month away,” Cho said. “What are we going to be doing in the mean time?” At a ribald comment from Luna, she blushed, and said, “Besides Harry and each other, that is!”

“Actually, until everyone arrives for Harry's birthday, none of you will remember any of this! I told you that this section of my mind is set up similar to the Fidelus, remember? And, because you aren't trained in hiding your thoughts or emotions yet, I'll be storing those memories here. You'll be going back to your bodies in a few seconds, and it will be as if no time at all had passed, you won't even miss this time.”

Before they could say anything, Daphne gestured and they all disappeared back into their bodies. When the others were gone, she looked over at the corner of the room and said, “Did you enjoy the show, Sirius?” A surprised sound came from the corner and the ghostly form of Sirius Black came into view. He grinned rakishly at her, and said, “Actually, yes I did. But I'm happier that you are going to help get Harry and the others the training he needs, just be aware, if you are setting him up to betray him, I'll make the rest of your existence a living hell!”

Daphne looked at him seriously, “I was absolutely sincere in everything I told them, we want Harry and the others to join us, and will be training all of them so they can defeat Riddle and Dumbledore both. Now, time is passing, and I really am looking forward to having Harry inside me, so if you don't mind?” With a nod, Sirius faded away, and Daphne released her hold on the room. As the room faded away, Daphne disappeared as well.

Daphne's Room
An instant later

Daphne smiled happily at Harry, knowing that he hadn't even realized any time had passed since they had entered her room. 'He and the others will remember everything when it's time, but for now, they aren't good enough actors to keep the secret.' She knew she wasn't when Argus Filch first approached her, several years ago, but that was one of the first things she learned, although, even now she had a hard time suppressing her giggles when she saw him pretending to be a grumpy old squib.

Turning her attention back to Harry, she pulled on the sash of her robe, making it fall open and expose her naked body. She was really looking forward to this, not only the bonding, but the sex itself. She hadn't been lying, ever since she first experienced it the previous summer, she had really enjoyed anal sex. Of course, the fact that her first experience had been with one of the other operatives, who was keeping an eye on Dumbledore at the time, just added to the excitement. Pimpernel was a consummate lover, and they both laughed at the persona he had crafted for himself over the years. She had felt a stirring of excitement when she saw him her first day here, but he had gone with another girl, who was smiling brightly after he left.

Putting the memories away, she slid the robe off her shoulders and tossed it into a chair before stepping forward, enjoying the wide-eyed look of lust on Harry's face. She wasn't vain, by any means, but she knew she looked good and worked hard to keep it that way. Her breasts weren't the largest in school, but she was quite happy with her 'C' cups, and those she chose to take to bed always enjoyed them too.

Harry blinked as she started moving toward him and quickly removed his clothing, standing naked and proud before her. She grinned at his size, knowing that she was really going to enjoy herself, although she felt a slight twinge in realizing that, if the bond did take hold, he would be her last male lover. The fact that he had all those lovelies bonded to him did help though, because she was quite happy being bisexual. She'd been aware of her attraction to other girls even before Hogwarts, so she knew that was who she truly was, not a creation of Dumbledore's.

As she took Harry by the hand and led him to the bed, she decided that a bit of the truth would be a good ice breaker, and allow her to get things moving. Once he was seated on the edge of the bed, and she was beside him, she said, “Harry, did you know that I have a sister who is two years younger than me? Her name's Astoria, although I call her Story, and I love her to death. You saved her life two years ago, and I wanted to thank you for it.”

Harry looked at her curiously, “What do you mean, I saved her life? I think I'd remember doing something like that.”

“The night the Dementors attacked you, and your Patronus drove them off, Story had got out of the castle that night. I think she'd gone down to the lake to relax, she's always loved the water, just like me, but by the time she got close to the castle, the Dementors were swarming around, and several of them were surrounding her. She was terrified, obviously, and one of them had lifted her up and was going to Kiss her when your Stag drove the things away from her. I found her right after that. I'd had a feeling something was wrong but couldn't find her until it was all over. I don't know what I would have done if I'd lost her.”

Real tears were rolling down her cheeks as she remembered how frightened she'd been when she felt her sister's panic, and the relief when the panic turned to joy at the sight of the Patronus. She started when she realized that Harry had pulled her into a hug, comforting her as she relived the memory of that night. She snuggled into his arms and continued, after wiping her eyes,

“That summer, my father hired a tutor for both Story and I, and we learned to cast the Patronus Charm. Would you like to see mine?”

“Sure! I always enjoy seeing what form a Patronus takes, because it tends to tell me a little bit about the person casting it. Besides, I love the feeling of the positive emotions they bring out.”

Daphne giggled, “Me too!” Grabbing her wand from her night stand, she focused on the happy memory and cast the spell. A silver dolphin burst out of her wand and swam around the room, looking for danger before returning to her. The dolphin surprised her by rubbing it's snout against Harry's face, and then doing the same to her before fading away.

Harry was smiling gently as the dolphin disappeared, and said, “That was terrific, but, do you mind if I ask, why a dolphin? I wouldn't have pictured you as being at home in the water.”

She grinned, “Just goes to show you, Mister Potter, you can't always go by appearances. Actually, my family has a summer home in Cornwall, not far from the Newquay beaches, and Story and I learned how to surf when I was 9 years old! That same Summer, Daddy took us to the Blue Reef Aquarium, where I saw a pod of Dolphins, and was fascinated. One of them swam right up to the glass and I could swear it was looking right through me! We stared at each other for at least five minutes, and then, I can't really explain it, but I got this feeling of approval from the dolphin and it swam away!”

Harry looked at Daphne, and could almost see the awestruck face of the nine year old girl she used to be, and he hugged her tighter, encouraging her to continue her story. “The rest of the summer if I wasn't on the water, I was at the aquarium visiting the dolphins. Eventually Daddy arranged a special treat for my birthday. He had talked to the manager of the aquarium and got permission for me to actually go into the water with them! It was the most amazing day of my life! I must have spent hours in the water, swimming and playing with them, and the feeling of approval and companionship was beyond belief. I almost felt like they were speaking to me and I could understand what they meant, but not the words, if you know what I mean? Anyway, ever since then, I've always associated Dolphins with being surrounded and protected being loved even.”

“Well, with an experience like that, it makes sense that you would have a Dolphin Patronus, and, I have to admit, swimming with Dolphins sounds like a lot of fun. I'd love to try it sometime.”

Daphne nodded, still remembering the joy of that day, and how Story had begged her parents for all the books on dolphins they could find because she wanted to be able to do what Daphne did. The next summer, both sisters swam with the dolphins, although there was a bit of an embarrassing moment or two when one of the males of the pod got overly friendly.

Thinking about that brought her back to what she was doing, and said, “Sorry, got lost in a memory, and, speaking of memory, I seem to recall you saying you would prove that the rumors about you were true.”

Harry's smile changed, becoming almost lecherous, and she shivered in anticipation as he pulled her onto his lap, Daphne spread her legs so she could straddle him, which trapped his erection between their bodies. Sliding the fingers of his left hand into her hair, he pulled her into a kiss, licking her lips before nibbling gently on her bottom lip. At the same time, he used his other hand to stroke behind her ear. Daphne's eyes closed as she moaned in pleasure, opening her mouth against his. Harry was tempted to slide his tongue into her mouth, but waited, knowing that Daphne was really enjoying the kissing, and he could feel her getting even more aroused the longer he continued. Shifting his attention to her upper lip, he teased it with his tongue before sucking it between his lips and giving it a light nip. Daphne wriggled against him, which drew another groan from him, as he could feel the pressure building within his groin. Wanting to ensure that Daphne hit her peak before he exploded, he dropped his hands down to cup her bum, and started gently fondling her.

Daphne was practically purring in pleasure as she moved against him, grinding her wet center against his length and lifting herself against him. She was getting more aroused the longer he was teasing her, and her desire fed Harry's and he sped up his movements against her, until, with a growl, Daphne reached down between them and gripped his erection, lifting herself, she seated him at her entrance and slid downward, burying him inside her. Harry's eyes shot open as she surrounded him and he started moving within her. Daphne cried out in ecstasy as she was completely filled, and fell forward against him as her first climax washed over her body. She was barely aware that Harry had gone still within her, only that she felt complete for the first time in her life, and, when her magic accepted the bond and completed it, she knew that she would never take another man to her, and she was content.

Harry was reveling in the feelings as Daphne started moving against him, He looked at Daphne's face as her pleasure hit her, and decided that she was even more beautiful when she was in the throes of pleasure and determined to see that look on her face as often as possible. Once she was aware of her surroundings again, Harry started moving again, rocking his hips gently and making her squeal in pleasure. Lowering his head to her chest, he started to tease each of her nipples with his tongue, making her cry out her pleasure again. Feeling a little mischievous, he moved one of his hands to where the two of them were joined, and using the trick he had tried earlier with Cho, forced some of his magic to his fingers and started stroking her. Daphne's eyes shot open in shock before she moaned in pleasure and fell forward against his chest, her breasts pressed between them. Harry swore to himself (to the amusement of the avidly watching girls in the bond) as Daphne passed out against him.

He held himself as still as possible within her, gently stroking her back and shoulders until she moaned and lifted her head, looking at him. “Oh Merlin! That was amazing, Harry, I'm definitely ready to believe the rumors are true.” She shifted on his lap and he groaned, making her eyes widen in shock, “Didn't you cum?” When he shook his head, she said, “I'm so sorry! But I'm too sore right now to keep going, but don't worry, I'll take care of you.”

Lifting herself off of him, she climbed off the bed and knelt on the floor. “For making me feel the way you did, I think you deserve a special treat!”

Harry grinned in relief when he saw what Daphne was doing, and moved so he was on the edge of the bed, his legs spread wide enough that she had plenty of room between them. With a smirk, Daphne said, “Don't get used to the idea of having me on my knees, Harry. Normally, I'm all about equality, but after what you did for me, I've got no problem being a bit whorish for you!”

Harry leaned back on his elbows, enjoying the feeling of Daphne's mouth on his cock as she knelt between his legs. He groaned in pleasure as she ran her tongue all along his length, he said, “Do you like the taste of your pussy on my cock, Daphne? Does it make you wet, knowing that you are sucking the juices of your own fanny off of me? He smiled as she moaned around his cock, and started sucking him harder, bobbing her head to take more of him inside her mouth. “You are a nasty whore aren't you, Daphne? But you are my nasty whore! You know I'm going to be buggering you soon, don't you? Would you like it if I called Fleur and the others here to get your arse ready for me? And then I'll have you do the same to all of them!”

He could barely believe he was saying the things he was, he was so caught up in Daphne's excitement, and it fed his own arousal, which fed Daphne's arousal until they were working themselves into a frenzy!

Daphne could barely think from her excitement, and the last suggestion he made was all it took to send her over the edge, she pulled her face away and started moaning as another climax washed over her, and she started babbling, “Oh Merlin, Master! Yes, I'll do that and more for you, I'm your nasty whore, and always will be! I'll suck your cock out of their arses if you want me to, I'll do anything, but please, give me your cum! I want to taste you!”

That was all it took for Harry, and he exploded with a roar, and watched in amazement as Daphne swallowed everything he gave her, not letting anything escape. Eventually, he fell back, exhausted, and she released his softening cock from her mouth.

Fleur's room
The Same Time

Fleur was watching in fascination through the bond, seeing Harry drive Daphne to the heights of ecstasy over and over again, and she felt herself getting turned on watching the two of them, the lamplight throwing shadows against the wall, as she saw the sweat gleaming on both of their bodies, making them look almost animalistic, but still oddly beautiful. She had been pulled from her reading by their conversation, hearing Harry ask Daphne questions, and then her Daphne's response. She was impressed by the Patronus Daphne summoned, and amused by her story. She was about to return to her reading when Harry pulled the other girl into his lap, and her juices were flowing as she watched the two of them together.

She moaned when he started talking dirty to Daphne and started fingering herself when Daphne responded, feeling the orgasm hit her when she pictured herself and the others being in the room with them. She was still panting from her release when she felt her legs being moved apart, and she looked down to see Susan kneeling between her thighs and sucking the juices from her fingers before sticking out her tongue and licking her. Fleur briefly wondered where Cho was, until she saw the girl was on her back on the carpet, her face between Susan's thighs, and one hand fingering herself frantically.

Before she could get lost in the sensations, Fleur tapped Susan on the shoulder to get her attention, and, when she looked up, Fleur said, “There is a better position for this, have you ever heard of a 'daisy chain'?”

Both of them had, and soon they were all stretched out on the carpet, Susan's face between Fleur's legs, while Fleur was tasting Cho, as Cho was licking Susan's swollen lips.

Fleur giggled as she heard Hermione's exasperated amusement in the bond, “Oh, for Merlin's Sake! My fingers are already cramping from watching Harry with Daphne, and now you three are getting into it? When I'm fully healed, you better be ready to make it up to me!”

Laughing, Fleur sent Hermione a mental image of how she planned to make it up to her, and Hermione abruptly pulled back, saying, “I need to go take a shower! A very cold shower!” Which caused the three of them to laugh again, although Susan felt a little bad that Hermione was so frustrated.

The Lovegood Camp

Xeno smirked as he heard Luna growl in frustration as she got up and stalked toward her tent, muttering about insatiable bondmates.

“Remember the silencing charms please, we don't want you to scare off the Snorkacks.”

Luna turned and glared at her father before closing the tent flap. He grinned as he heard the silencing charm being cast.

Patil Home, India

Padma was packing for her trip back to England, making sure she had the books she wanted in her luggage. 'I'm not certain how well that transfiguration spell will help us, but something told me it would be useful. Luna would be proud of me, listening to my 'inner voice' instead of trying to always be logical! I can't wait to see how she shows that she's proud of me!' Padma shook her head, trying to clear the mental image for the time being. 'Time for that later, when I'm soaking in the tub. Now let's get Ginny's gift ready. I hope she doesn't break Neville with some of these positions. Hell, I wouldn't be willing to attempt a couple of those without help!”

Although she had enjoyed her time in India; she was glad to be getting back to England. Her parents were extremely supportive of her relationship with Harry; although she didn't think it was necessary to explain her relationship to the other girls. The fact that Harry was Heir to two Ancient and Noble Houses was very much a factor in their approval.

Her Grandfather wasn't happy though. The problem began when she arrived at her Grandparents home, and her Patriarch wanted to arrange a marriage for her. He didn't want to accept that she had already made an arrangement that she and her parents were happy with, and it finally took her Father and Mother visiting one evening to get him to back off. After that, he stopped trying to run her life, but the rest of the time she spent there was rather chilly.

She was just packing the last of her books away when she moaned as a wave of arousal hit her. Reaching into the bond to find out who was responsible for her cramped fingers, she swore when she saw it was more than just Harry and Daphne (who she had felt enter the bond earlier), but Fleur, Susan and Cho who were getting her worked up. “Damn it, I wish Luna were here!” She cursed, not realizing that she'd said it aloud. She was surprised when she heard another voice in the room, and looked up to see her twin watching her. “What?”

Parvati shut the door behind her and cast several privacy and silencing charms before repeating, “I said, I'm sorry Luna isn't here, but can I help?”

Padma stared at her sister, wondering if Parvati even understood what she was offering. She got her answer when her twin reached behind her, and tugged on the sash holding her dress together. When the cloth parted, she shrugged the dress off, and stepped forward, fully nude. If she weren't so aroused, Padma would never even have considered what her sister was offering, but the arousal from all the others in the bond made her do something she'd never done before. Pulling open her own dress, she said, “Sod it all!”and reached for her twin.

Daphne's Room
Shortly Afterward

Harry thought he was in paradise! He was lying on the bed, Daphne cuddled next to him, stroking him, as they watched Padma and Parvati snogging furiously in the bond, their legs intertwined as they rubbed their pussies together, grinding frantically against each other as they moved closer and closer to explosion, He moaned happily as Daphne licked up the pre-cum that was gathering from her hands, but also from watching the girls fulfill a fantasy of most of the guys in Gryffindor Tower, and not a few of the girls as well! He wasn't sure which of them came first, because they both tossed back their heads and cried out at the same time, but he was sure he had never imagined a more erotic sight! Daphne must have been getting turned on as well from the sight and sounds coming from the bond, because he saw her drop her free hand from his thigh to start rubbing herself. Harry was getting near the point of losing control, and, when the twins stared each other in the eyes, and, in unison slid fingers into themselves and fed their sister their juices, he lost it.

With a strangled “Daphne!” he let loose, and Daphne lowered her head to take him in her mouth again. Her eyes widened briefly as she started to swallow, easily keeping up with him and not letting him out of her mouth until he had finished. When she finally released him from her mouth, she turned away and picked up her wand. A quick mouth cleaning spell and she turned back toward him, stretching out on the bed next to him, and started rubbing herself as she watched the twins together.

Parvati paused in kissing her sister, and looked Padma directly in the eyes and spoke in a sultry voice, “Harry, I know that you and the others are watching, because the twin bond Pad and I share meant that I get the sensations of the bond as well. I just wanted you to know, that if you want to see a repeat in person, just let me know! I'm not interested in fully bonding with all of you, at least not right now, but after feeling what you've done to Padma and all the others, I won't consider my life complete until I've experienced it myself. And, just so you know, I love it up the arse just as much as my sister does.” She winked, “Just a little something to think about as you all enjoy the show.”

Harry just lay there, his jaw dropped in shock as he heard giggles from the others, except for Padma who was moaning as Parvati lowered her face and started sucking on her nipples. They all watched as Parvati alternated between her sister's breasts. Eventually Padma had enough of the teasing, and started moving toward the bed, making Parvati walk backwards until her legs hit the edge, and she sat down abruptly.

After a brief conversation, the girls moved themselves into a 69 position, and, practically in unison, slipped out their tongues and gave their partner a tentative lick. Remembering a trick that Luna really enjoyed, she started moving her tongue as her lips found Parvati's Jewel in the Lotus and she started humming a song she loved from childhood. Parvati's squirming on top of her seemed to indicate she enjoyed it as well! She broke off her humming for a second as her sister's tongue found a particularly sensitive spot deep inside her, and she gasped in pleasure, wriggling against Parvati's mouth.

Above her, Parvati raised her face from her sister's center, and closed her eyes as she moaned, “Oh Padma, that feels sooooooooooo good!” Ignoring the rest of what she was saying, she lowered her face again and got back to work!

Harry smirked, knowing that they were providing him with a memory strong enough to fuel a hundred Patronuses. He wasn't sure what it was about the fact that they were sisters turned him on so much, unless it was the fact that it would absolutely scandalize Petunia and the dried up old biddies in her bridge club. Petunia wasn't a bad person, but she absolutely hated anything that even hinted at any sexual perversity. She even got angry when Dudley tried to watch old episodes of 'Man About The House' that the Beeb was showing last summer! And he'd seen soap adverts that were sexier that that show!

Dismissing the thought, he leaned over to Daphne and said, “Are you ready for another round? After all, I still haven't taken your arse, and you know from what the others said that it's always on the menu with me!”

Daphne's eyes lit up, and she rolled over onto her belly, grabbing her pillows and sliding them under her. Harry laughed, “I guess that answers that question,” he said as he climbed to his knees behind her on the bed. He grabbed his wand, and placed it at her rear hole, casting the cleaning and lubricating spell on her. He saw the ring of muscle relax, and he moved closer, lining himself up with her. He paused to admire her arse, and had to admit, of all her features, and they were all spectacular, her arse was among her finest. It looked just like an upside down heart, and he took his time entering her. She sighed with pleasure as he filled her again and ground herself against him, letting out small gasps of pleasure as he hit a sensitive spot inside her.

Daphne was enjoying the slow pace, but decided to see if she could get him a bit more motivated, and said, “This is wonderful, but do know what would make this perfect?”

He shook his head, not really able to trust his voice, as she said, “If I were laying on my back as you pounded me, and Hermione was on top of me so I could lick her, and she could lick me and you at the same time! Maybe even get Luna here too, so she could lick my nipples while I finger her, I bet she'd love that!”

From the glazed look in his eyes, she knew he was picturing what she was describing, and she continued, “Maybe after all of us cum, and you're still rock hard and ready, I'll start tonguing Luna's arse to get her wet and ready for you, and, while you are buggering her, I'll have her lick my pussy!”

With an inarticulate roar, Harry reached down and grabbed her ankles, pulling her backwards as he moved on top of her. Wrapping her legs around his waist, he climbed to his knees and pushed forward. Daphne gasped as she felt him go deeper inside of her than she ever imagined was possible. She tried to speak, to encourage him, but all that came out were moans, especially as she felt her hips being raised off the bed with each thrust. She clawed at the bed sheets, tossing her head back and forth as she pushed back against him. She lost all sense of time when she felt an orgasm even more powerful than the ones that had rocked her world earlier swept through her, and she finally found her voice again, and let loose with a loud cry of “Haaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryy!!!!!!!!!!!” as the lights exploded behind her eyes, and she knew no more.

Harry was already on the verge when she clenched around him, and exploded at the same time her climax hit. He pulled out and stretched out beside her, putting his arms around her as he tried to catch his breath. He heard Daphne's panting slow, and soon turned into snores, as she surrendered to her bodies exhaustion. When he saw she was fully asleep, Harry closed his eyes as well, and soon joined her in slumber.
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