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Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem

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Summary: After driving Voldemort from his mind in the Department of Mysteries, Harry discovers that the connection between the two of them is gone. This is a good thing, right? Except that now Harry has another problem. A crossover with Characters from the Series

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Chapter 19

Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem The Rewrite (19/?)

by Red Jacobson

See Chapter One for all disclaimers and warnings

Dumbledore's Office
Later that Afternoon

Dumbledore pulled the bottle of wine from his robes and called his personal elf to have it served with his meal that night. The elf nodded before taking the bottle and popping away. Hanging up his outer robes, Albus sat down at his desk, grabbing his ever present lemon drop and looked over the correspondence he had received that afternoon. Seeing that one of them was from the informant he had checking on who was researching him, he opened the envelope and frowned. 'Why the hell was the Watchers Council interested in him?' Reading further, he nodded. His informant had actually done a good job gathering information, and had the names of the Head of the Council, as well as the one who was doing the research. He paused at the name Alexander Harris, wondering where he'd seen that name before? He thought for a few minutes before recalling that the Harris' were Miss Granger's adoptive parents. 'That complicates things,' he mused, 'Harry is far too close to Miss Granger to permit any sort of permanent disruption. Perhaps a distraction of some sort would suffice?'

After a few minutes going over everything he could remember about the Watchers, and especially Mister Harris, he chuckled. Grabbing some parchment, he wrote a quick note to an old acquaintance requesting a meeting.

Burning the report to ashes, he turned to the next letter in the pile.

Su Li's Room
Shortly After Last Chapter

Su set the Privacy and Silencing Wards and turned to Harry, who was smiling as he watched her. Untying the belt of her robe, she shrugged her shoulders and the robe slipped off her body. She saw his eyes widen when he noticed the rings in her nipples, 'Wait until he feels my tongue stud' she giggled to herself, 'he's going to lose his mind!' She stood proudly, head up, chest out, letting him get a good look at her. She was pleased that he was polite enough to remove his own clothes when she stripped, because she enjoyed the view as well.

Harry ran his eyes along Su's body, enjoying what he was seeing, especially since she made it obvious by her pose that she wanted him to look. Su was certainly the smallest girl he had been with, standing a little over four foot tall, although she was perfectly proportioned for her height. He was intrigued by the piercings in her nipples, he hadn't seen anything like that before, and Harry wondered what that said about the girl. In the bond he heard Padma say 'It means that she likes a little pain with her play, and if you tug gently on the rings while spanking her, she's going to soak your lap!' and Luna added 'Oh yes, I've learned to put a towel over my lap while spanking her, she's a squirter when she really gets going!'

'I'll keep that in mind if the situation comes up, Luna' he replied with a laugh before he moved forward and picked the smaller girl up. Su squealed in surprise as she was carried over to the bed. She stretched out and reached for Harry's cock, thinking he wanted to get started immediately, but he stopped her hand and stretched out beside her.

“We can start playing in a couple of minutes, but I'd like to talk first, get to know you a little better, if you don't mind?”

Su shrugged, “I don't mind, you've got me for the next two hours, we could spend the time playing exploding snap and the boss wouldn't care.” She grinned, “I probably would object though, I really want to try out that parseltongue trick Lu and Padma were raving about!”

Harry laughed, “Well, I certainly will do my best not to disappoint. But I'm curious, if you don't mind me asking, what made you decide to work here? I'm certainly not judging, don't misunderstand me, but I'd like to know if you want to tell me.”

Su grinned, “No worries, it's no big deal. It's just that I'll be going back home after I graduate to an arranged marriage to one of my father's business partners, and one of the requirements in the contract is that I provide an heir, and it has to be his, so I'm not permitted to take a male lover. Don't get me wrong, I'm fond of the man and don't regret the contract, but I wanted to experience life a bit before getting married, and this is the easiest way to do it and not worry about getting a reputation.”

He nodded, “I can see that, and you're right, from what I've been told nobody can say anything about what happens here unless everybody who could hear was there as well. So you don't have to worry about gossip back at school.” He looked over at her and grinned, “I did notice you specified not being able to take a male lover, does your husband enjoy watching two or more hot witches together?”

She chuckled, “Of course he does, he's straight!” With a grin she said, “Does that mean you enjoy watching?”

It was Harry's turn to laugh, “Of course, I'm straight!” he responded, making her giggle.

“Maybe next time I can grab Lisa and we can put on a show for you? Or better yet, we can sign up for an Oil Wrestling show, and you can watch us get sweaty on stage before breaking out the toys!” She felt him get even harder under her hand and smirked, “I don't even have to ask if you like that idea. Now, if you don't have any other questions, I'm ready to feel that tongue of yours!”

“Bossy wench!” he laughed, reaching over and lifting her up so she could straddle his face.

An Hour Later

Su collapsed, panting, against Harry's chest, a wide smile on her face as she recovered from her fifth climax of the evening. “I had no idea what to expect from you Harry, but that was fan-fucking-tastic! There is not one single part of my body that isn't tingling happily right now!”

Harry grinned up at her, saying, “I'm glad I didn't let you down, but I think we'll leave this position for special occasions!”

Su grinned down at him, and lowered her feet to the floor from where they had been resting on his calves, and, putting her weight on them, lifted herself off of Harry's cock. With a sigh of relief, Harry lifted his ankles off the edge of the bed and, bending his knees, brought his feet to the floor as well. “I can only imagine! That must have been quite a strain on your legs, but I know you liked having my girls in your face the whole time! You certainly paid them enough attention.”

“Oh I enjoyed that, and it wasn't so much my legs, because you don't weigh enough to really make a difference, but the carpet burn on my back and
shoulders I could do without!”

Su reached out her hand and helped him to his feet, before wrapping her arms around him again. She grimaced as she felt the rough patches on his back and dropped her hands, moving toward her dresser. When Harry stood there, she said, “Come on Harry, I've got some lotion that will make your back feel better, but we need to get you washed up first!” Then, with a twinkle in her eye that would put Dumbledore to shame, she grinned, "And, after that, we can use the lotion on the girls, and you can have a tittie shag!” She laughed, “I thought that would get your attention! Come on lover, Nurse Su will fix you right up!”

Eloise's Office
The Same Time

Eloise sat at her desk, the privacy light turned on and the lights dimmed as she sipped on the glass of fire-whiskey in her hand. Her gaze was fixed on a framed picture that sat on her desk-- it was the last remnant of a happier time in her life. Her father with her mother standing beside him so handsome in his uniform, their hands resting on her shoulders. All of them smiling happily, and she was so young, only 16 years old and her name was still Gretchen, before the monster who killed her father and made her swear the oaths and changed her name to Eloise.... A racking sob burst out of her chest as she remembered that horrible day almost 70 years ago.

----- Flashback – Berlin 1945 -----------

Gretchen awoke to silence. She looked around, confused. Usually the small house was bustling with activity by this hour of the morning, especially since her father had come home the night before. Smiling at the thought of seeing her father, she slipped out of bed and dressed quickly. She opened the door and turned down the hall to her father's room wanting to get him for breakfast, when she froze. Her father's door opened, and a man she didn't know walked out, wiping the blade in his hands on a rag. She gasped, and he looked up and saw her. A brief look of irritation flashed across his face before he smiled and his eyes started twinkling as he said something she didn't understand. She started to say something, but found she couldn't move. He kept moving closer to her, and she didn't like the hungry look in his eyes. She tried to move, tried to scream, but she couldn't do anything but stand there.

It wasn't until he guided her back into her room and ripped off her clothing that she was able to move and speak. Unfortunately her struggles and pleading did no good as he forced her onto the bed and pushed himself inside of her, tearing her innocence away as he stared into her eyes and she heard herself saying the words he put into her mind.

---- End Flashback -------

She still had no idea how long he abused her that day, but by the time the sun had set, Gretchen Grindelwald was dead, and in her place was Eloise, no last name, just a common whore. She prayed for death so many times those first horrible days, as her master forced her to service the men he commanded while he watched, and perform with the other women his men had captured. It wasn't until he brought her back to England that she learned the name of the man who murdered her father and destroyed her life. She had cursed Albus Dumbledore's name every night since then, and cursed herself as well when she found she could not do anything but obey him because of the oaths he forced her to take.

She wondered, when he left her alone long enough to think, why he had made her swear the oath to the Dumbledore family. She discovered the answer to her regret, the day Albus' brother showed up in the room Albus had left her in. He was even worse than Albus, and she cried tears of happiness when he died in Azkaban a few years later. Unfortunately, by that time she had little enough to make her happy because her master had put her to work at one of the brothels he owned not long after returning to England, eventually making her the Madame of the place, where she remained, unable to leave or tell anyone just what their revered 'leader of the light' had done to her and to all the other girls who had the misfortune of attending his school.

A slight smile played across her face as she considered what had changed over the last several days. Albus had been surprising expansive about his plans for Harry Potter once Voldemort was destroyed, apparently trusting the oaths to prevent her betraying his secrets. He was going to make Harry his heir, and had already started the process of blood adopting him into the Dumbledore family, he just needed Harry to agree for the process to be completed. She wondered if the old man had forgotten that she had been forced to swear to the Dumbledore family since it had been 60 years since his brother died? She hadn't forgotten, and when she realized that the magic would consider Harry part of that family, even if he didn't realize it, she started making her plans.

She knew that her plans were already starting to bear fruit, when she was able to get Harry to force her to let him know if any of the girls were thinking about doing the dangerous jobs. It was too late for poor Sally-Anne unfortunately, but she was hopeful she could use the magic of Harry's command to save Pansy and any others that the old man took an interest in.

Lavender's Room
The Same Time

Lavender relaxed under the shower head as the warm water washed the sweat and other fluids away. Her customer had left a few minutes ago and she had over an hour before she had to be back in the lounge. She was glad to be able to drop the mask of the ditzy blonde for a few minutes. She really hadn't been that girl for three years, but one of the things her trainers had pounded into her was the importance of keeping cover and not displaying any unusual change in personality. She regretted that she had been such a mediocre student her first couple of years because she had to pretend to still be that person. If she hadn't deliberately lowered her performance, she was certain her scores would have far eclipsed Hermione's. At least she was able to show her true skills during the OWLs because the Department would seal her true scores and insert scores that reflected her persona.

She frowned slightly as she remembered the mission her controller had given her before he left last night. Percy, or Pimpernel as he preferred to be called when working, had given her a pair of earrings that she was to ensure Pansy started wearing as soon as possible. They looked exactly like the pair she normally wore, but they provided protection against the Imperious Curse. Pimpernel didn't provide a lot of information, other than one of Department's seers had seen something that made them believe they would be needed soon.

Sometimes she really disliked having to depend on something as fuzzy as divination to make plans, even though the seers and the analysts who went over their visions usually came up with useful information. And she had to admit, she had enjoyed her assignment to get close to Pansy, although she wasn't looking forward to it when she got her orders earlier in the year. The girl was actually a lot of fun when she wasn't acting like Draco's toady, and she certainly knew how to use her tongue!

Remembering how Pansy had brought her off the night before, she moaned and slipped a finger into her quim and started fingering herself, rubbing her button to give herself a quick orgasm before she stepped out of the shower and slipped her mask back on.

The Harris House
Dinner Time

Hermione smiled at Cordy as she sat down at the table, moving carefully to keep the plug in place. Her mum just smirked but her dad just looked at her with concern. “Did you hurt yourself today, Hermione?” Xander asked with a slight frown.

She blushed, but decided to be as honest as possible, not wanting him to worry. “No Dad, it's just that Harry bought me something today and I'm wearing it now, and it's taking some getting used to.” She could see that Xander wanted to ask her something else, but was glad that her mum just put her hands on his shoulder and whispered in his ear.

His eyes widened and he muttered, “I really didn't need to know that,” making Cordy and the others laugh. Hermione wondered which of her Aunts would make a comment, because she knew she count on at least one bawdy comment from them.

It was Tara who said what they were all thinking, “I don't know why you're surprised, Xander, considering how much all of us enjoy it when you take us that way. And it's not like we've ever been exactly shy about our sex lives when it's just family.”

Xander grimaced, but nodded “I know, Tare, it's just that I really don't need to know the details of my 17 year old daughter's sex life. I'm actually okay that she's involved with Harry. He seems like a really decent guy and I know he'll treat her right, and I certainly can't object to her being actively attracted to other girls.” He smirked, “I may be a lot of things, but a hypocrite isn't one of them. It's just that I prefer to treat her sex life sort of like Australia; I'm aware it's there, but I just don't think about it.”

Hermione could see her dad was actually getting embarrassed by the conversation and decided to help him out a bit. “It's okay, Dad, I won't be sharing the details with you,” she said, before getting a wicked grin “Of course, I'm sure that Mum and the others are going to want all the details, so make sure you don't listen to our girl talk.”

The others laughed at her teasing, Xander laughing as well, and the conversation moved into other areas. She really was lucky to have such an unusual family, Hermione mused, a normal family probably wouldn't have accepted her new relationships, let alone offer to give her pointers in pleasing her lovers. She wasn't too sure about some of Dawn or Faith's suggestions, but Tara and Kim had been surprisingly helpful in their advice.

Lovegood Campsite
Same Time

Luna smiled softly as her father spoke, his eyes distant as he stared into the campfire. She always enjoyed hearing his stories of happier times, when Momma was still alive, and the trips they took before she was born. Tonight, he was telling her the story about the two of them almost getting arrested in the magical area of Tijuana, and having to buy Selene a streetwalker license because she was waiting for him outside the hotel they were staying at, and the local police didn't understand what she was saying when she tried to explain.

Looking up when her father's voice stilled, she shook her head to see he had dozed off in his chair. Knowing from past experience that he wouldn't wake up until he was done sleeping, she levitated him into his tent and laid him on the bed. Removing his hat and boots, she set them inside the doorway and removed his glasses, setting them on the nightstand before leaving the tent.

Not feeling tired, Luna decided to stay out a while longer, so she went into her tent to grab her sketch pad and charcoal before going back to her seat. Luna relaxed, not looking at the pad of paper in her lap as she loosely gripped the charcoal, letting her hand flow across the page. As she did most nights that she was separated from her loves, she let her mind wander over the others in the bond, feeling their affection for her and it warmed her. She saw that her four new sisters were sitting around a dinner table with Harry and she smiled seeing that Su was sitting beside him, although she seemed to be sitting gingerly on her chair. She was a little disappointed that Su didn't join them in the bond, but chided herself for being greedy. She already had Padma and the others; she knew she would never be alone again and she could be content.

Thinking of Padma, she found her in the bond and saw that her first love was asleep and dreaming. Pulling back so she didn't disturb her, she checked on Hermione and felt happiness and amusement as she was laughing with her family around a dinner table. She saw Hermione with her Mum and Dad and the others, feeling slightly sad that she was forever denied that comfort. Even though it had been several years, she still missed her mother terribly and knew her father did as well. Fading back into the bond, she opened her eyes expecting to see the campsite but was surprised to be somewhere else.

Looking around curiously, she appeared to be on an island somewhere sitting on the beach as the breeze caressed her. She saw palm trees around her, and felt the warm sun on her face and body. Looking down, she wasn't surprised to see that she was nude, but was curious about why she had appeared here, instead of back at the camp?

Hearing a woman's musical laugh behind her, Luna stood up and turned around seeing a Polynesian woman standing naked at the tree line, beckoning to her. Moving toward the woman, she felt certain that she knew her, but just didn't know from where. The woman turned away and started walking down a path through the trees. Luna followed her, mildly intrigued that the ground didn't hurt her bare feet. The woman kept walking until they came into a clearing where a few other figures were standing, all as naked as she was. She saw that two of the figures were women, and one was a man. She blinked when she saw the man, because he had messy black hair and a quirky grin that instantly reminded her of Harry! The two women were facing away from her, one was a blonde and the other had gorgeous red hair flowing down her back. She moved closer and when the woman turned around, she almost fainted. The blonde was her mother Selene!

“Momma?” She gasped, her eyes filling with tears. The woman rushed to her and wrapped her arms around Luna, pulling her into a fierce hug.

“Yes, baby, it's me, I've missed you so much!” Selene said as she wiped the tears from Luna's eyes.

“But, but how? Momma, I saw you die! I... I held your hand as you went away, how can you be here?”

The woman who led her to the clearing spoke up for the first time, “Ah but my gentle Moon Child, where is here?”

Luna blinked, “You know, I'm really not sure. I thought I was sitting in front of the fire back at camp.”

“And you are, or that is where your body is right now, but I was able to use your travel in the bond to bring you here,” her guide said.

“I'm sorry, but who are you? I feel like I know you, but I don't think I've ever met you before,” Luna asked hesitantly.

“Oh, my child, of course you know me. Your family have been my followers for many of your generations. Do you truly not recognize me?” she asked with a gentle smile.

Luna's eyes widened as she recognized the woman standing before her. Quickly lowering herself to her knees, she bowed her head, “My apologies, Goddess, I meant no offense to you!”

Aluria laughed happily, reaching down and pulling Luna to her feet. “There's no need for that here, Luna, you have already pleased me greatly by what you have done in the waking world. By helping young Harry, you have put so many things in motion and saved hundreds, if not thousands of lives. Almost all of them spend time with their loved ones, worshiping me in their love for each other.” Her smiled dropped a little, “As to where 'here' is, this is, if you like, a waiting area that I use for those who have pleased me if they have more to do in the waking world. Before you ask, you aren't staying, I just wanted to reward you by giving you some time with your mother because I am aware how much you miss her.”

Luna had no idea how long she spent on the island but she cherished every minute she got to spend with her mother and the others. James and Lily, for that was who they were, were just as delightful as she expected and they loved hearing her stories of Harry and the others. She was unhappy to learn that she wouldn't consciously remember her time there once she woke up, but Aluria assured her that in time she would remember, but she learned too much that could change things prematurely if she were to act on her memories. Luna accepted that, especially since the time with Selene had finally healed the heart deep feeling of loss and Aluria promised that she wouldn't lose that.

Eventually she went to sleep. When she woke up, she saw the campfire burning merrily in front of her, and she shook her head to clear the cobwebs. 'I must have dozed off, should probably douse the fire and go to bed.' Glancing down at the sketch pad, her jaw dropped at what she had drawn while in the bond.

She had drawn Harry and her bond-mates, which didn't surprise her at all. She had drawn many sketches of each of them since beginning her camping trip, but this time there was a difference: each of her bond-mates was a representation of an animal of some sort. Padma had a mongoose, Hermione had an owl--which amused her slightly, Susan had a sheepdog, Fleur was a hawk of some kind, Daphne had a dolphin and Cho was with a cat. She knew that they weren't her bond-mates Patronus' but wasn't sure what the animals meant. It was when she saw the creature with Harry that she got her biggest surprise; for behind Harry was the form of a huge black dragon, his wings outspread and surrounding her bond-mates protectively. “Oh my! That explains so many things!” Standing up abruptly, she doused the fire and hurried into the tent, not even noticing that she had drawn herself into the picture, with a Snorkack sitting on her shoulder.

Fleur's Room
Later that Night

Fleur stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her hair as she dried off and put a bathrobe on. Stepping into her room, she froze as she saw her mother's owl sitting on the window ledge watching her. Seeing a letter tied to the owl's leg, she walked over and took the letter, before calling a house elf for some bacon and water for the owl. Sitting down, she nervously opened the letter.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she recognized the handwriting on the letter as belonging to Gabrielle, and not her mother. She wasn't looking forward to her mother finding out how she had earned her living after losing the job at Gringotts. Of course, all she could do was look disappointed now that she had bonded to Harry and the others. In all honesty, she really wasn't sure why she had come to Eloise's. She had been planning to ask Filius Flitwick if he would take her as an apprentice so she could work toward her Charms Mastery, but something stopped her. She just couldn't remember what it was. Shaking her head to get rid of the random thoughts, she slipped the letter out and began to read. She smiled happily when she saw that Gabrielle had reached her maturity, although the smile dropped when she read that Gabrielle was coming to offer herself to Harry since she had bonded herself to him when he had saved her life. “Oh Merde! Harry has to know about this!” Looking into the bond, she saw that he was awake and reading, so she tied the robe around her and went up to his room.

Harry's Room
A Few Minutes Later

The door opened to Fleur's knock and she stepped inside. Harry was laying in the bed obviously nude, a book in his hands. Cho was cuddled up against him, a book of her own open in her lap. They smiled at her as Fleur walked in and closed the door behind her, a letter clutched in her hand. When the door closed, she untied the robe and dropped it on the floor, walking to the bed. Harry and Cho slid over to make room.

When she was comfortably cuddled against Harry, she started to speak, “I just got a letter from Gabrielle, Harry and she's said a few things that will affect us,” Seeing that she had Harry and Cho's full attention, she continued “I'm not sure how much you know about Veela, Harry, but the magic that makes us Veela also makes us mature very differently. For an example, when you rescued Gabrielle from the lake last year, how old did you think she was? Did you think she was seven or eight years old?” At Harry's nod, Fleur smiled, “My sister had actually just turned 15 when you pulled her from the water. A Veela will usually not attain her adult form until she turns 17, but there are rare circumstances when it happens earlier. This is what happened to Gabrielle.”

Harry groaned, putting together what Fleur was saying with what else he had learned about Veela from being with Fleur. “Don't tell me, Gabrielle chose me when I rescued her, didn't she?”

Fleur nodded, and said, “Exactly!” Seeing that Cho was confused, she continued “In the vast majority of Veela, they are free to love whoever they choose. In certain cases however, the Veela's nature will interact with a wizard's magic and be 100 percent compatible, meaning that the person they interacted with is the best possible match for them. The Veela will bind themselves to their chosen one, and seek to mate with them as soon as they are physically and emotionally capable of it. This is what happened with Gabrielle when you saved her, Harry.”

Harry closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose while shaking his head. After a few minutes he started to chuckle, “I don't know whether this is payment for either being extremely good or extremely evil in a previous life! I've already been blessed beyond belief to have you ladies in my life, and now I find out that another girl will be joining us? Just when I thought my life couldn't get any stranger!”

Fleur relaxed. Harry had taken the news a lot better than she expected, and she snuggled against him, her head on his chest. She looked up to see Cho watching her, and when Cho had her attention, asked “Is that going to be a problem for you, Fleur? Having your sister with us I mean? Because you know that she will be welcomed with tongues wagging by our sisters, how will you handle that?”

Fleur smirked, “Are you trying to ask without actually asking, if I would have a problem making love with my sister?”

Cho nodded, “Basically yes, that's what I'm asking. Granted, we are not in a normal relationship, but it's still not a question that can easily be asked.”

Fleur chuckled, “No, I guess not. But to answer your question, incest isn't a concept that most Veela understand. While a relationship between parents and children is frowned on, once they reach their maturity, it's not unusual for sisters to enjoy each others bodies when the mood takes them.” She glanced up at Harry and saw that he had a glazed look in his eyes, obviously picturing the scene.

Fleur caught Cho's eye and glanced back at Harry, and the two of them giggled. Cho sent through the bond, 'He's a wonderful Master, but he's still such a guy! I think he enjoys seeing two of us together almost as much as he enjoys shagging us!'

Fleur sent back her laughing agreement, and the three of them soon settled to sleep.
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