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The Other Winchester Brothers

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Summary: Dean’s not the oldest son of John and he’s always known it. They just found out Sam’s not the youngest either. It’s been twenty two years since Dean last saw his big brother but that’s about to change even if he has to knock his father out in the process

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Theme: Real Family(Past Donor)pinkhairedharryFR15723,18467123,4689 May 1230 Jun 12No

Chapter One

Title: The Other Winchester Brothers

Author: pinkhairedharry

Summary: Dean’s not the oldest son of John and he’s always known it. They just found out Sam’s not the youngest either. It’s been twenty two years since Dean last saw his big brother and neither of them had met the youngest but that’s about to change even if they have to knock their dad out in the process.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any recognizable characters from Supernatural or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I’m just playing with them. This is the only time I will put in the disclaimer that doesn’t mean I’m claiming ownership it just means I’m lazy. :P

AN: here’s another plot bunny that just won’t leave me alone. This is AU for Supernatural during the last episode of season 1. They aren’t hit by the semi. They get to the hospital and are released a few days later with John on crutches. BtVS is cannon to season 7 but not for the comics or books. The time line for BtVS hasn’t changed. This story is set in current time so the Scoobies are thirtyish. I’m taking liberties with ages assuming that most of them graduated at age 17 or 18 in 1999. The supernatural time line has been pushed forward with season 1 happening in 2011-2012 time-frame. Adam is a few years younger than in cannon. He’s fourteen in this story.

Chapter 1

John was sitting in the back seat of the impala with his leg up while his sons talked to each other ignoring his existence. They had been giving him the silent treatment for a week and a half by this point and it was getting ridiculous. The last time they had spoken to him had been to ask for the addresses of their brothers. He honestly didn’t know where his oldest had moved to after his home town had collapsed nine years ago but Sam and Dean were angry enough not to believe him. Hell the only reason he knew Alex was even alive was because he’d run into Jessica Harris about a month after the collapse and she’d told him that Alex had contacted her and let her know that he was alive. She hadn’t known where he was, where he was going and he hadn’t left any contact information either so he truly had no idea where his oldest was.

He had at least known where his youngest lived. That had stopped the yelling and been the beginning of the let’s ignore our asshole of a father stage they were currently in. And okay he kind of deserved it but he hadn’t actually known about Adam’s existence until after Sam had left for Stanford. He should have told Dean but damn it he was only human. Kate had made him promise to keep Adam away from Hunting before she would even let him meet Adam four years ago. He had let Adam be a child because he had a loving mother to care for him but John was mentally kicking himself for not at least teaching the basics.

With Alex it had been different. John had had him every summer until Mary died. Eight year old Alex had been brought to Lawrence by his mother for Mary’s funeral. It had been the last time John had seen his oldest son. He’d been so focused on learning everything he could about the supernatural and trying to take care of Sam and Dean that he just couldn’t handle having Alex as well that first summer and the next year hadn’t been any easier. Eventually Alex had stopped asking to visit, Dean had stopped asking for his big brother and John had signed over custody to Tony Harris. By the time the boys were eleven, seven and three years old respectively Alex had become a taboo subject in the Winchester family. Sam had completely forgotten his oldest brother while Dean had kept silent.

Azazel had taunted them with the fact that his other sons were even more vulnerable because they had no way of knowing what was after them and John hadn’t taught them how to protect themselves. It wasn’t just Adam and Alex in danger either. Alex could have a wife and kids by now for all John knew. That thought was eating him up inside.

The impala was currently parked across the street from the Milligan home in a quiet suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. They were currently waiting in the car with the windows rolled down for Adam or his mother to get home. They’d been parked there for about an hour before John spotted Adam and a group of girls walking toward the Milligan residence. The girls were surrounding Adam, one in each side of him two in front and two behind him. They were laughing and horsing around but all six girls were paying attention to their surroundings. “That’s Adam walking with those girls,” announced John.

“Well damn, little brother’s got game,” joked Dean. The girls were a mix of different races. One of the girls was black, one was Asian, one was Latina and the other three were white. Even the three white girls were diverse in looks, one was a red head, one was blonde and the last was a brunette. All six were adorable though.

“Um, is it just me or are those girls a little too aware of their surroundings. They kinda look like they’re Adam’s protection detail or something,” stated softly Sam.

The pretty little black girl with wild ebony curls next to Adam said something that caused Adam to stop and look straight at the impala. Adam recognized the impala and his dad in the back seat but had no idea who the guys in the front were and with the way his week had been going he wasn’t going to get anywhere near that car without a detailed explanation of who they were.

Adam stayed where he was but called out, “Hey Dad, what are you doing here? And who’s that with you?”

“At least he’s smart enough to stay away from strangers,” muttered Dean as he and Sam got out of the car. Dean walked around to the trunk, opened it, grabbed a pair of crutches, closed the trunk and handed them to John.

The girl that had informed Adam of their presences snorted while the brunette giggled in response to Dean’s words. Three demons had tried to kill him before he’d learned what most five year olds already knew, stranger danger. Adam was their friend but he was denser than a brick sometimes.

"They're your older brothers, Dean and Sam. They wanted to meet you so we came to visit," answered John as he levered himself out of the car and leaned on the crutches. "You think we can talk inside?" The alone part was implied.

"Adam's supposed to come home with us because Aunt Kate has to work a double shift tonight and there's been a couple of attempted abductions in the area and she doesn't want Adam staying home alone. We're just stopping to let Adam get some clothes before we go home. You're welcome to come with but Dad's a real worry wart and if we go home with out Adam we'll probably get grounded and I really don't want to get grounded because we have a dance on Friday and I can't go if I'm grounded. Mom and Dad won't mind if you come over. They'd want to meet you all anyways," babbled the brunette.

John's eyes looked a little glazed after that. Sam had managed to follow most of her babbling but even he was looking a bit dazed at the information overload. Dean just stared in awe at the girl that hadn't even paused to breathe during that award worthy babble.

"I think you broke them," stated Adam totally unfazed by his friend's babble.

The other girls laughed while the brunette looked sheepish.

"I thought Sammy could babble but that was amazing," offered Dean shaking off his awe at her ramble.

"That was nothing, you should see Dad and our aunts, they're like babbling gods," offered the black girl with a grin.

"Who are all of you?” asked Dean before adding, “Because calling you girls one through six in my head is getting a bit annoying.”

"I'm Niaira," said the black girl, "These are my sisters, Dylan the babbler, the blonde is Alayna, the red head is Ariel, Camila is the other brunette and last but not least is Kyoko."

"You're all sisters?" asked Sam not trying be rude but kinda surprised. You didn't see that kind of multicultural family very often.

"Mom and Dad adopted Niaira when she was six, Dylan's one of their biological kids and the rest of us are their foster kids," answered Camila with a shrug. People asked that question a lot.

“What happened to your leg?” asked Adam.

“Your brother shot me,” answered John truthfully eyeing Sam.

“Why'd ya do that?” asked Alayna.

Sam looked at Dean helplessly.

“Cause Dad was being an ass,” answered Dean with a shrug.

Sam face palmed and said, “It was an accident. We were hunting.”

Dylan laughed and Niaira elbowed her hard. The three Winchesters frowned at their antics.

“Sorry, its just Niaira shot Dad in the leg with a crossbow two years ago when we were bow hunting and I remember Dad acting the same way afterwards. He kept telling everyone that asked about the crutches that his daughter shot him. It was funny,” explained Dylan.

A woman walked up at that moment and asked, "What's the what?"

Dean took a long moment to appreciate the sexiness of the woman that had just arrived and whisled. Even Sam couldn't stop himself from checking her out. John snorted at his sons behavior. Sure she was a good looking woman but they didn't need to be so obvious about it.

The woman leered right back and said, “Sorry pretty boy you're not my type. I like my men-”

"Mom!” whined Dylan interrupting her mother, “These are Adam's Dad and brothers. They want to talk to Adam but Dad said we aren't supposed to separate for any reason so we invited them to come home with us and we got a little sidetracked."

“Of course you did. Short stack, did you get your stuff yet?” asked Faith.

“Not yet. We kinda got distracted,” answered Adam.

“Go get it before I do,” ordered Faith. Adam turned around and raced into the house. He'd known her long enough to know that she'd pick the most embarrassing clothes he owned simply because she was got a kick out of it.

“Short stack?” asked Dean with a grin.

“It was that or poptart, he chose short stack,” answered Faith with a shrug.

“I know Kate wouldn't mind if he stays here with us,” announced John.

“Probably not but I don't know you and he's supposed to spend the night at our house so that's where he's going to be. I have no problem with you three tagging along but he's coming home with us,” countered Faith.

John nodded his head in understanding. To her he was a stranger and he appreciated her looking out for Adam. “I guess we'll follow you then. How far are we from your house?”

Faith grinned and said, “Not far at all, about a five minutes walk. Girls get ta stepping . We'll meet you there.” The girls headed home with out complaint. Their mom could handle three guys with both hands tied behind her back. The younger two were pinging their slaydar slightly but it wasn't in a demony way. It was the way that Dad, Aunt Dawn, Aunt Willow and Aunt Cordelia pinged. The way that Talented humans pinged.

After the girls left Faith asked, “Mind if I hitch a ride with you?”

“Sure,” answered Dean.

“By the way I'm John and these are my sons Dean and Sam,” offered John as they waited for Adam.

“Name's Faith,” answered Faith as Adam came back out carrying a backpack.

“Hop in short stack. We're getting a ride in this wicked beauty,” stated Faith as she got in the back seat.

“How come I always have to sit bitch?” asked Adam petulantly.

Faith laughed and said, “Because little bitches sit in bitch.”

Dean snorted, Sam smiled and John shook his his head at the by play.

Faith directed them to her home and boy were they surprised at the sight that greeted them. They couldn't even see the house. It was surrounded by walls fifteen feet high and the driveway had a wrought iron gate across it. The old fashion kind with spear shaped tips. There was a biometric hand scanner attached to an actual gatehouse.

Dean turned around in his seat to face Faith as he said, “You sure as hell don't look like the kind of lady that would live here.”

“Dude, I'm a Boston Southie not a Beacon Hill rich bitch. This is a company property. We live here but we sure as hell don't own the place. Plus there are about thirty of us living here,” stated Faith as she reached out the window and placed her hand on the scanner.

The gate opened and they continued on their way. Dean and Sam both shivered as the impala crossed over the property line and shared a look but forgot about the weird sensation they had felt as they got their first look at the place. It wasn't a house at all but a manor, four stories tall and sprawling with a detached garage that could double as a nice sized home.

“Park where ever you want but I'd recommend staying as far away from the mini coop as possible,” offered Faith.

Dean parked the impala away from the shinny red mini cooper, they all got out of the car and headed inside. Adam was sent to put his stuff away and to hang out with the rest of the kids while Faith lead his new family members away for questioning.

She led them into a study, plopped herself on the large mahogany desk while they seated themselves. “So...want to tell me why Azazel keeps coming after Adam? We've already had to stop three attempts so don't give me any bull shit.”

Sam looked gobsmacked, Dean narrowed his eyes in suspicion and John steadily met her eyes.

“Azazel killed my wife when Sam was a baby and his girl last November so we've been hunting him,” answered John looking just as surprised that he told the truth as his sons did.

“What the hell Dad?” yelled Dean.

“Now don't be yellin' at your pops. He would have told the truth no matter what he tried to say. The room is truth spelled. You don't have to say anything but everything you do say is going to be the truth,” offered Faith.

“You a witch?” asked John sending a stand down look to his sons. He was going to give her the benefit of the doubt because she'd been protecting Adam.

“Nah, I'm a Slayer. Red's the super Wicca. She did the truth spell on the room. It comes in handy,” answered Faith.

“Does the truth spell work on you or does it just work on people you bring in here?” asked Dean.

“The spell works on every one in the room no exceptions,” answered Faith.

“How do we know you're tellin' the truth?” countered Dean.

“Ask me anything you want,” replied Faith.

“What's your full name?” asked Dean.

“Faith Fiona Lehane,” answered Faith.

“Are you married?” questioned Dean.

“No,” replied Faith.

“Why not?” asked Sam.

“My Boytoy has a fear of marriage. Left his fiancee at the alter on their wedding day. She died about a year later,” answered Faith.

“How long have you been together?” asked Sam.

“Nine years,” answered Faith.

Sam and Dean exchanged a look, they remembered Camila telling them that Dylan was Faith and their dad's biological kid.

“Nine years?” repeated Sam.

“Yeah, we had sex before that but we've only been together for the last nine years,” answered Faith.

“You both took care of her?” asked Sam.

“Neither of us had her. We slept together once during high school, I fell in with a bad crowd and ended up in a coma for nine months. He didn't know I was pregnant and I was still coma girl when Dylan was born so she was put in the system. We got lucky and the family that had her was a good one. I woke up a few months later still messed up and freaked out. I thought I'd lost the baby and went a little more off the deep end, ended up in jail for a couple of years. I got myself sorted out while I was there and broke out when a friend needed me. I got a presidential pardon a few months later,” explained Faith.

The Winchesters were silent for almost a minute just processing before Dean asked, “How old were you when you got called as the Slayer?”

“Sixteen. Longest living slayer in history as this point. We changed the game though no more one girl in the world bull shit. We got thousands of slayers now. No one fights alone any more meaning the survival rate has gone up,” answered Faith.

“You mean that all those girls are slayers? You take them from their families? You force them to fight?” asked Sam.

“Yes, only the ones in bad situations the rest are at our boarding schools voluntarily and go home to their families during summer and winter holidays and after they graduate they can do what they want. A lot of our girls have gone on to college and some of the oldest group have gotten married, started families and have actual careers besides slaying. And for your last question no, if they don't want to fight we don't force them to. We give them the training they need to be able to protect themselves. For the ones that refuse to come at all we send a trained slayer watcher team to keep an eye on them for their protection but otherwise we leave them alone,” answered Faith.

“Why are you protecting Adam?” asked John.

“You mean besides the fact that he's an innocent? Short stack's been friends with my daughters since we moved here. He's practically family. When the other kids wouldn't even talk to Niaira because she spoke differently than them, he played with her, helped her with class work, stuck up for her and generally made her transition from Africa to Ohio easier. He reminds me of my Boytoy, sometimes denser than a brick but all heart,” answered Faith.

“Does Adam know about the supernatural?” asked John.

“Yes, for the past two years and before you ask he doesn't patrol at all. Boytoy's been teaching him how to protect himself though. He's pretty good with a crossbow and staff. He just started learning sword fighting,” answered Faith.

“Sword fighting?” asked Dean.

“We deal with corporeal demons, vampires, rogue witches and warlocks for the most part. Beheadings usually work on demons. Bullets just piss off most demons so swords, axes, crossbows and stakes are our go to weapons. And the rocket launcher but we haven't had to use that in a few years. The biblical smoke and possession demons tend to be rare but they're getting uppity lately. We've had more cases involving them this year than the five years before that combined,” explained Faith.

“What the hell is your boytoy's name?” asked Dean.

“Xander,” answered Faith with a smirk. She'd been waiting for that question since she called him Boytoy the first time. She was a bit surprised it taken them so long to ask.

Dean snorted and asked, “What the hell kind of name is Xander?”

“Short for Alexander. He went to high school with a Buffy, a Harmony, an Aura and an Aphrodesia so really not that weird,” defended Faith.

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