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Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem

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Summary: After driving Voldemort from his mind in the Department of Mysteries, Harry discovers that the connection between the two of them is gone. This is a good thing, right? Except that now Harry has another problem. A crossover with Characters from the Series

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Chapter 17

Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem The Rewrite (17/?)

by Red Jacobson

See Chapter One for all disclaimers and warnings


Harry's Room

Monday Morning

Harry woke with a smile, surrounded by warm soft bodies. Blinking owlishly, he saw Cho's straight black hair draped across his chest as she snuggled under her arm. He grinned at the soft snoring he heard from her. Feeling movement on his other side, he saw Fleur shifting in her sleep as she cuddled up to him. Lifting his head, he saw Susan spooning against Fleur with Daphne behind the redhead. Whispering “Tempus” The numbers 7:22 floated in front of his face. “Damn, we slept later than I expected. We need to get breakfast and get moving if we want to meet Hermione before she sees Madame Pomfrey.

Reaching into the bond, he concentrated on the four lovelies with him and send a feeling of love to them, along with a call to wake up. The four of them smiled in their sleep as they felt his love, and were still smiling as they woke up. Cho smiled up at him, and said “Master, you can wake me up like that anytime!”

The others echoed her as they climbed out of bed and started moving around. Eventually they were all cleaned and dressed, ready to face the day and left the room for breakfast. When they got down to the dining area, Susan saw a blonde girl sitting at the table and squealed happily “Megan!” She rushed over to pull the girl into a hug. Harry recognized the girl as one of Susan's housemates, Megan Jones. He didn't really know her, other than she wasn't a member of the DA and was fairly quiet in class.

Leaving Susan to her conversation, he glanced along the table, and saw a few other faces he hadn't seen here before. He grinned and nodded at Katie's roommate Demelza Robbins, who raised her glass of grapefruit juice to him. His grin widened as he remembered Ron's reaction the first time he saw her drinking it. He had insisted on trying it, always being interested in something new to eat or drink, and he took one drink from the glass the elves brought him and spit it across the table. Neville was not pleased!

Sitting next to Demelza was a slender brunette who he knew from charms class, Morag something or other who gave him a quick grin. Nodding to her, his gaze fell on a petite Chinese girl named Su Li, he gave her a warm smile because he remembered that she was a good friend of Padma's. As if thinking about her had caught her attention, he heard Padma in his head, saying excitedly, 'Harry! You have got to spend some time with Su, she was a very good friend to Luna and I the last couple of years.'

Luna spoke up as well, 'And you should hear the way she squeaks when you get your tongue inside her!' Harry almost choked on his milk while Padma giggled in the bond.

Harry laughed in the bond and said 'I'll keep that in mind, but I'm going to be busy this morning. Those of us who are here are meeting Hermione at Hogwarts so she can get Madame Pomfrey to look her over, then we are going on a picnic. I'm sorry you two aren't here to join us, but I'm sure we will do it again after you get back.'

Padma sent a feeling of affection through the bond and said, 'Looking forward to it, and so is Parvati!'

Luna just said, 'Frankly, at this point I'd be willing to skip the picnic in favor of a day or two in bed with all of you, my fingers are getting cramped!' With a merry laugh, she pulled back, leaving Harry to shake his head in amusement as the others chuckled.

With no further interruptions, Harry and the others finished a light breakfast. They had just finished when Moony and his ladies arrived. Harry had talked to Remus the day before to get a portkey to the Hogwarts ground for the day. The marauder held out a brass ring and told him to just tap it with his wand when everybody was touching it. After making sure that everyone who wanted to fly had their brooms, Harry tapped the portkey.

Hogwarts Infirmary

11:30 that morning

Hermione stood waiting impatiently for the nurse to finish her scans, a death grip on Harry's hand as he stood beside her. She relaxed a little as the others gathered around her as well, providing support. Madame Pomfrey finally looked up with a slight smile. “You know, Miss Granger, I've got used to Mister Potter doing the impossible, but you seem to be doing the same thing. You are almost completely healed! I'd say seven more days of the potions and you will be done, and can finally indulge yourself in what you obviously want.”

Hermione didn't hear what else the nurse had to say as she had turned to Harry and started kissing him. He moaned as she let him feel all the passion she had been saving for him in her kiss. She broke the kiss reluctantly, but smirked as she felt his arousal pressing into her stomach. To avoid scandalizing the older woman, she said to the others in the bond, 'Harry, I expect you to find a way for me to get to you next Monday morning, and then I don't expect to see the outside of your bedroom door for at least two days!' Focusing on the other four girls, she continued 'I'm not trying to push you away, in fact, I'm hoping all of you will be there with us, at least after the first time, because I'm looking forward to showing you all just how much I appreciate what you've done for Harry and plan to have my tongue in each of you multiple times.'

The others just smiled at the images Hermione was sending them of just what she wanted to do to each of them. Susan moaned at the image of Hermione using a strap on to bugger her as Harry buggered her.. “Oh Merlin! I can't wait,” Susan breathed, to matching nods from the others.

Diagon Alley

Same Time

Hannah Abbott was sitting at a table in Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor with her younger sister Patty, who had just finished her 1st year in Hufflepuff, when she heard somebody saying her name. Looking up she saw a tall dark skinned boy who she remembered from Herbology and the Defense Association was Dean Thomas. Dean was standing with a younger girl who was obviously his sister, and they were carrying their cones.

“Hi, Dean! Good morning, care to join us?” She said with a welcoming smile. Dean grinned in return and pulled out a chair for his sister, who was looking around in fascination.

When they were seated, Dean said, “This is my sister Andrea. We just got Andy's letter, so Professor McGonagall brought us to the Alley so we could do some shopping, and we're just taking a break. What brings you to the Alley today? I thought you'd be hanging around with Susan, especially since her Aunt is probably going to be the new Minister.”

“Normally I would be, but Susan has a summer job and I won't get to see her until the end of summer. Mum got tired of Patty and I laying around the house, so she took us out for a while to get some shopping done. She's just finishing up a few errands so we're waiting for her.”

Dean's eyes widened slightly at the way Hannah emphasized the words 'summer job' and, checking that Patty was deep into a conversation with Andy about the wonders of Hufflepuff House, he looked Hannah in the eye and nodded his understanding. “A summer job can take up a lot of your time, but if it's a good one, you can get lots of experience that will help you later in life.” He said with a slight grin.

Hannah grinned as well, “Very true, and I hope she enjoys her summer.” Taking a bite of her ice cream, she swallowed and said, changing the subject “How has your summer been so far?”

Dean swallowed his own ice cream before responding, “Not bad so far, spent a few days with my mate Seamus, finally got him to a West Ham game the other day.” He grinned widely, “I thought he'd been to a footie before, but he'd never seen a game live, only on Match of the Day, and I thought he'd lose his mind at the way the crowds were acting. I also spent some time flying. I want to try out for the open Chaser spot in the fall, so Seamus and I did some of the drills we saw Ollie and Angelina putting the team through.”

Dean was struggling to come up with a way to ask the next question when he felt a tap on his arm, and looked over to see Andy with her hand out. “Patty and I are going in back to the arcade, I need some money,” she demanded imperiously, and he grinned and pulled out a couple of Galleon coins and watched as the two of them moved to the back of the room.

He looked up to see Hannah smiling gently as she watched the younger girls. Turning back to Dean she said, “Little sisters are so much fun, aren't they? At least when they're not busy being brats.”

Dean laughed and nodded, “That's for sure! I love Andy to death, but when she gets in her bossy mood it reminds me of Hermione at school.”

They chatted for a while longer, keeping an eye on Andy and Patty who seemed to be on the verge of friendship, until their mothers arrived at the same time. Naturally that led to the mothers taking a break for ice cream of their own while waiting for the girls to finish their game. Eventually the mothers looked at each other with a knowing smile, and got up to retrieve their daughters, giving the teens a couple of minutes of privacy.

As soon as their mothers were away from the table, Dean said, “I've really enjoyed this, Hannah, hanging out and talking to you, and I'm sorry we didn't get to know each other in school, but, what can you do? Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to get together and do something this weekend, kind of a date thing?” He rushed the last of his words out, and Hannah blinked trying to translate them.

When she finally understood what he was asking, she smiled widely, “I'd love to! Did you have anything in mind?”

“Have you ever been to the cinema?”

Hannah shook her head, “I've heard of it from Justin of course, but have never been to one.”

Dean grinned, “Then you're in for a treat! There's a cinema just a few blocks from here that shows classic films from the last 50 years or so, and this week they are showing a double bill, where you can see two films one after another for the same price. The films are 'Some Like It Hot' and 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' I've seen them both, and nearly hurt myself I laughed so hard.” Hannah got caught up in his enthusiasm and was laughing as he started describing the migrating coconuts.

Jocelyn Thomas turned to Marilyn Abbott and smiled, “I have a feeling we may be seeing a lot more of each other this summer. Would you and your family like to come over some evening for dinner? I'm sure you'd like to get to know my son better.”

Marilyn smiled in return, “That would be wonderful! Let me give you my phone number and I'll take yours.” At Jocelyn’s surprised look, she said, “I'm what's called Muggleborn, the same as your two kids. I live in the Magical world, but I have a mobile phone for my non-magical relatives to keep in touch,” she sighed. “I just wish Hannah were more comfortable in the non-magical world, she's missing out on a lot.”

“I know what you mean. I'm just glad that Dean seems to be determined to keep one foot in our world as well as the magical world. He is actually taking correspondence courses for the subjects he would be studying if he was going for his GCSE.” Seeing that Marilyn was confused at the term, she said, “They used to be called 'O' Levels when we were in school.”

Marilyn nodded in understanding, more than a little impressed at the ambition the young man was demonstrating. Eventually the families went their separate ways, and Dean and Hannah both endured a great deal of teasing from their sisters.

Comfort Inn, London

Near Vauxhall Station

The same time

Peter smiled happily as the hot soapy water washed away years of grime. It had been far too long since he had really felt clean and he intended to enjoy the feeling as long as he could. Eventually he stepped out of the shower and, wiping the mirror clean with a towel, grabbed the shaving soap and lathered up, running the razor along his cheeks and jaw, before carefully cleaning the stubble off his throat.

Drying off, he dressed in his transfigured robes and sat down at the writing table in the room. Pulling out a few sheets of paper, he practiced writing with a pen for a few minutes before starting on the letter he knew he had to write, he just hoped the magic of the life debt he owed Harry would protect him from the fallout when Harry acted on the letter. If not, well, he already knew he wasn't destined for a pleasant afterlife, he would just get there sooner than he had planned. He wrote down everything in his letter for Harry, expressing his regret at the decisions he had made, from the first night that he found himself in Bellatrix's bed, and her leading him down the path to damnation that made him willing to kneel before the monster and accept Voldemort's brand on his arm. Once he had the mark, it seemed that there was nothing that was beneath him, including betraying his best friends. As he forced himself to remember everything he had done, tears formed in his eyes, the first tears he had cried in over 14 years. He purged himself in the letter, already realizing what he would have to do to truly make things right. Finishing the letter with Voldemort's location, and the code phrase that would allow the goblins to give him access to the vault, he sealed the letter and addressed the envelope to Harry. He then put it inside a slightly larger envelope that he addressed to the muggle address Gringotts uses. Sealing the larger envelope, he took it down to the front desk to be mailed and checked out of the hotel, the straight razor inside his shaving kit carried under his arm.

Walking down the street, he kept his eyes open for an alleyway that he could use. Spotting one, he walked inside and stopped at the garbage tip. Climbing inside, he braced himself and raised the blade of the razor to his throat, pushing it deep enough to draw blood, and as he felt the blood flowing completed his animagus transformation for the last time. He felt the blade dig deeper into his neck as he shrank until he knew no more, and all that was left behind was the body of a rat, it's head neatly severed beside the body, and the curious silver paw.


On the Shore of the Great Lake

About an Hour after Previous Scene

Hermione was stretched out on her side, her head resting on her hand as she watched Harry and Cho flying around above the lake, playing catch with the giant squid and generally having a great time. She looked over at Fleur Susan and Daphne who were in similar positions and said, “You don't even need the bond to tell how happy they are. I'll admit, I never really understood why Harry loved flying so much, but I think I do now. And I can't wait to see the two of them teaching all of our children to fly,

how about you?”

The others nodded fervently, and Susan said, “He's going to make a wonderful daddy, you can tell that from the way he's treated all of us. I've teased him about being a Hufflepuff at heart, but he's gone so far above and beyond what he could be expected to do. Personally I can't wait to start giving him children.” She grinned, “Of course, the practicing is also a hell of a lot of fun!”

Fleur and Daphne snickered, while Hermione glared at them. “Just wait until I finally get some Harry time! I'm hoping to make all of you cramp your fingers because you'll be so turned on you have to get relief!”

Susan grinned, “I'm fine with that, fair is fair after all. Although I admit I'm hoping to be in the room when you first take that monster of his up your arse. I'm betting you squeal wonderfully. I know we all do even now!”

Fleur chuckled throatily, “I'm sure our Hermione will enjoy it as much as we do; after all, it doesn't matter what he is doing, the fact that it is Harry is all that matters, isn't it Hermione?”

Hermione looked offended, “Of course it's because it's Harry, I would never consider doing these things for anybody else!” She blushed a little, and continued “Although had any of you expressed an interest, I wouldn't have struggled very hard to stay out of your beds.”

The others shook their heads at lost opportunities, but Daphne grinned, “I'm sure we will have plenty of chances to make up for lost time when you are fully healed. After all, I'm really looking forward to having you on my face as you lick me and Harry as he shags me stupid!”

In the air above the lake

The Same Time

Cho was feeling happier than she could remember being in a long long time; even happier than she was when Harry claimed her and her sisters welcomed her into the bond. The feeling of the wind in her hair and her broom between her thighs made all of her cares and concerns fall away, and there was nothing in her world but her and Harry and the sky around them. Looking down, she saw the squid stick one of its tentacles out of the water and toss the ball toward Harry. With a laugh, she shot forward and caught the ball before Harry even got close to it.

Harry laughed at Cho's joy in flying, glad that at least one of his bonded understood his love for being in the air. He chased after her as she caught the ball and glancing down, he could swear the squid looked amused at their antics. 'Just more of the weirdness in my life,' he mused, 'that a giant squid thinks I'm here to amuse him!' Shrugging, he looked back at Cho and raced toward her, his arm outstretched to take the ball from her.

The Delacour Home

The South of France

That Same Morning

Sixteen year old Gabrielle Delacour stretched as she tossed the sheet off of her body and lowered her feet to the floor without opening her eyes. She frowned as the floor seemed a lot closer than it had the night before. Opening her eyes, she looked down and smiled widely as she saw the changes her body had finally went through! Standing, she froze for a moment or two to get used to her new height and build, before stripping out of the little girls nightgown she had gone to bed in. Walking over to the full length mirror in the corner, she admired her figure, including her full breasts and the narrowness of her waist, before looking lower and seeing that she had a full thatch of blonde silky looking hair above her flower. She nodded sharply,“My Harry will certainly enjoy how I look now!” Turning from the mirror, she went to the section of her closet her mother had prepared the previous summer, knowing this time would come. Finding underwear and a dress that fit her new form, Gabrielle dressed quickly and went down the stairs to the breakfast room.

Her parents were sitting at the table, finishing their coffee when her mother Apolline looked up and saw her. She smiled widely and her eyes filled with tears as she gasped, “Oh Gabrielle! You are beautiful!” and rushed to embrace her. Her father rose to his feet just a bit behind his wife and soon was embracing her as well, although she could feel his happiness was lightly tinged with sadness at his little girl growing up.

After Gabrielle had sat down, and a heaping plate of her breakfast favorites appeared in front of her, Appoline asked quietly, “Now that you have changed, when will you go to him?”

Gabrielle finished chewing her banana and swallowed, before saying, “Not for a week or two. I need to get used to my new body and finish my summer course work. I expect to be too busy to concentrate on school work when I find him.” She finished with a smirk.

Her father just groaned and covered his face with his hand. “Gabrielle, please! I know mentally what you are going to do, and I've accepted it as part of your being Veela, but I'd prefer to believe that my innocent daughter would remain a virgin until she is at least 30!”

Gabrielle smiled softly, “I'm sorry, Papa, I don't mean to upset you, but I'm just so excited that I've finally matured. I've been waiting for this for over a year, ever since he pulled me from the lake that morning.”

Her mother said, “Do you know where he is now, Gabrielle? I know you couldn't find him before.”

Gabrielle paused in her eating, and her eyes lost their focus for a few moments, before she smiled widely and said, “He's at Hogwarts, and, Mama, Fleur is with him! There are others there, and they are all very happy. I feel him laughing at something, and the others are laughing as well. I can't see what they are doing, but it feels like the wind is blowing through my hair and I'm chasing somebody on a broom. The other person is laughing as well.”

Apolline had dropped her fork in shock, “Fleur is there? I thought she was working at Gringotts still.”

“I don't know, Mama, but she is there, and she is happy and relaxed, joking with a couple of other girls.” She blushed suddenly and said, “It seems Grand-mere was right, I will be one of several who have bound myself to Harry, and he has bound himself to us. I won't tell you what I saw, but all the others, including Fleur, are intimate with Harry and each other.”

Apolline took a sip of her coffee and mused, “If my mother is correct about there being several girls there, I wonder if she is right about his other form? It would certainly explain the other girls.” She laughed lightly, “You would need the help, not even a full Veela could handle him by herself.”


Dumbledore's office

At the same time

Albus, Minerva, Filius and Pomona were seated in the Headmaster's office going over applicants for the Defense Against the Dark Arts Position. They had already agreed to offer the position of Potions Professor to Horace Slughorn, assuming they could lure him out of retirement. Albus just smiled and said he had that situation already handled, before he turned to the next applicant. The pile of applications in front of them was getting smaller, and the rejected pile was distressingly large.

Albus shook his head in frustration as he closed the last folder. “I was afraid that the inconsistent teaching we've had over the last several years would cause a problem, but I had hoped that at least one or two qualified candidates would come forward. It seems like the rumors of a curse on the position have frightened most of them off. I would be willing to teach some of the classes, but, frankly, I don't have the time to teach all of them. Would any of you feel comfortable with teaching defense to some of the younger years?”

Minerva said, “The only way I could possibly do it, and even then I'd be doubtful, is with the aid of a Time Turner, and honestly, I don't think that my heart could stand the strain.”

The others said basically the same thing. Albus sighed, and said, “Then I've got a very radical suggestion for you, and I only offer it up because I don't see any other options. I have already asked Director Bones if she had an Auror on light duty that would be willing to fill in for the year, and was turned down politely, very politely, but turned down all the same. I have to admit I can understand her reluctance, considering we need every Auror we can get out on the streets with the threat of Voldemort publicly recognized. But it does leave us with a dilemma.”

Taking a lemon drop and popping it in his mouth, he said; “You've all received your students OWL results, have you not? What have you noticed about the Defense scores for this year's group?”

Filius spoke up, “The most obvious thing is that the scores were higher than they had been in years, at least in Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, for most of the students anyway. I'm guessing there is a connection between these students that I am not aware of?”

“Yes there is, Filius; in response to the Ministry's wonderful defense instructor last year, one of the Fifth year students, with assistance from a couple of his friends, organized a Defense Study Group that included members of your three houses. It was the discovery of this group that led to my abrupt absence from the school for part of the year. I am considering offering an Assistant Professorship to this student to teach the younger years DADA, when he gets done what he is doing, that is. I've already gotten approval to offer Remus Lupin the position of Primary DADA instructor for the upper years on the condition that no other qualified applicant could be found. I'm sure he won't have any difficulty with the student assisting him.”

The others wondered why the Headmaster smirked when he talked about the assistant. Minerva cleared her throat, “All right, Albus, I'll ask the question you are dying to answer, who is the student you want to make a professor?”

Before Dumbledore could answer, Flitwick said, “It's Harry Potter, there is no one else it could be! That's the only student Albus would have so much fun springing on us.”

Albus said, “Well done. Although I had hoped I wasn't that obvious. Yes, the student I have in mind is Mister Potter; this is partially to help him get ready for what he has to do and also to give him a chance to shine, as well as to make up for not making him a Prefect last year.”

Albus expected to have to deal with a great deal of objections; but was surprised to see his Heads of House nodding thoughtfully, although he did see Minerva fighting to keep a proud smile off of her face, which turned to a frown as she thought of something, and Albus waited for her inevitable objection.

Actually, the only objection he received was from Pomona Sprout, “Albus, are you certain that the Board of Governors will go along with hiring Mister Potter as a Professor? He is still very young. And the Board actually gave permission to re-hire Remus? Don't get me wrong, from what I heard from my Puffs, he was the best Professor they'd had in years, but the Board forced you to let him go the last time.”

He actually chuckled at that, “In other years, other times, I'd say that you have a valid concern. but with Lucius Malfoy permanently removed from the Board, and myself and Harry so successfully vindicated with Voldemort's return I could probably get approval to have Aragog teach a course on web building!”

“That's all well and good, Albus,” Minerva said, “but what about his relationship with his Harem?” She practically spat the last word. “You don't honestly think that the Board will turn a blind eye to a Professor, or even an 'Assistant Professor' having sex with at least three students?”

'And there was the objection I was expecting! Typical of the dried up old cunt, more concerned with somebody else's sex life than her own lack of one.' Albus thought with a mental sneer, before answering her firmly. “Yes I do. The Board has no say about what goes on between a man and his wife, or wives, Minerva; especially since the relationships were started prior to him assuming the position. I've actually discussed this situation with the school solicitor; I didn't want any problems to arise over his living arrangements. However, if it will make you feel better, Harry will not be instructing any of his wives in a classroom setting. Does that answer your question?” She nodded, sharply.

The rest of the meeting was concerned with naming the new Head of Slytherin House.It was decided to have Professor Slughorn take over the position again.

The Burrow

That Morning

Molly smiled as she looked into the dining area, seeing Ron with his schoolwork spread out in front of him and his girlfriend sitting beside him answering questions on the material and reading over his essays. She was proud of the way Ron was growing up. He had been so childish for so long, but now he was focusing on things that were important. Of course, it wouldn't be Ron if he didn't want to eat as often as possible, but under Felicity's influence, his table manners had drastically improved. She shook her head, she had tried for years to get him to improve, but a week with Felicity and she wouldn't be embarrassed to have him with them at a fancy restaurant.

She chuckled softly, 'of course Felicity has a reward system in place that I can't touch, so it's no wonder he's doing better.' She watched as the girl set the last of the essays down, and stood up.

Smiling, Felicity took Ron's hand and the two of them headed for the front door calling out they were taking a break and going for a walk. Molly just waved them off and hoped that they remembered the contraceptive spells. 'Oh well, even if they have an accident, it won't be a problem, especially since Arthur was able to get an agreement with Felicity's parents about betrothing the two of them. We just need to sit down with the two of them after dinner and confirm this is what they want before we sign anything.'

An Apartment on Diagon Alley

Just after dawn

Percy Weasley yawned as he slipped his key into the lock, trying to be quiet as he opened the door. He didn't want to wake Audrey. He knew she was working late last night and liked to have a lie in on Mondays, her day off. He had gone to one of the safe houses after getting the report from his agent last night, writing it up and dropping it in the usual spot, and set the marker so his handler knew there was something to retrieve and made his way back home.

He was hanging up his robes when he heard Audrey's voice. “Percy? You're just getting home? I thought I had a long night, but you went in hours before I did!” He turned toward her voice and saw her standing in the hall. Apparently she had been heading for the shower because she was wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around her. Licking his suddenly dry lips, he said, “Yes, I just finished a little while ago.” She smirked at him and raised her eyebrow, and he felt himself rise inside his trousers. Audrey was well aware of what he had spent the night doing, she was part of the team that was doing the data collection after all, and it always got her turned on to hear his stories of time with the other girls. They had started working together after his fling with Penny had ended and were lovers within a couple of months. He was a little sad, because he could never be sure if her openness was a natural part of her personality, or something that the monster at Hogwarts had programed into her. She wasn't really sure either, but told him she didn't really care because she was happy with who she was. Percy accepted it, but knew that he would do everything he could to end the programming so that others wouldn't have to go through was Audrey did.

With a tired smile, he said, “So, how was your night?” She giggled, which he always loved to hear because a giggling Audrey was a happy Audrey, which made for a happy Percy!

“Almost as busy, but not as earth shaking as yours. My shift was fairly quiet until about halfway through an alarm started going off. People were running around like crazy, trying to figure out what was going on, until we tracked the source of the alarm down. It turns out it was caused by several wards crashing down in a muggle neighborhood. A couple of the obliviators took off to see what was happening, and it turns out that the wards were on the house where Harry Potter lives! Naturally that set some flags flying, especially after You Know Who showed up a couple of weeks ago, so they went inside and found the uncle and cousin butchered and the aunt dead, a suicide, with the knife she used to butcher them buried in her heart. It wasn't until we got in touch with Dumbledore, because he's still listed as Potter's magical guardian, that we found out that Potter hadn't been there this summer.”

Grinning in a way that told him there was a lot more to the story, she continued, “Anyway, I was about to take a shower, why don't you get out of those clothes and we can unwind a bit first?”

Percy grinned, “A shower sounds wonderful!” With a playful leer at her towel clad form he added, “Want to save some water?”

Audrey giggled again, but shook her head, “Let's get sweaty first so we can earn that shower!”

She dropped the towel to the floor just as he reached for her.

It was an hour later that the neighbors heard the shower start.

End Chapter 17
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