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(Not Just) Me Against the World

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Summary: Xander wasn't expecting to find the Scoobies 2.0 when he became the Watcher for a slayer in Lima. Now he knows how Giles must have felt. (Not a Slayer/Watcher fic) SLASH. Est Spike/Xander, mention Kurt/Blaine eventual Kurt/Puck, Rachel/Sam.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any other publicly recognized material. No copyright infringement intended. No profit is being made from this work.

Rating: R, possibly NC-17 later

Summary: Xander wasn't expecting to find the Scoobies 2.0 when he became the Watcher for a slayer in Lima. Now he knows how Giles must have felt.

A/N: There will be slash. You have been warned. Spike/Xander as an established relationship, mentions of Mr. Berry/Mr. Berry and, Blaine/Kurt possibly becoming Puck/Kurt. Also Sam/Rachel. I am speeding up season two so that it fits better for my time line, with all events through Regionals taking place by the beginning of December. Possible spoilers for all of Buffy and all seasons of Glee.

*Please forgive the beginning of yet another fic while I have so many unfinished.*

(Not Just) Me Against the World

Chapter One

Noah Puckerman considered himself a bad-ass. He knew he was sexy, had abs and guns that made girls giddy and other guys envious, and he wasn't afraid of anything. What he witnessed cutting across a local cemetery, on his way home from his latest attempt to convince Zizes to give him a chance, gave him...pause, however. His mom had not let him have the keys back to his truck after his time in juvie, and Lauren wouldn't give him a ride, so he was left with no choice but to walk. Cutting across the graveyard took half a mile off his trek. He usually preferred to stay to the lit streets, but it was after 11pm, he was tired, cold, and just wanted to get home and collapse in his bed. As he was rounding a corner midway through his shortcut, he could hear what sounded like a fight ahead of him.

Slowing his pace, he tried to stay hidden from what was going on. He may be a bad-ass, but his stint in juvie had taught him that there were bigger bad-asses out there, and while he wasn't afraid, he wasn't stupid either. Stopping behind a large tree that had been planted decades before, Puck spotted two figures going at it all out with a third standing off to one side watching. The two fighters weren't pulling any punches and were using moves Puck wished he'd had when he was in his fight club. They were moving faster than anything Puck had ever seen before. Although he couldn't make out the faces, it looked like the dude with the bleach blond hair was getting the better of the other, even from thirty feet away Puck could hear the unmistakable sound of bones snapping. Puck closed his eyes for just a second and shook his head in wonder. When he opened his eyes the second guy was just gone. Puck looked around trying to find where he had run off, but there was no trace of the second fighter.

Completely dumbfounded by the second fighter's disappearance, Puck decided he should make himself scarce, no since inviting trouble if he could avoid it. He was not going back to juvie. He turned around to move away and let out a very manly squawk. Standing no more than five feet behind him was a...pirate. He'd only just realized he'd lost track of the third guy while watching the fight that had been going on. The brown haired guy was about the same height as Puck, and if the tight black tee he was wearing was any indication, just as buff. He couldn't be totally sure though due to the heavy coat the guy was wearing to fight off the cold that is Lima, Ohio, in winter. Faded jeans and a pair of heavy combat style boots Puck would love to have completed his look.

“You okay, kid?” the guy asked, his hands shoved in his pockets. Puck guessed he was trying to look nonthreatening...but the dude as a freaking pirate. The whole eye-patch thing just did not work for the “I'm harmless” act the guy was trying to pull off.

“Isn't it time for all good little boys and girls to be in bed?” a British accent whispered right into his ear.

“Gah,” Puck gasped as he jumped away from the blond man behind him. This guy was about a few inches shorter than Puck. Bleach blond hair, tight black jeans and tee, a beat up pair of Doc Martins and a black leather duster that Puck would give his left nut to have. He'd had himself fixed, not like he needed it.

The pirate snorted. “Don't give the kid a heart attack.”

“Yer right. I'd never hear the end of it if I caused the death of one of Lil' Star's friends,” the blond huffed.

“Yup. That verbal beat down and guilt trip would put anything Dawn can do to shame,” the pirate agreed with a broad smile.

“Wha...” the blond spluttered. “I'm the Big Bad, I don't do guilt.”

“Mister Gordo,” the other guy smirked.

“Stuff it wanker,” the blond guy grumbled. “Might still get that lecture, I think we broke the Mr. T wannabe.”

Puck had been listening to the two men, his head bouncing back and forth like a ping pong ball, mouth hanging open in shock. He had no idea who these two men were, apparently they knew someone who knew him though. Who the hell is Lil Star? He was brought back to his senses with the pirate snapping his fingers right in front of his face.

“Hey kid, snap out of it. His bark is worse than his bite. No one is gonna hurt ya.”

“You like it when I bite,” the blond smirked.

“Shut it, Spike. I think he's in shock,” the pirate snapped.

Realizing he was looking like a total wuss, Puck snapped his mouth shut and glared at the two. “I'm not in shock, and I'm not a kid. I'm a bad-ass.”

The pirate gave an amused snort while the blond laughed loudly. “Sure, T. That hair went out with the A-team in the eighties.”

“Says the Billy Idol wanna be and what's with the pirate look?” Puck growled. No one insulted the 'hawk.

“Oi, he totally stole that look from me!” the blond, Spike the other guy had called him, cried indigently.

Puck looked at the dude who couldn't be past late twenties unbelieving. “Sure dude. What, you one of those sparkling vampires the girls are all drooling over? 'Cause, if you aren't there's no way he stole that look from you. Dude is like, ancient.”

“Oi, I don't sparkle!” Spike cried, offended. The pirate beside him laughed loudly while the blond continued to grumble. “Soddin' writers with their sparklin' emo angst ridden, bad hair...impotent...Think those writer chits met Angel?” Spike asked, sending his friend into another round of laughter.

Puck watched the two wondering if he could just slip away unnoticed. It was way later than he wanted to be out and he was freezing. “Whatever dudes,” Puck said as he turned to leave.

“Hold on kid, we'll give you a ride home,” the pirate offered.

“Don't need a ride,” Puck claimed.

“I can hear your teeth chatterin' from here, T,” Spike challenged. “We'd be in for it just as much if you got pneumonia or died of hypothermia and Lil Star found out we didn't give you a ride.”

“Come on kid. It's nearly midnight and freezing. We're parked at the entrance,” the pirate said, walking away.

“Name's Puck, not kid or T,” Noah grumbled, beginning to follow the other two.

Spike snorted. “Yeah, real bad-ass. Mohawk and named after a something that gets slapped around. Freakin' teenagers.”

“Like you have any room to criticize nicknames, Spike. I'm Xander.”

“What happened to that other guy?” Puck asked as the neared the entrance. “You were giving him a real beat down. He try to mug ya or something?”

Xander and Spike exchanged a quick look before Spike answered. “Poofter thought he was some kind of big bad, he ran off when he realized who the real Big Bad is.”

“Dude runs fast, I just closed my eyes for a second and he was gone.”

“Yeah, that whole fight or flight thing, amazing what adrenaline can let you do,” Xander shrugged, stopping beside a black H-3.

“Dude,” Puck gasped in awe.

“Pretty sweet, huh,” Spike grinned. “Get in.”

Puck stood in indecision for about thirty seconds. One one hand, he didn't know these guys at all and he'd just seen the blond beat the crap out of some other dude that just disappeared. On the other hand though, this was a H-3, no way was he gonna pass up the only chance he'd probably ever have to ride in one of those. Reminding himself he was a total bad-ass and could give as good as he got if those two tried anything, he climbed into the back seat.


“The beauty of a corporate spending account,” Xander grinned at the dazed boy. “Where to Puck?”
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