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Xander and Yet ANOTHER Demon

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Xander and the New 'Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Three years after the fall of Sunnydale, Xander Harris is in a bar, and something that isn’t human just walked in. It has to be a demon, right? Even if this is Colorado Springs…

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Stargate > Xander-CenteredDianeCastleFR133460,6152011397481,34412 May 1217 Jul 12Yes

Sam and the Hok’tar

A/N: See chapter 1 for disclaimer, spoilers, notes on AU, and why Xander has his eye back.

Sam looked at Xander. His face was frozen in fear. Not fear for himself, or Teal’c, but for Vi. And Sam understood. Xander wasn’t protecting himself. He was protecting Vi. Vi was superhumanly fast. Superhumanly strong.

Vi was a hok’tar.

“Violet Mary O’Connell, if you broke that new fridge…”

Sam didn’t take her eyes off Vi and Xander as she listened to Mrs. O’Connell calling from the other room. Vi had the clear look of a child who wasn’t guilty this time and intended to argue. Xander had the look of a worried parent who wanted to protect his charge, or maybe the look of a soldier trying to protect a citizen.

Teal’c swiftly let go and dropped onto his back. He expertly rolled and leapt to his feet. Then he quickly took the fridge from Vi. He called out, “No, Mrs. O’Connell, it is I. I slipped on the dolly and nearly dropped your refrigerator. I am most apologetic.”

But Sam could tell. She looked at Mary Bea’s face as the older woman walked into the kitchen. Vi’s mother knew that Vi was abnormally strong. Vi’s mother expected things like this to happen.

Sam thought back to her short time with that damn armband – which had been Anise’s fault as well, come to think of it – and she gave Vi’s mom a big smile. “I know, one too many doorframes or doorknobs to repair?”

The older woman grinned back, obviously relieved to know that someone else was in on the big secret. She acknowledged, “Oh, we were lucky, she was pretty much over that before she came home from Sunnydale. But you know, sometimes little things happen when she’s not paying enough attention.”

Mike called out from the bedroom, “Like the time she changed my tire for me!”

Sam noticed that Vi winced. Even Xander winced. Sam took a guess. “How long did it take to get the nuts off, the next time?”

Mike walked out grinning. “I couldn’t budge ‘em. I had to take the car into Feeney’s service station, and they busted two of the nuts getting ‘em off again. They really chewed me out for putting the tire on with a power tool instead of a torque wrench. And I sure couldn’t tell ‘em my daughter put the nuts on with her bare hands.”

Vi whined, “Da-ad!”

Sam said, “Don’t worry Vi, it’s a parent’s job to tell embarrassing stories about you. You’re lucky you’re not in the Air Force, with your dad telling stories about you to your commanding officers.”

Teal’c said, “It is my understanding that JacobCarter only told two such stories to General Hammond.”

Sam said, “But he told more than that to Jack.”

Daniel came out into the kitchen. “Your dad told Jack a bunch of stories about you? Jack? Isn’t that an offense punishable by death?”

Sam said, “I made him buy me dinners out for two solid weeks. He finally had to bribe me with a new suspension for my Harley.”

Teal’c said, “Given JackO’Neill’s propensity to use background information for teasing and kidding over extended time periods, that does not seem like a sufficiently severe punishment.”

Mike set down some tools in his toolbox, so Sam guessed he had finished assembling the beds. “Did you say Jack O’Neill? THE Jack O’Neill?”

Sam tried to look casual as she asked, “Did you know him?”

Mike laughed, “He- heck no, us mere desk jockeys weren’t in his circles, even when he was flying. I had some drinks with him and some mutual acquaintances once, and half of what he said was ‘can’t talk about it’ or ‘classified.’”

Daniel said, “Sounds like our Jack.”

Given that Daniel had just spilled the beans, she put a smile on her face and said, “He used to be our commanding officer. He’s a general at the Pentagon now, and he’s retiring soon.”

But she noticed that Xander had that alert expression that sometimes slipped out. Just like Jack, he was far smarter than he pretended. So Xander now had another name to give to his call center’s investigative people. And nobody who ever looked at Jack’s folder would believe a decorated flyboy with extensive black ops experience had spent most of a decade in Deep Space Radar Telemetry, and then simply moved to a prestigious spot in Homeworld Security. It was just barely feasible that Daniel would be on a project like that, given his linguistics background.

Hell, even Sam’s own father hadn’t really bought her cover story, and Jennifer Hailey hadn’t been fooled for more than about three minutes. And Sam even had the right background for a Deep Space Radar Telemetry program!

Sam glanced over and saw that Vi was apparently unaware of the importance of the conversation, even if the girl was standing in a ready stance. Vi was chatting with her mom, and standing as if she were ready to attack an opponent.

Given what Sam had just seen, she had the feeling that Vi was ready to attack half a dozen heavily armed opponents. Vi looked as if she couldn’t bench press a Thanksgiving turkey, and yet she was strong enough to catch hundreds of pounds of falling object. A refrigerator plus Teal’c? Sam was estimating Vi had caught six hundred pounds of falling dead weight, which was tipping forward along the base, so that meant the upper edge was falling under the influence of gravity, so the force she so casually stopped without staggering was… Sam did a few quick calculations and gulped. Vi had to be five times stronger than a normal human her size, at a minimum. She was almost certainly stronger than Teal’c. Plus, her reaction time was somewhere between ‘well beyond the upper bound of normal humans’ and ‘eat my dust, Peter Parker.’ Teal’c had reaction times that were fast, but still just within the upper limits of humans.

On the other hand, Teal’c had decades of experience with advanced martial arts. Did this girl have martial arts training? Sam looked, and the answer was obvious.

Oh, hell yes. Vi had more martial arts training than was reasonable. Nobody who knew martial arts could study Vi moving around without seeing what was there. How had Sam not noticed this when Vi was carrying boxes? People like Teal’c and Vi simply didn’t move like normal people. They moved like black belts with years and years of experience. Vi had that smooth glide to her step, keeping her in some sort of ready stance no matter what. She was too graceful. Her balance was too good. Sam’s old jujitsu teacher hadn’t moved that fluidly, and he had been training in the art for over thirty years. How could Vi be that good at martial arts when she was of college age? And could Vi take Teal’c in a fight? As far as Sam knew, there wasn’t a single person on Earth who could stand up to Teal’c in sparring for more than a minute… except for a slim young redheaded woman who looked like she probably couldn’t pass the physical tests to get into the Air Force Academy.

So Xander Harris and the NSAWC had a hok’tar working for them. A young woman faster than human and stronger than Teal’c. A young woman who had martial arts expertise. Did Vi’s special abilities connect with the bizarre array of weaponry in Xander’s bag? Sam was suddenly struck with a crazy idea: could you rule out hitting your partner with friendly fire if you had a partner who could move faster than your weaponry? Could Vi dodge a crossbow bolt? Perhaps she could dodge a crossbow bolt but not a bullet. Could that explain why Xander had the weapons he did? It certainly didn’t explain all the weapons Xander had.

Sam couldn’t help wondering what an SG team could do with a warrior like Vi in their group. Someone who could pass as an innocent bystander, but who had the strength and speed to take out a four-Jaffa search squad before they could even try to alert others. Someone who could run at insane speeds and easily lead Jaffa trackers in wrong directions. Sam really wanted to know just how much weight Vi could carry and still hike at a standard pace.

Hell, what could an SG team do with a warrior like Xander Harris? The boy – young man – had probably stood up to torture more than once, and he had the Jack O’Neill attitude: apparently dopey and harmless on the outside, probably lethal on the inside. He wasn’t carrying around those swords and crossbows for LARPing. Plus, he had a linguistics background that was probably close to qualifying him for translation responsibilities on an SG team.

Oh God, what would happen if a Gou’a’uld took either Vi or Xander as a host? Sam suddenly had a sick feeling in her stomach.
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