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Summary: Drusilla hears what will be. Unless she tells someone to save the world.

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Stargate > Other BtVS/AtS Characters > DrusillaMaelwyseFR151952061,45516 May 1216 May 12Yes
The world spins around me, as it always does.

I always hated the way that I can see how connected everything is, how I can hear the whispers of the things to come, almost as strongly as I can remember the voices of the past.

Today, they’re calling me again. And I hear a harsh, golden double voice. They are whispering of the plans to crush home, to make all the world death to be here. Even for us; My Spike, my Angel, and all the pretty parties, and all the nummy treats.

And a whisper of a blonde, someone who will taste smarter than anyone I’d yet eaten. She who can stop my home from being destroyed. And I just need to tell her it is coming. And get her to believe me.

“Spike. The stars are calling.” I can barely hear my voice over the echoes of the future. The screams. My screams
“What’s that, Pet?” I love how he always has time for me.
I finally focus on him, able to push back the future’s call. “Colorodo Springs. Take me there?”
“Sure, Pet, we’ll go there once we finish tracking down this last box. We wouldn’t want to miss the fun, would we?”
“Spike, we need to do this first. We can come back for that pesky box. It will be here.”
“Love, we’ve put so much effort into this, let’s hold off.”

One of the screams overcomes my clarity, Spike, crying out while burning, and I collapse to the floor, unable to hold myself upright. I gasp in agony.

“Dru? What’s wrong?” I love how much he loves me.
I’ll do anything to prevent Spike from burning into nothingness, even hurt him.
“It’s time to go, Spike. We leave now.” He’s a bit lost, he’s not yet used to my being strong enough to order him around. I’ll have to train him better.
“Well, Pet, if that’s what you want, we’ll go now. Sorry to miss your birthday present, though.”

The next evening we finally arrived in Colorado Springs. I’ve been listening to the whispers. I jump out of the car, and run to where they are, the smart taste, and the strong spice, the two people who are going to save the world. Spike will just have to catch up to me later.

I casually jump over the tall fence, and land silently, already watching, hearing the two voices, and the two others. One who would taste like the tang of electricity, and the other who would taste of books; of learning.

I silently walk to the deck, and begin to swing the telescope up to the sky. The whispers tell me where to point it.

“O’Neill!” The tangy dark man shouts, having noticed me. I finish pointing the device to the stars. This is too important.
The lights turn on, nearly sending me back, lost into the whispers. But this is too important.
The door opens, and the Strong Spice steps out, pointing something at me. I’m nearly knocked over by how much he makes me hungry. But this is too important.

The Strong Spice is yelling at me. I can’t hear him over the whispers.

“Pretty Blonde One, please, look.” I say. I can smell the confusion. I almost lose myself in the swirling smells. There is so much going on. So many whispers, “You need to see.”

Strong spice steps so that he can keep pointing that THING at me, that gun, the whispers speak.

“Carter, could you take a look?” he barely even blinks, watching me.
The whispers quiet as she looks through the telescope.

“Holy Hanna! Sir! That’s an Asteroid!”

“It’s coming to visit, unless you stop it. It’s going to make my home flat.” My explanation makes no sense, even to me.

“Sir, I need to report this, now.”

A whisper SCREAMS to me. “Eleven days, fourteen hours, twenty-seven minutes. And it’s the third yellow.” I repeat it out loud. The blank stares look back at me.
The future whispers all fall silent. For the first time in weeks, I can think clearly. It is time to go home. Almost faster than they can respond, I jump back over the fence and run away. A crack rings out, and I feel a sharp pain through my heart. Barely even an annoyance, I don’t even miss a step. Soon, I’m back at Spike’s car.

“Pet! Where’d you run off to? Who shot you?
“Spike, oh, my darling Spike, Take me home.” I had some naughty thoughts to practice with Spike.
“Dru? Why’d we come here?”
“I had to save our home. If we hadn’t come here, home would have been flat. Now, it’s fine. Let’s go home. I’ll do that thing you like.”
His confusion falls apart with the idea of my mood. “Sure Pet, whatever you say.”

Well, I've been reading through the answered challenges, and reading the stories that seem interesting, and I came across this challenge. And there, in my mind, was an image of The Mad Seer, Dru, talking to Samantha Carter. This came ~20 minutes later. I would have probably used a different Stargate "save" had I had more time, but this was the first that popped into mind, with a web search later, I even had the details as to the 5 yellow wires, and at that point, the story wrote itself.

Unfortunately, Insani-Dru is WAY fun to write. I LIKE logical characters. I LIKE characters motivated by reason. And sadly, I don't see a way she can be "fun" without being almost overwhelmed with visions ALL the time. As soon as I came up with the "event", this quickly spiraled into this hectic mess.

The End

You have reached the end of "Whispers". This story is complete.

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