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Leverage inc. meet Scooby gang

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Summary: the best thieves in the world meet the best demon fighting gang in the world and everybody hates on Angel. I mean everybody.

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Television > Leverage(Past Donor)pinkhairedharryFR1522,552063,97016 May 1218 May 12No

chapter 2

Chapter 2

The first time the Leverage crew met Faith was a little more difficult because she punched Lindsey in the face. She pulled him back to his feet and told him he deserved that but now they were square.

Nate had recognized Faith from the old neighborhood. Her mother, Mairead, had only been a few years older than him and lived a few blocks away from him growing up. Faith and Mairead had been a part of Paul's congregation and even after her mother had stopped coming, Faith had continued to come until she was sixteen. She'd disappeared and her foster mother had been found torn apart. Faith had been assumed abducted and Father Paul still prayed for her even thirteen years later.

Sophie had taken it in stride. Lindsey admitted to not having been a good person and Xander knew him from his relatively evil days. It lead to reason his other half knew Lindsey from than as well. Eliot hadn't reacted with more than a sympathetic wince and Lindsey himself had braced for the hit he'd known was coming.

Parker had glared at her, no one was allowed to hit fake Eliot but little Eliot. Fake Eliot was her's just like real Eliot, Hardison, Sophie and Nate were her's. But she was willing to give her a second chance because she was Xander's girlfriend and Eliot liked her and Nate knew her as a kid. And Sophie told her too.

Hardison had watched in wide eyed amazement, Lindsey wasn't Eliot but he was damn good and she had just laid him out. She was now his hero for knocking Lindsey flat on his back after what he did to Nichelle 13.0. Oh, he knew it had nothing to do with that but it wasn't like he could take vengeance. The man had magic and muscle on his side.

Eliot had almost been on the receiving end of Faith's punch the first time they'd met and felt sympathetic for his brother but also amused that he'd been hit by a girl. Oh, he knew she was a slayer and she'd gone easy on him and Lindsey kind of deserved it. He had hired her to kill Angel and then gotten her sent to prison for a very long time as pay back for not killing him. Than again it had been Angel and he kinda wished she had killed him but that would have probably caused the end of the world as they knew it so he made sure to never actually say it out loud. He had enjoyed sparing with Faith because she was a slayer. It got boring after a while never having a challenging one on one fight.

Faith liked Parker because she was the only one that had actually stood up for Lindsey. She was bat shit crazy, knew it and wasn't hiding it. Parker was just crazy enough to fit right in with the Scoobies.

Hardison was just a little too geeky for Faith to actually have anything in common with but, hey, it was always good to have a hacker or three on speed dial. He was Xander's gaming buddy so she'd make with the small talk whenever they were in the same place. But she was reserving the right to hit him if he started pulling an Andrew. One Andrew was more than enough.

Faith had a hard time stopping herself from picking up Eliot and spinning him around. He was just so damn cute. Damn dimples and missing teeth made her want to pinch his cheeks as well. But she refrained mostly because he was death glaring at her.

Faith liked Grifter Sophie but girl time Sophie made her run for the hills. So did actress Sophie. How someone that good at making marks believe the tripe she was selling could be so back at acting blew her mind. Next time one of the minis or Andrew or Connor messed with her they were going to get a ticket for what ever play she managed to land a role in. Next time B's birthday rolled around she was going to invite Sophie so they could shop together without her.

Faith recognized Nate as Father Paul's friend and Jimmy Ford's son. She'd spent a lot of time hanging around McRory's as a kid and Jimmy Ford had been a staple there until his arrest. She agreed with the way he'd taken out Dubenich and Latimer. Letting them take themselves out without getting their blood on his hands was truly masterful.

The third time Xander and Faith visited Boston they brought their younger three kids with while the older girls went to England to visit Grandpa Giles.

Parker was a hit with all three. She made miniature harnesses for Jesse and Mary and took them repelling. Then she taught all three kids how to pickpocket and pick locks. When Hardison, Nate and Sophie sent Xander and Faith questioning looks they shrugged and told them the kids needed to know how to get out of handcuffs if they were ever kidnapped and being able to pickpocket keys from their captors would help in that case as well. And she let them run wild in the air vents of an office building she sometimes wandered around in when she was bored. The kids wanted to take her home with them by the time they left.

Hardison found a mini-protege in Jesse. Jesse was the only one of the kids that showed any interest in the computer besides gaming and facebook and he knew just how to sweet talk his Aunt Willow into teaching him anything he wanted to know so he was well above the game even at eight years old. Hardison was sure the kid could be the best in the world when he got older if he continued on hacking. The kid got his pop-culture references too. Hardison was hoping that if he ever had a kid he'd be like Jesse with slightly less smart ass remarks. Cool in other peoples kids but not so much in your own. Little Jackson was a menace to Nichelle 14.0 but trounced him at every Wii game they played, giving Eliot and Lindsey enough teasing material for the next month.

Sophie adored little Mary and was pleasantly surprised when she asked to go shopping with her given the way both her parents had run away anytime shopping was mentioned. Xander and Faith had shrugged and sent her off with Sophie with the stipulation that they weren't paying for it. If Sophie wanted to take Mary on a shopping spree they didn't mind but they weren't paying hundreds of dollars for clothes she'd out grow in a year or two. Old Navy and Walmart clothes were hard wearing and cute enough with out the price tag. Mary ended up going home with an extra bag of luggage because of that all day shopping spree, along with a few outfits for the boys that Sophie couldn't resist. Mary proved to a miniature fashionista in the making.

The kids were so different from Sam that Nate didn't have as hard a time being around them as he normally had around children. It helped that he could now remember the good times with Sam without feeling as if he'd been stabbed in the chest. Little Jackson got a kick out of his Jimmy Popodakolas persona and made him read stories in Jimmy's overblown accent. Jackson stuck to Nate every time Parker took his brother and sister repelling.

Eliot being physically aged between Mary and Jesse had a ball playing with them. Because Jesse was the son of the Dark Slayer and the White Knight he had better then normal fighting skills for his age group and didn't mind sparring with Eliot. Mary wasn't allowed to spar with him because she had a habit of forgetting her strength at times.

Lindsey enjoyed watching his brother play with children his 'age'. The fact that all three kids understood that Eliot was an adult on the inside and didn't care made it more amusing when they talked him into doing the crazy things that only little kids can come up with. Where they found a sled in the middle of summer was anyone's guess but the smile on Eliot's face was worth every moment of heart stopping terror they caused him.

Faith, Xander, their kids and the Leverage crew even went to church one Sunday to visit Father Paul. He was shocked and amazed to see Faith alive and well with children and a partner. Xander seemed like a nice, if a wee bit jumpy, man and he very clearly loved his family.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Leverage inc. meet Scooby gang" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 May 12.

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