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Family of Choice

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Summary: What makes a family? Obviously not shared DNA. A little advice from Buffy. A collection of ficlets -some related, some not- investigating the dynamics of Superboy's family.

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DC Universe > Young Justice(Recent Donor)ConstanceTruggleFR767,19236212,9099 May 1226 Aug 12Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13


Title: Beginning
Author: Constance Truggle
Fandom: Buffy/Young Justice
Rating: FR13
Pairing: None
Summary: Another take on how things could have gone if Buffy found out she was Superboy's DNA donor, and if she flipped her lid before rational thought asserted itself.
Disclaimer: People other than me own anything recognizable.
Word Count: 1698
Beta'd by hellbells. Thanks, lady!
Author's Note: This was my Day One offering for August Fic-A-Day. ^.^

Buffy was shocked at herself. She'd totally gone off on Superman! Right in front of everyone, too! She was rather ashamed of herself, too. She knew by now not to let her emotions take over, yet she did it anyway. Red faced and filled with a self-directed anger, Buffy excused herself from everyone. She vaguely heard Willow offering the excuse that she'd be more rational once she'd calmed down, but she didn't stay to listen in. She really needed to get herself back under control. She couldn't imagine any other reason she would call Superman a hostile, conceited asshat. Later, when she thought back on that moment, she might find the various shocked reactions amusing.

Wonder Woman caught her as she was heading to the ladies room. Who knew the Amazon Princess peed? And wow, Buffy suddenly realized she was feeling a little punch-drunk after the day's revelations.

“It's not hostility,” Wonder Woman told her quietly.

Huh, Buffy thought. Apparently she didn't pee.

“What's not?” the blonde asked.

“Superman. It's uncertainty he feels, not hostility. He is unsure what to do or how to act.”

“Well, he's hurting the boy's feelings. And man does he need a real name. Either way, it's not Superman's feelings I'm worried about. I admit, I was a bit harsh on him. But I'm not even psychic and I could feel the waves of pain radiating from Superboy. He doesn't need distance from the only person he knew that could help him figure out his powers and – more importantly – where he fits into the grand scheme of things. Trust me on this one; I've been there.”

“Please explain.”

“Well, look at you for example. You've known your whole life who you were and what you could do, right? I didn't know until I was fifteen. Then I was called as the Slayer and everything changed. And maybe I feel more kindred with Superboy because of that. I looked to my parents for help; I turned to them and told them and they locked me away in an institution until I told them vampires weren't real. So my watcher became my father, and my friends became family as they helped me adjust. Then, two years later when my mother had the reality of the supernatural thrust in her face, she told me not to come back if I left to save the world.” Buffy huffed a sort-of laugh here, and if it sounded closer to a sob neither one mentioned it. “The point is, he needs support and encouragement and he's not feeling it from that man out there. All he has to do is tell Superboy that he doesn't know what to do or that they'd figure things out or just let him ask questions. But instead, that teenager with his hormones already out of whack is feeling rejected and unwanted. And it's really as simple as I want him. I can't give him everything he needs, I know that. I don't have powers like him. Yeah, I'm faster and stronger and heal quicker than the average person. But he's super powered, you know? Only you guys can help with that. All I can do is be there for whenever he needs me. And I intend to be. And he's got an aunt that's got an origin story even weirder than his that might make him feel more normal. So you guys teach him how to be super, and we'll teach him how to be family.”

“It's not that I don't understand your point, Miss Summers. I do. Family is very important to me, too. I only believe that Superman is merely coming to terms with having a child born to him, and in such an unconventional way. Superman is a good man. Things will work out, you will see.”

“I've only ever heard good stories about him, you know? This threw me for a loop, honestly. I mean, in our world, we hear the good and the ugly about you guys. Mostly, the ugly is what the rest of the world calls good but the bad guys don't like, but I've never heard anything even in the not-so-pretty about him. So I was shocked by his attitude and I know I over reacted a bit. I guess I should apologize for that, at least. I know Superboy wants to come visit soon, if you guys will let him. He didn't say that last part outright, but none of us wants to cause problems between him and the rest of you, so we're gonna have to work together on that, I think.”

As the two women left the bathroom, Buffy made her way over to Superman's area. When he finally looked at her, she softly asked him if they could talk for a moment. He agreed. As they wandered away from the rest of the people, she saw Willow talking to Superboy and Robin. If she strained that slayer hearing she got, she could catch a few words that led her to believe they were talking computers. Well, Willow and Robin were, at least. Superboy looked rather bored by it all.

When they finally stopped, she turned and realized just how tall Superman really was; especially compared to her. He was at least a good foot taller. He just looked impassively back at her, waiting for her to speak.

“Look, I'm sorry. I went overboard there. He just was in so much pain that it really pissed me off. I've lost enough of my family to never take any for granted, and I was sad that it seemed like you did.” She held up a hand when it looked like he might protest. “My sister was inserted into our lives when she was fourteen. When we eventually found out, it didn't matter. By then, she was just my sister. And I'm not saying any of this right. What I mean is that I'm used to having weird family occurrences, so this is probably a lot easier for me to deal with than for you. Because when we found out that Dawnie wasn't really my sister, I was shocked and didn't know what to do. And I'm sure you were too, when you found out about the experiment. But please, try to understand. Maybe I see it easier because I deal with teenagers all day every day, but he's lost and needs your guidance. Not even because you're family, but because only you can help him figure out his powers. I know a guy who's mom was a slayer. Nothing in her gifts passed on to him, so we're reasonably sure that the mystical element doesn't pass to any children. So I can't help him with his gifts. I'll gladly be there for him, but you're gonna have to teach him.”

Had she not been watching intently, she would have missed where he looked relieved for a moment. Just about where she started babbling about Dawnie and not knowing what to do. Maybe he really was the good guy she'd always heard about. And maybe, alien or not, he really was just human. And wasn't that a thought? The hero was allowed to make mistakes and be uncertain. Huh. Then again, she knew all too well how easy it was to fall off that wobbly pedestal. She'd had her own, once upon a time. She was even more ashamed at her actions now, when she looked at it in that light. Damn.

“Well, Superboy knows how to reach me when he wants to. I think Willow and I better leave before I make things worse for him. It was good to meet you, even if I was a bitch the whole time.” She turned from the blue clad superhero and back to her friend. “Wills, time to go. Superboy, call me anytime, okay? Unless I'm in the middle of an apocalypse, I'll always have time for you.”

In a flash, Willow had them transported out of the Hall of Justice and back to their castle in Scotland. Buffy just hoped she hadn't made the teenager's life worse.

It had been nearly three weeks before Buffy heard from her son, and she was in battle when he did call. He'd called from the cave, but since Superman wasn't amenable to not being there, he had the call on speakerphone.

Yeah?” came through the phone, the fainter sounds of fighting also heard.

“Buffy? It's.. umm.. Superboy.”

Oh, hey! How are you?” came the perky voice, then they heard:

“Buffy! Watch out!” A male voice.

Oof! Shit!”
You alright, B?” A whiskey-rough female voice, followed by a clang! of metal on metal.
Fine! Just a scratch!”
I saw the sword come out the other side!” The male again.
I'm good! Just-” grunt “-kill the stupid things already!”
Hey, Red! How much longer on the mojo?” The not-Buffy female.
About five minutes if you can keep them off me!” A new female.
Buffy, if you don't get off the phone, there may not be anything left of you to talk to! And for God's sake don't let the slime get in your wounds!” A British male.
Do you think it'll come out in the wash?” Buffy again.

And, finally, “Hey. Can I call you back? Or you can call me in like, ten minutes or so? Should be-” smack! “-and stay dead! Sorry. Should be done here soon.”

“Umm... sure?”

Thanks! Talk to you soon!”

The line went dead to the sound of more hollering about demon positions and slime getting everywhere.

Conner Kent looked up at his father, slightly wide eyed but otherwise showing no reaction. He'd call later and arrange to visit. Kid Flash, however, stared with jaw agape.

“Why the hell did she answer the phone if she was fighting?”

“I'm more interested in her getting impaled, myself,” Artemis pitched in. “Sounds like she was having a good time, after all.”

Robin laughed. He thought so too, after all.

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