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A Viral Halloween

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Summary: Jessica takes responsibility for some ruined fatigues.

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And so it begins.

A Viral Halloween
Disclaimer:Prototype 2,Are You Being Served and Buffy the Vampire Slayer do not belong to me. They belong to their respective owners.

Summary: Jessica takes responsibility for some ruined fatigues.
Ethan was puttering around his shop that was about to open for the final day before the spell. A new shipment of costumes had arrived; they were re-routed from Party Town due to being damaged.
He'd have to give a discount on these as it was the last day but, otherwise he'd have charged a small price for such inferior goods. A Brit could only be so chaotic, after all Grace Brothers only tolerated so much chaos; so he changed some displays around in the store one day. It was fun to see Captain Peacock stumble into a mannequin when the store opened.
Ah, here came his first suck-I mean customer; a middle aged woman with a ruined pair of American military fatigues.
"Excuse me madam, but it seems you need a particular costume. May I be of assistance." Ethan drawled in imitation of Mr. Humphreys; well it was better to sound like him than the crass Mr. Grainger.
"Yes, my son wanted to wear these Army fatigues for Halloween, but when I washed them, they shrunk. I wonder if you would have a replacement." Jessica Harris said clutching the material.
"I might; let me go check a shipment that arrived this morning." Ethan said as he slipped into the backroom and cackled with glee. At least he'd make some money on that shipment from Party Town.
The uniform was from an American military sergeant of a unit he didn't recognize. After a few mutterings to empower the costume as a focus for the spell; he went back out front.

"It seems I have something close madam, would this be a good fit for your needs?" Ethan asked praying to Janus she said yes.

"I think so, but it needs some props like a combat knife and a handgun." Jessica asked. Ethan hastily retrieved the aforementioned articles happy to be getting rid of his inventory.

Later that Evening

Damn, that D-code could hit! James thought as he got to his feet. Ok, he definitely wasn't in NYZ. Ever since he had stopped Project Orion from being completed he had been having these weird feelings, almost like he had consumed someone that didn't agree with him.
Well, enough of that now. Time to figure out what was going on, as a soldier he hated not having an objective. James crouched low and launched himself into the air, landing on top of the town hall. Then he engaged a mode of vision he called Hunter's Vision. Apparently, it was different from Mercer's, since James saw body heat and silhouettes instead of just the Mercer virus.
James saw a woman being abused by a criminal and decided to take the fast way there, he dropped to the ground and jump-kicked the guy into a wall. Suprisingly, he got a warm tingly feeling when he did it.
"Thank you sir knight! My father will surely reward you handsomely once we return to his estate." the noblewoman said.
"Fine and just where is this estate?" He said wanting to get back on the trail of his familiy's killers.
"Due east past the village common, good knight." she said. James sighed facepalming, only he gets the escortee that's insane.

"Alright, let's go to your estate." James says as he starts walking down the alley.
No sooner than they had cleared the mouth of the alleyway than they were confronted by a red skinned creature about James' height with a spike extending from it's arm.
"Run, I'll take care of Spikey here." James said as he drew his combat knife.
James heard the retreating clop of heels and then dropped the knife before shifting to his claws.
"This feels better." James said before slicing at the creature. The fight devolved into a wrestling match aimed at keeping the sharp bits away from flesh. Every once and a while a shot would get through;whereas James would heal almost instantly the demon seemed less hearty after a prolonged fight.

Of course, after all this damage James was now hungry, so he grabbed his foe and started to dissolve the demon. James retrieved his knife and reseathed it. Now not caringover-much for this warzone. At least there wasn't a D-Code here.

The sharp blow to the side of his head reminded him that it was never good to encourage fate. There in all it's surgically enhanced glory was a D-code. Time for a grudge match. James dodged a vicious haymaker, grew out his claws and slashed connecting and eliciting a scream-damn Blackwatch was forcing civvies to fight now! James wanted to preserve this one, but his bare hands might not get the lesson through. Wait, that thing he consumed had a bone spike, maybe he could pin the D-code's leg to the ground. Taking the gamble, James dove away from a wild uppercut combo and morphed his arm again before lancing out. The spike slipped between surgically-implanted armor plates and tore into the ground. James dissolved the connection to it and narrowly avoided a bear hug. James formed another spike and lashed out at the same spot on the other leg. Luckily, this one penetrated into the ground as well.
As the civilian D-Code was reeling, James used his enhanced strength to knock it out.

"Hopefully, you won't bleed out, the mutagen should protect you somewhat. Too bad Blackwatch started burning civilians, just moved them up on my priority list." James said as he walked off toward the park in town. Something smelt familiar, oh yeah it was Brawler musk, the virus clued him in onto things like that. Some senses he could do without. He'd have to hunt it down before it infected too many people.
Hearing a shriek, he ran and throwing his mass into his fists sent it flying. Of course, James was shocked when it yipped and ran off. Oops, I just broke one of Fido's ribs.

Letting adrenaline guide himagain, he grabbed the woman and raced towards a safer spot. The door opened as he approached.

"It is good to see you sir knight!" the deranged escortee said.

James mentally sighed, this was going to be a long night. After heading into the house, James begins fortifying the area.
"Xander, Xander is that you? It's me Willow!" a redhead said.
"I don't know who you or......" James started to say when Willow started sobbing and ran through the wall.

"Damn, I even make dead women cry; gotta work on that." James said before he began walking around.
He walked by a group picture of him with the deranged escortee and the redhead.This looked like it could happen if he was younger and in a public school system on the West Coast.

At seventeen, he was in an East Coast high school; at eighteen he enlisted just after getting on the good side of the law. Four years later, he was a changed man and married Collette, Almaya came along two years later and when she was three he became a Blackwatch soldier.
At first he was real gung ho; especially when he learned that they were the last line of defense against biological attacks. Yeah right, that delusion went right out the window as soon as he cradled his dead wife's body.
Learning about what Mercer did before he was infected kind of helped coping, then stopping the former scientist's plans brought him to the cold truth. That Blackwatch needed to go down, hard.
A steady banging on one of the fortified doors caused James to draw his knife and prepare to defend the civilians as well as himself. In crashed what he assumed to be an infected, and a civilian struggling.
With a solid hit to the back of the head, he sent the infected into unconsciousness and stooped to help the civilian who stared at him with a PCP-glazed stare before he attacked. James was happy for this viral body, it allowed him to remain standing after a hit that would knock an unenhanced human over.
If he was allowed to go all out, he would love to try his claws against this PCP-gangbanger. But right now, he was restricted to using his knife and fists. They traded punches and if not for his enhanced body, he would be out of the fight.
Now was time to go extra tactical, using some extra speed, he applied the dark end of the knife to the gangbanger's ribs and felt at least one break under the assault of his strength.

That should bring this idiot down, if not it should severely hamper his fighting effectiveness. The PCP gangbanger came up again for another round.James knew he had to end this, even if it jeapordized his "normal" status.
He shifted his mass to his hands and pounded on the gangbanger. The gangbanger flew through a window and James shifted mass back to his body. Just in time to hear a scream and see the insane escortee run out the door.
She was just out of pouncing range, besides he had no idea what he would be facing if he traveled that fast. So he ran along the street, bypassing most trouble.
"Ah look here boys we have the sweetest meat right here and I'm going to taste it." Spike said as his face morphed.

"Him you can kill!" the Willow said. James wasted no time in pouncing with his claws on Spike and tearing his head off.

Then the world went black.

A/N:Well, here comes my humble attempt at a Prototype 2 crossover. I figured Halloween was a better time to introduce the virus than have Xander run into it later on. Word Count 1,580
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