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Destiny Series 1:Changed Destiny

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Summary: Buffy doesnt go to Sunnydale at the end of the Buffy movie.She goes somewhere else.Is Buffy/Marko, Dwayne/Dawn fic, the Lost Boys movie never happened, and Star and Laddie arent there. please Read and Review COMPLETE

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Changed Destiny

Summary: At the end of the Buffy movie, Buffy and her mom don’t move to Sunnydale, they move somewhere else… The Lost Boys Movie never happened, they didn’t die, especially not Marko. ^-^ And Star’s not there either. May be OOCness. As is my first time. And i own nothing, if i did Marko wud not be dead!

Changed Destiny-Chapter 1

Buffy Anne Summers gazed out of the car window, watching as the multiple trees and houses whizzed by in a blur of colour. She sighed, flicking her long blond hair over one shoulder. Why the hell did I end up here? She thought, a slight frown on her slender face. Her heart sank then, it’s all my fault that Mom and Dad divorced. Her eyes welled, but she forced the new born tears away.

Joyce looked over at her daughter, worry creasing into the lines of her once young face. It was all the stress of the divorce that did it, and that was why they had to move.

Her tired eyes scanned the roads, waiting for the sign to come up. She clicked her tongue softly, but some how her only child heard her. Their gaze met and they quickly turned away from each other.

Joyce sighed under her breath, Buffy hadn’t been the same since her father left them. She seemed distant, and they were happy to get away from the place that held too many memories to handle. L.A. Way too many memories, and not all of them good.

At this exact time, Buffy was deep in her own thoughts, the defeat of Lothos, the death of Merrick. Her break-up with Pike. What she saw in him she did not know. Her eyes focused on the coming sign, after all, it was big enough. Santa Carla she thought, Now why does that remind me of Santa’a Little Elves?

Her eyes narrowed then as she saw the graffiti on the back. The murder capitol of the world, huh? She could cope with that.


The house was small, very small. But seemed homey, a tiny picket fence surrounded it, and the garden wasn’t all that bad. Inside though. Was a mess. It needed cleaning badly, dust bunnies everywhere. The fifteen year old held in a sneeze as she inspected the old oak firplace.

Upstairs was slightly better, and after setting up her stuff in her room, which was on the east side, she decided that she would go out. For a walk. With a smirk she left the house, after advising her mother not to go out at might. This was precisely what Buffy, herself, was doing right at this moment.

Her wanderings took her to the coast, where she walked onto the Boardwalk, with an air of misgiving. Not really wanting to be there at all, but it was something for her to do. The hustle and bustle made her feel slightly claustrophobic and she felt slightly nauseous so she stopped to rest near a carousel.

Leaning on a lamp post discreetly, Buffy watched the array of people go by, but she was deep in thought. So she didn’t seem to notice the approach of a gang. And just her luck. They were Surf Nazis.

“Heya, girl ya looking for a good time? I can show it to ya!” Said a particularly stupid looking one. Buffy shook her head.

“I don’t think so, besides I don’t think that you could handle me.” She said with a smirk.

Just as the guy she’d dubbed ‘Stupid’ was reaching for her, someone stepped in front of her. A guy, to be more specific. And man was he hot! White hair framing a good looking face with day old stubble. Complete with long black trench coat.

“I don’t think so.” He murmured, his voice caring an air of menace. The Surf Nazis backed of at the look in ‘Mystery Guy’s’ eyes and the made a break for it. Leaving Buffy with her rescuer.

“Who are you?” she asked, eyes narrowed. The Billy Idol wannabe smirked and held out his hand to shake hers.

“Im David. And you are?” His smirk grew as she took his gloved hand and he noticed that she was unafraid.

“Me? Im Buffy.” She replied, unafraid, but suspicious. As if sensing her suspicion he responded to them in kind.

“There’s no need to be afraid. I don’t bite. Much.” Buffy smiled, her spider sense tingling slightly, but she ignored it, pegging it to being just a newborn vamp that she could get later.

“Do you wanna ride?” he asked, and she realised that they were with three other guys. All cute and definitely hot. Her gaze then turned to David’s bike and nodded in agreement. It would be interesting.

David smirked and introduced the other guys, “The brooding one is Dwayne, the blonde one is Paul, and the little one is Marko.” Each nodded to her in turn. But Marko’s eyes were filled with something she couldn’t recognise…. Nah, it was just her, she smiled at him as David helped her onto the back of his bike, and the rode of into the night. Destination unknown.

Authors Note: I know its crap! But be noce, its my first Buffy fic, if any one wants to help me with this, or be my beta then be my guest! plz R'n'R!!
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