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See you later Mystic Falls, Hello Sunnyhell!

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Summary: Jeremy was compelled a second time for his own safety. Sent to another town. Which one? Sunnydale. To live with who? His Aunt Jenna's younger brother Alexander Harris! AU

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Literature > Vampire Diaries, The > Jeremy-CenteredssdricoolFR1833,194001,9579 May 1213 May 12No

Jeremy's First experience

Jeremy had been dragged all over the place and introduced to a million different people. Night had finally fell and he was just glad, that he was sharing a room with only his uncle. Who happened to be on the floor in a sleeping bag as dead to the world as a corpse. Jeremy just got out of the shower and had just finished a certain extracurricular activity thinking of a certain someone. The boy got dressed in his boxers, an undershirt, and slipped under the covers. Before another thought could enter his head he fell asleep into exhaustion.

Jeremy shot up in bed and started to panic, breathing heavily, twisting the sheets around his body. The room was completely black and he couldn’t see his uncle. For the life of him the 16 year old could not remember what woke him up. After his eyes adjusted, he noticed his uncle was no longer in the room and went to turn on the light. “It’s been awhile Jer.” Jeremy spun around so fast at the sound of the familiar voice that every bone in his body seemed to crack.

The boy rubbed at his eyes, not believing for a second what he was seeing. “Don’t bother Jer, it’s no dream sweetie.” Jenna mocked sweetly walking closer towards Jeremy. “” Jeremy stuttered the question out. “Well you see Jeremy, I can’t seem to move on and you want to know whose fault it is?” Jenna said her voice dripping with venom. When Jeremy continued to look at her and not answer Jenna went on. “It’s all you and your god damn sister’s fault Jeremy. You brats got me killed, but its ok I should have known how completely worthless you two were from the fucking beginning.” His dead aunt’s face seemed to shift into a mask of unadulterated hatred.

“No, that's not true.” Jeremy said without one ounce of conviction in his voice. Before the brunette’s eyes Jenna’s face seemed to shift, until it was Vicki standing in front of him. “But it is true babe, after all you did leave me alone in the woods like I was just another piece of trash,” Jeremy shook his head violently trying to ignore the words, “And I saw the way you were looking at that slut down stairs Jer,” Vicki’s face shifted, “Don’t you love me anymore Jeremy?” Anna questioned looking up at the boy almost touching him. ‘This isn’t happening, it can’t be.’ Jeremy thought over and over to himself.

Shaking his head violently and trying to hold back the tears, Jeremy took no notice when he walked through Anna’s body to get to the bed. Anna turned around and shifted again. Who Jeremy saw this time knocked the breath right out of him. “Please stop, make it stop, anyone please just God make it stop.” Jeremy whispered out loud not bothering to hold the tears back anymore. Through the blurriness of his eyes the crying boy saw the woman kneel in front of him.

“But baby boy, don’t you miss your mother?” Miranda Gilbert whispered in her son’s ear. “Because I sure missed my little boy. I think it’s time you come join your mother Jer and then after that we can go get Elena, be one big happy family again. What do you think?” Jeremy’s mother questioned. “NO! SHUT UP!” Jeremy screamed and grabbed the nearest thing around him, which was the TV remote, and threw it at the image of his mother. The remote went straight through the older Gilbert’s body and crashed into the wall.

Xander walked through the front door at four o’clock in the morning with Faith and five potentials trailing behind him. He had a split lip and a bruise of a hand starting to show on his neck. ‘I just want a hot shower and a nice.....’ Before Xander could finish that thought he heard Jeremy’s scream and a crash up the stairs. The exhausted brunette found himself hauling ass up the steps and crashing through the bedroom door.

When he was done catching his breath, ‘Jesus Christ he wasn’t old, but every guy had their limits’ and got his thought on track, Xander noticed an unknown woman standing in the room. The woman turned to look at Xander, smiled at him devilishly, and then disappeared like she was made of thin air. “Oh.” The one eyed man said dumbly. Jeremy shot out of the bed and turned to face his battered looking uncle.

“Oh! Oh! What the hell is that supposed to mean? What the hell was that thing? And where the fuck were you?!?” Jeremy screamed pushing all his anger and fear at Xander. “Well *cough* you see...” Xander tried to respond. “Move out of the way X.” Faith said pushing Xander farther into the room. “And you,” she said pointing at the Jeremy, “You're going to calm down, we’re all going to go down stairs, and then boy toy will explain everything.” “Hey, why do I have to...” Xander stopped when Faith’s stare promised death if he didn’t listen to her. Faith spun around and walked down the steps. Her demeanor demanding everybody to listen to the orders she gave.

Jeremy sat down on the couch and his uncle sat down in a wooden chair in front of him. Everyone else filled into the room and sat in a circle around the two relatives. The younger relative noticed Faith glaring at Xander signaling him to start. “Ummm…. Well where do I begin?” Xander chuckled nervously rubbing the back of his head. “I don’t know. The beginning sounds like a nice area to start.” Jeremy said being a smartass. He shut up though when Faith’s glare turned on him.

“Well ok the beginning, Sunnydale sits on top of something called a Hellmouth, which is a point where the barrier between Hell and Earth are weak. It’s like a focal point, which in turns attracts all kind of supernatural creatures; vampires, werewolves, zombies, demons, etc. So there was one girl in the entire world chosen to protect us from the big bads. This one girl was called the Slayer, who was blessed with supernatural abilities; super strength, inhuman reflexes, increased healing…..” Xander’s speech went on for another forty minutes. Everybody in the room was grossed into the speech and no one was making a sound.

“So Faith and Buffy are Slayers?” Jeremy asked. Faith nodded her hair in conformation. “So then where is this Buffy woman then?” Jeremy questioned. “Well you see there was a little argument and she left to vent, but she’ll be back again.” Willow replied walking into the living room from the kitchen. “Ok.” Jeremy said nonchalantly. “Wow, you’re taking this really well.” Xander said surprise etched in his voice. “Well it’s a little weirder than Mystic Fall, but nothing I can’t handle." “Mystic Fall?” Xander questioned Jeremy.

“I’ll explain later, but what was that thing in the bedroom?” The young Gilbert asked intently. “That was The First.” Willow said using air quotes with her hands. “The First?” Jeremy questioned confused. “Yeah, the very First evil J.” Faith told him. “Oh.” Jeremy said simply “Yeah.” Xander replied sympathetically.
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