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Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem

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Summary: After driving Voldemort from his mind in the Department of Mysteries, Harry discovers that the connection between the two of them is gone. This is a good thing, right? Except that now Harry has another problem. A crossover with Characters from the Series

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Chapter Seven

TITLE: Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem The Rewrite (7/?)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: An early update this week because I'm moving after work tonight. Enjoy!

See Chapter One for all disclaimers and authors notes

Madame Eloise's
Immediately after the last chapter

The door opened on the first knock, and a smiling young woman opened the door.  She gestured them inside and then surprised Harry by pulling Remus into a hug!  “Remus, you old wolf! It's been far too long!   And this is Harry?”  At Harry's stunned nod, the woman grinned and said, “Pleased to meet you.  I'm Rebecca, I've known Remus for a long time, practically since I started working here, in fact, and I'm always happy to see him again.”  She took Remus by the hand and led the two of them down a nicely paneled hallway to a lounge.  “Eloise is getting a few of the new girls set up, so she'll be a little while. Would either of you like something to drink?   Harry, we have muggle drinks as well as the usual stuff.”

“Really? I'd love a cola!”   

“Here you go, Harry, enjoy!” Rebecca said, handing him an ice cold can.   “Some of us go shopping in the muggle world, and stop to eat. I've gotten to like a lot of the things you can only get out there.  For instance, do you like pizza?   Most Wizards have no idea what it is, and how much of a treat they are missing.  Anyway, do you have any questions that I can answer before the boss is free?”

“Actually, I do have a question. As far as the girls here, how do I meet them, do I just knock on a random door and see who opens it, or, is there a meeting area?  I'm not trying to be a wise arse, but, I'm going to be staying here, and I really don't want to get off on the wrong foot.”

Rebecca laughed, “Actually, there is another lounge that I will be showing you to after you meet with Eloise, and you can pick out your first girl.   This is probably going to embarrass you, but, I need to ask, are you a virgin?  Because we have several girls who seem to have a talent for introducing virgins to the pleasures of the flesh.   Judging by the way you two are laughing, I'm going to guess that you don't have to worry about that.”

“If you had asked me that last week, you would have gotten a different answer, but, no, I'm not.    Before I explain anything else, though, I have to ask, are you covered by the same privacy compulsion that we are?”

“Of course; all of us, even Madame Eloise, are under the same spell.”

“Good, that makes it easier for me to speak freely.   I have a problem with my magical core that requires I have sex at least three times a day, every day, to drain off the excess magic until my body is fully adjusted to the new core.  It's already starting to adjust, improving my body, but, until the adjustment is complete, my magic is going to be a little wonky.   Now, the requirement for sex wouldn't normally be that big a deal, let's face it, with my name, notoriety and money, I could spend the rest of my life bed hopping, but I don't want that.  The problem is, if the girl is exceptionally compatible with me, there is a strong likelihood of her being bonded to me if we are together too many times.  That is why I have to be careful not to take any chances that the girl could bond to me without wanting to.”

“I see, so you don't want to pick out one or two girls and keep them with you all summer?”

“I may end up with that happening, and, honestly, I'd be surprised if it didn't happen before the summer is over, but I'm not planning on monopolizing any of the girls here.”

A bell rang in the corner of the room and Rebecca said, “Madam Eloise is ready for you now, follow me please.”

Madame Eloise's office,
earlier that day

The portkey dropped Pansy in a small area off the office, and Eloise opened the door and gestured her inside. “Pansy, I assume?” She questioned softly, at Pansy's nod, she said, “Alright, first of all, you can relax, I know what your mother wants me to do, and she tried to put some pretty nasty compulsions on the letter, but, fortunately, the wards diluted them enough that I don't have to do what she wants.   I understand your parents sent you here to learn your place, right?”  Pansy nodded, shaking in fear.  “Oh, this isn't going to do at all, I can't have a conversation with you while you are frightened of me!” Sliding her wand from her sleeve, she cast a couple of cheering charms on the girl, who relaxed and smiled her thanks.  “Now, I don't agree to do what your mother demanded, but I am going to put you to work, because, even though I understand why you did it, as I have had the misfortune to meet the Malfoy males, you did cause your parents to lose a great deal of money.  Hopefully you will enjoy the work, because all of our clientele are well mannered. If they aren't, they are ejected immediately and never let back in the door.  And I'll tell you, no marked Death Eater would ever get in the door to start with.” Seeing Pansy relax, Eloise nodded, “Good, now, where is your trunk? Did you leave it at Hogwarts?” At Pansy's nod, she called a house-elf and her trunk was sitting on the floor by her chair seconds later. Hearing Pansy's stomach growl, she asked, “Weren't you able to eat, child?”

 “No ma'am, I was too nervous I haven't been able to eat in a couple of days.”  

Eloise frowned, shaking her head, “I should have known better, it happens every year, but I never remember to have something ready.”   Calling for her elf, she soon had a potion bottle and a tray of sandwiches on the table by Pansy.  “Take the potion first, Pansy, it's a stomach soother, so you can keep the food down.”

Nodding, Pansy took the potion and looked surprised at the pleasant minty taste.  Eloise laughed at the look on her face, “I still think that they make that potion taste lousy at Hogwarts to discourage the students from overeating.  Properly made, it actually tastes good.”

When Pansy finished eating, Eloise started speaking again, “I'm not going to lie to you, Pansy, you are going to be very busy this summer.  You're mother stated that you owe your parents just under 80,000 Galleons.  Now, you get paid a flat rate of 100 galleons straight shagging, oral and swallowing is worth 50 Galleons, and anal is 200 galleons.  Now, do you have a problem with any of those acts?”

“No, ma'am, I've got more experience than I really would like with all three from my time in school.”

Eloise sighed, “I wish I could say I'm surprised to hear you say that, but, unfortunately, Slytherin House seems to attract those who feel they are above the rules.  However, it's not something I can change, so we'll move along.”

“A two girl show, especially with dildo penetration gets you 40 galleons per member of the audience, that goes up to 50 galleons per audience member if there is bondage involved.  Any questions?”

“Just, do I get any choice what girls I work with?  I'm afraid that I wasn't the nicest person in school, and I'd rather not work with somebody who really has a grudge against me.”

“One thing you'll need to learn, and all the girls have to learn it, what happened outside this building has no business inside it.  If there are girls who have a problem with you, they'll set it aside until you are back in school, or they won't be working here.   You, and the other girls, have one job, and one job only: providing the service the client pays for!  If a client decides he wants a no-holes barred oil wrestling match between a Gryffindor and a Slytherin, and you are up in the rotation, you'll strip down and wrestle the other girl and do your damnedest to put on a good show for the client, understood?”

Pansy blinked at the outburst, but nodded, “You're right, sorry.”

“Don't worry, it's the same speech I give to every new girl, I wasn't picking on you.  Now, if it gets close to the end of summer and you still owe a balance to your parents, there are a couple of ways you can make a lot of money in an evening.  They aren't a lot of fun for the girl in question, which is why they pay better.  For example, depending on the number of men you service, a gang-bang can earn you between 1,000 and 2,000 galleons for a nights work. Unfortunately, you will probably spend the next day in the infirmary, getting healed up.”  

She nodded at the look of distaste on Pansy's face, and continued, “The other options are even worse, but people still pay for them.  If you are really short of the amount needed, you can make 5,000 Galleons by performing with a trained dog or horse.”   Pansy turned green at the idea, and Eloise levitated a trash can to the girl who got noisily sick.  Banishing the contents of the bucket, the madam handed Pansy a breath freshening potion, and, once the girl was paying attention again, said, “That was my reaction to the idea as well, but people will pay to see it.  But, let’s put that idea aside as an absolutely last resort sort of thing.

“Now, there is another option, it's not as distasteful, nor is it as  lucrative, but we have a list of clients who have special desires, specifically, they enjoy pretending to rape a woman.  I don't understand it, but a session with one of those clients pays 800 Galleons, and we always have enough notice that I can provide a lust potion, as well as numbing charms so it doesn't really hurt, but you can pretend it does. The men tend to finish quickly, and all of them are very good tippers when they are done. And that brings up another item, tips, you will be able to keep all of your tips, although you do have the option to give up a portion of the tip towards your debt.”

“Is that something I have to decide now, or can I decide depending on the size of the tip?”  

“Whatever you decide.  Now, I have several other girls arriving shortly, so, I'll have somebody show you to your room, and you can take a shower and do your makeup, and put on the robe you'll find outside the bathroom door and make sure you are down stairs at 7:00pm, that is when your shift starts. Oh, you’ll find a supply of mouth freshening potions in a box under the sink in your bathroom.  It’s a good idea to take one after your client leaves, especially if you end up swallowing.”


“Damn it, Rebecca, why is it that some parents think being a companion is proper punishment for misbehavior?  All she did was refuse an obviously inappropriate match, and her parents send her to me?  She should be here learning the finer points, and how much pleasure sex can provide, instead, if we aren't all fantastically lucky, she will be another poor soul who hates sex and will contaminate another generation with the idea that it's bad for a woman to enjoy herself.”

“I don't know, boss, sometimes I wish I did.  It would make all of our lives easier,” Rebecca replied, as she sipped on a drink.

“Ah, well, at least there is only one this year.  Tell me about the other new girls, Bell, Bones, Chang and the other two, what are they here for?”

“Bell is typical, going into 7th year, Gryffindor, wants to sow some wild oats, maybe catch a husband.  Chang, she could be a problem, she seems like she's punishing herself. You remember Cedric Diggory, right?  Well, she and Diggory were lovers until he died, and from the gossip I picked up, it was a Dom/Sub relationship and he was going to collar her last Summer, but he died first.  Then she latched onto Harry Potter, supposedly trying to connect to Diggory again, but I don’t think that’s all of it. I think she was hoping that Harry could take Cedric’s place and be her Master.  It didn’t work out, obviously, and now he doesn't seem to care about anything, I guess she just wants something to do. I think we'll need to keep an eye on her, see that she doesn't hurt herself.”

“Bones, Susan is the epitome of a Hufflepuff, she's here to help a friend who's father was in debt to some nasty types.  And, as she puts it, I enjoy sex, and hope I can find somebody who's good at it here.”

“Oh yes, I remember Susan, she's the one I paid in advance for the summer.  Make sure she earns enough to pay us back, if it gets toward the last part of August and she isn't close, let me know, I may need to make her a special attraction at an entertainment. I never understood the attraction of a gang-bang, but, if it will pay off her debt, then so be it!”

“Somehow I don't think that will be a problem, boss.  I've seen the girl, and she is gorgeous!  Hell, if I didn't work here, I'd pay good galleons to get her into my bed!  She also has the typically 'Puff personality, very friendly and likable.   She's probably going to be one of the more popular girls here.  Might even give Fleur a run for her money.”

“Ah, yes, Miss Delacour, that was a shock having her asking to work here.  Did you ever find out why she decided this was what she wanted to spend her time doing?  From what I recall, she had a good job working with the Goblins.”

“Not much, just that the pureblood that was sponsoring her broke up with her, and she lost her job. You know what's it's like out there, she couldn't get a new job, and apparently was too proud to admit defeat and go back to France, so she decided to make use of what she was born with.”

“Okay, well, as long as she is happy here, I'll be happy to collect the money she brings in.   Now, what about the other two, Davis and Greengrass?:

“Tracy Davis is here because it's a 'family tradition' all the girls for the last couple of generations have spent a summer here, and, while she's more resigned to being here than anything else, I think she'll be fine.  It's her friend Greengrass that's going to be the popular one of the two.  She's here partly to support her friend, and partly because she's an absolute hedonist, if it feels good, she's going to do it, and, probably over do it!”

“You're right, it sounds like she'd be a lot of fun, and we need more girls like that here.   Did any of them express any concerns about the normal acts?”

“Not at all, in fact, all of them, except Davis, said they enjoyed anal, and were bisexual.  I have to wonder, what are they feeding the girls up at Hogwarts, when I was first starting, you had to pay 500 for anal, because so few of the girls were willing to do it, let alone have sex with another girl, but now it's rare to find a girl who doesn't claim to enjoy taking it up the bum!”

“I don't know either, but I'm not going to complain about it, it makes my job a lot easier.  Now, your old friend Remus and his guest should be here shortly, I'm assuming you'd like to be the one to greet them?”

Eloise laughed at seeing the normally unflappable Rebecca blush, “I'll take that as a yes, then.  And, they just arrived inside the wards, show them to the private waiting area, and I'll ring you when I am ready.  Show the new girls in on your way out, would you?”

“Of course,” she said, heading out the door.

Eloise frowned as Rebecca left, thinking, 'I know exactly why it's happening, unfortunately.  But that's a secret I will have to take to my grave unless I want to lose my magic! Damn you Dumbledore, and damn me for being in your debt!' Muttering a quick prayer to whoever might be listening, ‘Please don’t let there be another girl like Sally Anne! I don’t want to have to deal with another suicide!’  

Shoving the thoughts away, she put a welcoming smile on her face and turned to see the new girls coming through the door.


Remus and Harry were shown into a comfortable looking office, where an attractive older woman who could only be Madam Eloise was sitting on a couch waiting for them.  Gesturing for them to be seated, she smiled at Remus and spoke, “Remus, it's been far too long, you've been missed.  Harry, welcome to my establishment, I understand that both Remus and Rebecca have explained things to you?”

“Yes, Ma'am, I believe so.”

“Excellent, I'll have one of the girls show you to your room, supper is at 6:30p.m., Breakfast stops serving at 9a.m. and lunch starts around noon.   Of course, if you have something particular you want to eat, just talk to one of the kitchen elves, they will be thrilled to do whatever they can for you.  By the way, do you know an elf named, 'Dobby' I believe it was?  Apparently he has been spreading the word about what a great and wonderful wizard Harry Potter is, and the elves have been beside themselves, hoping to have a chance to serve you.”

“Oh, wonderful!” Harry groaned. “Dobby is a wonderful elf, but he drives me crazy sometimes!  Well, would it be possible to speak to some of the elves, let them know I am here? It doesn't take much to make them happy, and they do so much for us.”

“Of course, we can do that after you are settled in.  If you have no other questions, I'll go ahead and give you some tips.  First, any of the girls are available to you here, as long as they are not busy with a customer.  You can tell if they've got a client by the bulbs above the door, if the bulb is glowing blue, she's entertaining, but if the bulb is glowing red, that's the privacy setting, and she doesn't want to be disturbed, maybe she's sleeping, or getting ready for a client.  Anyway, if the privacy light is on, do not disturb her for anything short of the house burning down, understood?”

“Absolutely!” Harry nodded.

“Finally, and this is most important, you are going to see girls you know from school here.  If the girl is interested in continuing with you outside of here, that is fine, but, allow her to approach you, do not assume that just because you were shagging like bunnies outside of school that she will want to do the same at school, if I get word that you are bothering someone, you will never be allowed across my doorstep again, I don't care how much money you have.  Do you understand me?”

Harry gulped, “Yes, yes I understand, and I would never do that!  My girls would kill me!”

She relaxed, “I'm sure you wouldn't, but, I have to give the same speech to every new visitor, otherwise they may think that the girl is available to them at school just by tossing a few galleons at them.”

Standing, Eloise rang a bell, “One of the girls will be by to show you to your room in just a moment, Harry.  Remus, Rebecca will be taking care of you herself, if you don't object.”

Remus smiled broadly, “Very little would please me more, Eloise.”

“Very well, I'll see the two of you at dinner, enjoy your time here.”   There was a knock on the door, and Rebecca was standing there, “Come on, Remus, I've got your usual room set up.  Harry, someone will be here in just a moment.  When she heard you were here, she volunteered to get you settled in.”

“Oh, no, please not a boy who lived fan-girl,” He muttered to himself.

“Non, not a fan-girl, but a fellow TriWizard Champion. Would that be acceptable?”


“Oui,  Yes, Harry, it is me. Now, would you like me to help you get settled in, or would you prefer somebody else?”

“Fleur, I may not be the brightest guy in the world, but if you think I'm going to turn down a chance to spend time with you, you're crazier than I am!” Harry said with a grin.

Fleur grinned in return, and taking him by the hand, led Harry up a flight of stairs to the 3rd floor.  Opening a door at the end of the hall, Fleur said, “This is the nicest room we have that isn't Eloise's. Now, set your trunk down and the elves will get you unpacked.  I'll be preparing your bath, so, if you would get out of those robes we can get them cleaned.”

“I'll be happy to take these robes off, Fleur, but, would that be fair, you seeing me, and I don't get to see you?” Harry teased, and was pleased to see the French beauty blush slightly.

“What happened to you this year, Harry?  The Harry I knew last year would certainly have never been able to be in the same room with me, let alone tell me he wants me naked as calmly as you are.  I like the change, by the way.”

“What happened to me, well, a lot of things, but, mainly to answer your question, I have three women who love me, and each other, unconditionally, and they have made me a very happy, very confident man.”

“You have three women and you are staying here for the summer?  It sounds like there is quite a story to tell, and I hope you would be able to share it with me later.  For now though, since you asked so politely...”  She waved her wand and the door shut and locked, and, reaching behind her neck, she opened a clasp and her robe fell from her body to pool at her feet.   

Harry whistled in appreciation before removing his own clothing, grinning to himself as he saw Fleur's eyes widen at the sight of his cock.

“Damn! I should have gone for you instead of Roger during the tournament!” Fleur breathed. “You put him to shame!”

“I couldn't have handled you then, gorgeous, but, we're here now, shall we try out the bath?  That's something I haven't tried yet.”

“Well then, shall we?” Fleur led him into the bathroom, and the tub was easily the size of the tub in the Prefects Bathroom.  A quick wave of her wand, and the tub filled with steaming soapy water.

“Climb in, Harry, I'll get you cleaned up, and then we can get delightfully sweaty all over again, how does that sound?”

Harry just smiled as he climbed into the tub, sighing in pleasure as the water soothed his muscles.  As he leaned back, Fleur started soaping him up and washing his upper body.  “So, would you like to tell me your story?  I'm curious how a man with three lovers is here, and not in bed with them.”

“Well, it's kind of funny, actually, it all started about a week ago, in the Department of Mysteries....”

By the time Harry got done explaining what had happened, and why he was there, Fleur was done washing his body, and was starting on his hair.   After she finished with that, she climbed into the tub with him and said, “So, you are basically here getting regular sex to keep your magical core from exploding, and, just possibly adding to your Harem, all the current members of which have magically bonded so that there is no jealousy between them?  And you can satisfy all of these witches?   I just have one thing to say,” as she straddled him, and placed his cock at her entrance, “Where do I apply?” she groaned as he filled her all the way.  

“We can talk about that later!” Harry moaned as he started lifting her up on his cock.  Before long the only sounds in the room were their breathing and the water splashing around in the tub.   Fleur reached climax an instant before Harry did, and, as they rode the waves of pleasure, there was a flare of magic around them both. Fleur's eyes widened, and she cried out, “Yes, oh yes!” Climbing out of the tub, Fleur looked at Harry and said, “Well, I guess our magic decided I belong,  that was the most amazing feeling, I'm just glad that you found that oath, otherwise I think Hermione would be far too jealous of me to be comfortable.”

“I think I'm even more glad that Ron has a girlfriend now, otherwise this would drive him around the twist.” Harry chuckled.

“Ah, the Weasley's, that is something I need to tell you about.   I don't know if you were aware or not, but William and I were dating for a while before the winter holidays, unfortunately, he broke up with me, and I didn't react very well. That may affect how the family reacts to you once they learn that I have joined your Harem.”  She giggled, “I never thought I'd be part of a Harem, this should be fun.  One question, do your other girls enjoy spending time together?”

“If you mean, are they bisexual, the answer is yes!  Luna and Padma are very actively bisexual, and Hermione, once she recovers from her injuries, will be joining in as well.  I take it you are also.”

“Harry, I am part Veela. You knew that, but what you may not know is that we are incredibly sensual beings. Men or women, it doesn't matter, what matters is the pleasure and the closeness we can achieve.”   

“Now, I've felt that monster inside of me, but now I'd like to taste you, so lay back on the bed.”

Harry did as directed, but he moved her around so that she was straddling his face as she leaned forward and took him into her mouth. He stretched out his tongue and enjoyed the taste of her juices, licking them as he nibbled on her lips.  Remembering the trick that drove Luna crazy, he slid his tongue into her and started writing the alphabet on her walls.  Fleur was soon panting and gasping as she tried to keep his cock in her mouth, she finally gave up when Harry wetted one of his fingers and slid it into her arse.  She let him slip from her mouth and gave a shuddering cry as the orgasm hit her.  Harry just waited patiently as she rode out the climax, and, when she did, she took him back into her mouth and soon made him cum as well.  

After they recovered, Harry checked his watch, and, seeing that it was just 6:30, said, “I don't know about you, but I've worked up an appetite, shall we get dressed and get some dinner?”

“Of course, I'm hungry also, and on the way down, I'll show you my room, so you can find me when you want me.”

At his look, she said, “Harry, you need different women every day, if I understood you properly, and, until your Harem is completed, you will naturally want to be with different women each day.  I'll be happy with the times we are together, until you leave, then, of course, I will leave with you.”

“Will Madam Eloise have a problem with you no longer being here?” Harry asked, cautiously, “I mean, I just got here today, and I've already bonded one of her girls.  I can't imagine she will be very happy about it.”

“You might be surprised, Harry.  Eloise knows that we could decide to leave at a moment's notice, that is why those of us that have been here for more than a month or two work on a day to day basis.   I  don't have any clients coming in this evening, and, honestly, after feeling you inside me, I don't think anybody else could measure up.”

“Just think, I haven't even gotten to your arse, yet, you'll be walking funny for a while after that.”

“Anyway, I'll stop and see the boss after we eat, and make arrangements to keep my room for the rest of the summer.  I'll have to pay something, but, no problem, I've saved quite a bit these past few months.”

“That's something I've noticed about you, Fleur, what happened to your accent?  When we first met, your accent was incredibly thick, but now, other than a slight emphasis on certain words, it's hard to tell you weren't born and raised in the Kensington area.”

“Just like everything else in life, Harry, it's magic!  I took a magical language course, and can now speak English, Spanish, Russian and German fluently, it was a side effect of the course, that I now speak with the same accent of the person who created the course I used.”

“Useful, do you read those languages as well?”

“Absolutely, why?”

“I've got an idea of what you can be doing this summer, if you are interested.  I inherited the Black family library, and, there are books in several different languages.  I was hoping that you could go through them, and see if you find anything that might be useful against Voldemort.”

“I'd be happy to, I was wondering how I was going to be spending my time while you were busy.”

“Okay, I'll have Dobby bring the Russian books first.  Now, let's go and eat.”


Pansy bit into her pillow to muffle her moans of pleasure as the man above her gently slid into her arse. She had no idea somebody that knew what they were doing could make it feel so good!  She had recognized the man immediately when he walked up to her, he had been Head Boy at Hogwarts her third year, she'd been a little nervous because he'd been a bit of a prig in school, but she was pleasantly surprised that he engaged her in conversation before having her remove the robe and climbing on top of him.  He was surprisingly skilled with his tongue, and she had to pull her face off his cock to cry out in pleasure several times before the first orgasm hit her.   By the time he rolled her onto her back and put her ankles over his shoulders, she was soaking wet and wide open for him.  She came several more times before he stiffened and came inside her.   She was shocked when he grabbed his wand after he pulled out and did a quick cleaning charm, so the sheets didn't get wet.  They lay there cuddling for a while as they both recovered, until she stroked him back to full hardness and he rolled her onto her belly.  She tensed as she felt the tip of his wand at her ring, but relaxed as she felt a warm breeze blowing through her, and the muscle was stretched out.  

He reached around and started fingering her as he stroked into her arse, and she came again just as he unloaded inside her.  She wasn't surprised that he cleaned her again, but she was already lightly dozing as he got off the bed, and she heard her shower start.   A short while later, he came out and got dressed. Kissing her on the cheek, she heard him put something on the bed table, and closed the door behind him.  Grabbing her wand, she saw that she had over an hour before she had to be back in the lounge, Eloise always blocked out 2 hours per client, even if they didn't take that long, so she set an alarm for 45 minutes and lay back down.

It was only after she woke from her nap that she checked the bag on her table and saw that he had left her a 500 Galleon tip!  'Where the hell did he get that kind of money? The Weasley's have always been poor as dirt!'  Setting the question aside for now, she put the money in her trunk and smiled, 'if even half the guys are that good, this is going to be a great summer!'

In another room

Katie smiled at Alicia, who was working there part of the summer as well, as they put their arms around each other and started kissing, all the while hearing the click of the camera that Colin Creevey had brought in with him.   They didn't know how he had gotten in, considering how young he was, but, he was here, and had paid the galleons, so, if he wanted to watch and photograph them making love, Katie certainly wasn't going to argue.  Although she seriously doubted he'd be able to make her feel anything, considering the tiny bump he had in his trousers.  She hoped he wouldn’t be too disappointed when he found out the pictures he took weren’t going to be visible outside the wards.  The privacy wards were quite extensive!

Down the Hall

Susan was dozing, basking in the afterglow of her guest that afternoon, she was fortunate the first person to choose her was a gentleman, he could have hurt her otherwise.   As it was, it wasn't anybody she recognized, but he treated her magnificently, bringing her to several orgasms, before he shot all over her chest and belly.  The 500 galleon tip he left certainly helped as well.

Cho's room

Cho let the smile drop as the door closed behind her guest.  Running to the bathroom, she rinsed her mouth, trying to get the taste of him out of there.  'Gods above he was filthy!  At least Cedric kept himself clean.  Is this how I'm going to spend my life? On my knees sucking filthy men's cocks?  I don't know what is wrong with me? Why am I even here?” She asked aloud, as she reached for the bottle of fire whiskey she had hidden in the cabinet.  She wasn't expecting the mirror to answer her, let alone in her own voice. “You're here because you couldn't think of anyplace else to go, and you are craving some sort of human contact, even if you don't enjoy the way you are getting it.   The face in the mirror changed, becoming a bearded man, who came out of the mirror entirely.

“Hello, Cho, my name is Sirius Black, yes, that Sirius Black, but I was innocent. Anyway, I'm dead now so I can't hurt you, but I am here to bring you a message from Cedric.   He is sorry you are suffering now, but things will get better. Harry does care for you, and he will be watching out for you, and when the time comes, he will be what you need. I’m not exactly sure what he meant by that, but Cedric told me it was important that you know it.  But, speaking from personal experience, that whiskey isn't doing you any good. I had been drinking the day I died, and I got killed because I made a stupid mistake.  Do yourself a favor, and put the booze away for now.    You've committed yourself to spending the summer here, and if you don't get a grip on your problem, you'll end up killing yourself before the month of August is half way up.  Just hold on, try to get what pleasure you can from what you are doing, and things will improve very quickly.”

“I'm hallucinating, that has to be it, there is no way that I'm talking to a dead man in a whorehouse bathroom!”  Cho shook her head in disbelief.

“Even if this is a hallucination, which I'm not, is anything I've said wrong?” Sirius asked her.

“Well, no, not really, but, why would Cedric care what happens to me? He's dead, he shouldn't care about me.”

“Silly girl, just because you die doesn't mean you don't care about those you left behind.  I came back because I had strong connections to people here.  Cedric could have come back, but knew you wouldn't be able to move on and you have a lot to do before you are done.  If nothing else, he expects you to dance on the grave of Peter Pettigrew, who is the one who actually killed him.  Think about that before you take another drink.”   

Sirius faded back into the mirror, leaving a shaken young girl staring at her reflection, almost as if seeing it for the first time.
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