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Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem

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Summary: After driving Voldemort from his mind in the Department of Mysteries, Harry discovers that the connection between the two of them is gone. This is a good thing, right? Except that now Harry has another problem. A crossover with Characters from the Series

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Chapter 18

Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem The Rewrite (18/?)

by Red Jacobson

See Chapter One for all disclaimers and warnings

Headmaster's Office
After The Picnic

Harry was surprised to see Remus sitting in Dumbledore's office when he and the ladies arrived. The older man still had a bit of ash from the floo on his robes, but didn't seem to notice. He was deep in conversation with Sirius who was, to Harry's amusement, floating a few inches above the cushion of the chair he was seated in. Padfoot glanced up and gave Harry a grin and a wave as he and the others walked in. Harry didn't see the Headmaster in his office, so he looked over the available seats and transfigured three of them into a couch large enough to hold all of them before taking a seat. All the girls looked impressed at the transfiguration but before they said anything, Dumbledore's voice came from an open door in the back of the room.

“Wandless complex transfiguration, Harry? Impressive. It looks like you are getting a good grip on your power increase.”

The old man sat down comfortably in his chair and Harry could see the old man's eyes twinkling merrily. He still was angry at what the old man had done to him, but was willing to admit that he seemed to be trying to make up for things this summer. He still wasn't willing to trust him yet, so he sent a message through the bond to avoid looking in his eyes.

Harry leaned back on the couch, his arms around Hermione and Cho who claimed the seats next to him. “Good Afternoon,
Professor, thank you for letting us have the picnic here, it was a treat to get out and about for the day.”

“That's no problem at all, Harry, I was happy to help.” The smile dropped and Dumbledore grew somber. “I asked you to come
up here for a few reasons Harry, and unfortunately, one of them is rather unpleasant,” Harry tensed and he felt the girls gripping his hands, as the old man continued “It has to do with your relatives. There is really no easy way to say this, but the Dursley's were found dead late last night.”

Harry released the breath he didn't realize he'd been holding and, as the girls relaxed with him said “What happened, Professor? Was it an accident, or Death Eaters, or something else?”

“I'm afraid I don't have all the details, but what seems to have happened is that your Aunt Petunia attacked her husband and your cousin with a knife, killing them, before she stabbed herself in the heart and killing herself. From what I've been able to find out, she left a brief note, saying 'I'm Sorry' but that was the only explanation she left for what she did.”

Harry closed his eyes and lowered his head as if overcome with emotion. He felt the girls attempting to comfort him, but he surprised them by being absolutely calm and saying 'there's something very wrong here! There is no way that Petunia could have killed Vernon and Dudley, not with a knife anyway. They both outweighed her by a huge amount, and both of them could move damn quick when they had to. And how would he know what kind of note Petunia left, his spy was a squib and she couldn't get into the house without somebody noticing!'

Hermione agreed 'it sounds like something we need to think about, but you do need to show some reaction, Harry.' Hermione
was surprised when Fleur's amused voice spoke 'Open your eyes, Harry is reacting'

Doing what she was told, Hermione opened her eyes and looked at Harry's face and saw tears rolling down his face. Pulling him close she felt him shaking with emotion, or that is what the others saw. In the bond, he was waxing rhapsodically about her cleavage, and how he was looking forward to spending hours worshiping her breasts. She didn't know how she managed to avoid blushing, but she did.

Eventually, Harry sat up and wiped his eyes. Turning back to Dumbledore he said blankly, “Thank you for letting me know, Professor.” Then, forcing himself to appear more cheerful he continued, “You said there were several reasons you asked to see me?”

Dumbledore nodded as he reached for a lemon drop. “Yes, Harry, I did, and the rest of the reasons are far more pleasant, I assure you!”

Remus shared a quick glance with Sirius, and using the Marauder's Code gestured that something smelled really bad about what Dumbledore said about the Dursley's deaths. Sirius responded that Harry noticed it too, those tears were faked. I taught him that trick last Christmas. Turning back to the Headmaster they waited to see what else he had to say.

Albus cleared his throat and said “I received your OWL results, and I'm pleased to tell you that you all did very well, I will be giving you your official notifications before you leave, but I wanted to point something out. Harry, your DADA OWL was beyond Outstanding, you actually received an Outstanding with Honors, which means you achieved the highest score in that OWL recorded in Britain in the last 30 years!” He paused to allow Harry to recover from the shock and the others to congratulate him.

“I'd also like to point out that the members of a certain Defense study group achieved grades markedly higher than the students who were not members of the group. In fact, every member of the study group who took either the OWL or the NEWT were awarded “With Distinction” which means they achieved a perfect score on the test.” He paused again, grinning broadly as Harry was congratulated again, although it looked like Miss Granger was having to physically restrain herself from ripping her knickers off and mounting him in the office.

Turning to Cho, he said, “I'm pleased to tell you, Miss Chang, that you also achieved a perfect score on your end of year DADA examination, and Outstandings on most of the others, which is why, with the agreement of the other Heads of House, I am offering you the position of “Head Girl” for the next term. Do you accept the position?”

This time it was Cho who was on the receiving end of the congratulations, although she seemed to enjoy the fierce kiss she received from Harry the most.

Cho nodded happily and accepted the Head Girl badge, smiling as Harry pinned it to her shirt. Turning to Daphne he said, “Miss Greengrass, I realize you were not Prefect last term, however, due to Miss Parkinson's membership in the Inquisitorial Squad, she is no longer eligible to perform that role, so I will be offering Mister Zabini the position of male Sixth Year Prefect for Slytherin House, will you accept the position of Prefect as well?”

Daphne smiled brightly, but her bond mates were well aware of her suspicions and they all wondered what the Old Man was up to? She accepted the badge and handed it to Harry, receiving the same firm kiss that Cho got after he pinned the badge to her blouse.

“Miss Bones, unfortunately, I cannot offer you the position of Prefect because, by all accounts Miss Abbott did an excellent job in that role and will be asked to continue.” Susan nodded in understanding.

“Miss Granger, due to your outstanding performance last term, both in your Prefect duties, as well as demonstrated leadership in the 'study group' Professor McGonagall and I would be pleased if you would continue filling that role for the upcoming year.”

Hermione looked directly at the Headmaster and said, “Sir, before I answer that question, can you tell me who the Male Prefect will be?”

Dumbledore smiled, “I understand why you are asking, and, while it will not be Mister Weasley, he actually contacted me a couple of days ago to return his badge, saying he was going to be too busy with his studies and I quote “Catching up on the classes I skived off for the past five years” to fulfill the role. Unfortunately, I will not be able to offer the position to Mister Potter.” He held up his hands to stop the storm of protest. “Not because I don't believe he deserves the position, but because I have a different offer for him. I am going to offer the badge to Mister Longbottom, who has also demonstrated leadership this past term.”

Harry and Hermione both nodded and Harry said “Neville's a good bloke, and I think he'd do a decent job.”

Albus nodded, “Now, for the major reason I asked Professor Lupin to be here.” Turning to Remus he smiled, “I've gotten approval to offer you the DADA Professor position again, and the new Potions Professor has agreed to provide you with Wolfsbane Potion for as long as needed. However, you will only be teaching the last three years, the 5th, 6th, and 7th year students. I've got approval to hire an Assistant Professor to teach the 1st through 4th years.” He paused and grinned even wider as they obviously knew where he was going with this.

“Yes, Mister Potter, I am offering you the position of Assistant Professor for Defense Against the Dark Arts. The reason why I'm limiting you currently to the first four years, is to avoid any appearance of favoritism by having your bonded ladies in your classroom. Your other professors have agreed to offer you personalized instruction so you can progress toward your NEWTs in the other subjects. Unfortunately, while I was able to get your Quidditch Ban overturned, as a member of staff, you are no longer able to play as part of the Gryffindor House team.”

Harry smiled, “I don't think I'd have time for it anyway. Like Ron, I've got a lot of work to do, not to mention the task that I found about in this office a couple of weeks ago.”

Dumbledore nodded, not wanting to get into a conversation about the prophecy, although, from the lack of curiosity on the girls faces, it appeared that they were already aware of it. Moving the conversation along, he continued, “You and your ladies will be given Married Quarters in the South Wing of the castle, so you will not be staying in your former house dorms, although you will still be considered members of that house for classes and points et cetera.”

After Harry and Remus both accepted their new positions, the remainder of the meeting was spent going over details, and eventually ended about 2:30 in the afternoon. Harry and the ladies departed to spend the afternoon in Diagon Alley and Remus and Sirius departed to do whatever they were going to do as Albus prepared himself for a couple of private meetings outside of Hogwarts.

Diagon Alley
That Afternoon

Harry and his ladies had spent the last couple of hours wandering the Alley, not buying anything, just enjoying being out and about and enjoying each others' company. If the other four noticed that Hermione hadn't let go of Harry the entire time, they didn't say anything. They knew quite well the depth of the love between the two of them, and while they were all secure in Harry's love for them, they accepted that Hermione would always be first in his heart. Cho's eyes had been scanning the side alleys, and she grinned seeing the store she was looking for. Getting her sister's attention through the bond, she directed their eyes over to the store. Her sisters smiled as well, and Hermione started leading Harry toward the doorway to Lilith's Toy Box. Harry smirked, remembering the description of the place from Penny, and decided to let the girls get whatever they wanted. He knew he would enjoy it, no matter what they bought, and he still had close to 25,000 Galleons to spend before the end of summer.

Harry let the girls go their own way inside the store as he browsed around, quietly amused at the variety of 'toys' that were available. He also noticed an entire section of stamina enhancers and shuddered at the image of the old man leering from the label. He heard Fleur's musical laugh in the bond, telling him he had at least 100 years before he needed to worry about anything like that!' Blowing her a kiss through the bond he chuckled and moved to another section of the store. He was still browsing when he heard Hermione's voice through the bond, 'Harry, can you come back to the changing area? I need to show you something.' He didn't feel any worry or upset, just a feeling of nervousness from her and a curious mixture of amusement and arousal from the other four. Harry made his way to the changing area, which appeared to be deserted, other than movement of the curtain in one of the changing rooms.

Walking up to the booth, he said quietly “I'm here, Hermione, what do you need?” The curtain moved slightly, and Hermione's hand came out, beckoning him in. Sliding the curtain aside, he stepped in, closing the curtain behind him. He glanced around curiously, all five of the girls were in the booth, which he noticed had obviously been magically expanded. Fleur and the others were gathered around Hermione, hiding her from view at first. When the four girls moved apart, his eyes landed on Hermione. His jaw dropped at the sight before him. She had stripped out of her clothes, and was standing before him wearing nothing but a garter belt and stockings, the ensemble framing her cleanly shaved fanny, and he felt himself starting to drool, wanting nothing more than to kneel before her and slide his tongue between her swollen lips. He could already see the dew glistening in the light from overhead. Looking upward, he was pleased to see that the curse scar had almost completely faded, and focused on her breasts, standing firm with her nipples crinkled happily, supported by a half bra of the same white material that made up her garter belt.

When he finally made his way to her face, she smiled sexily at him and said, “I know we can't do anything for a few more days. Madame Pomfrey was emphatic about keeping any foreign substances, like your cum or your saliva from using your tongue on me, out of my body! I even had to take a potion before you got there, because she knew I would be kissing you. But I wanted you to see what was waiting for you.”

Struggling to maintain his composure, he croaked “Merlin, Hermione! You're beautiful!”

She giggled and blushed prettily, and the others grinned at his reaction. Although he heard Cho say “I told you that would be his reaction!”

Fleur spoke up, “We know how difficult things have been for the two of you, since you aren't able to act on what you truly desire, so we came up with this idea. Cho will prepare her sister, so she will be able to take you when she is able. And you will each pleasure yourselves while the other watches.”

Harry looked Hermione in the eyes, and saw the desire there, and knew he would never deny her anything if he could provide it. With a grin he dropped his wand into his hand and cast silencing charms around the room. Looking at the others, who were smiling eagerly, “And what will you horny little minxes be doing while Hermione and I put on a show for each other?”

“Watching of course, what else would we be doing?” Susan replied in a matter of fact voice, only the affect was spoiled by her mischievous grin.

Leaning back against the wall, Harry unbuttoned his trousers and lowered his zipper, pulling his erection out of his pants. He was staring into Hermione's eyes and saw the soft chocolate brown orbs turn smoky as she watched him. He barely noticed Cho kneeling behind her and spreading her cheeks, although he did see Hermione's eyes widen in surprise briefly before she closed them and sighed in pleasure. Harry started stroking himself, watching as Hermione teased her nipples, rubbing them with her thumbs until Cho stood up behind her and wrapped her arms around Hermione. Cho removed Hermione's hands and started fondling her breasts, all the while whispering in her ear. Harry couldn't tell what Cho was saying but it obviously affected Hermione because her breathing got heavier and her moans louder. Hermione moved one of her hands down to her center and slid a finger inside. The finger was joined by another and she started pumping. Even with all he had seen and done over the last week or so, Harry still thought it was the most erotic sight he'd ever seen.

He looked up into Hermione's eyes again and suddenly heard her in the bond, 'Do you like what you see, Harry? Do you like watching me fingering my horny pussy, and wishing you were buried balls deep in me? I'm wet and so ready! Cho has my arse stretching out for you, so you can bend me over the bed and bugger me the way I know you want to! She even told me that she got me a strap-on, so I can be doing to her what you'll be doing to me. Can't you just picture it? Just a few more days and all of our fantasies will become reality!' She was panting and flushed as she spoke to him in the bond, and
Harry grunted as the mental images overwhelmed him and he erupted in his hand. Hermione's eyes widened as she watched him
shoot, and she cried out his name as her own climax hit her.

It took time for them to recover, but after a few quick cleaning spells they dressed and released the spells on the booth, returning it to its original size. Hermione blushed as she handed him the price tags for the plug, as well as the outfit she was now wearing under her clothing. He smiled and gave her a quick kiss before whispering, “You know I'll be wanking to the memory of you tonight don't you?”

She grinned, “Me too!” before picking up the rest of her purchases and following the other girls out of the booth.

Harry hadn't really paid much attention to what the others had purchased, being far more focused on Hermione, so he was a bit surprised when the total came up to almost 4,000 Galleons!

After making arrangements for Harry to come over to her house the next day to meet her parents, Hermione got on the Knight Bus, and Harry and the others took the portkey back to Eloise's.

Once they arrived back, the girls each gave Harry a toe curling kiss and left for their rooms, with Fleur telling him to find a way to keep himself occupied for the afternoon, and they would see him that night; they had work to do!

The Harris Household
Shortly afterward

Cordelia glanced up from the magazine she was reading as the door opened, and grinned at the happy smile on Hermione's face.
She raised an eyebrow at the shopping bags her daughter was carrying, “I thought you were going to meet Harry and the others
for a picnic?”

Hermione grinned, “I did, and we all had a great time. Then the Headmaster wanted to see us, which was weird, but he gave us our OWL results, I got straight Outstandings!” Cordelia smiled widely and hugged her in congratulations. “Then Harry took us to Diagon Alley, and we all went shopping.”

Cordelia glanced at the blush on her face and the name on the bags, “Lilith's Toy Box? Should I assume that the items you purchased are not ones that your father would be happy to see you wearing?”

Hermione snorted, “Not at all!” Then she grinned wickedly, “He'd probably love to see you or the others wearing them though.”

Cordy grinned, “Oh, this I've got to see! Come on, let's go up to your room so I can take a look.”

As she followed Hermione up the stairs, she noticed that her daughter was walking a little oddly, and was fairly sure she knew what it was, having seen Kim, Faith and Tara walking the same way more than once, but she waited until they were in Hermione's bedroom with the door shut to say anything.

“Is there a particular reason you're walking like you have something shoved up your bottom?” She asked with a smirk, causing Hermione to reach an almost Willow level blush.

“How'd you know? I know it doesn't show under the skirt, we checked before we left the store.”

“Hermione, you know the relationship your dad and I have with the others, you don't think I've seen one of the others walking with a plug in their butt?”

Hermione's blush faded as she realized her mother was kidding with her, and after checking that the door was locked so they wouldn't be disturbed, she took off her outfit and let Cordy see what she was wearing under it. Cordelia eyed her critically, before nodding, “That color works good with your complexion, but you might also consider getting something like it in a pale blue.”

Hermione grinned, “Already did, but this one was my favorite so I wore it out of the store. You should have seen Harry's reaction when he saw it on me!”

“Oh? Do tell!” Cordy said, leaning forward in the chair as Hermione started to speak. When she finished, her mother said, “I don't think I'm going to be telling Xander that story. He knows what your relationship with Harry and the others is, and while he certainly doesn't object to the other girls, considering our life here, I don't think he wants to admit that you aren't his innocent little girl anymore.”

“Mum, I haven't been innocent since that Troll trapped me in the loo my first year. I was doing a good job dodging and trying to evade the way you and Aunt Faith taught me, but there really wasn't much room to move, and if Harry and Ron hadn't shown up, it would have got me sooner or later!” She smiled, “When Harry jumped that thing and shoved his wand up its' nose, it reminded me of the stories you used to tell about Dad, the way he would throw himself in harm's way to protect someone. I think I started to fall in love with him right then.”

Cordy chuckled, “That does sound like something the big doof would have done,” she said affectionately, “but why don't you get out of those things and get dressed so I can see the rest of what you've bought?”

The rest of the afternoon was spent going over Hermione's purchases and telling stories. At the end of the day, they both felt even closer than they had before, and really enjoyed the feeling.

Parkinson Manor
Early Afternoon

Albus smirked as the alarms went off from his crashing through the wards of Parkinson Manor. He knew he could have arrived outside and knocked on the door, but he wanted to make sure the Parkinsons knew who held the upper hand. He walked into
the living area and made himself comfortable, knowing they would be arriving any moment now.

He had just put his booted feet up on the crystal table in front of the couch when Alphonse Parkinson came storming into the room, his wand clenched tightly in his hand. His wife Imelda was cowering behind him. 'Typical useless twat' he snorted as he smiled genially at the two of them.

“Dumbledore? What the fuck are you doing here, old man?” Alphonse snarled when he realized who had broken through the wards.

Albus shook his head sadly, “Now, Alphonse, is that truly anyway to greet your father?”

Alphonse spat on the floor and glared at him, “You may have been the one to get my mother pregnant, but there is no way I would acknowledge you as my father, you sick fucker!”

“Ah, but I am, and you know it. I've shown you the proof, which is why we find ourselves having these delightful visits.”

Dropping the benevolent mask, Dumbledore leaned forward and said, “but that's enough of the politeness shite! Do you have the latest payment from the girl?”

Alphonse glared at him furiously before walking over to the mantle above the fireplace and pulling out an envelope that was sitting behind the jar of floo powder. Tossing it at the old man, he said, “20,000 Galleons in a Gringotts draft, just like you demanded. Are you satisfied?'

Albus laughed, “Not hardly! I told you the cost of my silence is 80,000 Galleons, and you are just barely a quarter of the way there. Although I have to admit, for the girl to have made this much already, she must be a hell of a lot better shag than you are, Imelda. In fact, if she survives the Summer, I may have to try her myself.”

“Your own granddaughter? Just how sick are you, old man?” Alphonse stared at him, aghast.

“Sick? Doubtful, very doubtful. I just don't subscribe to the morality of the sheep. But we are not here to discuss philosophy. You know what to do, so get to it!”

Sometime later, Albus got dressed again and left the two of them naked and sobbing on the floor of their living room as he wandered down to the wine cellar. Choosing a bottle of his favorite wine, he slipped it inside his robes and left the house, whistling cheerfully.

Pansy's Room
Early Afternoon

Pansy was relaxing on her bed, remembering the night before. She couldn't believe how much pleasure she got from the two of them. It wasn't her first threesome of course, but having to service Crabbe and Goyle while Malfoy watched would never be her idea of a good time! Rupert and Jenny, on the other hand, they were definitely on her list of good times, and she wouldn't mind seeing them again. Of course, the 1000 Galleon tip was very much appreciated. All in all, she had taken close to another 8,000 Galleons off of her debt. What made things even better? Eloise had told her that she and Lavender were scheduled for a rematch on Thursday night, so she had that to look forward to as well.

Pansy laughed, 'for something I was terrified of, this has been the best summer of my life!'

The Giles'
That Afternoon

Giles looked up from his newspaper, and saw Jenny sitting with a pensive look on her face, her coffee cold in front of her.
“Penny for them?” Rupert teased, gently.

Jenny started, and came back to present. “Oh, I was just thinking about last night. It was a lot of fun, don't get me wrong, but I felt sorry for Pansy. She's the one that Xander's contact told him about, right?”

Giles nodded grimly, remembering what he was told about why Pansy was there. “Yes, which is why I bid so high in order to ensure we were the ones who placed the highest bid for her.” He chuckled, “I'm just glad it's Xander who will be approving the expense report. I can't imagine Travers or one of his ilk giving enough of a damn about the girl to want the situation investigated.”

Jenny smiled slightly, “That's true. I hate to say it, but that bastard Spike did us at least one small favor when he slaughtered them. The Council is finally caught up to the 21st Century, instead of being stuck in 1500's like they were for so long.” Raising her coffee to her lips, she frowned when she realized it had gone cold, and got up for a fresh cup.

When Jenny sat back down, Giles said, “The more I think about it, the less about Pansy's situation makes sense. The whole thing with having to pay back 80,000 Galleons? If I recall the conversion rate, that's close to half a million pounds, and unless you're a Royal, I can't see anybody spending that much just on wedding preparations. Can you?”

She shook her head, “No I can't, and once again, it comes down to following the money! I have a feeling that if we could track who's getting the money here, we would have a much better idea of what is going on. It's too bad that Gringotts doesn't use computers like every other bank in the world!”

“Are you sure? Granted, from what I recall, and what Hermione has said, they don't have any where the general public can see them, but considering they have a relationship with Barclay's, wouldn't they have to have some form of computerized system to transfer the money?”

Jenny stared at him in surprise for a few seconds, then laughed ruefully, “I can't believe I missed that!” Getting up, she went to her desk and logged onto her computer and started bringing up different programs, typing feverishly.

Giles grinned and went back to his paper. He knew once Jenny got her teeth into something, he wouldn't see her for quite a while.

Greeting Lounge
Early Afternoon

Harry smiled as he walked into the lounge, waving at Lavender and Penny who were chatting on a couch. They looked up and grinned, and Lavender blew him a kiss and winked. He chuckled as he continued looking around. His eyes lit up when he saw the girl he was looking for. He had always thought that Su was cute, but had never got a chance to speak with her in the few classes they shared. Finding out that she was one of Luna's friends, when his love didn't have many just made his opinion of her go even higher.

Su looked up when she felt Harry's eyes on her, and she smiled in greeting. He smiled in return and made his way over to her, taking a seat on the couch next to her. “Hi, Harry. I was hoping you'd come in when I was here.”


“Oh yeah! I was busy when you were spending time with Lu and Pad, but they told me a little bit about what you got up to with them the last week of school. Lisa and I creamed our knickers more than once hearing their stories!” Leaning forward conspiratorially, she asked, “is it true you used parseltongue on them?”

Harry chuckled and nodded, “I'll admit, I was glad to find out that it actually had a pleasurable use! Talking to snakes is actually incredibly boring.”

Su laughed, “I'll take your word for it, Harry. I'm really not that fond of snakes so I wasn't looking to start a conversation with one.” Pausing, she grinned, “So, have we spent enough time socializing before we head up to my room?”

Harry just snickered and stood up, reaching down to pull her off the couch. Su kept a grip on his hand as she led him from the room.

Central London Post Office
That Evening

The postal worker grumbled to himself as he lifted the sacks of mail from the back of the lorry. He was supposed to be part of a team of three, but the other two had called in sick that day, leaving him to process the night's mail by himself. He was glad that it was a fairly light load, but it would still keep him busy until early morning and he had been hoping to leave early tonight to hit the clubs.

Grabbing the first sack, he dumped it onto the sorting table, not noticing the oversized envelope that fell off the edge of the table and slid under the bench. It would be almost two weeks before Peter's letter to Harry Potter was discovered and forwarded to the correct location.
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