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Broken Souls

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Summary: Broken from losing the man she loves, and finding out she can no longer die. Buffy begins working for the Powers that Be. How will her life change when she meets a man just as broken as she is.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterAngelinaswayFR18423,7111224,55115 May 1226 Nov 12No

Chapter One - Who Will Save Your Soul

Author's Notes: I'm very sorry for the long delay in posting this. I have been very ill for the past week. I would like to first thank all my reviewers, you guys are amazing. Secondly, I hope nobody minds that I made Buffy a bit bitter and angry. Its only temporary I promise, but you do have to admit she was dealt a pretty shitty hand. I do plan on redeeming her though and hope you will all follow along with me as I do. I hope you all enjoy this, and remember reviews help the muse work. Thanks again!

Special thanks to Spikelissa for her wonderful beta job.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter Title and Lyrics belong to Jewel’s ‘Who Will Save Your Soul’

Chapter One
Who Will Save Your Soul

So we pray to as many different Gods as there are flowers
But we call religion our friend
We're so worried about saving our souls
Afraid that God will take His toll
That we forget to begin

Buffy lay on the bed in her motel room staring at the ceiling. She was pissed, beyond pissed actually. She was furious! She took a large drag of her cigarette, and watched entranced as the plume of smoke filled the small motel room. She smiled evilly at the thought of how pissed Sam was going to be when he got back. He thought she didn’t know, didn’t realize what the jackass was up too. Well, he was in for a rude awaking.

She didn’t care anymore. It didn’t even matter what Whistler said. She had no choice. Sam was walking a very dangerous path right now. If she didn’t do something soon they were all screwed. Aggravating him with cigarette smoke though, was just a bonus. She actually didn’t smoke that much, but right now pissing him off was the key. The Powers would just have to think she lost her temper and accidentally revealed who she was.

She was honestly very sick of all the cryptic shit. It was stupid. Beyond stupid actually, because she knew Sam would listen to her if he knew who she was. What sucked the most though was she knew why the Powers wanted to keep it from him. She understood the reason clearly. Sam was a liability for them, especially because of the company he kept. If it got out to this particular demon community exactly what she was, and where she was from, they would be on her like white on rice.

Buffy sighed in annoyance it was a lose-lose situation either way, which she was also just done with. If the demons of this world found out who she really was, so be it. She was sick and tired of waiting for the Powers to pull their proverbial heads out of their asses and release Dean Winchester from Hell. It was ridiculous. She had no idea what they were even waiting for, and she had to admit that even Whistler seemed annoyed at the whole situation.

The only thing she could even really get out of him was that the higher-being that had created this world had asked Whistler’s bosses for a favor. Why? She had no idea. It just didn’t make any sense at all. The Powers weren’t really one for dishing out favors. In fact, Buffy knew that for certain, because she had all but begged them for Spike’s return, but they had dismissed her, saying only, that they needed him.

What they needed him for, she had no clue. She wondered where he was, and if he was happy. She hoped he was. She had too many nightmares about the types of places he might be trapped in, but Buffy for once put her trust in the Powers. If they needed him, then maybe he was doing well wherever he was. Hell, maybe he had finally found someone who could actually love him the way he truly deserved. Not that Buffy didn’t think she could love him like that now, in reality, she already did.

Buffy swallowed the lump in her throat that always came with memories of him. Even after five years, it still hurt like it was yesterday when she thought of him, and the only thing making her life bearable were the jobs she was doing for the Powers, and the fact that if he was needed, he might be making a difference wherever he was.

Her first mission had shown her first-hand what a difference she could make. They had sent her to a dimension called Telnarh, and though it qualified as a hellish dimension, it really hadn’t seemed like one. It was the home-world of the Lister demons, or it had been until the Scourge had taken it over.

The Lister demons were a peaceful humanoid breed of demons, which had been driven from their homes and towns by the Scourge. A pure-bred army of demons who were hell-bent on killing anything with even an ounce of human blood in it. The devastation they had reaped on Telnarh had been catastrophic. Buffy still wasn’t sure of the exact number of Listers that had been murdered, but it had to have been in the high thousands.

Buffy actually didn’t need to do all that much though. The Scourge managed to do most of the work for her without even knowing it. The Listers had become hate filled and vengeful because of the terror that had been overshadowing them, and like anything backed into a corner, it has a tendency to lash out. All it had really taken was a few words of encouragement, and six months training the demons to fight, before she had an army of her own. After that, the only other thing she had needed to do was march her army to the capitol of Telnarh, and let the Listers reap havoc amongst their oppressors. When the last of the Scourge who hadn’t been killed had fled, the Listers had tried to name Buffy their queen. It had been a nice thought. Really, it had, but Buffy wasn’t much for royalty nowadays, and had graciously turned the position down.

What shocked Buffy though had been the response she’d gotten when she returned home. That one act made her incredibly famous in the demon community of her world and not in the respect-amongst-enemy’s way either. It turned out that every demon in her world that wasn’t a pure-bred, hated the Scourge just as much as the Listers, and because of that, some of the demons acted like she was fucking Paris Hilton. It was really kind of annoying too, especially because it was hard killing something when they were gushing about how amazing you were for killing off those evil bastards.

When she had first arrived home, she found tons of letters from demons, some of which she hadn’t even realized existed. All the letters thanked her for what she had done to exterminate the Scourge. She was touched by the response in a way she’d never been before. The shock though truly set in, when she went to Lorne’s club in Cleveland. Lorne insisted that she sing for him that night, and she agreed to it. After a few rounds of liquid courage she finally made her way to the stage.

Now Buffy knew for a fact that she wasn’t a great singer. She didn’t think she was quite as bad as Cordelia, but she didn’t think she was much better either. So when she had gotten a standing ovation from every demon in The Melting Pot, it had been one of the most surreal moments in her whole life. After awhile though, Buffy began to feel that ache, that emptiness in her heart again. That’s when she asked for another mission, and so it had gone on like that for five years now. Buffy would go to some dimension and save the day, come home and find out she was even more famous than before. She would leave again though, when she felt that void tear open again. Amazingly enough, no one seemed angry with her for leaving, which was a surprise.

Giles had been on board from the start, especially when she had told him about her immortal status. Willow, who had felt all kinds of guilt when she found out what she had done, made Buffy all kinds of magical items for her journeys. Buffy wouldn’t thank her. In fact, Buffy didn’t really like speaking to Willow much anymore. Her presence just reminded Buffy of what had been stripped away, and that was something Buffy couldn’t handle thinking about.

She didn’t know if Xander cared at all. He was in Africa all the time now, helping train the Slayers down there. It hurt that he never even bothered to pick up a phone, but Buffy suspected that a big part of that had to do with his own guilt towards her.

Rayann had turned the position of Head Slayer down, and decided she was much better suited for Buffy’s position in the school, and Faith…Well Faith, was still just Faith, but she was doing an amazing job with her girls in the school. Buffy really couldn’t have been prouder of them.

Then of course there was Dawn, who had been the only one to voice any concern about Buffy leaving, luckily though her sister hadn’t fought her on it, rather just accepted that this was the way it was.

She had grown up so much over the years, and that was even more frightening. Dawn was going to be graduating from the Watchers Council in a month. She was going to be one of the youngest Watchers ever to be put in complete control of a Slayer, or Slayers to be more specific. Buffy had promised to be at the Graduation too, but the way her mission was going…

She sure hoped someone did something soon, because she wasn’t missing her sister’s graduation for anybody. Even if she had to knock Sam Winchester unconscious, and drag him back to her dimension, she so would. Though, now that she thought about it, that was a really good idea. Ruby wouldn’t be able to even find him if she did that. ‘Hmm…definitely putting that idea into open-in-case-of-crisis.’

This dimension was much like her world, but at the same time, very different. Over the past five years, she had been sent to a number of places, but most of them had been hell dimensions. She’d only really been to one other parallel universe, and that one had been nothing like this. It had been beautiful, and untouched by man in a way that had taken her breath away. She had never seen a place so…

Buffy was jolted out of her thoughts by the sound of footsteps in the hallway. She dropped her cigarette butt into the empty beer bottle on the nightstand, and sat up. She pulled out the gun that she kept under her pillow, and pointed it at the door as she slowly slid off the bed. That was another thing that was different. Guns! Ugh! She hated guns, but being a Slayer; she learned she could definitely use them. It sucked that she had to though. Buffy hated guns in a way that only someone who had ever been shot before could hate them. Unfortunately, here, they were a necessity. There had defiantly been a few instances where if she hadn’t had a gun, she would have needed to explain to Sam, who she was a lot sooner. And as funny as the look on his face would be when she woke up two hours after she had died. She didn’t think he would be very happy to find out that way.

Buffy focused and let her Slayer senses stretch out as she assessed who was outside her door. It was two humans, none of which seemed to be any threat at all. Her eyes traveled quickly to the necklace she wore around her neck. The stone was dark. So whoever was at the door was harmless.

She made her way slowly and quietly across the room to her bag. She stopped short though when the two humans quickly walked away. A sigh passed through her lips, that was the last thing she needed right now were the cops coming to look for Sam. The last time that they had dealt with the cops it hadn’t ended well. It was good to know that it wasn’t only Slayers that had problems with the authorities.

Buffy froze when she felt a new presence coming to her door, and she couldn’t help the shiver that ran down her spine. Whoever was out there was powerful in a way that Buffy hadn’t felt since Glory. She quickly looked down at the pedant around her neck, and realized it was still dark. ‘That’s strange; this thing usually works no matter what.’

Willow explained to her that the stone read other's intentions much like a mood ring read your moods. If the stone turned bright red, you are dealing with a bad guy. If it stayed dark, you may still be dealing with a bad guy, but his intentions at that moment may be good ones. This was how Buffy had known Ruby was no good from the get. The first time Buffy had ever been in her presence, the stone had glowed red. Of course Ruby was with another demon at the time, but the second time…Ruby had been alone, and the stone still glowed red. She was up to no good at the start. Buffy didn’t know what her intentions were exactly, but it had something to do with manipulating Sam into using the powers he had received from the demon blood that was given to him as a baby.

She honestly didn’t know what was wrong with him either. The demon who had given him his powers had also killed his mother. That should have been a sure sign that the power was evil, but Sam wasn’t hearing it. He wasn’t listening, and Buffy was already convinced that the power was somehow corrupting him.

She understood his reasoning for wanting to use the power. She truly did, and after everything he had been through, she didn’t blame him one bit. If it had been Dawn, who was sent to Hell, Buffy knew she would have resorted to any method to get her sister back, but there was something off about the whole idea. Some niggling instinct that told her killing Lilith wasn’t the answer. After all, how many people had she seen lose themselves to their own power because, they thought they were doing the right thing. How many of her friends had been corrupted by darkness at one time or another.

Sam may think he was doing the right thing, but he didn’t have all the facts. Neither did she, for that matter, but she knew more than Sam did. She knew that the Powers were in an uproar over Dean’s sentence in Hell. She knew that they were working closely with Powers of this world, trying to find a way to release him. She even knew what the nervous look in Whistler’s eyes meant. This whole thing reeked of prophecy, and the fact that Ruby was the one pushing Sam in the direction of killing Lilith just reaffirmed her belief. There was something definitely wrong with the situation, and though she couldn’t put her finger on it, she was determined to figure it out. When that day came, Ruby was as good as gone.

The only reason Buffy hadn’t killed the bitch yet, was for Sam’s benefit. She wanted proof that Ruby was manipulating him, that way Sam would trust her. It had already been hard enough trying to get him to trust her thus far. He was one paranoid jackass when he wanted to be, and with the Powers making her play secret-identity-girl, it wasn’t helping matters much.

She reached into her bag and pulled out her silver dagger. It didn’t feel like a shifter. She had already gone up against one of those before, and they were crafty as hell, but this thing was powerful in a way that made her skin crawl. That didn’t mean she was taking any chances though. Buffy shoved a hand full of salt into her pocket and also grabbed a flask of holy water. The only thing left was iron, but she had magical iron bullets in her gun, courtesy of Willow, as well as salt rounds. So, she wasn’t that worried.

As if on cue, she heard a key slid into the lock of her motel room, Buffy quickly shoved her back against the wall next to the door, trying to appear as invisible as possible. When the big hulking form of Sam stepped into the room, Buffy’s eyes widened in surprise, ‘What the hell!’ She schooled her features as best as she could, but she couldn’t hide the rage that was now building in her chest. They actually thought they could trick her, by pretending to be Sam.

“Oh, what the hell!” Sam bellowed, when he stepped into his motel room and smelt cigarette smoke. He knew Buffy smoked sometimes, but she had never smoked in their room before. Sam stiffened though, when he heard the sound of a gun being cocked from behind him.

“Don’t move.” Buffy growled angrily.

“Buffy!” Sam squeaked.

“Let me see your hands!” Buffy demanded, watching as Sam slowly raised his hands. She ignored his frightened reply, before demanding, “Turn around!”

Sam slowly turned around, not knowing what to think. “Buffy, why…”

“Don’t act like him!” She whispered fiercely. “Don’t even try to pretend with me.” She pushed forward her eyes narrowing. An ironic laugh spilled from her lips, before she uttered the word, “Christo.”

Sam looked at Buffy startled, ‘Why would she think I’m a demon?’

When nothing happened, Buffy blinked, before her eyes narrowed again. “Okay funny man, you have two choices right now. I can hand you this knife, and you can cut yourself to prove you aren’t a shifter. Or, you can try to grab the knife from me. In which case I will break your arm, then shatter your knee cap, and cut you myself. It’s up to you.”

Sam immediately held out his hand, which also had Buffy’s confidence waning. He took the knife without question. Sam slid his sleeve up and cut himself across his forearm. Buffy blinked when nothing happened. “Okay, what are you?”

“Buffy,” Sam said slowly. “It’s me. I swear.”

Buffy shot forward and slammed Sam into the dresser on the wall behind him, discarding her gun in the process. Sam struggled against her hold, and looked at her shocked when he couldn’t budge her. Buffy grinned evilly.

“You see, there are some things I haven’t told Sam about myself.” She snickered as if she were laughing at an inside joke. Her eyes flashed dangerously, and her grip on his arms tightened painfully. “Well, actually there’s a lot he doesn’t know about me, but the reason I know you’re lying, the reason I can tell you’re not him…”

She blinked innocently at him before her eyes turned cold again. “You see…I have this nifty little sixth sense…It likes to let me know when there’s evil near.” She got right in his face then, her breath wafting over his skin as she spoke through her clenched jaw. “And Sam Winchester may register as something slightly other than human on my radar, but he feels nothing like you.”

For the first time since meeting her, Sam realized that Buffy Summers was not all that she seemed. He had known she was hiding something from the beginning, but she had saved his life on more than one occasion, and she was one hell of a hunter to have at your back, so he had let it go. Now he wasn’t so sure that was such a good idea.

He tried to hide the guilt that flashed across his features when he realized what she must be feeling. He’d taken a lot of demon blood last night, way more than usual. There had been one of Lilith’s generals in the town over, and he had needed answers. The demon was strong though. Too strong, and Sam needed more blood to finish the interrogation.

Buffy saw the betrayal flash across Sam’s face, followed by that look of guilt, and in that moment, she knew. The powers that she tried desperately to keep dormant in Sam Winchester were manifesting themselves somehow. That’s what he was up to this whole time. He wasn’t just sneaking out with Ruby to go after Lilith. She was changing him somehow. He was becoming a monster, and he didn’t even realize it.

She let Sam go and stepped back as if burned, her eyes widened in realization. ‘What I’m feeling…Oh god…this…it is Sam!’

Anger and hopelessness swelled in her chest, and before she realized what she was doing, she was screaming at Sam at the top of her lungs. “What the fuck did you do?”

Buffy slammed her fist into the wall next to Sam’s shoulder. It was the only way to stop herself from beating the hell out of him. She couldn’t believe this. She was failing her mission, and if there was one thing she hated more than anything else, it was failing. Especially because she was beginning to feel that this world was heading straight for an Apocalypse, and the Winchester brothers were right in the middle of it.

“What did you let that demon bitch do to you?” Buffy snarled. “Is that’s what you’ve been doing, sneaking off and letting Ruby change you into a demon!” She was shaking in rage and so close to snapping completely that Sam actually shrunk back in fear.

Sam never saw that kind of anger on anyone’s face before, not even his own. He found himself unable to look away. “Buffy…I-I swear it’s not…”

“If you even try to tell me it’s not what I think! So help me Sam, I will rip off your arms, and beat you to death with them!” She tore her fist from the wall, flexing it a few times before crossing her arms over her chest. She waited for him to say something else, her posture ridged as she glared daggers at him, but he wasn’t looking at her anymore. His eyes were riveted on something behind her.

She turned around slowly following his line of sight. She was struck immediately by the younger man standing at her motel room door. He was much shorter than Sam, but there was something about him that struck a cord with her. Maybe it was that twisted look of betrayal, she saw written all over his face as he stared at Sam. It was the look she always pictured Spike wearing if she ever saw him again. Or, maybe it was the look in his eyes, the one that held so much guilt. That too reminded her of Spike. He had that same look in the basement of the school after he had gotten his soul.

Dean stood with Bobby in the doorway of his brother’s motel room, and didn’t know what to think. At first glance, he would have thought the girl was Ruby, but he had been listening to what she was saying the whole time. This girl was beyond pissed at his brother for even being around Ruby. He had no idea who she was, but he was thankful and grateful that she seemed to be trying to look out for his little brother.

He couldn’t help the emotion that filled him at seeing Sammy again, but what this girl was saying…Well, it fell right in there with why he was back, didn’t it. Why less than twenty-four hours ago, he had to dig himself out of a shallow grave. If Sam had done something as stupid as making a deal to become a demon…Dean just couldn’t live with himself if that were true. All the guilt and remorse he was feeling right now. That would be the last straw. The one that finally broke him completely.

When the girl turned around and met his eyes, his breath was sucked from his chest. He had slept with a lot of beautiful women throughout his life, more than even he liked to admit, but there was something about this girl that hit a cord. Something that screamed she was here for him and him alone.

She wasn’t the most gorgeous girl whom he had ever seen, but god those eyes. They were the most hauntingly beautiful eyes that he’d ever seen. Like she had seen way too much in her short life, but there was also a strength and intelligence in them that rocked him to his foundation. They looked as if they could see straight into his soul. That what he had been forced to do down in Hell didn’t matter, because he was already forgiven in her eyes.

Dean didn’t want forgiveness though. What he really wanted to know was what in the hell was going on. People didn’t just come back from Hell. Those contracts were damn near unbreakable. So either Sammy made a deal, or something really nasty wanted him out of Hell. Either way the odds weren’t good. He just really hoped that what this girl was saying wasn’t true.

Sam couldn’t tear his eyes away from the sight of his brother. All he had wanted was for Dean to be back and safe, but this couldn’t be real. Dean was dead. Sam buried him himself. This had to be a trick, it had to be.

Sam gripped the silver dagger as anguish and rage filled him. He wasn’t falling for this thing’s trick; he wasn’t going to be duped. Before he even realized his feet were moving he was charging at his brother, but before he reached him. He found himself pinned against the wall once more by the small blonde he had been hunting with for three months.

“What are you doing?” Sam snarled as he struggled in Buffy’s solid grip once more. There was a look of sympathy and understanding in her eyes as she held him tightly. It took a few moments, but the words she was saying finally registered after the red haze in his eyes began to clear.

“It’s him Sam. I promise.” Buffy loosened her grip when she had his full attention. “I would be able to feel it if it wasn’t.”

Sam’s eyes slowly turned back to Dean’s, and he couldn’t hold back his emotions any longer. Tears swelled and spilt down his cheeks, as the reality of what was going on finally settled in his brain.

“Dean.” Sam whispered, his throat clogging with tears before he began to move towards him. This time Buffy didn’t try to stop Sam. He approached Dean slowly before reaching out to pull him into an embrace. He stopped short though when Dean flinched.

“Dean?” He whispered again, this time warily.

“Hey ya Sammy.” Dean said just as softly. It took a few seconds, but he finally stepped forward and accepted his brothers embrace.

Bobby watched from the sidelines, emotion swarming in his eyes. His two boys were finally back together. His eyes slowly moved to the unknown women’s and when he saw the tears in her eyes as well, he knew for sure she wasn’t evil.

Buffy sighed in relief, and her eyes travelled to the heavens. Even with the emotion of seeing a family reunited, she couldn’t help cursing the Powers. “Well it took you assholes long enough didn’t it!” Buffy yelled at the ceiling.

“Don’t you think it would have been in Sam’s best interest if you had stormed the castle a bit sooner?” Seeing Dean the way he was, especially that flinch when Sam tried to hug him. It just reminded her of what it had been like to come back from heaven. A strong protectiveness swelled in her chest for the man. After all he had only been trying to protect his little brother. She shook her fist at the ceiling and shouted. “Maybe, I don’t know. The moment Dean got sent there!”

She crossed her arms and started tapping her foot. “Whistler perhaps now would be a good time to show your face and explain in great detail what the fuck is going on!”

Sam and Dean looked at Buffy warily, as they were torn out of there brotherly moment. They didn’t know why she was so pissed, but for the first time Sam got a glimpse of why she had insisted on staying at his side. For a while now, Sam had thought it was an attraction to him, but he now realized she had been waiting for this moment. Maybe she had known Dean was coming back the whole time.

She felt the energy change in the room, before a light bulb exploded on the nightstand. She was overwhelmed by a powerful presence, and she moved protectively in front of the elder man and the Winchesters when a man who was definitely not Whistler appeared in the room. He was dark haired, wearing a business suit and overcoat.

“Who the hell are you?” She demanded.

“I am sorry Buffy, but Whistler is not allowed to enter this realm. I am you’re…” He seemed to contemplate the right word, before he said in an emotionless monotone voice, “You could call me your liaison to your world’s Powers, as I believe you call them.”

Dean, Bobby, and Sam stood there looking at the man in shock and fear as they listened to their conversation. They would have pushed for more information, but Buffy seemed to be doing a good job on her own.

Buffy’s eyes narrowed. “Yeah and how do I know you’re telling the truth? It’s not like Whistler can confirm what you just said.”

“Do you, like Dean, not have faith?” He said emotionlessly.

Dean couldn’t hold his tongue any longer after that. “Who the hell are you? How the fuck do you even know me?”

The man turned and stared at Dean emotionless before he finally said, “I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.”

“Yeah, thanks for that.” Dean said gruffly, not knowing whether he meant it or not.

The man’s eyes turned back to Buffy’s as he said. “I am an angel of the Lord. My name is Castiel.”

The silence that followed that statement was deafening. Bobby thought he had heard it all, but this was the exception. Sam looked in awe as if he was about to start kneeling and praying, and Dean was two seconds away from tearing into this son of a bitch, when the little blonde firecracker beat him to the punch, literally.

“Bullshit!” She yelled as she launched herself at him. Her fist connected with Castiel’s jaw, and a horrible crunching noise sounded through the air. She reeled back and whimpered, cradling her broken hand and wrist. Her eyes widened in fear, and she then tried to connect her foot with his groin, but this time, she didn’t dare to kick him with all her strength.

When she hit him dead on, and it hurt her more than it hurt him. She thought maybe he might be telling the truth. Even Glory could be hurt a little. Buffy stepped back, limping for a second, as she narrowed her eyes. “Yeah, well you can tell the Lord, he’s an asshole.”

“I do not understand. Are you not the warrior for humanity?” Castiel asked confused. It was the first time he had shown emotion at all. “Are you not Buffy Summers, the Immortal Slayer?”

Mentioning her immortality was never a wise choice, but Buffy’s right hand was throbbing, and she wouldn’t be any good to anyone if she broke another bone. ‘Dammit, I should have grabbed the Scythe from my bag.’

She edged towards her duffle, noting with some relief that Castiel did not seem to be concerned. She glanced down at the stone around her neck for the first time since Sam had arrived. She frowned to herself when she realized the stone remained dark.

“Say I believe you.” Buffy said, meeting Sam’s eyes and trying to convey her intentions without speaking, as she inconspicuously scooted her bag next to him with her foot.

Sam tilted his head in understanding, knowing exactly what Buffy wanted. He had seen firsthand what that weapon of hers could do. If this thing was a demon, it didn’t stand a chance against it, and as much as Sam did believe in God, wrapping his head around the fact that this thing truly was an angel, was going to take some time. In reality, he needed proof just as much as the rest of the others in the room did.

Buffy turned back to Castiel, hoping he hadn’t seen her actions. If he had, he didn’t show it. “Say I believe that you’re really an angel, and that God exists. Why does he need Dean?” She looked at Dean apologizing with her eyes. “And if he does need Dean so badly, why did he let him go to Hell to begin with?”

Castiel’s eyes moved to Dean’s. “You do not believe that he deserves saving?”

Dean flinched at Castiel’s words. It was true, that’s exactly how Dean felt. After what he had done, he was no different than the monsters he hunted. He didn’t deserve his freedom, he didn’t deserve anything.

“I never said that!” Buffy answered. “I’m only asking why he’s so important, and not just to this world, but to mine as well?”

She felt three sets of eyes boring into her back at that statement, but she didn’t turn around. She knew there was going to be a million questions later, but at least she didn’t have to pretend when she didn’t understand something now. Buffy wondered how angry Sam was with her, but he couldn’t fault her for following orders.

Castiel looked at Buffy a long time before he looked away. The vampire was right, she was stubborn. He could tell by the expression on her face. She wasn’t budging until he answered her.

“Lilith is trying to release Lucifer from his cage.” He stated simply.

“What!” Four voices said in unison.

“If he were to get out, he would begin the Apocalypse, and his ambitions do not just lie with this world. Lucifer wants to eradicate all of humanity.”

Buffy’s eyes widened when she realized how serious this was. “So if he were to get out…”

“Every world with a human population would be in danger.” Castiel finished for her.

She faltered in her belief that he was lying, and had to make her way over to the bed and sit down. Sam followed, trying to hide the Scythe behind his back. He tried to hand it to her, but she shook her head. She didn’t need any more proof. Castiel was telling the truth. Whistler had been way more hush-hush than usual, and his nervous stuttering about how wound up the Powers were. It all made a lot of sense now.

Bobby stood there silently for a few moments before he finally said. “You ain’t lying are you?

Castiel looked at Bobby and said. “Lying is a sin.”

“You still haven’t answered her question.” Dean said finally speaking up. “Why do you need me?”

Castiel eyes then turned to Dean’s. “Because God commanded it, because we have work for you.”And then he vanished, with only the sound of fluttering wings.

Buffy turned to the three men and smiled. “Okay, that guy really needs to work on his people skills.”
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