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Leverage inc. meet Scooby gang

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Summary: the best thieves in the world meet the best demon fighting gang in the world and everybody hates on Angel. I mean everybody.

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Television > Leverage(Past Donor)pinkhairedharryFR1522,552063,96516 May 1218 May 12No

Chapter One

Title: Leverage inc. meet Scooby Gang

Author: pinkhairedharry

Disclaimer: I don’t own any recognizable characters. I’m just playing with in their sandbox. This is the only time I will put in the disclaimer. That doesn’t mean I’m claiming ownership it just means I’m lazy. :P

Summary: The best thieves in the world meet the best demon fighting gang in the world and everybody hates on Angel. I mean everybody.

AN1: AU for Angel. Angel's Gang merged with the Scoobies after they all helped take out the LA branch of Wolfram and Hart. Angel and Spike shanshu'd so they're humans but like Connor. Angel still leads a team in LA but none of his original gang are with him. Fred never got taken over by Illyria, she works with Andrew in the slayer tech and research department. Connor's life still got reset with the Reilly's but he always remembered his old life and appreciated the second chance. After he graduated from Stanford he moved to Cleveland. The Scoobies got Cordelia out of her coma and away from Wolfram and Hart. Wesley is a watcher again. Gunn's a watcher as well. Lorne opened a bar in Cleveland because Angel stays away from the Scoobies as much as he can. Lindsey found Lorne a few months after he'd 'killed' him telling Lorne he'd had no hard feelings about the whole attempted murder thing. A few years later he got introduced to Xander and they hit it off complaining about Angel so they kept in contact.

AN2: poestheblackcat has kindly let me borrow her McDonald boys 'verse. I recommend reading the series if you like Leverage it's wonderful. A summary of the McDonald boys 'verse: Eliot and Lindsey are twins. Eliot stays out of the supernatural side but is aware of it and he has trained Lindsey as a hitter. Lindsey is still hiding out from the remaining Wolfram & Hart branches and Angel because he's supposed to be dead. Eliot has been deaged and they can't figure out a way to fix him without Lindsey sacrificing himself so Lindsey has taken over the role of Hitter for the Leverage crew.

Xander's first meeting with Leverage inc. went a lot better than expected. Lindsey shared a mutual dislike of Angel with him, Parker amused him, Hardison reminded him of young Willow combined with Andrew, Sophie scared the hell out of him, he commiserated with Eliot over being the universe's butt monkey and Nate was something else.

Parker liked the demon fighter. He never looked at her like she was insane. He kept up with her during conversations. Sure, he didn't know much about being a thief but he made up for by knowing how to blow stuff up. Plus he had stolen a rocket launcher and blown up a town two thing she'd never done before so that upped his Parker approval rating pretty fast.

Hardison liked Lindsey's demon fighting friend. Xander got his pop-culture references and played some of the same video games. Sure, he wasn't a hacker but he knew two of the greatest hackers out there. Redtree and howlingmoon were legendary. They'd created the only unhackable database on the planet so he got Hardison cool points by association.

Sophie didn't understand why he kept running away from her when she tried to take him on a shopping expedition. He was polite and charming in a everyday man kind of way but she wanted to see if he cleaned up as well as she thought he would. The fact that after the first glance to check her out he'd kept his eyes focused on her's was slightly disconcerting until she was informed about his, not quite a wife but might as well be, lover and his almost entirely female circle of friends. Apparently a man could be trained but you had to start at age five and never stop.

Eliot liked Xander as much as Lindsey did. He didn't laugh at him. He didn't forget that Eliot was thirty seven on the inside not the seven years old he looked on the outside. He shared embarrassing and weird situations that had happened to him and commiserated with Eliot on the unfairness of life without sounding pretentious or patronizing. Plus Xander gave him a blessed dagger that was magic'd so no one could take it away from him.

Nate found Xander intriguing. The man acted like an overgrown child for the most part but he was more perceptive than most people. Parker didn't phase him, he actually understood a lot of the things Hardison said, he charmed Sophie in an entirely platonic way, Eliot thought of him as a brother in arms, even Lindsey made the effort to stay in contact with the man. From some of the stories that he'd told the man was a different kind of Mastermind. All in all a good man to know.

Xander liked Parker because even as damaged as she was, she was still a good person. Sure, she was crazy but sanity was overrated anyways. She tried to do the right thing and had fun doing it. She'd gotten him in a harness and pushed him off the ledge. After he'd screamed in terror he'd found the rush exhilarating. He understood why she did it. That moment of absolute clarity, when everything but the sensation of freedom fell away, was addicting. She was brutally honest and that was refreshing. She reminded him of a strange mix of all of his girls and not in a bad way.

Xander liked Hardison because he reminded him of Willow before Buffy came to town and the not so annoying parts of Andrew. He was a lot less socially awkward but computers and games were his world. He was a geek and proud of it. He retained his innocence even with all the bad shit their team had been through.

Xander liked Sophie but she scared the hell out of him. She wanted to give him a make over. Drag him shopping and dress him up like a ken doll. Lindsey had gotten her to show Xander a few of her more outrageous covers. The woman was an actual chameleon, every time she changed persona’s she changed personalities. He wasn't sure if it was a Talent or just very deep training but either way it made for one very effective Grifter.

Xander had met Eliot for the first time just after he'd left Moreau's employment and given him some advice. Any one could find redemption if they tried hard enough. Eliot had walked away from that conversation to help liberate Croatia and eventually join Leverage inc. Sure, he was going at it a little side ways but it wasn't any less valid. He was helping people and fighting the good fight. The fact that he was about the same physical age as his oldest son just amused the shit out him because it wasn't him being screwed with this time.

Xander was happy to see that the Leverage crew had taken Lindsey in as his own person not as a replacement for Eliot. Lindsey was the first to admit he wasn't a good guy but Angel hadn't had the right to order Lorne to kill him. Angel had done a hell of a lot of bad things followed by lot of sitting around brooding while doing nothing to make it right before stepping up on his high horse. Lindsey was doing good now and days and had been for a while. The threat of Angel and Wolfram & Hart finding out he was still alive made him careful. Even then he still managed to send info to the right parties when it got to risky for him to take care of the issue himself. All in all Lindsey was trying and that's all you can really ask for.

AN3: I'm trying out a different writing style here. Just their thoughts on each other for the first few chapters. Faith's up next. Dawn, Willow, Andrew, Connor, Buffy and Lorne will probably follow as well before an actual plot happens. Please review tell me what you think.
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