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Jewel of the Sea

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Summary: 250 word one-shot fic; Anya tries once again to magically summon jewelry, and this time the results are no less odd than the first time. Late S7 references.

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Anya-Centered(Recent Donor)CaptainBoulangerFR1812870121,7638 Jan 048 Jan 04Yes
"Jewel of the Sea"

- Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. I make no claim at ownership of any characters or settings from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' film or 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' television series which may be used within.


"Anya, you know it's not right for you to use magic for something like that."

"Why not? You helped me do it before, Willow."

"That's different. That was a 'family heirloom', as you said, and your power
source, as it turns out. This is just... just jewelry. Besides, look how that
turned out."

"Well, this didn't work either."

"What were you trying to summon, anyway?"

"A black pearl necklace."

"Is that exactly what you said?"

"Not... exactly, no..."


Elizabeth looked up, startled by the blue-white flicker of *something* outside
the porthole. "What was that?"

Will shrugged. "I don't know, love." He reached for her bare shoulder, about to
pull her back into bed, when he heard Captain Sparrow's singsong voice from
outside the door. "Prepare to lay anchor, savvy? We've got t' land and take on

"This doesn't look like Tortuga, Captain."

Will hurriedly pulled his shirt on as he climbed out of bed, rushing to the
door. "What is it?"

Captain Sparrow smiled. "Enjoyin' yer honeymoon, Will? Good. We've just found a
port to take on supplies, thasall. Go back to bed."


"What the hell is that?" Xander asked, pointing out at the harbor.

Dawn set down her forkful of fish, and turned to look out the window of the
Sunnydale location of Long John Silver's. "Um... a ship?"

"Looks like an old pirate ship."

"Isn't Sunnydale strange enough without pirates?" Dawn grinned.

Xander laughed, pointing to his eye patch. "Aye, lassie! Avast, ye landlubbers!"

The End

You have reached the end of "Jewel of the Sea". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking