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See you later Mystic Falls, Hello Sunnyhell!

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Summary: Jeremy was compelled a second time for his own safety. Sent to another town. Which one? Sunnydale. To live with who? His Aunt Jenna's younger brother Alexander Harris! AU

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Literature > Vampire Diaries, The > Jeremy-CenteredssdricoolFR1833,194001,9569 May 1213 May 12No

Gilbert Meet the Scoobies

Note: Story takes place in the last season of BTVS and the 3rd season of Vampire Diaries. Story is AU. Jenna and Alaric never happened, but she still died and he still became the Gilbert's guardian. This is the first story I written that I have ever posted so if the characters seem OOC, please forgive me.
Pairings: Jeremy/Dawn & Xander/Alaric
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Not Buffy or Vampire Diaries. Everything belongs to there rightful owners, but a guy can dream. :'(

Jeremy Gilbert’s body was hit with a wave of unknown terror has he passed the ‘Welcome to Sunnydale’ sign. He gave a slight snort of laughter though when he realized the Dale in Sunnydale had been replaced with hell. There was an eerie feeling to this town but Jeremy couldn’t put a finger on it. It was like the feeling you got from Mystic Falls if you ever visited, but somehow worse. The neighborhoods seemed almost dead quiet. ‘Or maybe everyone just decided to up and leave.’ Jeremy thought to himself.

Jeremy pulls the car up toward a house that once looked well kept, but now looked like it had been through a hurricane. The windows were a mess with dirt, the garden in front of the house that was once filled with life was dead, and it almost sounded like an earthquake was going on inside the house. Jeremy nervously walked up to the front door and knocked hard enough on the door to make sure he was heard. ‘Maybe I’m at the wrong house.’ Well a boy could wish. “Who the hell are you? What do you want?” The women who opened the door questioned Jeremy suspiciously, glaring daggers at him.

The girl was dressed in a tight fitting pair of leather pants, so tight they looked like a second skin, she was also wearing a black tank top that hide nothing, and sweating like she just ran a triathlon. The youngest Gilbert closed his mouth and stuttered out an answer, “Ummm…I’m Jeremy Gilbert, I’m looking for my Uncle, Alexander Harris?” “You can just call me Xander.” A man wearing an eye patch said pushing the woman out of the way.

“Faith, you should go back and check on the girls.” Xander told the woman. ‘Faith, her name is Faith.’ Jeremy told himself making a reminder to keep out of her way. After the scandalously dressed woman left with a huff, Xander turned back towards Jeremy. “Put your bags down at the door. Come with me and I’ll show you were you’re staying,” The man who was no older than 21 told Jeremy “I’m sorry it’s a little crowded, but that should change soon.” For a second it looked like his uncle was trapped in deep thought, but then he seemed to clear his head and in a flash he was right back to his bright crocked smile.

As the shaggy headed brunette led Jeremy up the stairs the boy notice the inside of the house wasn’t any better. There was clothes scatter all over the place; dirty dishes stacked on counters, teenage girls from age 14 to 18 were spread throughout the house, and he could swear there was the sound of fighting coming from the backyard. “So is this a sorority house or something?” The younger brunette chuckled questionably.

Xander turned around and stared at Jeremy wide eyed when he heard the question. “Well you see there was this thing, but it’s not really a thing, it more of a problem, no… a situation or you could maybe call it a catastrophe, whatever you call it, we needed help but only a certain kind of help because not everybody can just jump in willy nilly and help or we would have dead bodies all over the place and that my friend, my amigo, buddy old pal is not for the….” “Xander Harris!” A red headed girl who seemed to come out of nowhere yelled at the nervous babbling one eyed man trying to interrupt him.

“Hi, I’m Willow; don’t pay any mind to Xander’s babble he gets like that sometimes, if you let him he can just go on and on and on, but at the same time he did got it from me, so it’s kinda my fault, we both tend to babble a lot when we get nervous, but again don’t pay any mind to anything he just said, sometimes we think he lost his marbles years ago, but we’re not too sure, he refuses to let anybody help him when it comes to…” Willow babbled herself until she was interrupted to. “Willow you can stop now,” A girl who could be no older than sixteen, who was also a brunette told the babbling red head.

Jeremy wiped the dumbfounded look off his face and thought ‘Wow she’s beautiful!’ The girl was about 5 foot 6, with soft brown hair, dazzling blue eyes, and soft supple looking lips. “Hi I’m Dawn Summers, you must be Xander’s nephew?” Dawn said holding out her hand. “Ummm… that’s me.” Jeremy answered back dumbly, taking Dawn’s hand in his and shaking it. “Let me show you around and we can leave these two alone, so they can put themselves back together.” Dawn and Jeremy laughed at the joke and left the two older individuals alone on the top of stairs. ‘Can this day get any weirder’ Jeremy thought to himself. Too bad he had no idea how weird and dangerous it was about to get.

There went the plan to send Jeremy away for his own safety. Goodbye Mystic Falls. Hello Sunnyhell and The First.
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