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This story is No. 10 in the series "Adventures of A Line Hopper". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Doctor's trapped in the Initiative. But why's he there, why can't he escape, and what's really going on behind the scenes? Dark.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Other BtVS/Ats CharactersShoshiFR1549113,730313834,97116 May 127 Jul 12Yes


Author's Note: Dun dun duuuuuh! Guess who was behind the Doctor being in the Initiative?

(I told you that you were going to hate me for leaving you guys off like this. But... "Something" is currently horrible. So on to "the Seventh Segment"!)



Julie was going to die.

They were still scheduling the lethal injection, but she'd already been tried and sentenced. She'd appealed, of course, tried to take her case to the highest level of authority, but none of it had panned out.

Especially once the Initiative went under.

Julie didn't know exactly what had happened, but she'd been able to work some of it out based on the little scraps of information she'd overheard. Adam had taken down all security in the Initiative, letting loose every evil monster they had in there, at which point there'd been a huge fight between humans and HSTs, during which nearly everyone had died.

Adam had been destroyed. She'd been told that was certain.

She guessed the Doctor had done it. Or that Vampire Slayer friend of his. She had no idea how they'd managed to destroy Adam, or why the massacre had still occurred. Nor did she know who had survived that massacre, or even how many. Or what had happened to the Doctor and his Vampire Slayer friend, in the end.

But she was hoping that the Doctor had, at least, worked out who it was that really wanted him down in the Initiative. Who had actually split up those Carflodashian Vampires, who had lured the Doctor into a trap, and then let Adam take advantage of the situation.

And that the Doctor had worked out the meaning of the words that he hadn't understood, back when she'd told him them, back when they'd been escaping. Those few words she'd managed to extract from that encrypted transmission.

"…calibration test of the Fountain of Kulkmattoll and the Genetic Disintegrator. Temporal surveillance team will incarcerate the Doctor on 21st century Earth. The primary objective will be gained. The Doctor will be…"

The Doctor hadn't known what it meant, or what race of aliens had sent the transmission. But he'd been worried. Very worried. Julie had known that. She figured he'd run off to the future or whenever — he did have a time machine, after all — and was probably doing whatever it was that needed to be done, there, right now.

Which was why it came completely out of the blue when a military officer approached her cell, and said, in a clipped, military voice, "Julie Parsoner. You're free to go."

Julie just stared at him. "I'm what?"

"You've been granted a presidential pardon," said the military officer.

"I've been granted what?" Julie exclaimed.

But it had been true. Somehow, she'd been granted a presidential pardon which cleared her of all charges, and had been released. At which point, she'd been immediately brought in for a job interview.

Julie wasn't exactly sure what job she was interviewing for, or what was going on, but she worked it out the moment she saw Marianna.

"This… is UNIT, isn't it?" asked Julie. "Whatever UNIT is."

"It's an organization that deals with extraterrestrial and supernatural threats," Marianna explained. "You have no idea how hard it was to get you that pardon. This president is really not big on pardons. We had to save the world about three times and his immediate family twice before he gave in."

"You got me the pardon?" Julie asked.

"Well, not me," Marianna confessed.

Julie stared at her, blankly. Then, all of a sudden, it clicked. Someone who could save the world with the snap of his fingers. Someone who knew about UNIT. Someone who'd be able to make sure they employed her.

"The Doctor?" Julie asked.

Marianna nodded. "He's gone, now," she said. "Somewhere in time and space."

Tracking down the creatures behind all this, if Julie guessed correctly.

"But he stuck around long enough to make sure you were out of jail and free," Marianna said.

Julie had to admit, she was stunned. No, more than that. Floored. She realized her jaw had dropped open, and tried to close it.

"What?" asked Marianna. "You didn't think he'd just let you rot in jail."

"Why not?" said Julie. "It's what I deserved."

Marianna met Julie's eyes with her own, and Julie could see that Marianna was remembering all those horrible things that had been done to the Doctor, all the pain they'd put him through. All the times they'd sat back and done nothing, when they should have stepped in.

"I guess we all have a lot to make up for," Marianna told her.

Julie gave a small laugh. "Guess we do."

The End

You have reached the end of "Nothing". This story is complete.

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