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Potter Twins 5: The Order of the Phoenix

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Potter Twins". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: This is my fifth story in the Potter Twins series. Buffy's the new slayer. Harry shares some of her powers, and Voldemort is back.

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Returning Home...for a Day

As promised the next chapter of the Potter Twins. It’s much easier to write when you’re not working constantly.


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Thank you to everyone who reviewed and even I haven’t responded to them I so appreciate them. They do help me keep going when my muse won’t.



            Harry, Buffy, Cedric, Rupert, and Joyce apparated into the parlor of the Giles home and were surprised to find that the Weasley’s, Hermione, Sirius, Tonks, and Ethan were already there. Fred and George were the first to speak.

“We knew you two would get off.” George said.

“Way to go mate!” Fred said as he shook Harry’s hand.

“Tell us what happened. All Remus would tell us was that the charges were dropped.” Tonks told the twins.

Buffy and Harry then proceeded to tell the others all about the trial and about Willow and Cedric coming with Dumbledore to save the day.

“Willow could see the Dementors? She’s a Muggle. I thought Muggles couldn’t see Dementors.” Hermione said clearly confused.

“It turns out that Willow comes from a long line of wand wizards.” Sirius told them

“Is she a Squib?” Ron asked.

“No, her great great grandfather was cursed by his mistress. Her family hasn’t been able to do magic with a wand since. I need to write to Willow about that and see if she can tell me anymore about the curse. I want to see if Professor McGonagall can help me find a way to break it.” Buffy told them.

“Worry about that tomorrow Fair Maiden.” Fred started.

“We have a celebration to get started on.” George finished.

“And I’m suffering from Buffy withdraw.” Cedric said imitating Buffy’s famous pout. “I haven’t seen my girlfriend in three whole weeks.”

“That’s a good pout Cedric but you can’t quite pull it off as well as Buffy does. You don’t have the right features for it. You’re more the broody type.” Harry teased causing the others to laugh.

Cedric held his pout for a few more seconds before he too began to laugh too. He then pulled Buffy close a planted a quick kiss on her lips. A popping sound announced the arrival of Remus with the twin’s bag.

 “Good now that Remus is here we can begin the celebrating. Harry, Buffy, I want you to take your things up to your room before we begin.” Joyce told them. The twins smiled having missed her motherly ways.

“I’ve got them.” Buffy said taking the bags from Remus.

Buffy took the bags as far as the stairs and then let go of the bags. Everyone watched as the bags began floating their way up the stairs. When they reached the top the bags went down the hall and into their designated room.

“I love magic!” Buffy said with a huge smile. “I hope we have something good to eat. I’m starving.”

“There’s plenty of food to eat. Joyce has had the house elves making all yours and Harry’s favorite foods since yesterday.” Rupert told her.

“Let’s go, I’m hungry too.” Harry told them.


            After everyone had eaten in the dining room the children had headed upstairs to Buffy’s room while the adults went back into the parlor. Hermione, Cedric, and Buffy were sitting on her bed. Harry and Ron were playing chess with Ginny watching, while Fred and George were scheming about their latest candy trick. The arrival of an owl tapping on the window drew their attention. Hermione being the closest got off the bed and opened the window. The owl lifted its leg to her and Hermione took the stack of letters. The first thing she noticed was the official Hogwarts seal on the back. There were letters for each of them. Hermione passed out the letters to everyone.

“It’s our booklist. In all the worry over the trial, I hadn’t realized it hadn’t come yet.” Buffy told them.

“Not bad, we only need two new books.” Harry told him.

“They’re a little late with these this year. We should have gotten them weeks ago.” Hermione chimed in as Ginny got up and left the room to let her mother know that their book list had finally arrived.

“Maybe they were having trouble getting a new DADA teacher. I keep telling you that position is cursed.” Buffy told them. Fred, George, Harry, and Cedric nodded in agreement. “Ron? Are you all right? What’s wrong?”

Everyone turned toward Ron who was standing there with wide eyes and his mouth gaping staring at his mail. Ron handed the letter to Harry.

“C’mon mate what does it say?” Fred asked upon seeing Harry’s shocked look.

“They made Ron a prefect.” Harry said looking up at them.

“No way!” George said taking the letter from Harry.

“There’s been some kind of mistake.” Fred said as he took the envelope and turned it upside down to have a golden badge fall out. “We were sure Dumbledore would have picked Harry or the Fair Maiden here.”

“He probably didn’t pick me because I have enough to deal with being the new slayer, the co-Tri-Wizard Champion, and being one half of the twins that lived.”

“Not to mention the fact that we have the added bonus of Voldemort being back, and seems really hell bent on killing the only two people to ever defeat him. I think Buffy and I have more than enough to worry about. I’m kind of glad neither one of us made it.”

“Me too. I’m sure that you were made a prefect Hermione?” Buffy asked.

Hermione nodded just as Mrs. Weasley entered the room with Ginny right behind her.

“Ginny came down and bought me her booklist. Give me your booklist and Joyce and I will go get what you need.” Then she looked in the direction of her children. “Your father is going to take you home so that you can pack. I’ll make sure I pick you up a new pair of pajamas Ron. The ones you’ve been wearing are at least six inches too short. I can’t believe how fast you’re growing. What color would you like?”

“How about red and gold to match his badge?” George said with a huge smile.

“His badge?” Mrs. Weasley asked with a very confused look.

“It would seem our little brother has gone and gotten on Dumbledore’s good side and was made a prefect.” Fred told her.

“A prefect? Really?” Ron nodded and showed his mother his badge. “How wonderful! A prefect! Wait until I go down and tell your father. I’m so proud of you. You could end as Head Boy like Bill and Percy.”

“That’ll be the day.” George muttered.

“Hush you!” Mrs. Weasley said at George as she went over and hugged Ron. “I’m just so thrilled.”

“Mum…don’t…get a grip.” Ron said as he disentangled himself from his mother’s hold.

“I’m just so proud of you. This deserves a reward. What shall it be? As you know Percy got an owl when he became a prefect. How about a nice new set of dress robes?”

“Dress robes are nice Mum, but not quite the reward I want. Do you think I could get a broom? It doesn’t have to be a nice one just a new one.”

“I think that can be arranged. Come along children, we should be heading home. Harry, Buffy, Cedric, we will see you at the train station tomorrow.”

Harry, Buffy, and Cedric nodded and said goodbye to the family. They watched as all the Weasley’s and Hermione left,

“At least that’s one thing we don’t have to do. All our stuff is already packed for school.” Harry said with a bit of a grin.

“It’s a good thing Joyce packed all our school things and brought it to where we were staying.”

“Where exactly where you staying?” Cedric asked Buffy.

“I can’t tell you but maybe one day I’ll take you there. What about you? Do you need to go home and pack?”

“No, I’ve been packed for days, but I’ll probably leave soon to spend some time with my parents. Mom’s gotten a little more protective the closer we get to going back to school.”

“I can’t blame her. With how close we both came to being killed by Voldemort, and with him clearly trying to kill Harry and I, I’m surprised she hasn’t tried to get you to stay away from me. She hasn’t has she?” Buffy asked a little uncertainly.

“No, my mother wants what makes me happy and she knows that is you.” Cedric said taking Buffy in his arms.

“I think that’s my cue to leave.” Harry said getting up and leaving the room.

“Thanks.” Buffy said through the link glad that Harry was giving her some alone time with Cedric.

“No problem. You two look like you could use some time alone.” Harry gave his sister a knowing smile before leaving the room and closing her door but leaving it slightly cracked.

“That was nice of Harry. I was hoping we would get to spend some time alone together because I’ve wanted to do this since I entered the trial room.”

Cedric leaned in and kissed her. This time the kiss was long and passionate. When they broke a part, a minute had passed and they were bought breathless.

“It seems like a year since we last did that.” Buffy said breathlessly.

“I agree. Three weeks was too long to go without seeing you. I think I need another one.”

This time it was Buffy who leaned in and initiated the kiss. They kissed for another minute only breaking apart when they heard Sirius call to them from the steps.

“Buffy, Cedric, you been snogging up their long enough. Come on down. Cedric’s parents are here.”

Buffy and Cedric broke apart quickly. Both their faces were blushing and they waited several more seconds hoping to get their color back to normal.


I know it’s a little shorter than I usually do but next chapter they head to Hogwarts and I wanted the train ride and the feast to go together.

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