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Unexpected Surprise

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Summary: Buffy Summers runs away, where she meets Damon Salvatore. Now in Mystic Falls, she is surrounded by the supernatural again. What happens when the Originals meet the Slayer is something no one ever expected.

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Literature > Vampire Diaries, The > Buffy-CenteredefwrocksFR15716,3103307,28221 May 1231 Mar 14No

Waking Up To A Plan

Thank you for the reviews everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I’ve updated. I’ve been busy and have had writer’s block. This post is also in honor of my 100,000th hit on TtH! Thank you to everyone that made that happen!

Damon looked at the prone form of the teenage girl on the bed. He wasn’t sure he did the right thing. He had no idea how she would react physically, but hoped that it would help. He also hoped that she didn’t get mad when, or if, she woke up. He thought back to how he handled things… badly.

He looked Buffy over, making sure that it couldn’t have been caused by anything else. He understood though because that is how his body reacted to Vervain. There was only one thing Damon could think of to do. He sat down on the other side of the bed at vampire speed and put her body into his left arm and lap, so he was cradling her, making sure her throat was at a good angle.

With only a moment’s hesitation about what he was going to do, he bit into his wrist before opening her mouth and putting it in there. He felt the blood leaving his body and trickling down her throat. She unconsciously started sucking at the blood shortly after. Once he was sure she had enough blood to heal her, hopefully, he pulled his wrist away. She instinctively cried out, wanting more.

His wrist instantly started healing the moment he pulled it back. He laid her down on her back before standing up and moving a chair to beside the bed. He sat down and began waiting to see what happened.

That had been a few hours ago. He had left the room only once, but that was to get some blood to replenish his body. He had kept an ear on Anne the entire time, not trusting Zach to go back in there. He sighed and took a sip of the bourbon he had grabbed while he was downstairs. He heard movement behind him. It was a set of footsteps coming into the room.

“What do you want, Stefan?” Damon asked his brother as he put the glass on the table beside him.

“You shouldn’t have come here, Damon. You had no right to threaten Zach.” Stefan walked in front him, taking his attention from Anne to himself.

Damon looked up at Stefan. “I had every right to threaten him. If she dies from this, then he will too.”

Stefan looked at Damon incredulously. “What are talking about? She isn’t dying. She’s asleep.”

Damon was in front of Stefan in a fraction of a second, with his hand around Stefan’s throat, and now on the other side of the room. His voice was deadly and dangerous. “She isn’t asleep. After you left with Zach, she said it felt like she was burning, and then passed out. I gave her my blood, but she hasn’t responded to anything since. Now, get out of the room.” He released Stefan and then walked back to the chair at human pace. As he heard Stefan leaving the room, he said, “Pass along the warning to Zach.”

Damon took the glass and drank more of the amber liquid. He got comfortable while he began waiting again.

Earlier, in the parlor-

Zach walked into the room in an angered rush. Stefan wasn’t far behind him, just following Zach, expecting Damon to come and try to kill their nephew any moment. The human turned around to address his vampire uncle.

“Has Damon lost his mind? Messing with a young girl’s mind like that… it’s just maddening! He has to be stopped.”

Stefan tried to calm the man down some. “She does have Vervain on her. This isn’t just him using her as a blood bag, because as far as I know, he hasn’t even touched her blood, or body in any way that’s… intimate. He felt as though he needed to help her. She was a runaway and alone. He didn’t even intend on asking her to come with him. It just came out of his mouth before he knew it happened. I agree though, about him having to be stopped. I’m not sure how though. I’m still thinking of a plan.”

Zach stared at Stefan in disbelief. She had come here willingly? With Damon no less! He got over his shock and sighed. “Vervain.”

Stefan looked at him surprised. “That’s impossible. Vervain hasn’t grown here in a long time. Damon made sure of that. And, I gave the last bit I had to Elena to keep her safe.”

Zach looked around and motioned with his hand and head to follow him. Stefan followed along, going to the basement to a locked door, like a cell. Zach opened it to reveal lots of Vervain. Stefan gasped in surprise.

“It’s been passed down in the family on how to grow Vervain since it was rumored we are related to vampires,” Zach explained, while they walked into the room more, but he still talked low, worried about Damon overhearing him.

Stefan began to smile again slightly. “This could work.” Zach started smiling too.

Buffy felt like she was being held underwater while fire burned through her. The imaginary water did nothing to help soothe the burn though. She kept trying to fight it. She kept trying to come to the surface. It had started almost as soon as the guy had put a needle into her. With her accelerated heartbeat, due to adrenaline, it spread faster than it would have otherwise. She remembered telling Damon she felt like she was burning, and then nothing. She must have lost consciousness.

She felt something cooler than her, but actually still warm, coming into her mouth. She tried to fight it, but a voice told her to drink, so she did. She trusted that voice; it was Damon. She drank until he told her to stop, and then the liquid stopped going down her throat. She whimpered at the loss of contact, and at the yummy fluid.

Still, there was burning. It felt like she burned for hours, or days, or maybe even months. It had slowly started to fade and numb, allowing her to become slightly more aware of her surroundings. She knew there was someone else in the place she was. After a while, the burning went away completely. Then there was blackness; she didn’t even know her surroundings anymore. Soon after that though, she was able to come above the water and open her eyes to see the room she was in before. She sat up in a gasp. In the chair next to the bed was Damon. He was asleep, until she woke up that is.

“Hi.” That was all she said.

He was completely in a dreamless sleep until he heard a gasp along with movement. He woke up to see Buffy looking at him. He heard her amazing voice. He leaned over to brush some of her hair behind her ear.

“Hey. How are you feeling?” He was concerned about her. He had never felt that way before for a human, unless you count his little brother before they were turned and before Katherine came.

“I’m kind of sleepy. I feel better though; no more burning or water pressing down on me. I am kind of hungry though. I also feel like I’ve been ran over by a steam roller.” She turned around some to see if she could find some relief, but made sure she was still facing Damon.

Damon got confused about the things she was describing, but smiled anyway. “Do you want some pain relievers? I think we have some Ibuprofen in the house. What would you like to eat and drink?”

Buffy smiled. “I would love some Ibuprofen, please. I just want some water to drink. I don’t really care what kind of food, as long as it’s edible, preferably tasting good too.”

Damon smirked. He stood up and kissed her on the forehead. “I’ll be right back.” He swished away at vampire speed. Buffy laid there, her gaze lingering at the door he just disappeared through, and a small smile on her face.

Damon went to the kitchen and got a glass and filled it up with ice and water. He heard Zach and St. Stefan in the living room, so he ran in there. “Zach, you’re the human. Do you have any Ibuprofen in the house?”

They both looked at him incredulously. “What?”

Stefan raised an eyebrow. “Seriously? What do you need that for Damon? You’re a vampire, we don’t get headaches.”

Damon rolled his eyes. “Actually we can. If you get drunk, and get a hangover, you have a headache. Sure it doesn’t last long, but you can get one.” He sighed. “It’s not for me. It’s for Buffy. She just woke up and hurts everywhere.”

Stefan looked confused for a moment. “She just now woke up?”

I nodded. “Yeah, it was becoming too long. I was thinking of taking her to the hospital.”

Zach spoke up then, sounding kind of sad. He should; it’s his fault in the first place if you ask Damon. “It’s in the bathroom down here. It’s on the top shelf in the cabinet.”

Damon smiled. “Thank you.” He took off at vampire speed and found the bottle right where Zach said it was. He took out three before closing it and putting it back. He zoomed back to the kitchen and grabbed an apple for Buffy until he could make something.

Once back upstairs, he handed the water and medicine to Buffy, which she gladly took. She swallowed the medicine and sighed with hopeful relief. He handed her the apple.

“That’s for now, just until I can get something made.” She nodded. “Does spaghetti sound okay to you?”

She smiled. “That sounds really good.”

He smiled back. “Okay. I’ll be back in a little bit. Do you need anything else?”

She bit her bottom lip for a moment before asking, “Do you think I can come down there with you and watch?”

He smiled even bigger. “Sure. Can you walk?”

Buffy cocked her head to the side slightly and moved to stand up. “Let’s see.” She started standing up, but her legs gave out and she fell into Damon’s waiting arms. She blushed. “Let me try again.” This time, she was ready, so she used more strength and held onto Damon until she was steadily standing on her own two feet. She smiled. “Lead the way.”

Damon smiled and gestured towards the door. She started walking towards the door, with Damon close by, ready to help if she needed it. Once in the hall, they walked side by side. Going down the stairs, she held on to the railing, but made it. Damon had carried her glass of water down for her. They went into the kitchen. Buffy sat at the small table they had in there. Damon put the water down in front of her before heading to start cooking the ingredients.

They sat in silence for a while, Damon eventually changing Buffy’s water to juice so she could get vitamins in her body. After a while, the spaghetti was done, with homemade sauce, and the two ate while making small talk. Then Buffy asked the two questions Damon didn’t want her to.

“So, what happened to me?”

Damon sighed before putting down his fork and looking at her in the eyes. “Apparently, you are allergic to Vervain. You were injected with it, and it nearly killed you.”

“Who injected me with it?” She wondered who would do that.

“Zach.” Damon still wasn’t happy about that.

“How did I get better?” Question number one he was dreading to answer. He wasn’t sure how he would react.

He hesitated for a bit before answering. “I gave you my blood.” She looked confused and he sighed again. “Vampire blood has healing properties. It can also make you a vampire if you die with it in your system.”

She was silent for a minute as she processed that. She nodded.

“How long was I knocked out for?”

Ah, the dreaded question. He didn’t want to answer this question even more. He had been a nervous wreck the entire time. She had barely moved; breathing, and not much else. He had gone through ten bottles of bourbon, at least. Stefan and Zach had gone out and gotten him some more. He must have hesitated too long because he heard her beautiful voice again.

“Damon, how long was I out?” It was more frantic this time, and more demanding.

He sighed. He had to answer her. “Three days.” She opened her mouth in surprise.

A/N: I want to know what everyone thinks. Should she be becoming a vampire right now?
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