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Reaper of the Heart

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Reaping Love". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The awakening spell has unforeseen side effects for Buffy and Faith. Then they meet Reaper. Then they meet Jim. Their lives intertwine in strange ways. Will be Buffy/Reaper!Bones. BtVS/ST:XI/DOOM

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Star Trek > Star Trek 2009 > Buffy-Centered
Games > Horror > Doom / Quake
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Disclaimer: Don't own anything Buffy, Doom or Star Trek.

A/N: This started because there was a lot more that I wanted to do with Her Bones. But as it was a drabble, I wasn't going to. It's been sitting on my hard drive (and still exists on my old computer, too) since then and I come back to it every now and again. I don't have chapters written so much as scenes, so we'll see how long it takes me to write this. On that note, I'm also working more on New Origins, in case you were interested. Feel free to leave a review, huh?

Reaper of the Heart


Once upon a time, there was one. Then there were two. Then there were thousands. But something had changed. Once upon a time, there was a spell.

They didn't realize at first that something was different. And when they did, it was pushed off as being a result of the resurrection spell, or slayer healing, or obviously it wasn't as bad as she said it was. Maybe the resurrection spell and the calling spell interacted weirdly? After all, couldn't she see that something wasn't right?

It was the spell used to call all the slayers round the world. The PTB didn't take too kindly, apparently, to having their control snatched from them. She would be sorry forevermore for doing that to her sister. You see, it was the Chosen Two who figured it out. And the others thought they were just the brawn. They even made a diagram. Faith, it seemed, was hiding a brain under all her bravado after all.

“Yo, B. What if we looked at it like... you know. Like evolution or something,” Faith suggested. The two were sitting on Buffy's bed, papers spread out all around them, filled with their notes and observations. A thoughtful frown formed on the blonde's face before she grabbed a blank paper and started drawing boxes, filling them in as she went.

“Okay, so we've got the normal folks, right? Then after them come the Potentials. A Potential is turned into a Slayer. So, what comes after Slayer?” Buffy rummaged until she found one of her earliest pages. The one detailing the fight with the First. Where she was skewered and yet still continued on. Green eyes lifted to brown, both filled with dawning comprehension. If the Potentials were all turned into Slayers, but they were already Chosen, then Slayers turned into... Immortals, unless they missed their guess completely.

But upon presenting their theory to the others, they were shot down, as usual. After all, they weren't the brains of the operation, right? They were only muscle. Okay, so maybe both girls were still bitter about how they'd been treated over the years. It was only natural, though. Willow tried to shoot them down logically.

“The spell went through me, too, and I'm not Immortal,” she said.

“Yeah, well, you weren't a Slayer, either. So you're bound to be something that's not us,” Buffy sarcastically replied.

“So, what? You're saying I'm not human anymore?” the redhead asked hotly. It was then that the PTB decided to step in. After all, they needed their Champions to understand.

“That's about right, actually. So yeah, I think they're saying that,” a New York accent drawled from the corner. Buffy sighed in relief. Sighed! In relief!

“Whistler! What do you know?” she inquired.

“You're right on target about you and Faith here. Next step in the evolutionary chain is Immortal. At least, it is for Slayers. But for Witches, it's a bit different, isn't it. You take a different path than a warrior. And it doesn't matter if you're Good, Evil or Neutral. Once you tap into the type of power you had to touch to make that spell work, you change. Next stop on the Evolution Train for Witches is Demi-God. Still Mortal. Still a Witch. But augmented with Goddess strength.”

It took decades before the two Immortal Slayers began to realize the ramifications. They knew that they would outlive their friends. But actually doing so was something else. It took an additional decade or so before they understood. The were the ageless amongst the aging. Not long after, they found the first signs that they weren't the only ones to be so. A man they had worked with many years before on a military screw-up came across them. Like them, he was much the same as when they met. A little rougher around the edges, but then, they all were. The girls at least knew they had each other. He just had himself. And so, the Light Slayer, the Dark Slayer and Reaper spent the next years together more often than not.

Started: 22 August 2011
Finished: 14 May 2012
Word Count: 687
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