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Crossing Worlds Part II

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Fan Art

Summary: Fanart mostly inspired by some amazing stories on this site CURRENT CROSSING: REVOLUTION

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredsarbearFR1573420122,10310 May 1210 Oct 12No

The Cure for Boredom

So this collection is probably going to start with a lot of True Blood crossovers because Sweet Chi's story, The Cure for Boredom is pretty much my favorite story in the whole world :D... So this pic is supposed to be like a cover for the fic. I used Oded Fehr as Rasul because that's who Sweet Chi thinks of when she's writing him and oh boy! I wish someone would of told me how gorgeous he is earlier! Needless to say I had fun looking through all of his pictures finding just the right one :)

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