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Xander Has Powers

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Summary: A series of drabbles giving Xander powers from a variety of series.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredBemmyBeanFR1311,373062,35811 May 1211 May 12No
Super Skrull

Disclaimer: All characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Fantastic Four do not belong to me

It was a bad night for Xander. A couple of vampires had nabbed him leaving his house and brought him to an angry looking green demon with pointy ears. That same angry looking demon had him chained to an altar and was chanting with his arms spread wide.

“You know, taking me was a really bad idea. I’m a real good buddy of the Slayer and she is not gonna be happy when she gets here.” It was a hollow threat. He doubted anybody knew he had been taken but green and ugly did not know that.

“She does not know that you are here” his voice was like nails on a chalkboard that was being used to beat a raccoon to death.

Well there goes that plan Xander thought as a struggled against the chains. They didn’t even budge. “So what is this, a whole revenge against the Slayer deal?” Maybe he could keep this guy talking, and just maybe somebody would come.

“That is part of it. You will be the test for my greatest ritual. If it works I will kill you and use it on myself and if it doesn’t you will die anyway. Either way, the Slayer will suffer loss and then I shall kill her with the power I have gained.”

“Hate to break it to you pal but she is going to take you out like every other bad guy who comes her way” he taunted back. The demon didn’t respond, only chanting louder. Markings appeared under Xander glowing brightly.

“Terra. Mundus in qua stamus. Hoc caro fortis.” The markings glowed even brighter, a brownish orange color. Xander felt weird, not bad weird, just weird. He felt heavy and tough and the chains felt lighter like they had been replaced with styrofoam.

“Aqua. Oceano dat vitam. Hoc caro fluidum.” The glow changed, now a deep ocean blue. The toughness disappeared replaced by a feeling of looseness, like his whole body would collapse.

“Ventus. Tempestatem regit aethera. Hoc caro inanis.” Now the glow was a blinding white. His body felt insubstantial, not even there.

“Ignis. Flamma dissipabit. Hoc caro ignea.” Red light and a burning that reached through his whole body.

“Elementa. Ligare in carn- *gurgle*” the demon stopped as a green arrow lodged itself into his throat, but it was too late. The markings underneath him flashed through each of the colors, faster and faster until they seemed to blend together. Xander felt like he was being ripped apart molecule-by-molecule.

And just as suddenly as it started, it stopped. He felt the shackles that held his hands and feet break and looked up to see Buffy standing over him.

“Hey Buffster, I knew you’d save me.” THANK YOU WHATEVER DIVINE POWER SAVED MY ASS!

“Are you okay?” She looked down at him, concerned.

“Yeah, I’m great” he said as he pushed himself up. “Really, I’m just peachy” and he slipped off the altar. As his feet hit the ground his legs buckled beneath him and he put out his to stop himself. There was a *crack* as his hand hit the ground and the stone floor spread out in a spider web of cracks. They both stared at his hand that had changed into a mass of orange rock.

“Alright, not okay.”

“It appears that the demon was a Skrull. They are rather renowned for both their intelligence and shape shifting capabilities” Giles read from the old tome open in his hands. He had been very surprised when Buffy and Xander arrived in the middle of night. He was even more surprised at Xander’s sudden abilities.

“That’s great Giles, but what happened to Xander” she gestured to the young man sitting on the couch. He was currently staring at his hand as he changed it from orange rock, to igniting it, then making it disappear, and finally making his fingers stretch and curl around each other.

Giles took of his glasses and began to compulsively clean them. “W-well” he stammered “it appears that the Skrull had created a ritual to imbue someone with the powers of the elements. He appears to have been trying to create a superior Skrull as it were.”

“But Xander is still Xander, right?” Willow asked. Giles had called her in to help with researching what had happened to her best male friend.

“He should be,” Giles looked nervously at the quiet Xander “this sort of spell shouldn’t have any effect on his psyche. But I have never heard of this sort of ritual being performed on a human being before.”

“Giles” Xander said “is there any chance this could lead to me becoming evil, eating people, or any other horrible thingy?”

They all looked at each other, worried. “No, the Skrull wouldn’t have put anything like that in the spell if he intended to use it on himself as well” Giles finally answered hesitantly.

“Cool!” Xander suddenly jumped to his feet “Let’s go kill some vamps.”

Shock filled that room as Xander walked out the door. Buffy looked at Willow and Giles and said confidently “You know what they say ‘Give a comic-book geek superpowers.’”

“So that Skrull didn’t to kill you” Angelus sneered. It had been a few weeks since Xander had gotten his powers and evil Angel had been lying low. Until now it seemed. Xander was on patrol and Angelus decided to confront his least favorite Scooby.

“Yeah, in case you forget I have a tiny blonde girl who saves my butt on a daily basis.” There goes my man card. Xander glared at Angelus. Then he smirked “Do you have any idea what your demon buddy wanted with me?”

Angelus tried not to let his confusion show on his face. “I know he wanted to kill you” he said with more bravado than he had “thought it would knock the Slayer down a peg or two.”

“Good, cause I am going to enjoy this” and then he disappeared.

All Angelus could do was widen his eyes before his was hit directly in the face with more force than any Slayer could muster. The punch sent him flying back, tumbling end over end, until he smashed into a tombstone. The stone crumbled as Angelus pushed himself to his feet, looking at the reappeared Xander.

“So the Skrull gave the sidekick an upgrade. Do you think that means you can take me?” the vampire mocked as he stared worriedly at the orange rock that was Xander’s arm.

“Yep” Xander said simply, arm extending suddenly into his gut then bending for an uppercut. Angelus head snapped back and he went flying again.

“If you kill me, she’ll hate you sidekick” he gasped out holding himself on his hands and knees.

Xander looked smugly at his flaming hand “I’m not a sidekick, I’m fantastic…no, that doesn’t work” he put his hand on his chin “I’m a thing…no, that sounds weird. I’m a human torch… but I’ve got powers other than the fire. Wow, coming up with a cool final one liner is harder than I thought.”

“Oh, I got it” he said as he snapped his fingers “I’m a Super Skrull.”

“You’re not even a Skrull.”

“Details” and then Angelus disappeared in fire.

Well, this is the start of my drabble series. Primarily inspired by Klimmatt’s Xander as Various X-Men, it is a look at Xander with powers that I haven’t seen before. The majority of these will probably come from anime/manga but I will also draw from comics, books, movies, etc. And if anybody has any ideas I’ll be sure to try it (provided I know enough about the series or character in question).

This particular drabble started as Xander with Clayface’s powers. The demon would have only gotten through water and earth, and the unstable combination would put Xander right between them, hence clay/mud. But I decided to browse characters to use next and saw Super Skrull. So I made it a Super Skrull drabble. I will admit it kind of ended anticlimactically, but I wanted him to confront Angelus and the hospital seemed like a bad place to whip out his superpowers.

Next: Dragon Slayer (Fairy Tail)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander Has Powers" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 May 12.

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