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Just Another Night

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Summary: Norm and Cliff have an encounter of the Slayer kind en route to Cheers. One-shot.

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Television > CheersStarRedbaneFR131484156327 May 127 May 12Yes
[A/N] This is just a short thing that was buzzing around in my brain. Hope you like it! Reviews are encouraged. :-)

Cliff Clavin and Norm Petersen headed down the street towards their usual hangout - Cheers. It was a chilly evening and both of them were wearing their snug woolen coats. Cliff even wore his trademark hunter's cap with earflaps. Both had their hands in their pockets, and did not speak much, preferring to reserve their energy for walking.

They were barely a block away when a man leaped out, seizing Cliff by the arm and dragging him forward. Norm stumbled back in surprise, and Cliff gave a short, sharp yelp. In the next moment, both of them stared in shock at the hideously mangled features of their assailant, who bore yellow eyes, a bestial expression, and sharp fangs. The thing snarled at them and lunged for Cliff's neck.

"Cliffie!!" Norm yelled, but Cliff could only struggle uselessly in the creature's grip. He closed his eyes, certain that this was it for him.

Then the monster was torn away from Cliff, spun with preternatural strength to slam into the brick wall nearby. Cliff fell backwards, landing hard on his rear on the icy sidewalk, and Norm grabbed his shoulders, dragging him away. Both turned in time to see a pretty young girl fighting the creature, landing punch after punch to its face and stomach before whipping out a piece of sharp wood and thrusting it into his chest. To Norm and Cliff's continuing amazement, the man-beast howled in pain and burst into an explosion of dust and ashes.

The girl held her fighter's stance for a moment, then straightened and dusted off her pants. She then turned doe-brown eyes on the pair of startled men, her gaze sweeping over them. "You two okay?" she asked brusquely.
Gaping at her, Norm and Cliff both nodded silently. She gave them another nod in return and then sprinted away into the night, long brown curls flying. In a surprisingly short time, she was out of sight.

Norm and Cliff stared after her, and then looked at each other, still in stunned silence. Norm helped Cliff to his feet and they walked the rest of the way to Cheers in silence.

Norm was first through the door, hanging up his jacket. "Evening, everybody," he said as Cliff came in behind him, hanging up his own jacket.

"Norm!!" the bar's population chorused. Norm and Cliff headed for their usual barstools.

The bartender, Sam, was wiping out a glass mug. He glanced up to his favorite barflies and grinned. "Hey guys. Anything interesting happen today?"

Norm and Cliff exchanged another look, still a bit shell shocked. Then in unison they shook their heads.

"Same ol', same ol', Sammy boy. Gimme a beer," Cliff said.

"Just another night, Sam. I'll have what he's having," said Norm, nodding to Cliff.

The End

You have reached the end of "Just Another Night". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking