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Hellmouth: Rifted

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Summary: Xander sacrifices himself in Angel's place and is sent to a world even Demons fear.

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Games > Fantasy > Rifts(Past Donor)ScottWandererFR21513,50023415,05812 May 1229 Jun 13No

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Hellmouth: Rifted

AU: Main story set in season three. In a deal made with the Devil a mortal soul has bought a new chance for a better life for the Champions. A chance where some wrongs could be put right, some mistakes might be left unmade, and lives could be left unbroken. Unfortunately the Lord of Lies has added a few twists to the mix.

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of this story save the Original Character: Scott. Specifically I do not own Buffy The Vampire Slayer, angel the Series, Rifts, The Coalition States, Juicers, CyberKnight, or any other TV show or game. I am making no money off of this work.

Spoiler alert: Pretty much all of Buffy and Angel.

Pairings: I make no promises, everything is in the wind.

Interrupted Sacrifice:

Angel's Mansion

Buffy raised her sword over the kneeling Angelus, having knocked him to the ground. She stopped suddenly as he gasped and moaned in pain, his eyes glowing red momentarily. To her shock, he looked up at her, and then collapsed to the floor sobbing. *It's a trick* she thought, but her decisiveness wavered as he looked up at her again.

"Buffy? What's going on?" he asked softly, looking at her with an expression of confusion. He got to his feet slowly, and said, "Where are we? I ... I don't remember."

She lowered her sword slowly, searching his face, wanting to believe that somehow Angel had really come back to her. "Angel?" she said uncertainly.

He saw the cut on her arm, and reached out to touch it, saying, "You're hurt!" She looked down absent-mindedly at her arm and then back into his face. She let him pull her into his arms, holding her closely. "Oh, Buffy...God. I feel like I haven't seen you in months."

Her last bit of wariness dissolved and she let herself relax, realizing he was really back. *It worked, Willow saved him* she realized. She closed her eyes and sighed in relief.

"Oh my God, every-thing's so muddled," he said. He sighed then and kissed her on the shoulder. "Oh, Buffy."

She started to cry then, more in relief that the nightmare was over more than for any other reason. Then, she heard a rumble. *No.*

She looked over his shoulder and watched in horror as Acathla's face moved. His eyes began to glow, and his mouth opened, releasing a vortex that Buffy realized was the portal to Hell. It was small at first, but began to grow at a frightening rate.

*God, no, this can't be happening* Buffy thought in disbelief as she pulled away and looked at Angel. Her Angel, who she had thought was lost forever to the demon inside him. *Of all the horrible Hellmouth-like timing. NOW, Willow managed to do the curse?*

She knew what she had to do, and in that moment she understood Whistler's words to her earlier that day.

{"Maybe I should ask, what are you prepared to give up?"}

She held back a sob when Angel asked, "What's happening?"

She looked at him lovingly, and whispered, "Shh...don't worry about it." She brushed her fingers over his lips, and across his cheek, realizing that this would be the last time she would ever see or touch Angel, if she didn't want the whole world sucked into Hell. Leaving her hand on his cheek, she kissed him gently. He returned the kiss, and it deepened. Sensing rather than seeing that the vortex had grown even wider, she knew she had to act before she lost her resolve. She pulled away and whispered, "I love you." She looked into his eyes, trying not to cry.

He whispered back, "I love you." The love and trust in his eyes broke her heart. He believed that she would never hurt him, but she was about to have to prove him wrong. She touched his lips with her fingers, thinking, *Please forgive me* She said, "Close your eyes," nodding reassuringly. He obeyed, and she kissed him one last time.

*Good-bye, My Angel.*

She stepped back, raised her sword, closed her eyes and thrust it into his chest…

Only she hadn't known another pair of eyes had been watching the whole fight. Once again this man would risk everything for the woman he loved. *She better appreciate this.* he thought to himself as he dove through the air and knocked Angel aside just before the blade struck.

Her eyes flew open as she felt the blade slide in. *Oh my god. XANDER!* A serenely sad look upon his face as the sword plunged through his lung and into Acathla. A bright light emanated from the sword, and she stepped back. He reached out to her, and then looked down at the sword still inside him. She stepped back further, not wanting to take her eyes off the sword, not wanting to look into the face of the man who just proved he loved her more than anything.

"You're Welcome, Buff." he whispered hoarsely. That three words was enough to rip her heart in two. She saw the vortex meet the energy emanating from the sword, and suddenly, Xander was swept away into the vortex. After he disappeared, Acathla's mouth closed.

Acathla went dormant again.

But Xander was gone forever.

Buffy fell to her knees, her body wracked with sobs to the point she could barely breathe. *Xander is gone.* her mind screamed at her. Tears streamed down her cheeks, smudging what little makeup she had. "He did it for me. Why? He could have lived. He should have lived. Why did he do that?"

Angel moved to take Buffy in his arms. The last few months were clearer to him now. He wanted to just runaway, but Buffy needed him now. There was no Xander to comfort her. *It's my fault, all my fault….* He chastised himself bitterly. "He loved you, Buffy. More than anyone ever realized. He knew losing me would destroy you…"

The answer wasn't helping Buffy at all. All she could was cry even harder. She had lost so much. When her body could finally shed no more tears she just lay limp in his arms. "Why?"

"Oh, the answer you're looking for has already been given. Sweet cheeks." The now all too familiar voice of Whistler was an assault to the senses. From the looks both Angel and Buffy shot the balance demon it was quite obvious he was moments form death and horrible dismemberment. "Your boy, the White Knight, made a deal with the Devil. Actually it was more of a bet. One you helped him win by the way. The moment you were ready to plunge that sword in Rat-breath, Xander won. Problem is to really win he had to take Rat-breaths place."

"Why the hell would he do that?" Angel growled. "The man hated me. He'd stake me in a second if it weren't for Buffy." Angel's use of the word man instead of whelp or boy was not lost on either Buffy or Whistler. Angel had a new respect for Xander.

"Me." Buffy said softly. "I never saw it until now, but he would do anything for me." The realization brought a new empty ache to the slayer. She couldn't help but wonder what her life would have been like if she had chosen him instead of Angel. "He saved you, because it would make me happy."

"And Princess Sweet cheeks wins the prize, except she is only half right." Whistler comments as he takes a seat on the back of the couch. "Xander saw a glimpse of the future, a very, very bad future that this incident here was a key player in. He also knew he is the only one that none of the Powers That Be have any plans for. So he made a bet with the only being he could think of who would lay such a wager and voila he won and you get to keep Angel."

Portal to Hell?

Michigan, PA 105

"Deadboys? Around here?" The deep baritone voice of Robert seemed incredulous. "What's next? Water Elementals in the Desert?" Even as he spoke the massive form of the Titan juicer was hefting his heavy rail-gun into firing position. Laser blasts few silently overhead creating a suppressive wall of death.

"Can we ask questions later, Robbie?" Raymond's more nasal voice was highly annoyed at his brother in arms. While Robert was an Eleven foot mass of muscle, Raymond was a Hyperion Juicer. He was obviously still chemically enhanced but where Robert was optimized for strength, Raymond was built for speed. Hefting a pair of large energy pistols he prepared for a short sprint of a hundred meters, something he could cover in less than four seconds. "I'll split their fire and try to preserve your cover."

Robert nodded with three squads of Deadboys firing on them their cover wasn't going to last much longer under the withering fire. The whine of the rail-gun charging sent shivers down Robert's spine. "Eat hot steel Hate Mongers!" the giant of a man bellowed over the staccato of his weapon launching dozens of projectiles at mach two towards the enemy.

Raymond was up and moving faster than most eyes could follow. His Juicer enhanced metabolism, muscles, and reflexes allowed him to zig-zag through the open. The few laser blasts that came from Deadboys braving rail-gun fire were child's play to avoid. Of course Ray had to show off by firing back plasma bursts from his pair of heavy pistols. "Yeah, eat that." He taunted as he slid under the cover of another burnt tank wreck.

"About time you got yer ass over here." The mechanically distorted voice of Frank chided Raymond. Frank had long ago replaced most of his body with bionics, mostly because he kept losing bit of it n combat. "Lift this plate off of me, will ya. I could, but I got no leverage." Raymond hadn't even bothered answering. Even as their cover was being peppered with the sizzle-hiss-crack of laser blasts, he freed his commanding officer.

"Aimee is almost done with the ritual." Deborah reported. The tiny redhead was not at all happy with the situation. That was evident to those who knew her by the fact that she was engulfed in blue-white flames. "How far are they out Ray?" When the juicer responded there was a momentary pause and then some horrified screams as amongst the Deadboys erupted a pillar of plasma flames so hot steel was instantly vaporized. "How are Alan and Charlie?" The woman asked as her flames faded to a more yellow with blue core.

"If we can get somewhere safe, they'll make it. The dumb lummoxes got pretty shot up buying us time." The normally happy voice of Marie sounded tired and defeated over the speaker system of her Medic's armor. "I don't mean to be a bother, but could we tell Aimee and Rose to hurry it up a bit. We stay here much longer, my boys are gonna die."

"I wouldn't disturb them now. Their spreading blessed salt and burning herbs like it's Woodstock." The sassy Berta quipped with a half grin behind the face plate of her armor. Unlike the others she was carrying a revolving grenade launcher. Peaking over the tanks she lined up her shot and the whump-whump-whump of her weapon was answered with the BOOM-BOOM-BOOM disruption of the enemy lines.

In the moments of Silence afterwards Aimee and Roses pleas were answered, unfortunate the answer was: No, but here is a parting gift. A massive rip in reality opened just behind Robert and out fell a young man impaled by a sword through his lung. Then the rift clapped shut with a reverberating crack of thunder. One of the Deadboys took the opportunity to arm and throw a Fusion Block which landed right next to Robert.

Now, normally the concentrated explosive would just wipe out everything in ten feet. However Robbie was carrying a nuclear power-pack for his Rail-gun. The Fusion Block would easily crack the case irradiating everything for a mile. These facts were racing through the Titan juicers mind as he watched counter tick away. However, he was still in mild shock form the sudden appearance and disappearance of the Rift. He couldn't move even with his Juicer reflexes, he could not make himself move. He did the only thing he could think of, he closed his eyes and prayed.

The explosion did come, but Robert found he was still alive. Plus it was too far away. Opening he eyes he saw the young man who had been sprawled on the ground, now leaning over the hull of the twisted APC Robert had been using for cover. Blood dripped from the corner of the young mans mouth as he looked to Robert and said "You're welcome." Before passing out.
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