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Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem

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Summary: After driving Voldemort from his mind in the Department of Mysteries, Harry discovers that the connection between the two of them is gone. This is a good thing, right? Except that now Harry has another problem. A crossover with Characters from the Series

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Chapter 14

Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem The Rewrite (14/?)
by Red Jacobson

See Chapter One for all disclaimers and warnings

Short chapter this time, hope you don't mind. Also, I'm really not sure what is going on with the spacing, but I haven't been able to figure out a fix for it. See you in two weeks.

Weasley Wizarding Wheezes

93 Diagon Alley

After the Memorial Service

Harry swore as he stumbled from the Dual Apparating Moony had done to him. The older Marauder just smirked and said, “You know, for somebody as good on a broom as you are, Harry, you'd think your balance would work with Apparating as well. That's something we can work on when you aren't too busy putting smiles on girls faces.”

“Are you sure you'll have the energy, old man?” Harry grinned, “I'd think that the two you're with would keep you worn out!”

“Old? I'll show old, you brat!”

Laughing, the two of them walked into the store, and Harry smiled seeing Angelina at the counter, with Fred and George nowhere in sight. When Angelina saw who had walked into the store, she smiled widely, “Hey, Harry! Hi, Professor Lupin, what brings you by?”

Moony started to correct her about calling him Professor, but he just kept his mouth shut, figuring that it was a waste of time; very few of his former students would ever call him anything but Professor. He didn't mind, really, that year was one of the best of his life. He really enjoyed teaching, but unfortunately wasn't able to continue after Snape let his secret slip. He still held a grudge about that, even though the man was dead. Which was why, although he brought Harry to the castle that morning, he stayed inside rather than attending the service.

Harry walked over to the counter and gave his former teammate a hug. “It's good to see you, Angelina!”

“Of course it is,” she laughed, before lowering her voice. “I stopped by to visit Katie and Alicia last night, and got the full story of what happened there, and I'm telling you now, I'm going to be taking this Friday and Saturday off, so I hope you will make sure you have some time to spend with an old friend.”

Waggling his eyebrows at her, Harry responded, in as calm a tone as he could manage, “I'm always willing to spend time with an old friend, Ang, and I'm looking forward to seeing you. And, since you are going to available on Saturday, do you want to meet at the Quidditch Pitch? I talked to Dumbledore this morning and confirmed that my 'Lifetime Ban' was lifted. I'll talk to Katie, Alicia and Cho so we can do some flying, and I can see what sort of shape I'm in for playing?”

Angelina's smile widened, and she mouthed, “and showering afterward?” Which got an enthusiastic nod from Harry. She said, “That sounds great! Gotta make sure Gryffindor keeps the Quidditch Cup next year, don't we?”

Pulling back from the hug, she said, “I'm sure you didn't come all the way to Diagon just to invite me to go flying, did you? Are you here to see the guys?”

“Actually, Moony wanted to talk to the twins, I'm just along for the ride. Seeing you was just a bonus.”

“You say the sweetest things, Harry!” Turning to the door behind the counter, she stuck her head in and yelled, “Oi! Gred! Forge! You've got visitors”

The Terror Twins came strolling out of the back room a moment later and smiled when they saw Harry and Moony. They started toward Harry, but he just pointed them in Remus's direction. After a few minutes of quiet conversation, the three of them went back into the backroom.

Harry looked around and saw that the shop was empty and he looked at Angelina curiously. She shrugged, “It doesn't usually get busy for another hour or so, most families laze about on Sunday Morning and go out in the afternoon. The news that You Know Who is back isn't doing much for business, even if he's been quiet lately, but who knows how long that will last?”

Harry glanced out the window and saw that the Alley was starting to get some traffic, although most of it seemed to be families with young children heading to Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor. He smiled, remembering the time he spent there before his third year. He did a double take when he saw Mad-eye Moody going into the Ice Cream Parlor. “That's odd, I never figured Moody for an ice cream fan.”

Shrugging, he turned back to Angelina with a smile. “You know, I was wondering something, and you can tell me to bugger off if you don't want to answer, but I thought you and Alicia were dating the twins. How do they feel about the two of you spending time where I'm at?”

Angelina laughed softly, “Dating the twins? Nah, they are way too much for any girl to handle. They are fun to fool around with once in a while, but that's about it. The only thing that either of them worry about is we don't wear ourselves out the night before we have to work.” She shrugged, before continuing, “Besides, when they are in the mood for some relief, they've always got each other.”

Harry choked when he realized what she had just said, and he stared at her, “Are you pulling my leg? The two of them...?” He shuddered at the mental image.

“Yeah, it's not a big secret or anything, I thought you knew after being on the team with them for five years.”

“No, can't say that I ever paid attention to them after a game I was too busy thinking about what was happening over in your side of the locker room!”

The dark skinned beauty just smiled “I'm not surprised, considering that all three of us were picturing you in the shower as well. In fact, there are many stories I could tell about how we all got hot and bothered, thinking about you stroking yourself, and we would finger each other before Katie would get down on her knees and lick Alicia and I to screaming orgasms!” She grinned at the glazed look in Harry's eyes, and, dropping her gaze, saw the nice sized tent in his trousers. 'Alicia and Katie weren't lying, it seems, he does have a nice package,' She mused.

“Damn it, Ang! Why do you do that to me! You knew what my reaction to hearing something like that would be. Are you trying to torture me?”

“Not at all, just giving you a preview of what you'll be seeing when all of us get together.”

Any further response was stopped when Moony and the twins stepped out of the back room, laughing. Saying their goodbyes, the two of them left the shop, and Moony said, “I'm in the mood for some ice cream, how about you?”

“Sure, I could eat.”

Walking into Fortescue's, Harry saw Mad-eye sitting at a table at the back, his seat facing the door of course. He was seated across from a wizard who was wearing muggle clothing under his open robe and had glasses that he was polishing before putting them back on his face. The Auror saw them come in, and waved the two of them over. When they were seated, Moody introduced them to Rupert Giles, who was helping them out with some of Voldemort's forces. Harry looked at the man with interest, but, aside from the obvious intelligence in his eyes, didn't seem to be that powerful.

Moody looked directly at Moony and said quietly, “Thought you might like to know this Lupin, but Giles people sent Greyback and his killers to Hell last night.”

Harry watched as Remus slumped into his chair, obviously shocked, and he turned to Moody and said, “Obviously I'm missing something, who is Greyback?”

Moody spent the next twenty minutes telling the story of Fenrir Greyback, and, when he had finished, Harry reached out and squeezed Remus' shoulder and looked at Giles with a bit more respect. To hear Mad-eye tell it, they had been hunting for the rogue for 15 years, with almost no luck, and Giles people found and destroyed him in under two days? That was impressive.

Giles said, “I know you don't know me Mister Potter, but I've heard all about you, from my Granddaughter, Hermione. I was actually planning to have Alastor contact you so we could meet, so I'm glad you stopped in this morning. Hermione's parents and I would like to invite you over for the day sometime this week. Not only so you could see Hermione, although I'm sure she would be delighted with the idea, but Xander and Cordelia, as well as Faith wanted to meet you, and Xander has some things he wanted to teach you, to give you an edge the next time you get into a scrum.”

Harry's face lit up at the idea of seeing Hermione again, it hadn't even been a week, and he still missed seeing her. He reached into the bond, and said, 'Hermione?'

'Hey, Harry! What's going on?'

'I'm sitting here with Moony and Auror Moody, and a guy who says he's your Grandfather, a guy named Rupert Giles. Is he your Grandfather?'

'That is my gramps' name, let me see him.'

Harry felt Hermione looking through his eyes, and heard her say, 'He sure looks like Grampa, but, to be sure, I want you to ask him a question. Ask him what brand it was that gave him his nickname Ripper?'

When he asked Giles the question, the older man blushed while Moody started laughing. After glaring at Mad-eye, Giles said, “It was Michelob, and that was the first and last time I drank it!”

He heard Hermione laughing in the bond, “That's Gramps, Harry. And I'm so glad you are getting along.'

'Me too! He's an impressive bloke.'

Giles glared again at the still laughing Auror, before turning to Harry, “I gather that I have proven myself to Hermione's satisfaction?”

“Yes, Sir. I had to double check, because we've had problems with imposters in the past.”

He said, glancing at Moody, who just grumbled, “Don't remind me!” before taking another spoon of his ice cream.

After finishing their ice cream, Harry and Lupin left Giles and Moody to continue their conversation and left the store. Harry wanted to take a look at the newest brooms at Quality Quidditch, so they spent some time looking around, unfortunately, there was nothing there that compared with the Firebolt. Grabbing some broom polish and a new set of Seeker's Gloves, he checked with Cho to see if she needed anything, and picked up some additional polish and the newest issue of Quidditch Monthly, which had come out this week. Harry smiled to see his old friend Victor Krum on the cover, with the headline about the Vrasta Vulture's charity games during the season.

Checking with the others at Eloise's, Harry ended up making a few more stops before they went back to the Apparition Point for the trip back.


After Lunch

Harry had just finished eating, and was slightly disappointed that his ladies weren't available, but Fleur had all of them researching in her room. They had told him, gently but firmly, to go find a new playmate, and they would be finished after dinner tonight. Harry may have been in love with his ladies, but he was also a teenage guy with an overeager libido, so he didn't argue.

Walking into the lounge, he glanced around to see if he recognized anyone, and was surprised to see several girls he knew, including a couple of Gryffindors, but his attention was drawn to a slightly older blonde who he remembered from his 3rd year. He wondered what Penelope was doing here, the last he'd heard, she was dating Percy. Putting it aside as none of his business, he walked over to her, and was welcomed with a warm smile.

“Hey, Harry, come looking for an afternoon playmate?” Penny grinned, “or are you here to catch up on the gossip?”

Harry laughed, he had gotten over being embarrassed about sex within a day of being at Eloise's, “Well, I think I've found her, if you're interested?” She nodded quickly. “But if you've got any good gossip, I'm all ears!”

“Well, the latest gossip I've heard involves a family we are both very familiar with,” she began, “It seems that Neville Longbottom was seen shopping with Ginny Weasley yesterday, and he took her into Lilith's Toy Box!” At his blank look, she giggled, “Oh, Harry, you've got a lot to learn! The Toy Box is a store that specializes in adult entertainment with a nice selection of goodies for those of us who enjoy the kinky side of life.”

Remembering his fun with Katie, he said, “You mean bondage gear and stuff like that?”

“That, and other things, like floggers, and nipple clips, and ball gags...” She said, a faraway look in her eyes.

Harry was amused at how aroused Penny was getting just talking about it, so he leaned in and, pulling on his magic slightly, said, “And does a naughty girl like you enjoy when somebody uses them on her?”

All the girls turned around to see Penelope throw her head back and moan loudly as she tore open her robes and started fingering herself frantically. When the orgasm hit her and she was relaxing against the couch, Penny looked up to see that all the girls in the room were applauding, and several of them had knowing smirks on their faces.

She blushed, but said, “I guess you can figure out the answer to your question, can't you?”

Harry grinned, and said, “We can talk about that in a little while, right now I'm curious what Neville and Ginny were doing there.”

“Well, from what I've been told, Neville picked out a beginners butt plug, and a collar, and the two of them went back into the changing room. When they came out an hour later, Ginny was wearing the collar and smiling, although she was walking kind of funny, almost as if she were trying to hold something in, if you know what I mean?” Penny smirked. “And Neville just took the price tags to the counter and paid for them, as calm as you please!”

“Heh! I guess Neville picked up a lot of confidence this past year. I can't see him doing that to anybody before,” Harry paused, “although I wonder what Molly will say when she sees the collar? She seemed to have pretty strong ideas about proper behavior from what I recall.”

“She won't have any problems with it, trust me! First off, Neville putting that collar on Ginny is an implied commitment to take care of her and support her, so Molly won't worry about Ginny getting a reputation, and, second, what makes you think that Molly doesn't have one of her own that she keeps hidden?”

At his shocked look, she said, “Just because Arthur lets her have her way during the day, don't assume things are the same at night. Back when Percy and I were together, I was staying over one night and happened to see the two of them in the kitchen, and Arthur was spanking her with a wooden spoon, and she was soaking the towel that was under her!”

Harry turned slightly green at the mental image, but forced it aside to focus on the girl sitting next to him. “Okay, that's a little more than I really needed to know about my friends sex lives, but this seems to be the day for finding things out I didn't know! Why don't you tell me about your collection of ball gags and things like that?”

Penny got a smoky look in her eyes and purred, “Oh, I think I can do better than just tell you, come with me!” Taking his hand, she pulled him off the couch and practically ran from the room, dragging him with her. Harry heard the laughter of the women still in the lounge, and wondered just what he was getting himself into.

Penelope slowed down when they got down the hallway, and, instead of turning left toward the stairs, she turned right to a flight of steps going down. Checking a row of keys hanging at the foot of the steps, she grinned and said, “My favorite room is open! This is going to be a lot of fun, Harry, just wait!”

Leading him down the hall, Harry couldn't help but notice that the doors looked like cells in a dungeon, and there were moans of pain and pleasure, both male and female, coming from behind several of the closed doors.

He was going to ask Penny what was going on, but she stopped in front of the last door in the hall and, taking the key, unlocked it. Despite appearances, the door opened silently, and the room was brightly lit when Harry followed the statuesque blonde inside. Looking around, he couldn't believe the types of furniture, if you could even call it furniture, that was scattered throughout the room. There were manacles attached to the floor and ceiling in several places, and a wooden table with cuffs at all four corners, as well as a wooden X with cuffs on each of the ends.

Glancing over at Penny, he saw that she had removed her robe, and hung it on a hook by the door. Harry took a moment to admire her figure, especially her arse, which would have given Daphne a run for her money! He watched as she walked over to a cabinet against the wall and pulled out what he recognized as a ball gag, as well as lifting a flogger off the hook. She turned back to him, and, looking him directly in the eyes, lowered herself to her knees and lifted the flogger to her lips, kissing it gently before handing it to him.

He reached out and gripped it by the handle, before saying, “Penny, I am very willing to give you what you want, but I've never been in a scene like this, and I don't want to hurt you. With the ball gag, how will you be able to use your safe word?”

Penny smiled, “That's not a problem, Harry, but thanks for telling me you hadn't played this way before. If you notice, next to every one of the cuffs, there is a cord hanging, see it?”

Harry looked over and saw what she was pointing out. Penny continued, “I'll hold the cord in my hand, and, if things get to be too much, I pull it once, and the bell,” She pointed to the ceiling, where a metal bell was hanging, “Will ring, and it's loud! If I pull it twice, security will be down here, and that's when it gets kind of exciting.”

With the preliminaries out of the way, Harry led her over to one of the other tables in the room. This one was longer and narrower, with three sets of cuffs evenly spaced out along of the opposite side of the table. 'In case there are more than one at a time in here, I guess,' he mused. On the side of the table facing him, there was a padded bench running the length, with ankle cuffs parallel to the wrist restraints. Gesturing to the table, he watched as Penny eagerly positioned herself, and Harry cuffed her ankles in place before moving around the table and locking her wrists down. Gripping the pull cord, he put it in Penelope's hand and made sure she had a firm grip before leaning over the table and pushing the ball gag into her mouth. Penelope moaned in pleasure as her eyes closed, and she wriggled on the table, getting herself comfortable for what was to come.

Stepping behind the bound girl, he smirked as he pulled his wand and slapped his hand against the base, causing it to vibrate gently. Sending a quick thank you to Susan in the bond, he ran the tip of the wand along Penny's lower lips, causing them to swell even further, and pull apart. He could hear muffled sighs coming from Penelope, and slipped the tip inside her, running it along her inner walls.

Concentrating, he used his magic to hold the wand in place and reached for the flogger. He checked to make sure the wand was moving properly, and was amazed once again at the control and power he was gaining. 'I'm actually looking forward to going back to school now, I can't wait to see what else I can do. Granted being able to use it to make my girls scream in pleasure is a good thing, but I do have things to take care of.'

Seeing the juices gathering between Penny's thighs, he was tempted to kneel down and start licking her, but he knew that it would go against Penny's fantasy, so he refrained. Gripping the flogger, he took a few practice swings, and, making sure that she had a good grip on the safety cord, brought it down sharply against her left cheek! Penny jerked against her bonds at the impact, but wriggled her arse, as if asking for more. Swinging again, he brought the flogger down against her right cheek, drawing another moan from the bound girl.

Working up a rhythm, Harry alternated strikes between her left and right cheeks, making sure that he didn't hit the same place two times in a row. He kept checking her grip on the safety cord, because he really didn't want to hurt her, he took his free hand and moved it between Penny's thighs. Sliding his fingers inside her pussy, he soaked them in her juices before working one of his fingers into her arse.

Harry dropped the flogger when Penny started shuddering and moaning as her climax hit, and, pulling his wand away from her pussy, he dropped his trousers and entered her in one stroke, making her moan again. Leaning forward over her, he used his free hand to remove the ball from her mouth, and winced at the volume of her moans of pleasure as her walls tightened around him.

Letting her ride out her orgasm, Harry kept pumping gently inside her, and wondered why he wasn't more excited? He knew that Penny had enjoyed what he had done to her, but it left him feeling nothing. He liked Penny well enough, even though he didn't really know her, but it wasn't the same as being with his girls. He felt a warm burst of pleasure through the bond, and knew that at least a couple of them were watching him. Maybe if he had spent more time with Penny before coming down it would have made a difference? He didn't know.

Reaching out with his magic, Harry released the bonds on Penny's wrists and ankles, and lifted her off the table. He transfigured the table into a bed, and laying her down on it, he climbed on beside her. Penny was laying on her stomach and he saw that her bum was bright red from the flogging he had done. He started rubbing her, letting his magic soothe the stings.

She sighed happily and said, “That feels so good, Harry! Thank you!” She rolled onto her side so she was facing him, and the smile on her face faded as she saw the pensive look on his face. “What's wrong?”

He hesitated, but said, “I'm not really sure, Penny, I just wasn't comfortable with doing that to you, and, yes, I know you were enjoying it, but it brought back some bad memories, and I just couldn't get past that to really get into playing.”

Penny smiled reassuringly, “No worries, Harry, you still got me off harder than I had in a while and, if you just want to play normally for a bit, it's all good to me!”

Harry smiled, “I'd like that, but let's wait a few minutes. I realized that part of the problem was, I don't really know you that well, and it seems that I need to be able to feel some sort of connection to the girls I'm with to really enjoy myself.”

“That's true, we hadn't seen each other in a couple of years, and we didn't even talk at Hogwarts. So, what would you like to know?”

“Well, I guess the main question I have is, what brought you here? I mean, you were Head Girl, that should have given you plenty of options for a job after Hogwarts!”

Penny sighed, the smile dropping from her face, “You'd think that, wouldn't you? Unfortunately, as a Muggleborn, I learned it didn't work out that way. It's ugly out there if you aren't a pureblood, Harry. After Percy and I split up, and don't worry, it was a friendly breakup, we're still good friends, his implied sponsorship of me was withdrawn and I lost my job as a reporter for the Prophet. I looked around, and couldn't find another job that would pay me a decent wage, and I couldn't go back to the muggle world, because I'd disappeared from their records when I joined the magical world. That doesn't even take into account that my parents,” She grimaced slightly, “had thrown me out when they discovered I was a witch! I'd worked here a couple of summers, and enjoyed myself, so I came back. The fact that I enjoy the rougher stuff means that I can charge more that the other girls do, so I've got a nice little nest egg sitting in my Gringotts vault for when I get tired of working. It's not a bad life and I have enough regular customers that I get the sensations I need, and that's something that is hard to find out in the rest of the world.”

Harry lay there, silently, thinking how broken things were that a girl like Penny had to work here to earn a decent living. Reaching into the bond, he said to his ladies, 'I think we know what our next project will be; after putting Tom in the ground, that is!' He got agreement from all the girls, but Luna spoke up, saying 'Harry, ask her if she'd be interested in writing a couple of things for the Quibbler? Daddy doesn't care about the pureblood nonsense, and he's been looking for someone to take up some of the reporting.'

Harry smiled, “Penny, I have a question for you. One of my ladies is Luna Lovegood, whose father is the owner and publisher of the Quibbler, and I remember her saying that he is looking for a new reporter. Would you be interested in writing for him?”

Penny looked surprised for a second, “Luna is Xeno's daughter? Of course she is, you just said so! I don't know why I didn't make the connection before. But yes, I'd love to!” She smiled happily, not telling Harry that Xeno Lovegood was actually one of her regulars, so she knew that, if she asked him, she'd get benefits outside the normal boss employee relationship!

They continued talking for a while longer, until Harry asked her if she was ready for another go? Penny smiled widely and rolled on top of him.

The Harris Residence

That Afternoon

Xander blinked the sweat from his eyes as he lifted the quarterstaff into a defensive position, watching Dawn carefully for the slightest twitch that would tell him what form her next attack would take. Dawn was twirling her staff around, trying to distract him but he was used to that, so he kept his eyes on hers, and was rewarded when he saw them shoot to his right and he moved the staff just in time to block her strike. Unfortunately for Dawn, she had overextended on her swing, and Xander was able to use his block to knock the staff from her hands and send it flying against the room, clattering to a landing on the floor. Dawn swore, and was reaching for the Sai's at her waist when Xander's staff swept her off her feet and she landed on her back on the mat. Before she could leap back to her feet, the butt of Xander's wooden staff was pressing at her throat. Glaring at him, Dawn slapped the mat in submission. Xander pulled the staff away, and reached down, pulling Dawn to her feet.

“Damn it! What was it this time, the eye thing again?” Dawn asked, wiping her face with the towel that Tara handed her. Looking over at her lover, Dawn smiled her thanks before turning her attention back to Xander, who was firmly in the trainer role right now, so she set aside any flirtatious banter she could have used, knowing that he wouldn't appreciate it at the moment.

Xander nodded, “Exactly, and we are going to keep working on it until we get that problem fixed! I know that you and Tare are bad ass Wicca, but your spells work best if both of you are casting, and if one of you is out of action, you still need to be able to defend yourself.” Setting the staff aside, he smiled at Cordy as she handed him a bottle of Gatorade. He took a healthy slug, wanting to rehydrate as fast as possible because he was sparring with Tara next. He was glad that they were finally able to buy Gatorade at the local Tesco because it was a pain the first couple of years having to have it shipped from the States. Turning back to Dawn, he said, “Go grab a shower, we'll work on it again tomorrow, okay?”

Dawn nodded, already thinking of ways around her 'tell'. Walking up the stairs, she heard laughter, and, sticking her head around the corner of the stairs, saw Hermione and Vi sitting on the couch. Hermione was deep into telling a story of some sort, and Vi was holding onto her ribs she was laughing so hard. Curious to see what was so funny, she paused in the doorway, listening.

“And then Fred and George summoned their brooms, and, setting off I don't know how many types of fireworks, flew out the front doors of the castle! The look on her face was priceless!” Hermione grew serious then. “Unfortunately, that was about the last thing we had to laugh about this year. The Weasley Twins may have escaped her, but Umbridge made sure that the rest of us didn't enjoy the rest of the year. I'll admit, I wasn't sad to hear about her death, and Fudge was just as bad. Hopefully Susan's Aunt will get elected and we'll have somebody competent in the Ministers office for once.”

Vi nodded, waiting to see if Hermione would continue, but her new friend sat there silently for a minute with a faraway look in her eyes. Smiling softly, she turned back to look at Vi and said, “Anyway, that's the story of my year! You already know about Harry and the others, and now you know what led up to it. So, you've told me lots of stories about my mum, what can you tell me about my dad?”

Vi smiled, and said, “Well, to start with, until he and your mom hooked up, a lot of people thought Andrew was gay. He wasn't in the slightest, according to Molly's enthusiastic report the next morning. Of course, I was jealous as hell, because he was the only available guy in the house. Xander was there, of course, but he already had his harem and I wasn't keen to join the group. I've never been that big on sharing. But anyway, your dad had gone through a real bad patch, and made a couple of bad decisions when it came to his friends.....”

End Chapter 14
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