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Materia Knight and his Girls

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Summary: Xander finds Clouds Materia Chest with a note from Aerith, changing his life forever.

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > Final FantasyrexcalonFR1845,5842167,81511 May 121 Nov 12No

Chapter 4:Hello Xander, meet your fate.

Chapter 4: Hello Xander, meet your fate.

10 minutes after Willow left found Xander leaning back in his bed as faith asked him as many questions as she could about Yuffie and where she came from.

“And that’s when Cloud and the others found her with all of cloud’s materia.” Xander relayed for Yuffie.

“Damn, im really liking this chick.” Faith said with a laugh.

“Yea well she likes you too.” Xander said before he heard a snicker in his head.

‘Well, things are about to get a hell of a lot more fun.’ Said one very amused Yuffie.

‘Why do you say that, and why am I scared.’ Xander asked.

‘Just look behind faith and you’ll see.’ Yuffie said.

Xander looked up from where he was looking at faith laugh (and the way her laughing made her boobs jiggle) to the doorway where he caught the dimpled smile of a woman he thought he would never see.

Faith was looking at Xander when all of a sudden she saw his mouth drop open as he looked at something behind her, so faith looked behind her and came face to chest with someone in a pink dress. As faith looked up she saw the smiling face of a light haired woman with the deepest pair of light blue-green eyes she had ever seen.

Before Faith could say anything she heard Xander behind her as he jumped from his bed. “Aerith, i-is that really you.”

Faith looked first at the woman than to Xander and back a few more times before her brain caught up “HOLY FUCK, your that chick that sent Xander those funky-ass rocks!” Faith yelled as she hopped out of her chair while pointing at Aerith.

Aerith just raised one of her eyebrows before she looked to Xander. “She has quite the mouth on here doesn’t she.” She said with a giggle.

Xander just looked at her and nodded dumbly.

“Hey! I talk how I want to talk, now how did you get here? And why are you here?” Faith asked as she crossed her arms under her chest and glared at Aerith.

Aerith only spared a glace Faiths way before talking to Xander again. “And you’re right she does have quite the rack on her.”

Xander paled as he shot a quick look at Faith.

“Oh so the X-man likes my tits, well I knew that much lady. Now answer my questions.” Faith said with her cocky grin back in place.

“Well if you must know the red one called us here and we’re just waiting on her.” Aerith said with a smile as she walked over to the bed Xander hopped out of and sat down beside the tall, curvy, and very busty blue women wearing nothing but a bored look and a few wisps of blue silk.

Xander and Faith Just stood there staring at the two of them with their mouths open, while Yuffie was rolling around in Xander’s mind.

And this was the sight Willow walked in to see just a few minute later.

“Xander I don’t know what’s wrong with this thing I mean I tried to contact this Aerith you mentioned and I got jack squat an…..” Willow was brought up short as she looked up and saw a light haired woman in a pink dress sitting on Xander’s bed playing with the long ice blue ponytail of a curvy blue woman who if she had to guess had to be at least a 'DDD' cup laying in Xander’s bed. While Willow’s eyes were glued to the chest of the newcomers one of them decided to speak up.

“Well it seems that I was right about me not having to put on any clothes, they all seem to like it better this way.” Shiva said with a smirk as she glanced at Aerith.

“Oh hush you little perv, now we need to wake them up.” Aerith pouted before she snapped her fingers bringing the trio out of their boob induced haze. “You called on me Red one.”

It took Willow a few moments before her brain crawled out of the gutter it was in.
“W-wait are you Aerith?” Willow asked.

“The one and only, now what can I do for you.” Aerith said.

“Well for starters you can tell me just what you have planned for Xander and, who the hell do you think you are just handing out powerful magical gems like that.” Willow said before she huffed and crossed her arms.

“Well I gave the materia to Alexander here because after all the crap he has been through helping you and all his friends, he deserved a reward worthy of all the sacrifices he has made. And that’s why I gave him all of the knowledge of how to properly use everything in that chest, im watching him so I can see just how bright the glow of Alexander Harris can shine when given the right tools.” Aerith said with a bright smile while she looked into Xander’s eyes. “Plus he’s a cutie so that helped.” She finished with a smirk.

Xander blushed while Willow kept talking. “Well, while that is nice and all, are there any drawbacks to your ‘gift’ and just who the hell is the blue NAKED woman? And why are you both in Xander’s bed.”

Shiva had a smirk on her face as she answered for Aerith. “Well the drawback is the same as yours Red one. If he tries to dig too deep the powers he holds can break his mind, but we all know that soul of his won’t let that happen, since it would make him a danger to his ‘girls’ and he would not let that happen. “Shiva explained and was happy to see the hard look show up in Xander’s eyes when she mentioned him becoming a danger to his ‘girls’. Also my name is Shiva, a Spirit of the element of Ice and all that accompanies it. I am a part of a very strong branch of the same magic that Xander holds, along with a few others but that is a story for another day. And I don’t think anyone but Aerith minds my nakedness.

“Damn right we don’t.” “Hmmm Blue.” Came the voices of Faith and Xander

Aerith spoke before everyone zoned out again on Shiva’s boobs. “It’s all okay Red one, later tonight you’ll find a tome on the history of my world and a few personal notes. But rest easy Alexander is a pure soul and I just want him to have something in his life that he can feel is his own, and a way to keep a few girls out of the grave so they can live a longer life.” Aerith said before a brief flash of light signaled their departure.

The trio stood in Xander’s room before Faith’s stomach made itself known. “Well, it’s time for some grub. You up for a pancake blowout before we get our couch potato on Xanman?”

“You know it Faith. See ya Wills, and don’t worry I’ll be careful. I mean what’s the worst that could happen.” Xander said as he hooked his arm in Faith’s and they made their way down to the kitchens to bug a few mini slayers and get some food.

‘You have no idea how bad it can get.’ Yuffie thought with a wicked smirk on her face.

///////////////////////////End of Chapter 4/////////////////////////////

The End?

You have reached the end of "Materia Knight and his Girls" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Nov 12.

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