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Xander gets adopted

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Summary: Exactly what the title says. Xander gets adopted and who knows what'll happen next! (May go up in rating)

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Star Trek > Other/GeneralHappyWonKinobiFR718400111,81718 May 1218 May 12No
Disclaimer: I think by now we know that I kinda suck at this, but here goes. I do not own anything recognizable. If I did, then I wouldn't be a senior in high school (or going to be. It's summer vacation.) *DEEP BREATH* Here goes.

The woman nervously looked at the door, then up and down the street. She took a deep, calming breath, and released it as she knocked on the door in front of her and waited. 'Remember, don't show how nervous you are. You don't have any reason to be nervous. It should go off without a hitch.' she told herself.

'Should.' The paranoid part of her said. 'Remember where you are. It's gonna blow up in your face the second anything goes right.'

'Go blow it out your ear!' A snarkier part of her shouted at the paranoid part. 'She's waited long enough. Don't ruin it for her because she should have this sort of happiness. She deserves it.'

She shuffled the papers in her hands a little as she shifted nervously. She still didn't know if it would work out at all, but she was willing to take the chance.

The second the door opened felt like it had taken an eternity too long, but she was ready. She had a plan, and she would stick it through to the end.

She plastered a smile on her face, hoping it hid her nervousness as well as her poker face did, and asked, "Mr. Harris?"

The man looked her up and down tiredly. "Maybe, what's it to ya?"

"I was hoping to come in and conduct some business with you. May I come in?"

He looked her up and down again, letting his eyes linger on her chest a moment longer than necessary, and shrugged. "Sure, come on in."

She breathed out a silent sigh of relief as she came in and sat in a chair. 'So far, so good.'

'DON'T JINXX IT!!' They yelled at her in unison.

"So, wha' do you want?" He asked as his wife came in to hover.

She took a deep breath and said, "Um, I would like to adopt your son."

She saw him tense up and start to get angry, like a bull getting ready to charge. She prayed very fervently that he wouldn't hit her.

And then she surprised everyone in the room, visible or not, by laughing. A soft tinkling laugh that said she was amused by his anger. She capitalized on it with a matching smile and the words, "We all know just how much you love your drink and your wife more than your son. You respect him like a fly. Me adopting him would make all four of us happy, because you and your wife would be rid of an annoyance that you never wanted, he would be rid of parents who contribute to his respect issues, and I would have a boy to make into a man. And best of all, you'll never have to even so much as think about the little stinker ever again."

She paused, letting him think about it. She could practically see the gears turning in his head. 'Don't have to speak to the turd again, don't have to put up with him, don't have to yell, I can just focus on my wife, my beer, and my sports!'
His face suddenly turned distrusting as he asked, "What's the catch?"

She thought a moment, then grinned nastily. "If you don't sign the papers and help me move him out you'll be out two to four hundred dollars, each."

Their jaws dropped.

"One hundred for signing today, one hundred for boxing everything up, one hundred for helping bring it over, and one hundred for helping unpack." Her smile widened as she elaborated further. "And remember, that goes for both of you. So if both of you help today with all four things, I'll be giving you two a total of $800. Nearly $1000 that you don't have to spend on him."

She held her breath. If all went to plan, she didn't have a thing to worry about.

If all went to plan.

He thought about it, then smiled and called his wife over. They discussed it for a bit, then turned to her with smiles set to full as she put the paperwork onto the table for them to sign. They helped her to pack his stuff, and to cart it along, and to unload everything into the house she'd chosen to buy (paying full price for the down payment, of course). The very second that the last box was in her house they smiled at each other as she gave them their $400 each, and then drove off.

She smiled sadly to herself. She was ecstatic and amazed at how well the first part went, but knew that that couldn't bode well for the transition from living with the Harris' to living with her.

After all, if she didn't have as much of the Harris luck as her newly adopted son, who would she be?

A/N: I've been told that my writing is good, but to be honest with you, I'm stuck. I have no clue what happens next. I know what happens after that, sort of, but not what happens next. Suggestions please?

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander gets adopted" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 May 12.

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