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A Viral Halloween

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Summary: Jessica takes responsibility for some ruined fatigues.

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Disclaimer: See chapter 1
A/N: Just finished Prototype 2, it’s a great game and I heartily recommend it to everyone.
“Well, considering the Rites of Janus was the Halloween spell then I guess we’re all set.” Xander said turning and walking down the hall to class.

/You know I don’t trust that tweed guy./ Heller said.

“Never mind not trusting him; he’s definitely in our corner. Trust me on that I have fought the vamps and other fuglies for years with him behind me.” Xander retorted upset that Heller would even question Giles.

Next, Xander had Math with Mr. Connors so he hurried off and took a seat. Xander was amazed that someone so brilliant could make something so dull; Geometry was easy or so some of the memories from the infected architect he had consumed said.

So Xander, despite probably knowing more than the teacher about geometry, listened and took enough notes to look like he was paying attention, while he was developing a list of things to do. He had to train in the use of these abilities as much as school would allow. He had no idea if this ghost of James in his mind was anything near permanent. Secondly, he had to improve his powers from their meager state by increasing his ingestion amounts. Thirdly, some discrete digging around seeing if there was a Blackwatch-esque organization out there was in order.

The first thing he had to do was find a way of providing himself with a lot of organic mass for consuming. He was hesitant to line his pockets with spoils from garbage diving although the metal would be a great addition to his claws and shields. Some of the powers that he could reflexively use as James seemed foreign to him; well training with them would alleviate that problem.

Wait, he had just used alleviate in a sentence -correctly-okay that was definitely a Giles word and wig worthy. But James was right, this place was dangerous and he needed the additional metal intake. The Claws alone made him a match for vamps and the Hammerfists should allow him to take down most Big Bads.

Most of his classes held little allure for the young man that could call on the memories of Gentek scientists he had Consumed, most held Master’s degrees in fields he was being educated in and those that didn’t had specialized training. Most surprising is a fair number of NYU professors had gotten infected and then Consumed by him. Their memories were like books of information in a card file in his head. Now that he thought about it, he ought to have more memories from soldiers since he Consumed many Blackwatch soldiers. So Xander began thinking, no not that little reverie that a simple bell or a question can rouse you from; it was a deep abiding period where The Thinker probably had more in common with him, and Xander probably had as much inorganic material in him since the ten penny specials had become an almost daily routine.
When Xander shook himself from his reverie, there was a lone occupant in the classroom and since it was well after school hours, it was Giles.

“Good, you’re awake now your changes seem to be awakening in rapid succession. Now, tell me what they are.” Giles said with a hint of Ripper in his voice.

“Only if you swear that the Council will never hear of this.” Xander said.

“Only if those prats pry it out of my cold dead hands.” Giles said.

“Acceptable and at the same time not, vamp. What you thought I couldn’t tell the difference? Giles has a unique feeling around him. Now you die.” Xander said as he spun out of his chair and just using his virally-enhanced strength; broke it over the fledge’s head.

“The Gang must be on patrol all together or something.” Normally, a vamp wouldn’t get into the school.

Behind him the figure underneath the wreckage laughed evily.
“That would be good if I were a vampire, you know now that I think of it this town has appeal to it. Much like Hope did, we’ll be seeing more of each other Alex.” With that the figure melted and slid through a vent into the floor.
Xander then woke in the Library with the Scoobies sans Angel looking down on him.
Giles was the first to speak, “Well, it seems you need to explain this transformation you experienced in more detail Xander.”
The newest Blacklight being just face-palmed himself, this was going to be a long day.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Viral Halloween" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 May 12.

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