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Buffy Summers ~ Slayer of Goa'uld ~ Redo

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Summary: 'Buffy Summers ~ Slayer of Goa'uld' Redo. Summary: Buffy is sent back into the past to lead the Goa'uld rebellion on Earth. When she meets SG-1 in the future, her destiny changes.

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Stargate > Buffy-CenteredefwrocksFR1899,0380410,02123 May 1213 Nov 12No

Ra and Sunnydale

Author’s Note: Joyce is still alive in this story. The time frame for ‘Buffy’ is season six. ‘Stargate’ is in the time frame of season five. More will be explained later.

The first sight she saw was what looked like a throne room, everything completely covered in gold. There was a man on the throne, she assumed a king. He was wearing a lot of gold too, even a gold helmet. She was lying on the floor. She also had a headache like no other had before.

A man dressed in a shiny suit of silver metal said, "Kneel before your God, Ra!"

She sat up to see what the face looked like more clearly, just to fall back down. Her body was weak from whatever happened to it before she arrived, and possibly after they brought her here if their main objective was torture.

The king gave a nod to someone behind her. She suddenly felt something sharp going into her back with a huge surge of electricity going through her. She heard a scream coming from somewhere, then realized that it was her. It made her feel like she was turning into a pile of goo, including her brain. When it stopped, she was breathing heavily, but thanks to her slayer powers, she was back to normal within a minute.

“I am Ra, God of this dominion. You will do what I tell you, or you will be executed. You have been arrested for being a traitor to me. I am your God, have you not any respect? Speak!"

Buffy was about to go on a tirade about demons capturing her, and possibly her watcher. Or was he actually a watcher? He put a device in front of her, there was a flash, she was knocked out from it, she got fake memories, and then she woke up here. What happened while she was out?

Buffy answered, "You’re not my God; you're a demon. Just being near you sends my spidey-senses tingling into a frenzy of evilness."

Ra said, "I am not a demon. The Goa'uld are not demons; we are Gods of entire galaxies!" He was outraged. How dare this mere human call him a demon! She was nothing but an insignificant servant that could be easily replaced.

"So not true! You are totally fake! Haven't you ever heard of a fraud? You could be killed for saying that by some of the other people."

Ra had heard enough. "Jaffa! Kree!"

The Jaffa had taken a Zat out and shot her with it. She felt electricity going through her body and then slipped into unconsciousness.

Meanwhile in Sunnydale...

"Buffy?" A voice rose up from the living room. "Buffy, honey, are you awake?"

Joyce Summers walked into the bedroom and gasped. Her daughter was nowhere to be seen. The bed was messed up still, and her school clothes she had set out the night before were still where she left them. She rushed downstairs to the telephone and called Giles first.

A man came over the phone, "Hello?"

"Giles? This is Joyce. I'm sorry to be calling you this early!"

Giles slightly laughs at that. "It's alright. I was getting ready for work."

Joyce hesitated then asked, "Is Buffy there with you?"

"No. Isn't she there with you?" The librarian became confused.

"No. Her bed has been slept in, but she's nowhere here." Joyce was starting to slightly panic.

"I'm sorry I can't be of any more help-" The teen’s watcher sounded worried now.

"No, you can help some more. Can you look for her on your way to the school?"

"Of course. Are you going to be okay Joyce?"

"I'm not so sure I'll be fine until she's found. I'm going to call Willow and Xander to see if she's there. Oh, and Giles, thank you."

"You’re welcome."

They hung up on that note. Joyce called Willow and Xander, and ended with the same result. No one had seen her. The only thing left to do was drive around town and hope that she saw her only daughter again.

After school, Giles went to find Spike. After searching for a few hours, he finally found Spike and told him what happened. He said he would contact Angel and see what he could find out since he had his own sources that they didn’t have access to. He put on his leather duster and headed down into the sewer tunnel since it was still daylight.

Giles went back home after that and started to research things that might have happened. He took out his prophecy books and started reading. What was going on?
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