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Family of Choice

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Summary: What makes a family? Obviously not shared DNA. A little advice from Buffy. A collection of ficlets -some related, some not- investigating the dynamics of Superboy's family.

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DC Universe > Young Justice(Recent Donor)ConstanceTruggleFR767,19236212,9129 May 1226 Aug 12Yes


Disclaimer: Don't own anything Buffy or DC.

A/N: This is for mackenziex, who left me a review that made me giggle and tickled my fancy. Pretty sure I hit all the points. It's silly and wouldn't fit anywhere if I continued into a real story, but it was a fun bit of side stuff.

Buffy cornered Superman. He allowed it, of course. The Justice League wanted to keep communication between them and the IWC amiable, after all. Their worlds rarely – if ever – crossed, but it was nice to have that option if necessary. Batman lurked close by, wondering what the little spit-fire might try.

“How can you leave someone like that alone? He needs support, not a cold shoulder!” Buffy raged, still flying on her anger high.

“You have no idea what you're talking about!” Superman shot back.

“Oh, no! I was never a fifteen year old just coming into my own powers with no knowledge on how to use them or what they all even were! And it's not like I don't deal with powerful teenagers every day! Every one of them has needed support when they came to us. They didn't know where they fit in anymore and needed someone to be there for them. Now, I'm taking Superboy home with us, where he's going to find a mundane name along with his super one, and he's going to learn that he's not the only one with weird origins and he's going to learn about family support.”

“He's going back to the cave when he leaves here, not with you!”

“No, he's coming with us. He's a teenaged boy! Do you really think he should be living alone with a teenaged girl?” Buffy asked incredulously. Then she slipped a smirk onto her face that would make Faith proud. “Besides, you should just be thankful I'm not asking you for child support!”

A twitch could be seen on even the Stoic One's face... err, Batman, that is. And he made Buffy go from angry to grinning by tossing out a nonchalant, “I'll pay it for him.”

“Thanks, but no thanks.”

Word Count: 307
10 May 2012
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