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Buffy Summers ~ Slayer of Goa'uld ~ Redo

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Summary: 'Buffy Summers ~ Slayer of Goa'uld' Redo. Summary: Buffy is sent back into the past to lead the Goa'uld rebellion on Earth. When she meets SG-1 in the future, her destiny changes.

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Stargate > Buffy-CenteredefwrocksFR1899,0380410,05023 May 1213 Nov 12No


Ancient Egypt~

Buffy woke up, still dazed from the Zat blast, in a holding cell covered in gold. When she was finally thinking clearly, she heard footsteps from men in metal suits. They came to her cell and stopped in front of it. The head demon pushed a few buttons and an energy shield came down.

"Rise, you pathetic slave," said the head demon, sounding disgusted.

Buffy got up with slayer speed, saying with a tone in her voice that made the Jaffa become scared momentarily, "I am not a slave."

The Jaffa were standing there speechless and in shock. No human could move that fast. Plus, she didn't have a symbiote. The only solution left was a Hok'taur.

While the First Prime was thinking this over, he didn't notice Buffy taking out the rest of the battalion with inhuman strength and speed. When he came out of his thoughts, it was two seconds before he saw the small blonde knocking him out with one punch.

After that, she took as many of the weapons she could carry and started running to find a way out.


Giles was reading the Watcher's Files to see if there was something that would explain why Buffy disappeared, like another of those bloody prophecies. His slayer was missing and he wasn't too happy. In fact, he was almost certain that Ripper was about to come to the surface.

He had been looking at these books for hours. He called Joyce when he got here and promised to call her back when he arrived home to see if he learned anything. He was about to take a break when he started reading about a Slayer who led the rebellion against a demon called the Goa'uld, specifically one taking the name of Ra, in Ancient Egypt.

The passage said that a future Slayer would come back in time and be the Slayer for an amount of time long enough to get Ra off of Earth, and leave a stone ring behind called the Chappa'ai. The last period Slayer had just gotten killed and another wouldn't be called until after the rebellion.

The Slayer chosen throughout the time of the world, from the first Slayer to the last in the line, the greatest Slayer ever, would be chosen. She would lead the Rebellion, win the war, and live to come back to her present. She would have a Watcher after an hour of being there. This Slayer's name is Buffy Summers.

The best Slayer in the history of Slayers; amazing! Giles thought to himself.

Since Joyce knew about Buffy being the Slayer, he decided to let her know about the latest prophecy. He also had to call Faith to get her here to the Hellmouth, which was temporarily unguarded.

Which call to make first, Joyce or Faith?

He decided on Faith first since, given enough time, a relatively short amount of time actually, the Hellmouth could easily be overrun with demons.

When he called Faith, she said she was coming immediately. He called Joyce right after, as soon as he gathered his thoughts from talking to the dark-haired counterpart of his Slayer, and told her about the prophecy concerning Buffy and that she may end up being gone for quite some time, maybe even years.


Buffy was finding her way through the maze of hallways that made up this ship. She occasionally ducked out of the way from the Jaffa patrols that were looking for her. She had to get out of here. She wanted to go home, even though she knew she probably couldn't yet. She had to keep up hope and think positive.

Willow will get me out, she thought. After all, she did pull me out of heaven.

Just then, she heard another patrol coming. She jumped out to the side and hid among the gold walls behind a column until they passed her far enough. She then continued on her way.

After about a few hours of this, she found her way out. She had to knock out a few guards, but she was out of the ship. She walked to the village with her weapons and went to the tent the Powers That Be told her was hers.

Once there, she hid the weapons in a secret cache that was underground beneath the tent. She estimated it had only been a few days at the most. She went back above ground and covered the hole up again. She had decided to stay in her tent for the time being when someone called her name and came in.

"Buffy? Are you in there?" the voice said.

The man who walked in was the man who claimed to be her Watcher, before he captured her. She decided to give him the same threat she gave Whistler the first time she met the messenger for the Powers That Be. A predatorial look crossed her face.

"Listen to me carefully; I'm only saying this once. If you ever cross me again, I am going to rip out your ribcage and wear it as a hat. Do you understand me?"

The man was almost physically shaking from the threat. After all, she is the Slayer. She had some of the greatest strengths out of anything. The prophecy from the Council had said that the greatest Slayer in past, present, or future would be the one to free society from the oppressors.

He tried his best to look nonthreatening as possible as he said, "I'm sorry about that, Slayer, but you had to know first-hand what the Goa'uld were like. It wasn't my idea, it was the Council's. I had actually advised otherwise. In this time, the Goa'uld act as gods and control the worlds under their possession."

Before he could continue, Buffy interjected. "So basically what you're saying is they are acting like Glory, but have the physical strength of a human."

"No, they have the strength the equivalent of a vampire or demon. The Goa'uld are a parasitic race that needs a host to survive. They take humans as hosts and have attempted to create something called a Hok'taur, or advanced human. If they found out your abilities, they would assume you were a Hok'taur and instantly want to study and test your body to see if they can duplicate it. If the experiments don't reveal anything to them, and you don't tell them how to recreate it, they will implant you with a symbiote to learn everything you know."

Buffy was standing there absorbing this. She was surprised to hear some of this, but not too much of it. “How did they find out about a hockey tar, or whatever it was?”

He answered shortly. “They’ve met a Slayer before. That’s how the last one in this time period died. They implanted her with a symbiote, and when it didn’t reveal anything, they killed her because they had no more use for her.”

She looked back at the watcher with her mouth opened slightly. “Oh,” was all she said.

“Now, tell me what happened while you were on the ship.”


Joyce hadn't taken the news about Buffy too well. She had freaked out to the point where Giles had switched from tea to scotch. She did have good reason though; her only daughter disappeared during the night only to end up in an Ancient time and civilization.

He put down the book of prophecies he had been looking at for the past five hours trying to figure out anything more. It said Buffy was sent to Egypt in the year 2996 BC. The rebellion happened in 2995 BC, which is when the Slayer left Egypt. This seemed to comfort him slightly; she couldn't be gone more than two years at most. She could be back in a matter of days or possibly weeks.

The only thing left was revealing this to everyone else.
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