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Spike and Drusilla play ficlets

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Summary: This began as a ficlet involving some twisted pain happening to Glee characters and now it is becoming a series of ficlets. I am in a weird mood writing these so be warned they are weird!

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Multiple Crossings > Spike-CenteredpoetFR1832,9900142213 May 1226 May 12No


**Okay so this isn't all that great, but I was bored**

Spike emerged from the forest flanked by Drusilla and Darla. Since Angelus had been cursed with his soul, Spike had become the alpha male so to speak. He had brought them through here because the dank forest combined with the almost constant cloud cover allowed them to move about during the day without bursting into flames.

They were on their way to Sunnydale, CA which they heard was the site of a hellmouth and currently a demon’s paradise. The newborn that told them of the hellmouth also spoke about the master’s plans to free himself of his underground tomb. It was upon Darla’s insistence to help the master that they began their journey.

They had made a detour to this small town in Washington because Drusilla saw a coven of vampires that amused her due to their protection of a lowly human. Neither Spike nor Darla could believe that any vampire, let alone a coven, would be stupid enough to protect a human except for Angel. Low and behold across the field from them stood a group of seven vampires and one rather frail looking human.

Spike studied the human while they approached the unusual group. There was nothing special about her, she wasn’t even that pretty. She had plain brown hair held back in a pony tail and covered in a baseball cap. Her eyes were brown and wide with fear which he liked. Her skin was almost as pale as his own, except for the blush that colored her cheeks.

A low growl escaped from the vampire next to the girl which caused Spike to turn his attention to the vampires surrounding her. Surprisingly, their eyes were a golden yellow color, yet their faces were not changed. Also, they smelled almost sickly sweet. His examination was halted by Dru’s hand on his arm, “Spike, she’s special. I can see it and I want her. Miss Edith wants a friend.”

Darla rolled her eyes, “She doesn’t seem very special to me.”

Spike agreed with Darla, but he knew Drusilla’s uncanny ability to see the future. Across the field the little vampire with short spiky hair went rigid. The bronze haired vampire released a feral roar before charging at them. The boy was fast, but Spike was experienced. He sidestepped the charge and kicked his leg out behind him, catching the boy on the small of his back and using his own speed to propel him into a rather large tree.

The rest of the group came at them, leaving the two blond women with the girl. Darla smirked, “Ooh, we get to play.” She waited until the young blond male was almost on her then she leapt into the air catching his face with her foot. She landed lightly and was immediately attacked by the oldest of the group. It was obvious that he didn’t want to hurt her and she used that to her advantage.

She kicked him in the stomach causing him to double over, and then she flipped over his bent form and grabbed his hair from behind. She pulled him up in front of her to block the latest attack from the boy whose face she kicked in. She caught two elbows to the ribs from the man in her arms which forced her to loosen her grip enough for the man to wiggle out.

There was a loud screeching noise which caused Darla and her two attackers to turn. Spike had ripped the arm off of the big burly vamp and was apparently using it as a weapon against the bronze haired boy. Next to them, Drusilla was facing off with the petite spiky haired girl, but neither one seemed to be able to gain an advantage. The tall blond woman had left the side of the girl to run to her lover.

Darla decided to use the distraction to take out the younger vamp she was facing who was more focused on the fight between Dru and the pixie looking girl. She allowed her face to transform and leapt at the man. Her teeth bore into his neck and she tore out a large chunk. His skin was tough and almost rock like. She didn’t want him to heal, so she bit into him again ripping at his neck until his head detached from his body.

Her surprise attack seemed to give Drusilla an opening against the pixie who was distraught at the death of the boy at Darla’s feet. Darla was surprised that he hadn’t turned to dust. There was something very strange about these vamps. She didn’t have time to contemplate it though. The older vamp was on her, punching and kicking her until she was knocked to the ground. He fell upon her trying to sink his teeth into her exposed throat.

There was more screeching as the pixie was torn apart. The tall blond girl and her one armed boyfriend were up and converging on Spike who seemed to relish the opportunity to take them all on. Darla used her legs to push her body against her attacker and fling him over her. She kicked off the ground, following him so that she was the one on top. There was a look of surprise on the man’s face which caused her to smile, “I like to be on top.” She pulled at his arms, using all her strength to rip them from his body. He screamed as his arms detached, but she didn’t’ stop there. Once again, she sunk her teeth into exposed neck and began to rip and tear until his head rolled a few inches away on the wet grass.

Darla wasn’t sure why, but she didn’t enjoy this one’s death. There was something wrong about it. She looked up to see Spike and Drusilla dispatch the bronze haired boy. There were two screams that rent the air from across the field where the human and the older blond haired woman were still standing. Darla watched as the older woman took the human in her arms and ran. The one armed boy and his blond mate were fighting fiercely against Spike and Drusilla, but she didn’t care. Darla got up and slowly made her way back into the woods. She would go to Sunnydale and find the master. If Spike and Dru met her there, then fine. If not, oh well.

Spike watched her leave which angered him. She just left them! The dark haired boy grabbed him by the throat and pulled him close. Spike slammed his fists into the burly boy’s face. When hitting the boy didn’t work, Spike reached out and grabbed a branch from the tree next to him and tried shoving it into his chest. The branch just broke apart. For the first time in this fight Spike was worried.

Next to him, Drusilla was faring much better. She pulled the blond into her and reached her arm around her head gripping the girl by her chin. Slowly, Dru pulled the girl’s head around and relished in the gut wrenching scream that erupted from her throat. Holding the head by its hair, Dru approached the boy who was choking Spike. “Give us a kiss.”

The burly man turned to see his love’s head dangling from Drusilla’s hand. The roar that came from him caused the birds in the nearby trees to fly away. Dru swung the head around and smacked the burly boy in the face with it. He dropped Spike and went for Dru. Spike grabbed him before he could get his hands around Dru and sunk his teeth into the behemoth’s neck. Dru joined him and soon they had decapitated the burly vampire.

Dru was standing there with a pouty look on her face. Spike touched her cheek, “What’s wrong pet?”

“Miss Edith won’t be getting a new friend.”

“When we get to Sunnydale I’ll get Miss Edith a hundred new friends love.”

Drusilla smiled, “Promise?”

“I promise pet.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Spike and Drusilla play ficlets" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 May 12.

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