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Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem

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Summary: After driving Voldemort from his mind in the Department of Mysteries, Harry discovers that the connection between the two of them is gone. This is a good thing, right? Except that now Harry has another problem. A crossover with Characters from the Series

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Chapter 16

Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem The Rewrite (16/?)

by Red Jacobson

See Chapter One for all disclaimers and warnings

Special Note: The Goddess Aluria mentioned in this chapter is the property of my good buddy Lucifael, used with his permission.


The Showroom

Same Time as Prior Scene

She hadn't known exactly what to expect when she went up the stairs to the Showroom, but she wasn't expecting a room that could hold a couple of hundred people easily. Rebecca waved her into a dressing room behind the stage, where she was told to strip down, and a two piece costume handed to her. Pansy was amused to see that both the top and the bottom pieces were designed to be easily torn off. Shrugging, she put the costume on and took the plastic bottle of oil that Rebecca handed her. Before she left the dressing room, Rebecca stopped her and held out two potions vials. “One of these potions makes you more aggressive, and the other makes you passive. I'm not going to tell you which is which, but both you and your opponent get to make the same choice. Do you want the potion in my left hand or the one in my right hand?”

Pansy couldn't see anything about the potions, since the vials were both sealed and opaque, so she just reached for the right hand potion. Rebecca handed it to her, and she drank it quickly, as Rebecca left the dressing room. As soon as the fiery liquid hit her tongue, she knew she had chosen the right potion. She felt her heart start pounding in her chest and she clenched and unclenched her fists unconsciously. She was well aware it was the potion that was feeding her aggression, but she was anxious to get out there and totally dominate her opponent! When Rebecca came back, and led her to the waiting area for her entrance, she started looking around for her opponent. Seeing movement to her left, she grinned when she got her first look at who she would be wrestling. Calling over, “Hey, Brown! You ready to eat my pussy?”

She could see the busty blonde smirk at her, “I think you've got it backwards, Parkinson, you're going to be licking me! I just hope you haven't forgotten how I like to be licked, you did such a good job in school!”

----- Flashback ------

It had started after the Gryffindor – Slytherin Quidditch Game, when Pansy couldn't take any more of Draco's gloating in the common room, and went for a walk. She was wandering down a hallway on the second floor when she heard the sound of something being shattered from a classroom that should be empty. Readying a shield charm, she cracked open the door and saw Lavender furiously smashing plates that had the likeness of Draco and Umbridge on them against the wall. In spite of herself, she was impressed by the charms work that had gone into their creation. Slipping inside the room, she closed the door and cast a silencing spell on it so nobody would hear them.

Stepping behind the oblivious blonde, Pansy waited until Lavender had paused before saying, “That looks like fun, mind some company?”

Lavender whirled around and Pansy had to duck out of the way of the stunning spell that shot from the other girls wand. For the second time in a minute, Pansy was impressed. If she hadn't ducked, the spell would have hit her right between the eyes!

Reaching out, she forced the girl's arm down so the wand was pointing at the floor before speaking, “Easy, Brown, easy, I didn't mean to startle you like that. I meant what I said, I wouldn't mind working out a bit of irritation at the Ferret and the Toad myself!”

Lavender looked at her suspiciously, “Why would you want that? You're constantly kissing Malfoy's arse, and Umbridge thinks your House can do no wrong! She's as bad as Snape!”

Shaking her head at the naivety of foolish Gryffindors, she said, “Brown, you're a pure-blood, don't tell me you never heard of the concept of Protective Coloration?”

Lavender nodded, thinking, before saying, “Okay, I can buy that, but what in particular has annoyed you about the Ferret?”

She didn't know why she did it, she was just going to give a generic answer, but something about the girl inspired her to answer honestly.

“Just Draco being Draco, he was so swelled up from what he did at the game that he wanted to celebrate in the middle of the common room! I've accepted that I have to shag him on occasion, when I can't distract him with one of the others, but I'll be damned if I'll kneel down in front of everybody and suck his cock! I am not Millicent!”

Lavender turned slightly green at the idea, and said, swallowing, “Yeah, I can understand that.” Gesturing to the pile of plates, she said, “Be my guest!”

Pansy was enjoying smashing the plates, and conjuring even more of them; these included Snape in the picture as well. She was taking a break when she saw Lavender walk over to the corner of the room where her outer robes were draped over a chair, and pulled out a bottle.

“Well, well, aren't you full of surprises, Lavender? Where did you get the firewhiskey?”

The blonde smirked, “I'll never tell, a girl's got to protect her sources, you know.”

Taking a gulp, Lavender shivered as the liquid went down, and then burped, shooting out a burst of flame, before giggling and offering Pansy the bottle.

Pansy conjured a glass, and poured a healthy shot before tossing it back. She had enough experience with the alcohol that she didn't belch fire, but it still burned nicely going down.

After a few more shots, both of them were feeling more than slightly tipsy, and in Pansy's case, more than a bit randy, and she had to admire the way Lavender's breasts filled out her jumper. Grinning, she stood up and moved closer to Lavender, saying, “You know, I don't feel like throwing plates any more. I've got a more fun way to work of the aggravation.”

Lavender looked up, a little blearily, as Pansy moved in front of her. Lavender wondered what the Slytherin Queen had in mind, but didn't object when Pansy put her hands on her face and moved in for a kiss.

Lavender moaned into Pansy's mouth, and, after kissing for a few moments, giggled, “Oh yeah, that would be a lot more fun!”

Pansy pulled her wand and switched their clothing with the air, and soon both of them were stark naked, staring at each other. Pansy's eyes kept landing on Lavender's breasts, “Sweet Merlin,” she breathed, “they're even bigger than I thought!”

Lavender grinned, and lifted one of them to her mouth and started sucking on the nipple, her eyes sparkling with amusement. That was all it took, and Pansy was on her, her mouth latched onto Lavender's other breast, and her thigh rubbing briskly against Lavender's pussy.

After a mutually satisfying session of rubbing each other, Lavender lowered Pansy to the floor, and laid down on top of her, before kissing her way down the brunette's body. Pansy spread her legs to give the other girl easy access, and squirmed as Lavender moved her face between her legs, and Pansy felt Lavender's soft breath flowing against her dark curls. Lavender teased her for quite some time, blowing on her lower lips, making the already swollen flesh expand even further, before sliding out her tongue and licking along the slit. Pansy reached down to pull Lavender closer, but a sharp smack on her bum convinced her to lie still!

Pansy had no idea how long she lay there. Her world had shrunk down to nothing more than the feeling of Lavender's mouth and tongue, and the pleasure that was rocketing through her body. Lavender kept her on the edge of climax forever, until she was practically begging her to let her cum, but the blonde just looked up and smirked, before going back to what she was doing. Finally, Lavender locked her lips on Pansy's nub and started humming, which was all it took, and Pansy felt like her head exploded the way the lightning flashed behind her eyes as the waves of pleasure overtook her.

When she eventually came back to herself, the first thing Pansy saw was Lavender smirking at her, looking far too self satisfied, and she leapt on the blonde, determined to put her through the same thing that she had experienced.

They were nearly late getting back to their common rooms before curfew.

---- End Flashback ------

Pansy bantered back and forth with Lavender while they waited for the show to begin. She heard a man's voice on the other side of the curtain and smirked as it make her and Lavender sound like the reincarnation of Salazar and Godric, brought here just to put on a lesbian sex show! She saw Lavender holding in her laughter as well. The voice finally announced their names and the applause was thunderous from the other side of the curtain. With a final glance at Lavender, she pulled back the curtain and bounded onto the stage.

She blinked as a bright light hit her, but her eyes adjusted quickly. Remembering Rebecca's instructions, she moved to the front of the stage, and the light followed her. Looking over, she saw that Lavender was in position, so she twisted the spout on the oil bottle and started pouring it over her chest, to wolf-whistling and cheers from the audience. She spend a few minutes rubbing the oil all over her body, before striding to the mat in the center of the stage.

The Harris House

Hermione's Room

Same Time

Hermione opened the door from her bathroom, a towel wrapped around her body, her wet hair hanging down her back. Sitting down at her dressing table, she reached for her hairbrush, only to gasp in shock as it jumped into her hand. “What on Earth? How did I do wandless magic?”

She felt her bondmates curiosity and Cho said, 'What's going on Hermione? Are you alright?'

'I'm fine, just extremely surprised. I just did a wandless summoning, and wasn't even trying to do it!'

Cho asked, 'Why would that surprise you, Sister? You knew that bonding with Harry would affect your magic, making it more powerful.'

'Well, yeah, I knew that, but I haven't bonded with Harry yet because of that damned curse I took.'

She felt warm laughter across the bond from Luna and the others, and felt a little hurt that they were laughing at her. Luna stopped laughing and said, 'Hermione, we weren't making fun of you, it's just funny to hear you say you haven't bonded with Harry. You may not have made love to him yet, but you have been bonded with him for at least two years, if not longer. It just took a bit more time for the magic to affect you because you haven't gotten naked and sweaty with him yet. Speaking of that, you might want to check with Madame Pomfrey, I'm feeling that you might be more healed than you expected.'

'Is that what you are seeing, Luna?' Hermione asked, with hope in her voice.

'Yes it is. I just learned it after we started talking tonight.'

Padma had kept quiet up to now, but had been wondering something ever since Luna had told her she was a seer. 'Lu? I was curious about something about you being a seer. Why are you always doing so poorly in Divination?'

Luna laughed, 'Because the Professor didn't like the things I saw! She sent them back saying they were inappropriate for a girl my age.'

Susan said, 'Oh come now, Luna, you can't leave it there, what did you see that got Sherry Breath's knickers in a twist?'

'They were actually fairly mild. I never shared my explicit visions with her, but they all had to do with sex. It's a quirk of my family, but when we get visions, they always have to do with love and sex.' She giggled, 'You didn't think the family was always named Lovegood, did you?' When there was no response from her sisters, Luna continued, 'We were actually part of the Ollivander family, but a few hundred years ago, one of my great-great grandmothers visited the South Pacific, and became a Priestess of the Goddess Aluria, who is the Goddess of Love and Sex, and, as part of the gift she received from the Goddess, the nature of her visions changed and she took the name Lovegood to honor the change.'

Hermione giggled, 'That certainly explained why you felt you had to be in the Hospital Wing that night! And I'm sure we are all very glad you were.' There was enthusiastic agreement in the bond, except for Harry, who had been silent the entire time.

Curious, Hermione reached out to Harry and found out that he was sound asleep and dreaming. Before she could pull back and leave him in peace, she was pulled into the dream and felt the sun in her face as she sat on the grass; her sisters, except for Cho sitting on the grass with her as they watched Harry and Cho showing a group of 12 children, all about 6 or 7 years old, how to handle their brooms. Looking over the children she saw that two of them had bushy brown hair and brilliant green eyes and knew at once that she was the mother. A wave of maternal love and affection swelled up within her as they followed their daddy around the lawn. She could see each of her sisters features in the other children, and realized that Harry was dreaming about the future he wanted, his family safe and happy around him. She swore an oath that she would do anything she could to help that dream become a reality. Glancing at her sister wives, she saw that they all were glowing softly as their own oaths took hold.

Pulling back from the dream, she found herself back in the bond, and felt the warm glow of happiness from her sisters. 'I guess you all saw the dream too?'

Daphne said, 'It was beautiful! Is that was a loving family feels like?'

Hermione pushed back the feeling of sadness that her sister didn't know what it was like, but said 'It is, Daphne, and you are part of one now!' The others echoed her, and they felt the happiness coming from their newest sister. After chatting for a few more minutes, they withdrew, and Hermione continued getting ready for bed.

It didn't surprise any of them that they dreamed of the family they saw that night.

Eloise's Showroom

About 20 minutes after the last section

Pansy blinked her eyes, clearing the sweat that had gathered. It had taken effort, but she had the buxom blonde pinned to the floor, Pansy's bum resting on her chest and her knees on the floor. She smiled at the blonde pinned beneath her, and whispered, “They want a show, let's give them a show.” Lavender's eyes widened as she realized what Pansy meant, and smirked quickly, fortunately the audience wasn't close enough to hear the conversation.

Sliding forward, Pansy straddled Lavender's face, and reached down, lifting the blonde's face to her pussy. Pansy tossed her head back and moaned in pleasure, exaggerating for the audience, but Lavender did have a talented tongue, and she was really turned on from the match.

The crowd roared in delight as she peaked, and soaked Lavender's face with her juices, before climbing shakily to her feet. Reaching down, she grabbed Lavender's hand and pulled her up as well, leading her to the bondage stage. The stage was a raised circular wooden platform that started slowly rotating as she and Lavender put weight on it. Securing Lavender's wrists into the hanging cuffs, Pansy then did the same with her ankles, before standing up and walking around the bound girl, examining her, sliding her fingers into the bound girls pussy, and then feeding Lavender her own juices. The blonde looked at her, amusement in her eyes, as she pretended to struggle against the bonds.

Pansy went to the trunk that was at the edge of the stage and opened it, smirking at the different toys that were carefully packed inside. Running her eyes over the selection, she picked out a couple of things that she knew, from prior playtime, that her partner enjoyed. Getting a wicked idea, she called for a house-elf, and had it bring her a mug full of crushed ice and a large mug of hot chocolate. When the elf came back, she thanked it, and, picking up the ice and the chocolate, she walked in front of her 'captive' knowing that Lavender could free her hands with a twist of her wrists if her she really wanted to.

Gathering some of the ice chips in one hand, Pansy took some of the hot chocolate in her mouth, swirling it around before swallowing. With her mouth still warm from the liquid, she locked her lips on Lavender's nipples, making her moan from the sensations. While Lavender was enjoying the feeling of her lips on her skin, Pansy moved her icy fingers between the blonde's thighs. Pulling back from her breasts, Pansy whispered 'Brace yourself!' and slipped the ice inside Lavender's quim!

Lavender shrieked in surprise at the sudden cold, before her eyes rolled back in her head and she started shaking as an orgasm overwhelmed her. “It never fails,” Pansy murmured. “She is such a hedonist, all about the sensations.” The two of them had experimented quite a bit during the year, and she found that Lavender would always cream her knickers when they played with hot and cold sensations. Pansy knew the audience wouldn't have any idea, and wanted to give them the best show she could to drive up the bidding on both of them for the 'after show' auction.

She let Lavender recover from her climax and finished most of the hot chocolate, leaving a mouthful in the bottom of the mug. Turning to face the audience, she poured the remaining drink over her breasts, and moaned in pleasure as she rubbed the warm liquid into her skin. The audience roared their appreciation, so she gave them a slight bow before turning back to Lavender, who was stirring in her bonds.

Going to the toy box, Pansy picked up the strap-on and harness she had chosen and fixed it in place. Looking down at the seven inch cock standing out from her crotch, she grinned and stroked it, only to be surprised as the fake felt warm in her hand. She stroked it again, and felt a pleasant sensation in her core. 'gotta love magic!' she thought, as she picked up the vibrator and nipple clips she had selected earlier.

She saw that Lavender had a smile that even a crucio couldn't erase. Leaning in, she kissed the blonde firmly, and felt Lavender responding, becoming aware of her surroundings once again. “Welcome back Lav, did you enjoy your holiday?” Pansy teased, only to laugh as Lavender stuck her tongue out at her, “Maybe later, we have a show to finish.” She grinned as she held up the nipple clamps. Pinching Lavender's nipples, she put the flat metal clips on each of them, and Lavender moaned in pleasure.

Pansy knelt down, both to allow the audience to see the clips on Lavender's nipples, as well as giving her access to the chains attached to the cuffs around her ankles. Lengthening the chains so Lavender could bring her legs together, Pansy stood back up. Tapping the vibrator, Pansy started running it along the other girl's breasts, avoiding the nipples, and smiled as Lavender's moans grew louder. Switching direction, she moved it upward, lightly moving it along the underside of the blonde's jawline, smirking as Lavender started whimpering with need. Leaning in, she captured Lavender's earlobe with her teeth, and gave her a little nip, which was all it took to set the girl off again, to loud cheers from the audience.

In The Audience

Eloise sat in the back of the nearly filled Showroom, watching Pansy play Lavender like a violin. She was surprised that she was actually getting wet at how easily Pansy dominated her partner, although she could tell that the two girls had played together before. Pansy was far too familiar with the blonde's pleasure points to be a stranger to her body. She still didn't know why Albus wanted the girl to take the distasteful jobs, and was trying within the limits of her oaths to put him off. She hated having to put any of her girls into those situations, but, like she told Harry, she was running a business, and that meant showing a profit. If she didn't provide the outlet her customers wanted, she knew of three different places along Knockturn Alley where a customer could find what they wanted.

She assuaged her conscience by making sure the girls were paid very well for what they went through, and limited the number of times they would have to perform, but there were times when Albus forced her to make a girl perform. She didn't understand why he chose the girls, but they always ended up broken after it. Bellatrix was the worst of the lot of course, but losing Sally-Anne a month ago had hurt badly! She cursed Dumbledore's name when she found the girl's body hanging in her shower, the scratches from the dog's claws still bleeding along her body. It wasn't long after she reported the girl's death to the old man that she received a letter from Lady Parkinson, setting out her expectations for how Pansy was to be treated when she arrived. Of course, the wards prevented the compulsion charm from taking effect, but she wondered what kind of monsters could do that to their daughter? She was glad that Pansy was doing a good job in the show, because it would probably drive the bidding up, so the debt she owed her parents would be lowered. Hopefully she can make enough money that way to satisfy Albus, but she wasn't too confident about it.


Dumbledore's Private Quarters

The Same Time

Albus stretched out on the bed, a slight smile on his lips. He ignored the sobbing blonde lying beside him, her wrists tied to the headboard. She always cried after servicing him, and he didn't really care to wonder why. She should be pleased to be serving a useful purpose. Merlin knows that she wasn't doing that as a teacher. He yawned, laying his head back on the pillow. He'd just rest his eyes for a few minutes. Good sex always relaxed him and he wasn't as young as he used to be, so he needed a little nap. He closed his eyes, and let his mind drift, knowing that sleep would soon claim him.

With a gasp, the old man sat bolt upright in his bed! He was struggling to breathe and his heart felt like it was pounding a hundred beats a minute. He sat very still at the edge of the bed, forcing himself to calm down. Eventually he got his breathing under control, and his heart slowed back down to something close to normal.

Wiping the sweat from his brow, he lay back down, only to meet the wide eyed stare of the woman in his bed. Smiling softly, he said, “You didn't need to see that Charity, so it's best you don't remember. Reaching for his wand, he put the woman to sleep and modified her memories so she would have no memory of Fawkes bringing her to his chambers. Casting healing and cleaning spells on the woman, to stop the bleeding he caused when he took her arse as well as to get rid of any suspicious stains, he had Fawkes return her to her quarters and leave her on her bed.

When he was alone in his chambers, he rose on shaking legs and poured himself a snifter of brandy, knowing it was the only thing that would calm him enough to be able to sleep. “Damn it! That was the worst one yet. I thought I had more time. I've got too much to do before I'm ready to leave on the Next Great Adventure!” He fell silent for a few minutes before a smile crossed his face, “At least Harry is showing the proper attitude now, and I can start grooming him to take over as soon as Tom is taken care of.” He chuckled remembering the indignant look on Eloise's face when she told him what he had done to her. “I'm glad that Harry is capable of treating a cunt properly, I was a little concerned that the Dursley's had taken his balls during the time he was there.” He paused, “Speaking of the Dursley's, I believe it's time I demonstrated my displeasure with them. I wanted a humble young man, not the wretch they created!”

Dressing quickly, he called for Fawkes, and the two of them disappeared in a flash of flame.

The Showroom

10 minutes after the prior scene

Pansy couldn't believe the sensations shooting through her body from the strap-on she was wearing. It was incredible. It felt as though it was actually a part of her and she was reveling in the heat and tightness she was experiencing as she buggered Lavender. 'If this is what it feels like for a guy, no wonder they all love it!'

Lavender was moaning against the gag in her mouth as she moved back against Pansy, burying the dildo even deeper in her arse. The audience was roaring their approval of every thrust, and the way that Lavender swayed in the bonds, her body bent forward, her arms still cuffed above her head. Pansy could feel an unusual pressure in her crotch, and knew she was about to cum, so she reached around and started fingering Lavender, bringing the excited girl to a climax of her own just as Pansy reached her own tipping point, and exploded in the blonde's rear.

Pulling out, she removed the strap on, and released Lavender from her bonds, before kissing her passionately. Lavender returned the kiss eagerly and said, “I'm going to want a rematch, you know that don't you?”

Pansy laughed, “I'm looking forward to it. But let's go get a shower first while they are having the auction to see who gets the pleasure of our company tonight.”

With a tired grin, Lavender nodded, and they made their way through the curtains to the dressing room.

Number 4, Privet Drive

Just after midnight

It was a slaughterhouse, the two male Dursley's had been sliced to pieces, their bodies scattered all over the living room and kitchen. Petunia was lying naked in her husband and son's blood, a bloody butcher's knife in her hand. Her mind was long since shattered from the Cruciatus Curse and seeing her family butchered, knowing that she was the one who wielded the knife, even if it wasn't her idea. Her world had shrunk, the only thing that existed now was the voice she heard, telling her what to do. Climbing to her feet, she walked to the refrigerator and lifted the white board they used to write their grocery orders on, but she has something much more important to write now. With a shaky hand, she scrawled the words, “I'm Sorry” on the board and left it on the table before picking up the knife and guiding it to an open space in her ribs. Closing her eyes, she followed the voice's last instruction, and plunged the blade into her chest. The forensic pathologist would find that she had cut her heart nearly in two, death was instantaneous.

Albus smiled genially as he watched the woman die. He knew that he wouldn't feel any regret at their deaths, unlike the other times he had killed. They were only muggles after all.

The Showroom

A quick shower and snog later

Pansy was surprised that the bidding was still going on when they came back on the stage. In fact, their appearance seemed to spur the bidding even higher. She was stunned when it finally ended 20 minutes later, and Lavender's winning bid was 2500 hundred Galleons! Her surprise was even greater when she saw who had won her, it was the same Weasley who had treated her so nicely her first afternoon there. She didn't recognize the man who won her, but she was thrilled that the winning bid was close to 4,000 Galleons. She went with the man eagerly, especially when he introduced his wife as well. 'This is going to be fun,' she thought and several hours later was pleased at just how right she was.

Lavender's Room

Immediately after the Auction

Lavender led Percy Weasley to her room and waited patiently as he set the privacy wards and cast several other spells at the walls, doors and ceiling. Stripping out of his robes, he sat on the edge of the bed, and beckoned Lavender toward his erection. She grinned and knelt between his legs and took him in hand.

When they finished 45 minutes later, Percy spoke, “Okay, we have satisfied the requirement of the auction, and I have to say, you were quite worth the Galleons, so we can talk.” Rolling over onto his side, he looked directly into Lavender's eyes. “What do you have to report, Unspeakable Brown?”

End Chapter 16
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