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The Misadventures of SG-6

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Summary: I wonder what might happen if someone from the Initiative survived? And, further than that, what if she worked in Stargate Command?

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HappyWonKinobiFR181129,31102722,37018 May 1217 Apr 14No

Halloween (way back then)

'It's closing time.' Ethan Rayne thought happily to himself. He whistled as he thought about the chaos that his spell tonight would create and set about closing down his shop to prepare for the spell. He glanced around, and, satisfied that no one else was nearby, he waltzed down the hall with a spring in his step.

Of course, if he'd stuck around just a little bit longer, then he would have realized part of his mistake.

The shop, though deserted, wasn't actually empty of everything non-costume related.

There, in the corner, a movement, then more as the small humanoid being glanced around, then waddled over to a spot it liked. If it had been human, it would be three years old. In fact, it was close enough to human to actually be 3 years old, but one of the secrets she kept from her father was that she could walk, talk, even do 4th grade math, which should be about 6 years beyond her.

And most importantly, she understood the exact importance of the costume in front of her. It was made just, for, her.

And she knew that even if it was just a costume, it would be real soon enough.

She began to put it on.

He sighed morosely. He didn't know how the hell he'd managed to do it, but he'd lost his daughter. It was LA! Not New York or freaking Metropolis!

Suddenly, a violent shiver ran through his body. Like someone had just run a caravan of horses over his grave. A caravan of wild, fear-crazed horses. He looked in the direction that the feeling had come from, and froze.

No Fucking Way.

Lady Elizabeth was startled, and filled with fear. Before she fell asleep, she was on a galleon, on the way to visit the new world. Specifically, the settlement in Quebec to see if her family had settled in properly yet. Now she was in a place unknown to her, and with fearsome beasts no less. She screamed as a roaring box sped past her.


"Who's there?" Okay, so she'd been brushing up on her English a little so that she could visit her cousin in England, that annoying little boy. Still, his chosen name of Giles was a bit of an improvement from Le Vigny, taking into account that he's planning to be a true Englishman. Of course, none of that explains how they knew her husband's personal name for her.

It was two people. A man wearing sturdy boots and a somewhat showing shirt holding what appeared to be an advanced musket came from running up next to a young woman in a similarly showing leather set. Hmm, stops at the bottom of the ribcage, shows off her body. She would be very attractive, if a bit naked to many people, back home. I wonder what husband will think when I show up wearing that? Inside, she chuckled evilly, where she was allowed to show off exactly what she was. And she was a sex fiend where it concerned her hubby. Oh, and he was the only one allowed to know that she was better than him with the sword, being his teacher.

"Oh, good, you're okay." The redhead in the revealing getup sighed in relief. Do I know her?

Maybe. She does look like Rose, after all. Maybe she's related.

Another box screamed by. Maybe I'm taking my facade just a little bit too far right now. I'm not actually afraid of them, and by now, I've figured out that they're like, horseless carriages, or something similar. Of course, you never know who might be around, and I can't let my enemies know that my mind is sharper than my favorite sword.

And that is very sharp indeed.

Then, a creature appeared. Now this, the Lady was afraid of. She'd seen one once before, on a secret visit to her mother, the one she'd made the day the woman'd died in her arms. She really wished she hadn't because there had been, and still is, much left unsaid between the two women.

But the important part is that this creature looked the exact same as the one who'd ripped her mother to shreds, and this was the only creature she'd ever encountered where she was out of her depth to a massive degree.

And then, glory of glories, a metal form slammed into the ground in front of her, aimed it's palms at the thing, and sent it flying with twin lines of blue light.

And then it turned to them, and she nearly fainted.

It looked almost exactly like the armor that the Sorcerer Supreme had made before he'd died.

And when he spoke, it was like he had never died, ready to protect her from anything beyond her abilities.

"Are you alright ma'am?"

'You almost fainted again!! Head in the game Beth!'

"Tony!" Hunh. It appeared that the man with the advanced musket knew the man in the armor.

Odd that he would have the same name as the Sorcerer Supreme and yet, not recognize her, even with her not in her original body.

Sadly, it wasn't the first time it'd happened. 'I wonder what that says about my life?'

"Hey Rhodey." Odd again. The man with the musket looked more like a Harris than a Rhodes. And she knew people from both families intimately. "Do you know what's going on?"

"No more than you."

"Then we need to get somewhere safe. This place is crawling with the things."

"I know of a safe place." Okay, let's follow the redhead to the safe place. Maybe I can sneak a peek at the soldier's-

'BAD!!! BAD GIRL!!! You have a husband!!

But he's so-


He jumped out of the cab and into chaos. Chaos that was oddly familiar.

No. It couldn't possibly be.

And yet, there was a young man with a real-looking M16, a redhead with a revealing set of leather, and a raven-haired short teen wearing the dress of a 17th-century noblewoman.

And a man wearing a suit of armor that was completely unmistakable. Especially after he used a small line of blue light to repel, no, repulse, a demonic looking creature.

There's nothing more that he can do to help the young woman and her friends.

At least, like this anyway.

Now, if he remembered right, the way to the college campus was up this hill, and down that street, before passing 2 cemeteries. If he went there, then he could get a job, a real home for his daughter, and a way to help one of the world's most amazing women.

After his wife, of course.

He just hoped no one had gone as Samus Aran this Halloween.

Lady Elizabeth of Navarre compared what she saw in the mirror to what she saw in the picture in her hand, as "Rhodey" did the same. The two images were practically identical, barring clothing and the fact that the girl in the picture had blonde hair (With brown roots! Hehehe) whilst she had black.

Matter of fact, they were identical. No doubt about it. She was in "Buffy"'s body. But from what the redhead, who'd called herself Willow (odd name, but she's heard worse), said, Buffy was capable of shattering wood and bone. Why couldn't she?

Yet another mystery of the universe to ponder without the advantage of a Sorcerer Supreme.

Two facts popped into her head. One was that Buffy had a French test in a day or two (time to put what little SS had taught her into action! A few slow dissolving spells, one a copy of herself, and one a blocker, because whatever spell had caused this chaos-

Chaos. It was a chaos spell! That's what it was! No wonder Janus' fingerprints were all over this.

Back to the point! When this spell fades, a copy of herself will stay imprinted forever, like a memory. But, I don't want to give Buffy too large an advantage, so I'll give her a copy of myself just for the test before slowly fading out {though crumbling might be a better adjective}, so that she'll pass, and leave a blocker so that these memories will come back in a few years when she can handle them, and allowing her to keep up the facade she has right now. Perhaps 10 years will be a safe amount of time.) and secondly-

"Willow, what is your last name?"

The redhead seemed surprised. "Rosenburg. Why?"

"Oh, no reason." Outwardly, I just shrug as if it isn't important. Inside, however, 'YES!! HAHA! Rose owes me ₤500!' Which is true. She does owe me a lot of money, and not just from that.

After a little bit of perusal of Buffy's memories, I was shaking my head. Good thing it's helping my facade, because I figured out that Buffy is seriously missing her potential. I need to make sure she reaches it.

One of the best, and most proven, ways of making sure of things is to write it down. So, I need to go grab some paper and leave a note for Buffy on it.


MOVE LEGS! That's it, up the stairs, make a turn, open the door, and head to the desk.

She pulled out a quill from her waistline, enchanted by SS to enable its use whenever she ran out of ink or inkwells, and a piece of paper and started writing her note. She tried to keep it small, just a few small tips to keep Buffy going.

Ten minutes later, she forced herself to stop writing before she had to pull out another page to fill out on both sides, hoping that just 15 things would be enough. And began to, very reluctantly, leave the room.


She went to the dresser, violently pulled out the drawer, and stared, actually speechless. It was........

She slowly closed her mouth, then the drawer, and flowed down the steps, infinitely glad that she had been taught to conceal her emotions and intelligence. Some of the things she had encountered in the past had really heated up her brain with effort at times, but this... This had truly stretched her imagination, even with proper context.

"Buffy? Are you okay?"

New girl. Skintight bodysuit. Dressed like a cat, Buffy's memories supplied the name "Cordelia". Wait a sec... Skintight bodysuit. Hmmm.... *Internal Grin*

"Yes, I am fine, mostly." 'Boy am I glad Buffy's soul is asleep right now. Otherwise, ...'

She visibly shuddered.

"Are you sure?" Amazing. Even though she's supposed to be Buffy's mortal enemy in regards to social standing, she seemed genuinely concerned. Hidden behind an expert facade, of course, but Cordelia was a real person, and she'd had enough experience with facades to actually see it for Buffy! Okay, record this inside Buffy's soul to make her a little kinder towards the Queen B in the future, and reassure.

"Yes, I am fine. The only things troubling me are small enough to remain in obscurity." 'Oh, good, I've recovered enough to explain. Well, ... Oh my.' She sniggered. 'That will give husband quite the nasty start. And that line of words...' She sniggered again, letting a true smile grace her face.

And then, it all went to |fill in words here|.

Angelus. She almost snarled out the name, but managed to reign it in to a look of disgust, hidden by obscenely false fear. Sadly, she could not kill him because of his soul.

And then in come the onrush of demons, ones well beyond her skill individually, even if she'd had her sword, and far more deadly in a large group like this.

So she did the only thing her instincts could tell her to do. She ran.

Tony Stark, the man inside the metal, sighed as he watched the noblewoman run off. After yelling at "Angel" to go after her while he held them off, he let loose, and smiled sadly to himself once the demons were incapacitated. He hadn't said he would do anything more to help, and he had this feeling like doing what had popped into his head seconds ago would help far more than anything else he could do for now.

He flew into the sky, and headed off to a warehouse. The only thing that made him pause was the scan of the planet. Thor's hammer was around, but Thor wasn't. Secondly, Dr. Baner was here, but his signature wasn't as odd as his own. Thirdly, there was no Stark Tech in use anywhere that he could find. Not even in Fort Knox or Cheyenne Mountain.

But there was an odd energy signature below NORAD. Kinda like a Shi'ar energy sig, but different. More powerful. Better.

Rather like the one he'd just detected just outside Earth after backtracking the signal direction from probes watching the planet.

He landed in the warehouse as he tried to talk to it.

Surprise surprise when he actually succeeded.

They talked for awhile, and the two bid fond adieus at the end of the conversation. He had work to do, and not a lot of time to do it in.

He stepped out of his suit after opening it and stripped off the flight suit underneath before stuffing it into the suit. Then, he picked up a few tools just laying around, waiting to be used, and set to work on a few materials sitting around like the tools. When he finished his work, he had no reason to stick around, and so left the warehouse.

What happened to him after that is anyone's guess.

But as for the rest, everything is known.

Well, except for the 3-year-old and her father.

Her father got a job in a military installation run by the National Intelligence Division known only as The Initiative.

And her? Well, she was found wandering the streets of Sunnydale, wanting her daddy and almost ready to cry. There's only so much loneliness that a three-year-old can handle, no matter how grown up or intelligent she is. They finally had a solid, permanent home. Lord only knew how much trouble the two of them would get into, especially since the girl was a genius far ahead of her time.

When the Lady woke, she was more than a little cranky. For one, she'd lost out on a rare 8-hour-night's sleep, for another, neither her body nor her aides would allow her extra sleep, and for a third, she'd realized just how much she missed her husband.

But she forgave them when she found out just how fun conspiring with her sisters, Lynne and Jessamine, against their husbands and Intendids could be. And how much she had missed shocking them with her escapades and her... interesting choice in clothing, particularly when it came to "alone time" with her husband.

A/N: This was supposed to have been put up on Halloween last year, but it seems that I forgot. So very very sorry! Here's what we'll do: I am going to get the next chapter started and the next time I'm at the library after my plane ride home, I'm going to post the next chapter, if it's complete. I'm starting it over since I had to compare where I was going to my characters (always a good idea, especially with writers like me when I'm trying to keep things realistic), but it's already loads better than what my first few drafts were. Hope you like it a lot when it's done (I already do. Hope it stays that way)!

With love,

P.S. I'm going to try a radical plot twist in my Shego on the Halo story. Hope it turns out well too.

And I forgot to mention that this chapter is an interlude chapter. In other words, you can skip it if you want to.
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