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Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem

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Summary: After driving Voldemort from his mind in the Department of Mysteries, Harry discovers that the connection between the two of them is gone. This is a good thing, right? Except that now Harry has another problem. A crossover with Characters from the Series

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Chapter 15

Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem The Rewrite (15/?)

by Red Jacobson

See Chapter One for all disclaimers and warnings

Riddle Manor

During Snape's Memorial Service

Voldemort was not having a great day; in fact, the last couple of weeks had been fairly bad, and he couldn't see any sign that the rest of the summer was going to getting any better. It had all been going so well, too! First losing Lucius hurt, or at least losing his money hurt, but Draco could draw from the funds, so that was alright. But when almost all of his inner circle were kissed on the same day? That hurt; and when he marked the children of his followers, they get arrested the same night! That was fairly obvious a set up by Narcissa, she had gone to ground somewhere and he hadn't been able to locate her.

But that was an inconvenience; at worst; what really has caused him problems was Severus's murder! He hated to admit it; but he actually depended on the man; nobody else was able to brew the potions he needed to reach his full strength. He knew that he didn't have anything to do with his death, if he had, he would have certainly not ordered a knife to be used! He would have used a spell as a proper wizard would.

No, his death could be laid at somebody else's feet, but who? The old man? I can't picture him being ruthless enough. Somebody working for the old man? Doubtful, the only ones that showed any initiative were Severus and the Potter brat! And the Potter brat hasn't been seen in since leaving Hogwarts. And the brat wouldn't have the connections in the Ministry to have his followers kissed. He hated not knowing what is going on, but didn't have any way of getting the answers he sought.

No, first things first; recruit more followers and from there he can strike out at his enemies....

Peter Pettigrew sat, hidden in the shadows at the back of the room, his rat form absolutely still as he watched his 'Master' brood on his throne. Not for the first time, and probably not for the last, Peter cursed the night he got drunk and ended up in Bellatrix Black's bedchamber! 'If it hadn't been for her, I would never have ended up in the Death Eaters, and James and Lily would still be alive!'

He shook his head angrily to get rid of those thoughts. “It's too late for regrets Peter! It's been too late since that night with Bellatrix! You always thought of yourself as the smartest of the Marauders, what a joke, she led you around by your John Thomas just as easy as anyone else!'

Watching as Voldemort raised his wand to levitate the bottle of wine from the table near him, Peter's eyes narrowed as he saw how shaky the Dark Lord's control was, and the strain on his inhuman face. 'Interesting, it's been several days, and he still isn't getting any stronger. I think it's time to put my own plans in motion and pay off the debt I owe Harry.'

Turning around, the rat slipped through a crack in the wall and, once on the other side, grabbed his cloak and left the house.


Dumbledore's Office

After the Memorial Service

Albus sat down at his desk, smiling to see a letter from Eloise had arrived. Opening it, he quickly scanned the parchment for the amount of Galleons she had turned over to him, and nodded, it was just about what he expected. He knew that the amount would drop once the Veela stopped being a whore, but she was keeping Harry happy, so he wasn't going to worry about it. Besides, there are other Veela out there and they would be just as susceptible to his compulsion charms as the Delacour cunt was.

Going back to the beginning of the letter, he grabbed a lemon drop and started sucking on it as he began to read silently. He chuckled at Harry managing to pull the Greengrass girl into his Harem, shaking his head in admiration at the boy's taste. He nodded when Eloise reported on Chang's improvement, and smirked when she mentioned the collar around the Chinese girl's throat. 'It's always nice when they know their place!' the old man thought to himself. 'Of course, if I make her Head Girl, we'll have to put a glamour on the collar so that nobody else can see it.'

Finishing the letter, he burned it and vanished the ashes. No need to leave evidence lying around where any nosy ghost or portrait could see it, after all. Turning to other matters, he reviewed again the list of OWL results that had arrived last night. He was pleased at the Defense scores, especially considering the problems he had with filling that position. Harry, of course, had the highest score of the year, in fact, it was the highest score since his father James' year. He wasn't going to mention that to Harry of course. He doubted the boy would be pleased to know that the only person in the last 30 years to beat his DADA score was Peter Pettigrew.

It wasn't only Harry's score that interested him, of course. The entire membership of Harry's defense club, Dumbledore's Army (and hadn't he gotten a good laugh out of that) had scored 20 to 30 points higher on their OWLs and NEWTs than those students who weren't members of the club. He could use that to get the rest of the staff to agree to his plans for the DADA position easily enough. Of course, he would have to bring Lupin back to teach the older years, there would be too much controversy over Harry teaching his year mates.

Having Harry only teaching the younger years would give him time to start training Harry to take his place when the time came. He already had the power, and many of the skills, he just needed the proper outlook on things, and Albus was certain that, with training, that could be taken care of.

Getting up, he said, “That's enough work for one day, I think. It's time for relaxation. Now, let's see who's available?” Checking the wards, he saw that he had several choices in the castle at the moment. Skipping over Minerva, he focused on the younger women, and, seeing that his choice was lounging in her bath, he turned to Fawkes, and ignoring the mournful look the bird gave him, said, “Go to Professor Burbage's rooms and bring her to me in my quarters.” When the bird flamed out, Dumbledore opened the hidden door to his rooms and stripped out of his robes. Grabbing a stamina potion off the shelf, he drank it as he walked down the steps. He was fully ready when he opened the door to his bedchamber and saw the Muggle Studies Professor, naked and kneeling as he had trained her, just inside the doorway. With a smile, he shut the door behind him and moved to her.

The Burrow

The Same Time

Molly whistled cheerfully in the kitchen, rolling out the pastry for a pie crust. Finishing the crust, she placed it in the bottom of her pie pan and ran her fingers over it gently, making sure there were no bubbles of air between the pan and the pastry. The smell of dinner cooking filled the kitchen, and she had to shoo Ron out a couple of times already. Granted, it was nowhere near as often as she would have the previous summer, but his girlfriend was doing a wonderful job of keeping him occupied. They were up in Ron's room now, working on their summer homework, and, if they took the occasional break, and she heard suspicious sounds coming from the room, she certainly wasn't going to worry about it. Arthur told her he had taught both Ron and Ginny the contraceptive spell as soon as they arrived back home. Besides, she had far more important things to focus on. She and Arthur had finished the arrangements with Augusta Longbottom for a betrothal between Neville and Ginny, and all of them, including the two young people, were thrilled about the match, so they were hosting a celebration dinner tonight. All her sons were going to be there, she just wished that Harry was available, but Albus had said that he was spending the summer with Remus and relaxing after the past year.

Molly knew it would be a fine match, and her daughter would be happy, when Ginny pulled her aside and, blushing, showed her the collar that Neville had purchased for her. Molly smiled and hugged her daughter before releasing her and telling her to go have fun with her betrothed. She smirked as she remembered that awkward way that Ginny was walking, it was obvious Neville had also gotten her a training plug, but Ginny didn't feel comfortable discussing that with her. Of course, she could have saved Neville some money if he'd approached her. She still had the set of plugs Arthur had purchased for her when she was Ginny's age.

She laughed quietly, remembering how her mother had said much the same to her when she came home with Arthur. She was giddy with excitement when Arthur had put his collar on her, and her mother had nodded approvingly, saying that she needed someone with a firm hand to keep her from getting into trouble. That was why she was happy to see that Neville could do the same for her headstrong daughter.

The Woods Behind the Burrow

The Same Time

As soon as they were out of sight of the Burrow, Neville had stopped and said, “Remove your robes Ginny, I want to look at you as we walk.”

Ginny slipped the robes off and handed them to Neville, before reaching for her blouse, looking at him questioningly. He smiled at her and nodded, “Good girl, take everything off but your shoes. I don't want you hurting your feet.”

The Longbottom Heir watched quietly as Ginny disrobed, her bra and knickers joining the pile of clothing at her feet. He admired her milky white skin with the dusting of freckles across her chest. Her B cup breasts were firm on her chest and her nipples were standing upright in excitement. Running his eyes down her body, over her flat stomach, to her cleanly shaven fanny, she was everything he wanted in a woman. Pointing his wand at the pile of clothing, he shrunk it down and put it in his pocket before starting to walk again. He gestured for Ginny to lead the way, and he followed, watching her clenched bum cheeks holding the beginners plug in place. He knew it would be a while before he could take her there because he needed to make sure she was stretched out enough for him. He felt mildly envious of Harry for that, because Ginny had told him about her conversation with Luna and Padma, and how they had been using toys on each other all year, so they could take him easily.

Taking his eyes off of Ginny, Neville saw that they path they were on had widened into a clearing and he saw the bench that Arthur had told him about, as well as the two trees he had planted especially for times like this. Looking closely, Neville could see the where the hooks had been imbedded into the wood. Deciding to save that for later, he sat down on the bench, and, casting a cushioning charm on the ground between his legs, beckoned Ginny over.

As she eagerly knelt between his legs and opened his trousers, fishing his manhood out of his pants, Neville smiled to himself. He had very few memories of his parents when they were healthy, but he had a much different opinion of them after receiving the vials of memories and the pensieve that Frank had stored in his Gringotts Vault with instructions not to release it to him until after he had taken his OWLs. There were 24 numbered vials and, as soon as he got them back to Longbottom Manor, he poured the first memory into the carved stone basin and immersed himself.

He was shocked at first as he watched his Father training his mother, and her obvious enjoyment of everything that she was doing, but the shock turned to arousal quickly and led to him going through the same process with Ginny. Ginny was equally as enthusiastic as his mother had been, and had even been hinting about speeding certain areas of her training up. He had already questioned her about the girls she had played with and had tentatively decided to have her invite Jennifer Dawn, a cute brunette over to join them for a picnic in the next couple of weeks. Of course, Jennifer would probably be surprised to find that she was on the menu, but Ginny said that she doubted the girl would object.

Neville was pulled from his memories by the feeling of Ginny's mouth on his erection as she ran her tongue along his length. She was getting very good at using her mouth on him. Of course, he made sure she had plenty of practice. Practically from the night of Valentine's Day, he had her kneeling before him in a variety of private locations. His favorite was in a nook in Greenhouse #2, because Professor Sprout had found them a few times, and, after making sure that Ginny was there willingly the first time, just smiled and went about her business. Unfortunately, her sucking him off had been as far as she was willing to go at first. It wasn't until he had told her that he'd written to his Grandmother about approaching the Weasleys for a betrothal that she gave him her virginity, and they had been exploring every position they could think of ever since.

Opening his eyes, he said, “Touch yourself Ginny.” He watched as she slid a hand between her legs and started rubbing herself. She was getting better about focusing on him while fingering herself and she moaned in pleasure without taking her mouth from him. He was closing his eyes to better enjoy the sensations when he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. Snapping his eyes open he saw Ginny's older brother Percy standing at the entrance to the clearing, a black haired girl that he didn't recognize standing naked beside him. Percy watched for a few moments before nodding approvingly.

Neville watched Percy take the girl by her hand and say, “Come along Audrey, we'll go down to the pond instead.”

He could hear her giggles as they walked away. Looking down, he saw that Ginny's eyes had widened when she heard the other voices, but she soon closed them again and continued sucking on his cock. Neville grunted as he felt the pressure building in him, and he exploded in her mouth. Ginny swallowed rapidly, and managed to keep most of his seed in her mouth with only a little escaping as he pulled back from her. He smiled as she gathered the spunk onto her fingers and sucked them clean. “Good Girl, Ginny! You can finish yourself now.”

Ginny didn't say anything, but smiled happily as she continued fingering herself, and used her free hand to tease her nipples. It was only a moment or so before she was shuddering in pleasure, and crying out her climax.

When she recovered, Neville reached down and pulled her to her feet and hugged her. Casting a mouth freshening charm on her, he kissed her deeply, stroking her back and making her purr with pleasure. Taking her hand, he said, “Shall we go see what Percy is up to?”

Ginny grinned, “Sure, fair is fair after all, he got to watch me, I should get to see him!”

Riddle Manor

Bellatrix's Room

Several hours later

Peter dressed quickly, not sparing a glance for Bellatrix's rapidly cooling body lying tangled in the sheets. He had hated the woman for so long, for dragging him along in her descent into Hell, but now he just felt pity. He hadn't been surprised that she was easy to get into bed. She always had been, even when her husband had been alive, but she was almost pathetically eager to welcome him this time around. He wasn't completely heartless, he made sure that she reached her climax before he slid the knife into her heart, killing her instantly.

He had stopped in the kitchen before coming to her room, and the elves were happy to add the special spice he'd provided to the stew. Of course, they would be horrified when they found all the people who they served it to were dead in their rooms, but that couldn't be helped. It was amusing how easy it was to get rat poison, and he made sure the elves added enough to kill everyone in the building in less than a minute. But now came the tricky part. Picking up the Atomizer, he checked to make sure that the potion wasn't leaking out, and he silenced and disillusioned himself before heading for the throne room.

Changing to his rat form, he made his way back to the hole he had been watching from earlier and changed back into his human form. Silently casting, he saw the floor and ceiling around Voldemort's seat glow briefly. Nodding, he stepped forward, making a noise to that his 'Master' knew he wasn't alone.

Voldemort turned and saw Wormtail standing beside him. “Why are you here, Wormtail, I didn't summon you.” He was shocked when Peter, showing no sign of fear at all, conjured a chair and sat comfortably. When the man spoke, Tom Riddle felt the beginnings of fear for the first time in years. Gripping his wand, he pointed it at the man and hissed, “Crucio!” only to blink when nothing happened.

Peter laughed and said, “Hate to tell you this, Tommy, actually no, that's a lie, I've been waiting years to tell you this, but, things have changed. All of your Death Eaters are dead by now, including Bellatrix, who I killed while I was shagging her. And, as you've no doubt noticed, you no longer have access to your magic. I cast an Anti Magic shell around your throne a few minutes ago, and, without it, you barely have the strength to hold your head up do you?”

Voldemort couldn't believe this was happening to him. He tried to speak, to force himself from the chair, but found he couldn't move!

“A nice thing about the shell I cast, Tommy, is that while you can't cast magic out, spells can go in and affect you. Just for an example,” Voldemort saw Peter's wand raised and pointed at him, “Crucio!”

He screamed in agony for what seemed to be an eternity before the spell was lifted, and Riddle fell back in the chair, shaking. “Now, now, Tommy, that was only about 10 seconds, you used to hold it on me for far longer.” He saw Peter put his wand away, only to pick up a bottle of some sort. Pettigrew spoke, almost conversationally, “It's funny what you can find in the Muggle world, Tom, for example, this is called an Atomizer, and it works to turn any liquid into a mist, it even works for potions. If you'll notice, the bottle is filled, and, in case you were wondering, the potion I filled it with is Draught of the Living Death.”

Voldemort couldn't believe this was happening, it couldn't be, he wouldn't allow it! He was the greatest wizard the world had ever known, hadn't he defeated death? He was still raging silently when the mist settled on him, and he knew no more.

Peter smiled, for the first time in ages he was his own man again! Granted, he still needed to get away from here, because the Aurors could be arriving at any time. But he still had a few more things to do before he left. Hearing the 'pop' of the portkey arriving, he went downstairs and greeted the goblins he had hired when he sneaked into Gringotts that morning. The workers swiftly had a crate built, and the chair, with the slumbering Dark Lord lolling on the cushions, were soon packed away, and the crate transported to the high security vault that Peter had arranged. Once that was accomplished, he paid the goblins and thanked them politely before moving to the next step in his plan.

Going through each of the rooms, he saw that the half dozen remaining Death Eaters had indeed got their wish and eaten death. Going to the kitchen, he told the elves that they were going to be moving back to Malfoy Manor and to leave immediately, they would be back to pack later. As soon as the elves were gone, he retraced his steps and transfigured all of the bodies into sticks, and piled them in the center of the throne room. Conjuring some petrol, he soaked the wood and the floor around it, and, trailing the fuel from his wand, he went down the stairs to the front door. He stopped just inside the front door and cut off the fuel. Stepping out the door, he made sure that none of the fuel had landed on his robes and pulled a book of matches from his pocket. Striking one, he lit the entire book and tossed it into the puddle of petrol on the floor. He apparated away as the house was engulfed in the inferno.

Pansy's Room

Madame Eloise's

Same Time

Pansy frowned as she looked over the ledger she kept in her trunk. After adding the 300 galleon tip her last customer had given her, she still had barely over 20,000 toward the debt her family claimed she owed. Doing some quick mental arithmetic, she realized that, just taking regular clients, it would be almost impossible for her to gather the full payment before it was time to go back to Hogwarts.

She shuddered at the thought of some of the acts that Eloise suggested in order to make more money, but she had to admit, of the choices, she probably wouldn't object to performing with another girl. After all, it wasn't like she hadn't had her tongue in another girl's fanny before! She smiled, remembering the 5th year Prefect, Gemma, who had introduced her to the joys of girl sex, and, like everything else she was interested in, Pansy proved to be an apt pupil, frequently leaving the Prefect panting in exhaustion.

She wondered who she would have to perform with? She had seen several girls she knew from school, including two of her roommates, and she knew she wouldn't mind doing a show with Daphne, although Tracey was a bit of a cold fish. She never seemed to enjoy playing with the other girls and Pansy didn't understand why.

Putting her thoughts aside, she locked the ledger back in the trunk and gathered the tips that her customers had given her today, and then walked down the stairs to Eloise's office.

Eloise was in her office and it only took a minute or so before the Madame had her scheduled for a two girl show later that evening. Before Pansy left, Eloise stopped her, and, looking over her body critically, said, “The show that is scheduled for tonight is a bit different from the usual show. This is a oil wrestling with toys performance.”

When Pansy looked at her curiously, Eloise continued, “You and whoever you are going to be performing with will oil your bodies up when you get on stage, and the two of you will wrestle. Whoever pins their opponent will get a 500 Galleon bonus, and, after the loser submits, the winner will pull the loser over to the bondage station, where they will use a variety of toys on the loser, ending with buggering the other girl. After you are done, the audience members will bid to be your next customer, high bidder will win, of course.”

Pansy smiled sadly and nodded, leaving the room. If she had glanced back, she might have been surprised to see the brief look of pain on Eloise's face, before she wiped it away again. After the door closed behind her, Eloise murmured “You poor girl! I don't know what your family did to get his attention, but I really hope somebody can help you. If it weren't for those damned oaths he made me swear..”

Dinner Time

Fleur's Room

The girls were deeply involved in their research when he stopped by Fleur's room to invite them to dinner. Fleur smiled and, gesturing to the books spread about the room and Cho, Daphne and Susan deep in conversation over a parchment, said “As you can see, I don't think you could drag the three of them away from their conversation.”

Harry nodded, but asked, “Has Tracey been here? She said she was going to be helping out in return for access to some of the books we have.”

“She just left a little while ago, her shift is starting right after dinner.”

“Good, I'm glad she's taking the opportunity offered.” He paused, thinking, “I know this can't be a whole lot of fun for you four, researching constantly, so, would you be interested in getting out for a couple of hours tomorrow? I was thinking about asking Dobby to make up a picnic basket and we could go out and enjoy the day.”

Fleur's smile widened, “That would be wonderful, and I'm sure the others will agree,” she paused, “but don't think that we aren't enjoying ourselves. I know that you are much more of an active person, but there is just something enthralling about going through the books, especially considering how old some of the books in the Black Library are! There are spells we are finding that hadn't been seen in centuries, and for those of us who enjoy it, it's practically paradise!”

Harry blinked at the enthusiasm in her voice and the excitement in her eyes and smiled, relieved. He was about to say something when his stomach grumbled loud enough to get the attention of the others in the room, and the girls started laughing. Fleur just grinned and sent him down to get some dinner and to find some company, because he had only been with the one girl today, and it wasn't all that satisfactory.

Harry grinned wryly, “You're right about that I know that some people enjoy that sort of thing, but it just wasn't for me.”

Fleur smirked, “You might be surprised, Harry. If it were one of us begging you to paddle their naughty arses, you might find it a different situation, but that is a subject for another time. Go get something to eat, we should be finished by the time you are ready for bed and I promise you that we will be anxious for some Harry time!”

He smiled and pulled Fleur into an embrace and, deliberately reaching into the bond, he kissed his Veela lover with all the passion he felt for her and the others, letting them experience what he felt for each and every one of them. He was rewarded by a wave of arousal through the bond from all seven girls, and he heard moans from the four girls in the room before he reluctantly broke the kiss and left the room.

Fleur watched him go on shaking legs, 'Merde! That man can kiss! There is no way I can go back to research now.' Turning around, she saw that the others had the same idea as they were quickly stripping out of their robes and moving the table aside.

Susan grinned at her, “Study break?”

Fleur laughed and slipped out of her robes, joining the others on the carpet.

The Harris House

“Damn it! I'm going crazy here!” Hermione grumbled as she rushed into her bedroom and shut the door behind her.

Vi looked at Buffy and Willow, who were just as confused at Hermione's actions as she was, while Cordy and the others looked amused. Seeing that nobody was going to say anything Vi said, “What was that all about?”

Faith snickered and started to explain.

The Lovegood Campsite

“Silencing Charms, Luna!” Xeno called as he watched his daughter stalk to the tent.

The Patil Home

Parvati's Room

Parvati looked up from her magazine when the door to her room opened and Padma stood there, a wild look in her eyes. “Again, Pad?” Parvati smirked as she stood, letting her robes fall to the floor.

Department of Mysteries

The Veil of Death

The Grey cloaked figure looked up from their scan of the Veil, and smiled under the hood, “Excellent!” the figure whispered, “things are moving along right on schedule.”

Madam Eloise's

Tracey's Room

Two Hours Later

Tracey grinned lazily, running her fingers through the hair on Harry's chest, his arm wrapped comfortably around her. “I don't think there's a single part of my body that isn't happy right now, Green-eyes!” Harry just tightened her hold on her, hugging her against him.

“You know, I think I finally understand what Daphne and the others were going on about. They always talked about how great shagging could be, but I couldn't see it.” She chuckled throatily, “I can now, though!”

Harry laughed lightly, “Glad you enjoyed it, it was pretty damn good for me too! I had no idea you were that flexible.”

“What can I say? You were an inspiring partner, and I really got into what we were doing.”

A soft chime sounded in the room, and Harry looked up, surprised, “What was that?”

Tracey frowned, “That was the timer, I'm afraid that your time is almost up, Harry. We have 2 hours with a customer,” She smirked, “Of course, you're the first one who even lasted an hour, so the question hadn't come up before.”

Harry frowned, he was actually quite comfortable and didn't really want to get up. The frown faded, and he said, “Does the chime mean you have to be available for a different customer, or just that you have a customer?”

“Eloise doesn't care who I'm with, as long as I've got a customer. Why? Fancy another one?”

“Send word to Eloise to bill me for another two hours,” Harry said, “And then I want to see you put your ankles behind your ears again!”

Tracey laughed happily and did as he told her.

End Chapter 15
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